Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hillary and Diane; May We Be Protected

Nobody’s Opinion; Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein, those two twins of malignant malevolence, have once again gotten together in a paroxysm of patriotism, to pass an amendment to the Constitution, which they feel will protect our flag.

Bless their China loving hearts... how kind and thoughtful of them.

They just can’t wait to alter that document…they’ve just got to touch it somehow. Never mind that it’s completely disrespectful to the document itself to even suggest such a trivial thing. Because their amendment will still let you burn it if you want to. Great protection girls. Good idea…did you think of this all by your little selves?

I guess they want a real legacy. Now when Hillary runs for President, with her running mate Diane Feinstein, they can both say, “We protected the flag. “

Last Tuesday, in USA Today, Diane Feinstein--- the lady who was one of privileged few in the world to personally visit Mao’s private bedroom and swimming pool, the woman who “stole” tens of billions of dollars of America’s gold deposits with the Desert Wilderness Protection Act…the biggest land grab in the lower 48 states, the woman who is married to a man who has done multi-billion dollars deals with the Chinese government in steel and various business enterprises, (while accompanying her on her trips to Beijing when she was an elected official), the woman who’s husband also now stands to make over 24 billion dollars with the war in Iraq because he is half owner in URS Corporation (weapons training, troop mobilization), the woman who only got into office as Mayor of San Francisco (having failed twice) because some gay guy assassinated her only roadblock…(who then committed suicide…due to a Twinkie overdose)

The woman who serves on that global hotbed of Marxism---the Council of Foreign Relations. The woman who sits on the Appropriations Committee where the true power really exists due to the fact that these people decide how to dole out all the tax dollars. The woman who is also on the Intelligence Committee (which may explain why we let the Chinese observe our last military maneuvers) the Judiciary, and Energy and Natural Resources, and the list goes on and on.

Yes, the Stanford, educated, three-times married, and faithful disciple of the New Democratic Chinese takeover from the inside, wants you to think, she really loves America--- she wrote;

“Today our flag remains a vibrant symbol of our democracy, our shared values, our commitment to justice, and our eternal memory of those who have sacrificed to defend these principles. It is because of all that our flag embodies that I have co-sponsored the Flag Protection Amendment.”

So what’s the point? It’s like saying I’m here to protect the flag, but its okay if you want to burn it….huh? For this no-action worthless piece of logic we need an amendment?

These girls would probably paint themselves red, white, and blue and jump in a hole with Saddam to conceal themselves. Hillary and Diane are trying desperately, much to the complete agony of Cindy Sheehan, to convince the American people that democrats are patriotic. You know these girls are from the same nut.

This is not the only thing they have gotten together on. They both signed onto trying to get the 55mph speed limit back into law. That will be the next amendment.

They also are trying to get federal censorship of what Hollywood can put out (with FTC control) and want “internet neutrality,” which is a nice word for the federal government to control the internet. These girls are busy, busy, busy.

There was also another bill called the “Supplement Restriction Act, S.722” that they initiated with Chuck Schumer. This would give the Feds the right to take control of all those wonderful herbs and stuff you can now buy cheaply over the counter. Kiss your vitamin C goodbye if that happens, because you will need a prescription to get it. DHEA, Ginkgo Biloba, and 5-HTP will be outlawed, god forbid you should remember anything.

Hillary came out today, spin mistress that she is, saying that the Democrats are "openly struggling with a lot of difficult issues” which means; she has to position herself for the war to win the Presidential election and Diane will be the next Bill Gates if it goes on. That’s why Diane was all for a military general Michael Hayden to Head of the CIA.

Hey, I heard this on CNN! …Got ya.

Hillary, also said today that the Bush Administration was “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

Gee, on the contrary, it seems to me that everything that President Bush does…is leaked to the press. What don’t we know?

This coming from a woman who on her first day in the White House had all the phones ripped out and special private and encrypted lines put in just for them. This was a first.

But when Bill and Hillary were in power, they never told anyone anything...if not for a few true reporters on the internet, the vast corruption and extent of the stench of the Clinton administrations would never have come out. Bill Clinton is still trying desperately to rewrite his own history. It has not been easy.

Well, I suggest someone should sponsor an amendment to protect the United States against Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein--- for their past and their future crimes against the United States of America.

Now THAT would be an amendment that the founders would have approved of.

Nobody’s Perfect; These so-called terrorists that were arrested in Miami, forgot that if they practiced their martial arts outside in Muslim hats, someone just might call the FBI. With that kind of intelligence, they might not have even gotten the fuse lit.

Nobody Knows; If Diane Feinstein and Hillary Clinton are related. I searched all over the internet and could not find out where they met each other. Secrets? See no evil, hear no evil…just know that it exists.

Nobody Cares; No one on the main media is reporting this connection between the Iraq war and the Feinstein’s multi-billion dollar business deals. But, the news that the stripper said five men had raped her at first, and then changed her story, was really big news.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Nobody’s Opinion: Don’t you hate it when one day you wake up and go….”Oh…oh. This doesn’t look good.”

I had just finished reading “Breach of Trust” by Tom A. Coburn, M.D., former U.S. Congressman (R-Oklahoma) class of 94.’ Like most good books, the education is uplifting, but Tom's book was had a touch of altostratus.

I realized that the book on everyone’s mind at the moment is “Godless” and perhaps someone someday will write Ann a salutation worthy of her…called “Goddess” (and well deserved) but if you are like this nobody, I am still wondering how in the world the United States government, and that includes both parties, got itself into such a mess.

And Tom’s book is a good start.

The biggest mess is our Congress, which, let’s admit it, if it disappeared tomorrow, except for a very small minority, the country would be much better off. You could not find a spermicidal strong enough to fumigate the place. Both parties are filled with career politicians who now make decision on whatever will keep them in power, not what is good for America. The Kennedy’s, the Bushes, the Clintons…whole families of continuous tyrants and their well placed friends, throwing America down the into the sewer system of some sort of socialism/fascist new state...

The system that the founders set up has been rigged for the few, the powerful, and the rich. We have already lost too many freedoms.

Even Newt Gingrich was talking on the radio today. He is setting himself up to run for President. He sounds like the biggest patriot ever to walk, yet…read the book. He lead the revolution in 1994, and sold them all out. Once he got into power, he lost all principles. He is good at saying what will push your buttons. It works…if I hadn’t of read his actions in 1994, I would have fallen for it.

It’s exactly what has happened to our current President. Once he got into power, he ended up giving in to the power. He starting to look more like Frodo near the volcano with no Sam to save him from the abyss. The ring of power has gotten to be too much of a burden.

And even when these politicians do leave office, and get voted out, they go on TV every single day. We see old cabinet members, old generals, old congressmen… everywhere affecting our lives in every way. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore are running all over the world setting up a new world government just so that they can keep ruling.

It has really gotten out of hand. Both Bill Clinton and Bob Dole were paid lobbyist for the Dubai ports. Both would have made millions off of it. And President Bush wanted it very badly. Do you see a pattern here?

Politicians, when their term is up are supposed to go away…not continue to represent us all over the world and make major decisions on our very lives. They end up working for other countries. Then we are no longer a representative republic, or a democracy. We’ve got guys going all over the world taking our lives in their own hands.

Hey, I don’t blame the other countries for resenting it. I resent it. But, Bill Clinton goes around bad mouthing President Bush, just to give himself more contro, and power.

I can’t tell you how that burns me up. Forget free speech. He is hurting America He is hurting me and you. Why doesn’t he just get laid by a Dixie chick and move to France?

When did that start? I’m sorry; Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Bob Dole are not elected representatives anymore. But, we have been suckered into thinking that they care for us…they care about themselves, period.

My God…they get into the ring of power and they just won’t let go, and that’s why we are in the mess we are in. That’s why we have a “service” nation, that’s why we are depended on China, that’s why we are vulnerable; our own greedy politicians sold out all principles and the Constitution for…that golden ring of power. Yes, they truly are a “parliament of whores” and yet---we really don’t want to see it.

Why? They control the press. They have polls. They put on “girl got stabbed by husband stories” and reality shows to keep us all entertained.

Can you say…term limits?

The immigration issue alone is proof enough of what they have done to us. America is being merged, once again at the burden of its own people, and her sovereignty is being giving away with the “stroke of a pen.” as a former Clinton minion used to say. But…one man is not to blame. It’s the whole power structure.

Everyone knows 100 millions Mexicans invading our country means the end of America as we know it. So why are those at the top so for it? President Bush, our Senate, and the Democrats?

It’s a congracracy ( Hey, I couldn’t think of a bad enough word )of corrupt people with too much money and too full of themselves.

The truth is our whole federal government has been corrupted for so long, that it makes Enron, Martha Stewart, and the Mafia look like kiddy characters on Sesame Street.

Not long ago President Bush was going all over the country, trying desperately to warn the American people that Social Security will not be there for us. It was a valiant effort. He finally gave up. The press acted like he was a fool, he was being silly.

Sometimes he must feel like he is walking among the dead. Maybe he wonders where the American people have gone.

No one wants to reform Social Security… we all know our standard of living has come down little by little since the 1970’s, and I don’t care what they say on TV… inflation has always been with us. A pair of sandals cost over $40 dollars, be real. A pair of flip-flops.

The Democrats shot Bush down expertly---putting fear into our hearts about playing the stock market. The American people are so easily manipulated.

The real truth is, we have nothing to lose. It’s all gone now…it’s all smoke and mirrors.
If you have a home now, odds are, you will have to sell it in your retirement just to survive. And if you think the hospitals are bad now, just wait.

I don’t know what world these economists live in…there must be two. One for the rich people who play the stock market, and one for the poor nobody who is living paycheck to paycheck, knowing that the government took money out for Social Security and Medicare every week… and like his parents he will get a check and he will still live check to check. He thinks, I won’t get rich, but I won’t starve. It won’t happen to me.

All I can say is…slap yourself! With 100 million Mexicans soon to be getting Social Security benefits that they never even paid into? And their families too? You actually think you will get a dime back?

Does the moon grow cheese?

For this reason alone I imagine most of Congress is waiting for the Bird Flu with high expectations. They can’t even promise Social Security will be there past 2018. And Medicare will go bankrupt in 2013. They don’t care; it’s not going to affect them.

But none of them want to change the system because it’s a great issue to talk about in Presidential elections, it will get them elected. Politicians will always need problems to solve...and then they are elected and the problem is passed on.

Except the problem, like an abscessed tooth sooner or later has to be pulled. By that time they are gone and their grandchildren are visiting all the monuments built in their names.

Remember when Clinton said he had a surplus? Well, nice spin. What he meant was that $70 billion was sitting in Social Security which was meant to be untouched for the baby boomers. That was his surplus. It was NOT the government’s money. But Clinton said it was a surplus. Next time you hear a Democrat go on about that…think again. It’s bull.

There is nothing there now…they have been spending our Social Security benefits for God knows how long and for who knows what projects. They also spent the patent office trusts. Basically folks, our elected officials have stolen our money, Yep. And only they know where it went, and you can be sure we will never find out.

Hey, if we could throw another Boston Tea Party, now would be the time. The Kings of career politicians will tell you one thing, and just keep doing the same old song and dance. We need a whole new set of faces…but they have it so rigged that even elections may not be able to turn the tide for us.

Our only hope is that we get some leaders, and principled men to come out to fight for us again. After all, we have some great voices already talking, and writing. We need more Ann Coulters, more bloggers, and more principle men like Tom A Coburn. And yes, many of us will agree…that it may be time for another revolution.

It’s going to come, sooner or later. Hey--any of you guys out there feel like picking a fight? Why let Ann have all the fun?

Okay, I know, it’s time for me to go to bed. Hey, check out Tom’s book…at least before the upcoming elections. And keep reading the guys on newsmensdaily…the Tea Party starts here.

Nobody’s Perfect; Stephen Hawking was in China saying that men cause global warming…he also said he loved the Chinese Culture and the women. They love him over there. He also believes in the big bang. He says that Earth is going to be as hot as Venus. I think Stephen needs to suck on some oxygen, the universe is starting to get to him. It happens.

Nobody Knows; It was reported today that some hackers got into the Agriculture data and stole all private records of the agricultural government employees and about 80,000 contractors. That makes the veterans, the agriculture…when are they going to hack the White House?

Nobody Cares: Enrique Garcia, an illegal alien raped a 4 month old puppy in Miami…I don’t think anyone would care if Enrique was transported someplace far away and dropped off…in mid air...somewhere over North Korea.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

National Guard To Protect Nation's Librarians

Nobody’s Opinion; While North Koreans and Iranian nutcases rattle their nuclear sabers, and Mexicans are scampering over our borders as fast as their little feet will carry them in order to gather their United Nations rights of free goodies here…the Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin called up his partner in Katrina negligence crime, Governor Kathleen Blanco, and requested some National Guard troops.

It seems 5 teenagers were killed recently in a drive-by shooting, with a semi-automatic.
(The report made sure to mention they were all in an evil SUV, which did not stop those nasty bullets.)

This coming week, the American Library Association (ALA) will be having their annual conference there. They are expecting 18,000 people, and Laura Bush is speaking at the convention.

The excuse for the National Guard--- we were led to believe, was this one shooting. The city is not safe. The drug lords are out. Someone named Mayor Ray Nagin disarmed the citizens and left the criminals alone. Not good.

Once again, Mayor Ray Nagin protected his “chocolate” brothers.

Not too long ago here in St Louis there was a rush of shootings and murders…around fourteen people were shot. Sure it was over a period of two weeks, but we didn’t get the National Guard sent in….we got a few FBI agents. Some sort of drug fight was going on. If you were smart, you stayed home and watched TV. Both Kansas City and St. Louis murder rates have gone up, and we have had just as many murders as New Orleans since Katrina.

In fact there have been 84,563 murders committed in the United States since 9/11, (What’s Iraq up to…2,500?) and even though New Orleans’s reconstruction is not exactly going gangbusters and some streets are “dark”, you can go to any of the known cities in the United States at night, end up on the wrong street, and you have a good chance of adding yourself to the national statistics.

So the question comes to mind…what’s the real reason the National Guard is being sent in? Let me think…..mmmmmm

Now, if you think like a liberal…you believe that President Bush, that ruthless dictator, called up the Governor and said “I want the National Guard in New Orleans protecting my wife.” (From whom? Drug lords or fellow Librarians?)

A lot of people would buy that one. The ALA’s Mark Rosenzweig, considers President Bush a real Hitler, and thinks Castro is a God. From his statements made recently (see Michelle Malkin piece today) he hates both of them.

But Laura Bush has her own protection; she doesn’t need the National Guard.

Most librarians are leftist wacko’s. It’s as if they have never read Mark Twain. They actually think he’s a racist. During the Clinton administration it was no accident that the library system here in St. Louis had only one copy of “Betrayal” (a book about Clinton selling China our nuclear secrets). I was 105 on the list and waited nine months to read it.

When Laura became the First Lady, I walked into my local library and noticed that all the top twenty best sellers were right in front, with at least 4 copies per book, even ones by Michael the Moore. It was about time I thought, bless her heart.

I don’t have to tell you that my local librarians were none too pleased with this.

Laura Bush was a librarian before she met and married George W. Bush, and loves books---but that’s a point that they all want to forget.

On the other hand, when I think of Ray Nagin, I am reminded of Mayor Daley, and the corruption of the Mafia in Chicago, except in New Orleans we have a crime syndication of chocolate thugs, who run the ports, the drugs, and the prostitution, of the biggest port in the United States.

Why do I call the great Mayor Ray Nagin a thug? Do I have to answer that?

What he did in Katrina to his own “chocolate” people, not to mention all the “white” people, leaving them stranded, drowning, telling them to go to the arena,...taking their guns away, getting out of town himself… and then having the audacity to blame the President was a malfeasance of the highest degree. That’s the typical behavior of a thug. Anyone else would have been thrown in the nearest swamp.

The fact that he was then reelected is proof that the whole political apparatus in New Orleans corrupted to the core. Just like Mayor Cocaine Barry of Washington DC, these boys are hand-picked by Democrats to run the cities where the most money is made in drugs and prostitution. Remember. The Mafia men always voted democratic…always.

And Mayor Ray Nagin knows that Librarians are democrats, and their officials are Marxists, therefore very important for the takeover of the country. The communists always take over the universities and school systems, as we have seen happen here. These ladies are on the frontline of the battle.

So, Ray Nagin actually has to protect these people, unlike the old and poor blacks of his city…who were expendable.

I have a feeling the National Guard will be bored.

Besides who knows what a city full of repressed liberal Librarians are going to want to do on a long weekend holiday where the strippers and alcohol will be abundant?

If they arrive in their SUV’s, (remember, they do make good money) there might be trouble, and that would not be good for the country’s future educational considerations.

Am I afraid for Laura Bush? Nah…any lady who has read Mark Twain can handle a thug, and even a convention of liberal librarians.

I’m wondering who is going to protect the National Guard men from thousands of die hard liberal Cindy Sheehan clones. They might wish they were back in Iraq.

Nobody’s Perfect; Maybe at this convention, Laura Bush will actually be able to convince the Librarians that it’s ok to read something besides Al Gore, and the world is not going to end if a conservative comes in and ruins their day.

Nobody Knows; it’s true, Librarians (with the exception of Laura Bush) are some of the ugliest women around. I have never in my life seen a pretty librarian, not one. Which makes you wonder if the male strippers will even show up to work?

Nobody Cares; Doesn’t it seem strange that the National Guard will be fully armed, packed, and in heavy vehicles in New Orleans, but the National Guard on our borders will not be carrying weapons, but spending their days lifting cases of water?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ambassador Angelina; Collecting Knives and Kids

Nobody’s Opinion; I couldn’t help myself last night…the interview of Angelina Jolie with Cooper Anderson was just too interesting to pass up. They had advertised it as nothing but an interview of Angelina after giving birth---be sure and tune in. I was expecting something of a Barbra Walters thing…but instead got a two hour infomercial for the United Nations.

Great, another “People are starving all over the world, you should send your money to the United Nations so they can solve it” plea.

Hey, I’m still wondering where all the money went from my UNESCO can when I was a kid on Halloween. It more than likely went to build mansions in Dubai for the bureaucrats of the UN.

First off, Africa is starving…it has been starving since time began. And it seems no matter how many trillions of dollars has been sent to help it, nothing ever changes. In fact, Africa just gets worse. Something tells me that as long as these organizations can get out the pictures of all these poor starving, (and now raped and brutalized) people in Africa, and we keep sending our money…it will never get any better. The whole farce is too much of a cash cow.

Africa, like the United Nations, is full of corruption. And there are many nations that are making too much money off of all the chaos to ever let it progress. The welfare state of Africa is just what the United Nations wants.

Like cancer, Africa will never be cured.

It is also a personal playground for the very rich of the world. It is very cool to have visited South Africa, in fact, it’s a prerequisite for the ruling classes.

Ask yourself…shouldn’t by now, after the trillions that have been given to that country alone…shouldn’t they have at least some electricity? Well, the answer is obvious, and the only one that makes sense is that if Africa actually came into civilization, then the United Nations would no longer be getting all that donated money from nobodies all over the world that send in large amounts of cash each time they see those maudlin commercials.

And we all know what they did with the money that was sent to Saddam.

Yeah, there was a lot on Africa. Also Cambodia and the poor children who come into the Untied States from South America and are sent back. After all, here they get their own swimming pool.

I read somewhere on the net that Angelina and Brad shut down a national border so she could give birth in Namibia in peace. Some people there were not too pleased with it.

Come on, be real. As pretty as she is, there is no way that she had the clout to shut down a country. That was ordered by someone at the United Nations. This birth was important…and not just to People magazine.

Then, in the middle of the program, Angelina says one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard…and I can’t believe that no one is calling her on this…

When Anderson Cooper asks her about having more kids she says;

It’s you know another boy, another girl, what country, what race would fit best with the kids

Is it me? Doesn’t it sound like she could be just as well talking about shopping for furniture instead of human beings? It’s as if she is designing the perfect motif for her bathroom. I mean…what race? Let’s see…she has one Cambodian, one Ethiopian, and one white kid that she wanted to be Namibian. (God forbid she has an American!)

Angelina’s logic I suppose told her that if Brad’s baby was BORN in Africa then she would get along better with the Ethiopian kid, making them both Africans.

She wants three more kids. I suggest she get a North Korean, a Mexican, and one from the Congo…she talked a lot about the Congo... that one should be another boy because of the fact that women tend to get raped a lot there, and she will be visiting all the homes of her children all her life. She is worried about all the atrocities, but she doesn’t mention that the ones doing all this murder and rape are mostly black Muslims attacking Christians.

And what is she going to do if all her adopted kids don’t get along? Call in the United Nations?

Angelina is a great name, and it fits her. She truly is a rare beauty. She opens up those big eyes and sounds as if she is going to save the world…but gee…there should be an international law that stops all that terrible stuff happening in Africa and all over the world she says.

Don’t worry Angelina; the United Nations wants to have an army and a criminal court. You did that very well, nobody suspected a thing.

She says she has a tattoo on her back that says “Know your Rights.” Why…it’s un-American what’s happening she says..which means…it’s our fault that the world is messed up. These starving children have a RIGHT for health care, schools, education…and it’s up to the United Nations to get our money and make sure all the kids in the world have this stuff.

AND we should all buy ultrasound machines for the poor countries, never mind that there would be no one there to run them.

Maybe she could get Tom Cruise to donate his. Wait---did you know that she and Brad chartered Tom Cruise’s jet for a quarter of a million dollars to get out of Africa? She also says she gives 1/3 of her money to charity. She could have taken a regular flight and donated that money...mmmmm

Just how much does this girl have?

She opens up her beautiful smile and says…”I was having a breached birth…I had a cesarean, I brought my own doctor …it was I that contacted the government and volunteered myself for the United Nations work.”

Well, that just about covers what everyone is wondering about…no Angelina, we don’t think you’re being paid and coached to be an ambassador and that you were hand picked for this very important transformation coming soon to the world, to push the global government into a borderless world where the United Nations plans to rule the world and “redistribute” all wealth …not when you show up just a week after your daughter’s birth and do a well edited two hour documentary for to promote this new United Nations agenda.

And you had a cesarean because a movie star cannot lose her figure,why not tell the truth? What good would you be then?

Oh and by the way, the “I am exhausted from breast feeding and I still showed up anyway” was a nice touch for the guys, Angelina.

Really, these people don’t get where they are by NOT promoting themselves.

Angelina also collects knives and wanted to be a funeral director. She has the Japanese sign for death tattooed on her back. Is there a Darth Vader underneath that lovely smile?

She also once said “You’re young, you’re drunk, you’re in bed, your have knives, shit happens”----a perfect description of the United Nations…sounds like she knows them all personally.

Nobody’s Perfect: The people around the birthing house of little Shiloh said that Angelina and Brad acted like “Colonial Overlords.” What…no decent butlers?

Nobody Knows: How in the world did that face get those huge lips. It a mystery right up there with the seven wonders of the world, or Michael Jackson’s white skin.

Nobody Cares; Hey, have you ever seen Brad and Angelina even holding hands? Whenever you see them together, she is miles ahead of him…nobody seems to care that they look about as in love as a sister and brother coming home from school.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Lobbying Life of Aging Movie Stars

Nobody’s Opinion; Not too long ago, Richard Gere was in a church with X-President Clinton. Bill Clinton just loves to put himself in a church for the same reason that al-Quaida usually hides in Mosques; he likes the protection it gives him. What a pair they made.

Anyway, the conversation was about AIDS and condoms, (A subject fitting for a Baptist church) and some lady in the pews asked Richard, “Just how does one get the message out to a nation overwhelmed with too many people having too much unprotected sex that they should be more careful?”

Richard Gere stood up, and went into his best drama mode. He made a statement that just stuck in my mind like a Kennedy sticks to his story. He said, of course, one way to lead a people to do something is to get a movie star of that country (they were talking about India at the time) and have that (Indian) movie star delivers the message. That’s the first thing.

Hey thanks Richard, now we know.

I was thinking about this statement while watching Daryl Hannah talk on the various shows tonight, trying to get attention for some poor immigrant people who have taken over some guy’s property (Ralph Horowitz) and lived on it for nothing. It seems that Ralph is now being ostracized for being a good guy and allowing them to live there for over 15 years.

Somebody was paying the taxes, and I don’t think it was Daryl Hannah. In fact, she could easily buy the property and give it to the illegal immigrants if she wanted to. Why live up in a tree for 3 weeks? Why indeed?

She said something about, well, Ralph might not really own it, and they have to look into it. Once again…the rich want others to give up their money.

Sean Hannity had Ralph on TV tonight. Ralph had offered the property to Hannah, but Hannah didn’t want to buy it. He sounded like a property owner that had been a nice guy, and now, was asking to give his property to the “poor people.”

Yeah…I’d be mad too.

Why doesn’t Hannah take the poor people over to her mansion and let them live there? Or Willie Nelson? Would Hannah have let 350 people live on her land for free for 15 years? Of course not.

Well, I’m going to put out a nobody’s theory here…I’m starting to think someone is paying these movie stars big bucks, and I mean huge bucks… to do these protests.

After all George Soros has been known to pay out big bucks to overturn countries, why wouldn’t he put a few aging movie stars on his pay-role?

Go to Daryl’s website; you will take a trip back to the loving sixties, with a folk song delivering the message of’s the same old communist song.

The sixties that Bill Clinton says he is so proud of. Even Joan Baez was there. Please, Joan, go back into your hole. The Three Stooges were timeless--- you are not.

The sixties was the launching pad for all this communist/socialist/fascism/-- anything but the good old Constitution agenda that they just can’t seem to let go of.

They say it’s “progressive,”--- I say the sixties are over guys, get a grip.

Who in their right mind wants to go back to “free love” and daisies?

Ms. Hannah does. She has a picture of a daisy on her website…one grown on the commune farm that she is trying to save. You’d swear, watching her video that somewhere in the HTML there was a joint.

Most of these movie stars are liberals and believe in the causes anyway. Most all of them are in the twilight of their careers. They know that in their business, like in baseball, you’re run is only so long before some one comes along and pushes you off the screen. The better ones haven’t joined yet.

And like Bill Clinton, the power of having the world’s constant adoration and attention is just too hard to give up.

John Travolta hangs out with the left, but he wisely is not cutting his fences, yet. Also, Tom Hanks is dying to come out of the closet, but he is not making any personal statements. These guys are in the minority now.

Not too many of them want to give up their various mansions. They have pretty big bills to pay, swimming pools to keep clean.

Starting a new career as world models for the New World Order gives them the security of money, gets them back in the limelight, and perhaps a reputation for help saving the world while getting paid.

They are the new lobbyists for whatever the left wants to promote.

And if they were doing for their “principles” like they are always saying, then they wouldn’t be making movies like “Kill Bill.”

What they were not counting on was the fact that an awful lot of Americans stopped going to their movies once they started bad mouthing America. There are still quite a few patriots out here. The movies are suffering, and it’s not just from the bad scripts.

Remember Johnny Depp? He said some pretty nasty things about how he moved to France because he could no longer stand America. Now…with his sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean coming out soon…he has changed his tune. He says he moved to France because no one recognizes him over there…not because he didn’t like America. He’s not a has-been yet. I bet that statement was in his contract.

Then we have Angelina Jolie, the left’s new chosen Virgin Mary. One minute she’s a space-cadet acting like drugs are her middle name, the next minute she’s a spokes-woman for the United Nations and saying she wants to adopt a child from every country…the perfect model for the new borderless world where we all just blend together.

I wonder if she gets so much per child, just like the welfare state here. I figure at least ten kids for her; she will start her own country. Rumors are that her and Brad are going to make “Atlas Shrugged” the bible of the conservative philosophies.

Somehow, I have a feeling the movie will be nothing like the book.

Then there is Nicole Kidman. She divorces Tom Cruise, and she has mansions to support on her own. She starts working for the United Nations, even making a movie about it.

Do you actually think these movie stars who get paid such huge amounts of money just to sit around in an air-conditioned trailer would do all this left wing promotion stuff if they were not getting paid? I don’t.

Do you think they would ruin a career and cut themselves out of millions just for some poor immigrants in a park? Where was Daryl fifteen years ago?

I think Richard Gere summed it up. The political party of the left uses the aging movie stars as lobbyists to further the world leaders and their agendas.

The gigolos’ of the left will be coming to your nationhood soon. Bring the popcorn.

Nobody’s Perfect; Daryl Hannah would have gotten a lot more mileage out of that protest if she had put on her mermaid costume from Splash, then she could have made a complaint that the oceans are being polluted and gotten some money for the cause of mermaid destruction, one of Al Gore’s scientists could have found some facts about that I’m sure.

Nobody’s Knows; Why JFK Jr. did not marry Daryl Hannah after dating her for two years. Well, actually, now we do know.

Nobody Cares; Al Gore is now a movie star. He should have put a shot of Daryl Hannah sitting up in a tree, and then have the tree blown down in a hurricane, and then she could have drowned in the movie…to make a more exciting point about global warming. But then, you would not have remembered Al Gore.

Nobody Wins; Actually I’m upset at Hannah for causing an innocent walnut tree to be harmed because she did not have the decency to get down--- no, they had to cut the branches of the tree to get her out. Poor tree.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happiness Is A Warm Dad

Nobody’s Opinion: Every year, when I was younger, I looked forward to Paul McCartney’s birthday. My birthday was the day before, on Bunker Hill day--- so I would bake a cake on my birthday and eat it on his. It was the excuse I’d use to make sure that I get two cakes to eat for my birthday instead of one. And when you’re young, eating cake was nothing.

Not anymore. Birthday cakes are right up there with credit card debt, they can leave major psychological stress, if you don’t control yourself. One chocolate birthday cake in June, would take a whole year and 2,000 miles of treadmill to wear off.

I thought I was the only nut who did this sort of thing until I found out a dear friend of mine (and this was a man) would bake a cake on Beethoven’s birthday. That’s the power of music. We celebrated the masters.

And this year, synchronicity once again stuck its daunting head up. Sir Paul’s birthday famous 64th birthday just happened to come on Fathers’ Day. At 64, Paul McCartney is hardly the picture that he presented in his song, but he does seem to be, by all accounts a pretty good dad. All his kids turned out pretty normal.

I was thinking about this today. Since my own father passed away some eighteen years ago: wondering about how Paul McCartney was enjoying having to turn 64 in front of the world, after predicting pretty much that old people were useless in his famous song. It kept me from thinking about having to spend the day without my own father.

Hey, whatever gets you through…right?

Paul, it seems had a great dad, but lost his mum at a very tender age of ten. His dad did not run off, or leave the kids with grandma, (Paul had a younger brother.) but kept the boys together as a family as best he could. That love, mixed with the loss of his mother, is probably at least one of the reasons Paul became so successful. He came from a lot of love.

Now, John Lennon, on the other hand, didn’t even know much of anything about his dad. His mother left him with an aunt. (Who adored him thank goodness.) But still, John was deserted by both parents, which may explain why he completely deserted his first son Julian by his first wife, Cynthia. (The inspiration of Hey Jude) He was a terrible father to Julian. The worst.

He tried to make up for it with his second son Sean, and by all accounts, he was one of the first stay-at-home dads. John stayed at home with Sean for the first five years of his life, while Yoko went to the office and played around with all of John’s money. It worked for them, except Yoko kept wanting to sing…not her strong point.

Yoko always sounded like she was giving birth to an elephant. How we all endured it, is beyond this nobody's comprehention.

Sean will probably make a wonderful father. But it was Julian that got dad’s talent. It seems a shame-- imagine what John could have done to help his first son to develop. Julian sounded so much like his dad, it was almost eerie.

Instead of saving the world, he could have started with his own son.

But now Paul is getting a divorce---with a little girl involved. Unlike Linda, who probably would have done anything that Paul had asked of her, his new wife Heather has a mind of her own. It’s hard enough to have your mom and dad divorce, it’s going to be even harder for little 2-year old Beatrice to grow up with it in the tabloids.

Of course, many of us were out here in nobody’s land saying “Don’t do it Paul! Don’t get married so soon after your wife’s death!”

Paul, I suppose knowing that he was approaching the age of 64, was ecstatic to be in lust again. But to have another child at 64, is not exactly thinking of the child. You might be there for her prom, and her first child, but the odds are not so great that you'll be walking.

I’m sorry guys. Just because you can seed a child at 64, doesn’t exactly mean you should.

Because the role of fatherhood is just as important as motherhood. Kids need much more than money, even if it's as much as Paul McCartney's.

And little Beatrice’s children will probably have to play records of grandpa, unless they can clone him. But hey, Paul might outlive us all. I certainly hope so.

No…I did not bake him a cake. I did not bake me a cake. Nobody in my family bought me a cake. I intend to live to be 64; so instead, I just played old Beatles songs all day.

Sometimes it takes a long time to learn the real secret to happiness...which is having a dad around to pick on you, give you advise, protect you, and just be there...doing what dad's do best.

Which mom grief...(just kidding)

Happiness…is a warm Dad.

Nobody’s Perfect; Larry King had to spoil all our Fathers’ Day by having Al Gore on his program to tell us we are all going to die. I don’t think Larry had a father. I believe he could be an alien.

Nobody Knows; while listening to the old Beatles songs, I always thought there must have been a “silent” Beatle somewhere. The early songs just didn’t sound like something 4 boys who had spent 8 years living in the red-light district of Hamburg, Germany, would have come up with. “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” was not exactly something one would say to a prostitute.

Nobody Cares; Okay, who cares if the Beatles had probably more secrets than the CIA. What they left the world was a real treasure. I don’t think I ever got over the fact that Paul didn’t marry Jane Asher, and then married Linda McCartney when he could have had ME! I was actually making my living as a drummer at the time! Of course, every other girl in the world was thinking the same thing. Now, every man is thinking ….Angelina Jolie could have had ME!

Face it…the human race is full of sick cookie---makes you think twice about fame, doesn't it?