Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Lobbying Life of Aging Movie Stars

Nobody’s Opinion; Not too long ago, Richard Gere was in a church with X-President Clinton. Bill Clinton just loves to put himself in a church for the same reason that al-Quaida usually hides in Mosques; he likes the protection it gives him. What a pair they made.

Anyway, the conversation was about AIDS and condoms, (A subject fitting for a Baptist church) and some lady in the pews asked Richard, “Just how does one get the message out to a nation overwhelmed with too many people having too much unprotected sex that they should be more careful?”

Richard Gere stood up, and went into his best drama mode. He made a statement that just stuck in my mind like a Kennedy sticks to his story. He said, of course, one way to lead a people to do something is to get a movie star of that country (they were talking about India at the time) and have that (Indian) movie star delivers the message. That’s the first thing.

Hey thanks Richard, now we know.

I was thinking about this statement while watching Daryl Hannah talk on the various shows tonight, trying to get attention for some poor immigrant people who have taken over some guy’s property (Ralph Horowitz) and lived on it for nothing. It seems that Ralph is now being ostracized for being a good guy and allowing them to live there for over 15 years.

Somebody was paying the taxes, and I don’t think it was Daryl Hannah. In fact, she could easily buy the property and give it to the illegal immigrants if she wanted to. Why live up in a tree for 3 weeks? Why indeed?

She said something about, well, Ralph might not really own it, and they have to look into it. Once again…the rich want others to give up their money.

Sean Hannity had Ralph on TV tonight. Ralph had offered the property to Hannah, but Hannah didn’t want to buy it. He sounded like a property owner that had been a nice guy, and now, was asking to give his property to the “poor people.”

Yeah…I’d be mad too.

Why doesn’t Hannah take the poor people over to her mansion and let them live there? Or Willie Nelson? Would Hannah have let 350 people live on her land for free for 15 years? Of course not.

Well, I’m going to put out a nobody’s theory here…I’m starting to think someone is paying these movie stars big bucks, and I mean huge bucks… to do these protests.

After all George Soros has been known to pay out big bucks to overturn countries, why wouldn’t he put a few aging movie stars on his pay-role?

Go to Daryl’s website; you will take a trip back to the loving sixties, with a folk song delivering the message of Chavez...it’s the same old communist song.

The sixties that Bill Clinton says he is so proud of. Even Joan Baez was there. Please, Joan, go back into your hole. The Three Stooges were timeless--- you are not.

The sixties was the launching pad for all this communist/socialist/fascism/-- anything but the good old Constitution agenda that they just can’t seem to let go of.

They say it’s “progressive,”--- I say the sixties are over guys, get a grip.

Who in their right mind wants to go back to “free love” and daisies?

Ms. Hannah does. She has a picture of a daisy on her website…one grown on the commune farm that she is trying to save. You’d swear, watching her video that somewhere in the HTML there was a joint.

Most of these movie stars are liberals and believe in the causes anyway. Most all of them are in the twilight of their careers. They know that in their business, like in baseball, you’re run is only so long before some one comes along and pushes you off the screen. The better ones haven’t joined yet.

And like Bill Clinton, the power of having the world’s constant adoration and attention is just too hard to give up.

John Travolta hangs out with the left, but he wisely is not cutting his fences, yet. Also, Tom Hanks is dying to come out of the closet, but he is not making any personal statements. These guys are in the minority now.

Not too many of them want to give up their various mansions. They have pretty big bills to pay, swimming pools to keep clean.

Starting a new career as world models for the New World Order gives them the security of money, gets them back in the limelight, and perhaps a reputation for help saving the world while getting paid.

They are the new lobbyists for whatever the left wants to promote.

And if they were doing for their “principles” like they are always saying, then they wouldn’t be making movies like “Kill Bill.”

What they were not counting on was the fact that an awful lot of Americans stopped going to their movies once they started bad mouthing America. There are still quite a few patriots out here. The movies are suffering, and it’s not just from the bad scripts.

Remember Johnny Depp? He said some pretty nasty things about how he moved to France because he could no longer stand America. Now…with his sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean coming out soon…he has changed his tune. He says he moved to France because no one recognizes him over there…not because he didn’t like America. He’s not a has-been yet. I bet that statement was in his contract.

Then we have Angelina Jolie, the left’s new chosen Virgin Mary. One minute she’s a space-cadet acting like drugs are her middle name, the next minute she’s a spokes-woman for the United Nations and saying she wants to adopt a child from every country…the perfect model for the new borderless world where we all just blend together.

I wonder if she gets so much per child, just like the welfare state here. I figure at least ten kids for her; she will start her own country. Rumors are that her and Brad are going to make “Atlas Shrugged” the bible of the conservative philosophies.

Somehow, I have a feeling the movie will be nothing like the book.

Then there is Nicole Kidman. She divorces Tom Cruise, and she has mansions to support on her own. She starts working for the United Nations, even making a movie about it.

Do you actually think these movie stars who get paid such huge amounts of money just to sit around in an air-conditioned trailer would do all this left wing promotion stuff if they were not getting paid? I don’t.

Do you think they would ruin a career and cut themselves out of millions just for some poor immigrants in a park? Where was Daryl fifteen years ago?

I think Richard Gere summed it up. The political party of the left uses the aging movie stars as lobbyists to further the world leaders and their agendas.

The gigolos’ of the left will be coming to your nationhood soon. Bring the popcorn.

Nobody’s Perfect; Daryl Hannah would have gotten a lot more mileage out of that protest if she had put on her mermaid costume from Splash, then she could have made a complaint that the oceans are being polluted and gotten some money for the cause of mermaid destruction, one of Al Gore’s scientists could have found some facts about that I’m sure.

Nobody’s Knows; Why JFK Jr. did not marry Daryl Hannah after dating her for two years. Well, actually, now we do know.

Nobody Cares; Al Gore is now a movie star. He should have put a shot of Daryl Hannah sitting up in a tree, and then have the tree blown down in a hurricane, and then she could have drowned in the movie…to make a more exciting point about global warming. But then, you would not have remembered Al Gore.

Nobody Wins; Actually I’m upset at Hannah for causing an innocent walnut tree to be harmed because she did not have the decency to get down--- no, they had to cut the branches of the tree to get her out. Poor tree.


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