Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ambassador Angelina; Collecting Knives and Kids

Nobody’s Opinion; I couldn’t help myself last night…the interview of Angelina Jolie with Cooper Anderson was just too interesting to pass up. They had advertised it as nothing but an interview of Angelina after giving birth---be sure and tune in. I was expecting something of a Barbra Walters thing…but instead got a two hour infomercial for the United Nations.

Great, another “People are starving all over the world, you should send your money to the United Nations so they can solve it” plea.

Hey, I’m still wondering where all the money went from my UNESCO can when I was a kid on Halloween. It more than likely went to build mansions in Dubai for the bureaucrats of the UN.

First off, Africa is starving…it has been starving since time began. And it seems no matter how many trillions of dollars has been sent to help it, nothing ever changes. In fact, Africa just gets worse. Something tells me that as long as these organizations can get out the pictures of all these poor starving, (and now raped and brutalized) people in Africa, and we keep sending our money…it will never get any better. The whole farce is too much of a cash cow.

Africa, like the United Nations, is full of corruption. And there are many nations that are making too much money off of all the chaos to ever let it progress. The welfare state of Africa is just what the United Nations wants.

Like cancer, Africa will never be cured.

It is also a personal playground for the very rich of the world. It is very cool to have visited South Africa, in fact, it’s a prerequisite for the ruling classes.

Ask yourself…shouldn’t by now, after the trillions that have been given to that country alone…shouldn’t they have at least some electricity? Well, the answer is obvious, and the only one that makes sense is that if Africa actually came into civilization, then the United Nations would no longer be getting all that donated money from nobodies all over the world that send in large amounts of cash each time they see those maudlin commercials.

And we all know what they did with the money that was sent to Saddam.

Yeah, there was a lot on Africa. Also Cambodia and the poor children who come into the Untied States from South America and are sent back. After all, here they get their own swimming pool.

I read somewhere on the net that Angelina and Brad shut down a national border so she could give birth in Namibia in peace. Some people there were not too pleased with it.

Come on, be real. As pretty as she is, there is no way that she had the clout to shut down a country. That was ordered by someone at the United Nations. This birth was important…and not just to People magazine.

Then, in the middle of the program, Angelina says one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard…and I can’t believe that no one is calling her on this…

When Anderson Cooper asks her about having more kids she says;

It’s you know another boy, another girl, what country, what race would fit best with the kids

Is it me? Doesn’t it sound like she could be just as well talking about shopping for furniture instead of human beings? It’s as if she is designing the perfect motif for her bathroom. I mean…what race? Let’s see…she has one Cambodian, one Ethiopian, and one white kid that she wanted to be Namibian. (God forbid she has an American!)

Angelina’s logic I suppose told her that if Brad’s baby was BORN in Africa then she would get along better with the Ethiopian kid, making them both Africans.

She wants three more kids. I suggest she get a North Korean, a Mexican, and one from the Congo…she talked a lot about the Congo... that one should be another boy because of the fact that women tend to get raped a lot there, and she will be visiting all the homes of her children all her life. She is worried about all the atrocities, but she doesn’t mention that the ones doing all this murder and rape are mostly black Muslims attacking Christians.

And what is she going to do if all her adopted kids don’t get along? Call in the United Nations?

Angelina is a great name, and it fits her. She truly is a rare beauty. She opens up those big eyes and sounds as if she is going to save the world…but gee…there should be an international law that stops all that terrible stuff happening in Africa and all over the world she says.

Don’t worry Angelina; the United Nations wants to have an army and a criminal court. You did that very well, nobody suspected a thing.

She says she has a tattoo on her back that says “Know your Rights.” Why…it’s un-American what’s happening she says..which means…it’s our fault that the world is messed up. These starving children have a RIGHT for health care, schools, education…and it’s up to the United Nations to get our money and make sure all the kids in the world have this stuff.

AND we should all buy ultrasound machines for the poor countries, never mind that there would be no one there to run them.

Maybe she could get Tom Cruise to donate his. Wait---did you know that she and Brad chartered Tom Cruise’s jet for a quarter of a million dollars to get out of Africa? She also says she gives 1/3 of her money to charity. She could have taken a regular flight and donated that money...mmmmm

Just how much does this girl have?

She opens up her beautiful smile and says…”I was having a breached birth…I had a cesarean, I brought my own doctor …it was I that contacted the government and volunteered myself for the United Nations work.”

Well, that just about covers what everyone is wondering about…no Angelina, we don’t think you’re being paid and coached to be an ambassador and that you were hand picked for this very important transformation coming soon to the world, to push the global government into a borderless world where the United Nations plans to rule the world and “redistribute” all wealth …not when you show up just a week after your daughter’s birth and do a well edited two hour documentary for to promote this new United Nations agenda.

And you had a cesarean because a movie star cannot lose her figure,why not tell the truth? What good would you be then?

Oh and by the way, the “I am exhausted from breast feeding and I still showed up anyway” was a nice touch for the guys, Angelina.

Really, these people don’t get where they are by NOT promoting themselves.

Angelina also collects knives and wanted to be a funeral director. She has the Japanese sign for death tattooed on her back. Is there a Darth Vader underneath that lovely smile?

She also once said “You’re young, you’re drunk, you’re in bed, your have knives, shit happens”----a perfect description of the United Nations…sounds like she knows them all personally.

Nobody’s Perfect: The people around the birthing house of little Shiloh said that Angelina and Brad acted like “Colonial Overlords.” What…no decent butlers?

Nobody Knows: How in the world did that face get those huge lips. It a mystery right up there with the seven wonders of the world, or Michael Jackson’s white skin.

Nobody Cares; Hey, have you ever seen Brad and Angelina even holding hands? Whenever you see them together, she is miles ahead of him…nobody seems to care that they look about as in love as a sister and brother coming home from school.


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