Saturday, October 04, 2008

Due to Our "Bailout"--The Pilots Make Due

Nobody's Fool: President George Bush signed a "much" needed emergency bill on Friday, a bill which was rightly rejected at first by our brave House of Representatives because it did not have the proper amount of much needed pork in it....

And so now, our brave soldiers are having to deal with the upcoming budget seems they lost out to NASCAR, and Rum from Puerto Rico, two items that are much more important to our national security.

But, never we see here, these brave men are nobody's fool, and quite capable of adapting to just about anything..including absurd and greedy politicians!

Go get em boys! And watch out for that tornado in New York!

Okay, I admit...I watched Sci-fi instead of Saturday Night Live...sue me.

Oh, one more thing...Sci Fi is going to destroy New York by volcano next week, they killed off the Republican mayor tonight and trashed the Statue of Liberty due to global warming...

I wonder if the volcano is going to burn down Wall Street?

Wait...we didn't NEED a Sci-fi movie for that one! (I know, go to bed Joyanna)


Friday, October 03, 2008

Will the President Go Shopping Now?

Nobody Flashes: Who wants to bet that now that President Bush has signed the multi-gazillion dollar money grab from the America people, he will have a hard time not running out and getting one of these babies....

There's room enough for a whole mall, shops, spas, and bedrooms...there's even a special room for Barney Franks!

After all, the sheiks of Dubai have at least two..and what's a few more billion? I say, if you can have wooden arrows for toys, you can CERTAINLY have a new big AIRBUS ONE!

Who will buy one first? Obama or McCain? Or will somehow Hillary manage to become President after all?

Stranger things have happened!


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Alaska's Bear Swallows Shoeless Joe

Nobody Wins---when the only person worthy of being our next President, is not running for the office. Sarah Palin did a great job tonight in the Vice Presidential debate and outsmarted her opponent so badly that the only point that Joe won was giving “kudos“ to the troops at the end of his speech.

That was his only score. On every other point he lost.

I especially got a kick out of his insisting that gay marriage was a “constitutional” right.

Yeah, poor Joe got lost---from the first ten minutes when he did not even look at the camera, (pretty stupid political mistake) to that long tirade about….who knows what it was about? He started sounding like my old music teacher at school, who would get lost in his own mind while the rest of us waited for his “mind” to come back to earth.

But, the spin goes on. I just heard a “conservative” pundit spin that Joe won great tactical marks…which were to the rest of us, Joe Biden twisting old spin and lies.

Here’s another ‘oh-oh’ from him. Joe Biden is going to, according to him, be right there by Obama’s side on every single decision that Obama has to make: so what’s that tell you? Joe himself: (as Palin pointed out)

1. Doesn’t trust Obama like he stated in his earlier debates and doesn’t think Obama is ready for primetime----AND
2. Joe hasn’t got a plan for himself at all.
I bet he will just float around doing what he always has done…making secret deals.

Sarah, as opposed to Joe, already has her focus on what she will do when gets there: work on energy, corruption, and children’s issues. President McCain, unlike Obama, will not need her to hold his hand.

I also thought it interesting that Joe seems to think that being VP historically means supporting your President. The founders, as anyone who watched the recent John Adams series, did not put any such kind of limitations on that office. In fact…in the early days of our Republic the Vice Presidency was usually the man who came in second in votes; no matter what ‘party.’ John Adams had to figure out just what to do with it.

I thought it interesting that it was Palin that suggested a stronger constitutional role for the office, didn’t you?

And what was the first thing that Biden could think of as something he did in office that was worth while? He put 100,000 more cops on the street.

Palin was fighting the big oil men in Alaska. Mmmmmm…How long has Joe been in the Senate? That’s the first thing he thought of?

It was also particularly funny that say it isn’t so Joe (by the way, that baseball subliminal quip was a very brilliant set up) sees NO contradiction in the fact that if he and Obama are so against war, why do they want to send troops into Dafar, and send troops into Pakistan, while in the meantime building schools all up and down border of Pakistan?

What, are they nuts? They will be doing the same thing they profess to criticize George Bush on…exactly the same. What a bunch of yo-yo’s.

Have you seen just how BIG Pakistan’s border? Where’s the money coming from Joe?

Joe was also saddened about not being able to double the money going to foreign countries…darn.

Sarah was right…Joe and Obama are going to spend billions upon billions, and since we now will be in trillions and trillions of dollars in debt, one wonders just where they will get all this money?
Bono and Billy Joel?

And did I miss something here? There was a moment when he acted like Palin attacked him about not being what? A single parent? She was talking about a whole different subject and right out of the clear blue sky he acts like he’s personally been attacked? This proves he was just trying to get the “single” mom vote point in…he wasn’t even listening to the debate.

Poor Joe, he didn’t stand a chance. It’s hard to fight an opponent who has only one story…honesty, and love of America. Something Joe can’t even fake.

All the time while I was watching and being so proud of her, I was thinking: wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just write her in as our pick?

Ah…..won’t happen. (sigh) Not in my lifetime, Sarah Palin or not. In fact…just today Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, wants to be like Russia's Putin and put himself into his office for life.
So much for democracy.

The first thing I heard after the debate was my local news lady interviewing a young 10-year-old boy who said he had studied Palin in school, and she was no good.

The corruption in our government is so overwhelming it’s like a deep cancer that even killing our kids. I have seen Obama signs all over our neighborhood, not one for McCain.

You’ve got a lot of corruption coming your way Sarah, the real patriots are in love with you tonight: you showed yourself to be a true American wit and joy…

Now STAY that way.

As for Joe?... we know you Joe…we know you. You're shoeless.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Mice WILL Survive!

Nobody Knows---that this scene was taken tonight on the floor of the United States Senate...brave men and women who were burning the midnight oil in order to come up with a secret plan to save the banks, George Bush, George Soros, and Barney Frank, from having to eat another awful meal at McDonalds.

And even though a plan has already been released to the press, this TOP Secret plan, has not, due to the fact that they believe the citizens are on a "need to know" basis.

Nevertheless---our government did let us know that the United States Post Office will be delivering all antibiotics in case of an anthrax attack.

Which means we will all die.

Once again, as scientists have told us for years...the mice will survive lo000ng after all humans are gone from the face of this earth...

Excuse me while I go eat some cheese.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Dogs Are Hoarding Our Bones...

Nobody Cares: ---about my two puppies. I call them puppies but really, they are like little kids with fluffy hair. And every morning, while I spend an hour of reading time waking up to the day, there is a dog-bone treat hoarding ritual taking place right before my eyes.

There’s not much I can do about it…short of cruelty.

Everyday I am witness to the blunt selfishness of one of my dogs, and today, I realized that our government is doing the exact same thing to the U.S. taxpayers that one of my dogs does everyday…they are hoarding our bones.

I have to set this up:
My older dog, Koko, (I know, not very original) is a seven-year old Pom/American Eskimo mix. She’s a delicate thing and very quiet. My younger dog, Zippy, is a full-blooded white American Eskimo, and is built like a Sumo wrestler. She actually pulls me around the block every night, lease in her mouth…charging up the hills, just like a big mush dog.

She thinks she’s in Alaska, and about 50 pounds heavier, and for now, I’m not spoiling her illusion…it’s too entertaining.

Zippy is the top dog in the pecking order, because she could literally put Koko the older dog in severe back pain with just a big playful jump on her back. In fact, she once did just that to a tune of several hundred dollars in x-rays…

Therefore, Zippy (much like our government) knows she can do just about anything.

So, it’s easy to see why Zippy is always happy, and Koko is always in a bad mood.

I adore them both, but I must admit--- Zippy is a bully, even if she is adorable.

Anyway---every morning, Koko lies beside me, curled up, and I give her these cheap little dog-bone treats. Koko loves these treats. They are practically the only dog food she will eat. I also have three bowls of different dog foods available to them both on the kitchen floor, but Zippy won’t let Koko touch them.

Where’s a dog whisperer when you need him?

Every single morning I give Koko four dog-bone treats. I put them right between her paws. I also give Zippy four treats, but Zippy…has other things in mind.

She goes right over and gets right up in Koko’s face, just inches away. Zippy then proceeds to lay right next to Koko’s face…with a real relaxed innocence look that says;
“I’m just sitting here---aren’t I cute? Hey… you gonna eat those?”

Koko of course, growls, and shows her teeth, this goes on for about five minutes…but Zippy just smiles (yes, dogs DO smile) and waits, because even though she has four treats of her own, she wants Koko’s.

You guessed it. Zippy’s sheer tenacity and patience intimidates Koko so badly, that Koko will get up and move, leaving her treats for Zippy. (Sort of like the American people who are being bullied into giving all their money to the government forever, “Oh shut up and take it why don’t ya, you’re going to anyway.”)

Then Zippy, having won the standoff game, picks up all Koko’s dog-bone treats in one scoop, in her mouth. She makes sure I see the clever trick she has done, (in fact, she is very proud of this action) prances around the room for a while, and then she proceeds to run up the stairs.

She comes back empty. I always figured she ate them.

After she gets downstairs, Zippy then goes over and finally picks up the four I gave her, and then goes over to Koko and sits down right in her face to torture her.

You can just see her little puppy mind thinking, “I’m good.”

I once saw Zippy stuff all six dog-treats in her mouth at one time, a trick our government has also mastered.

Yes... poor Koko. I end up feeding her turkey later just to make up for Zippy’s fun.

Anyway…one day, while I was cleaning the house, I happened to look behind a couch (something I hardly ever do) and there in a secret space…was a pile of about 75 dog-bone treats.

There you go…Zippy was hoarding all the dog-bones treats. I’m almost afraid to lift any more furniture.

So what’s the moral to this dog-bone treat hoarding story?

Right now, America is being bullied into giving up all our precious dog-bones treats to Congress; to “bail out” the gluttons. We’re a bunch of Koko’s, letting the big bully Zippy government come in and grab whatever they want. Koko, my weaker dog, at least has me to make sure she gets a fair share of food…but who helps us? Who protects us from our own bully government?

And by the way…don’t you wonder where they have they been hiding all our bones for all these years? And because we’re weaker, we will never stand up to them because of what?…

Fear? Yep, that pretty much explains it.

There’s not much difference between dogs and men when it comes to their dog-bones treats…is there?
Nevertheless, dogs have an excuse…men most certainly, do not.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Nancy Pelosi: Taken to Mother Ship, 666-777

Nobody's Perfect: This is my 776 post. Today, the Dow lost 777 points and oh my goodness...nothing happened to me!

One more point and I could have claim disaster!

But disaster evidently happened to many people, today...especially some of those guys on TV who were really sweating after Nancy Pelosi's famous speech on the floor of the House today--- right before the big vote for the "give me your money" you brainless morons!

It was known and reported that it was going to be an easy victory, but Nancy had to go and rant on about how it was all President Bush's fault that this had happened, and how the Republicans are the Darth Vaders of the world, even though both Nancy and George Bush are on the same page about this whole thing, which makes her his partner in why attack the man that is with you?

Don't ask me, unless Obama has promised her a cabinet position.

It seems that the "13" (there's that number again) that voted against the bill, which of course made the serfs and nobodies like me all over the country jump for joy...were so upset at Nancy's tirade, they didn't fall in line.

How dare they.

The Democrats immediately ran to the microphones to protest the Republicans for actually having the audacity for being upset that Nancy was such a rude, political hack ...SO THERE! Barney Frank was great, and the guy behind him, Raul somebody, the REAL man who runs the government, was livid.

Nancy was last seen being taken up and loaded onto the mother ship.

In the meantime, this nobody is enjoying all the TV pundits who lost BIG TIME in their stock portfolios' because it's all computerized and well...who knew? Sheppard Smith was suffering, Bill Reilly lost a lot, and Senator Lindsey Graham, it looked, had been crying, poor guy.

He must of lost that beach house next to Charlie Rangel.

Come on...I'm tired of hearing this "Americans live beyond their means" crap. We have been suffering from "inflation" ever since Reagan stepped down...and all through Bill Clinton...but it was covered everything else. Yes, the rich got VERY rich...and the taxes keep coming.

What is important is that today Nancy Pelosi was blamed for being a typical big-mouth, and will forever be remembered in history as the woman who just couldn't hold her mouth for two seconds...unless of course, this failure was staged in ORDER to get this result, so as to cause a bigger meltdown, where the second bill will need even MORE money, and the globalists will be even happier, because that one will pass, and the taxpayer will be going "Huh?"

Either way...I post my 777 blog tomorrow.

Nancy however, will be forever be remembered who got the Dow down to 777. If she keeps this up, I suggest we give her the number: 666.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Soul Is In the Eyes: Tony Blair

Nobody's Opinion: I used to love to watch Tony Blair speaking in Parliament. I enjoyed his quick mind and his command of the English language; In fact, I used to wish that Tony Blair was our President.

Well, you know the old saying; be careful what you wish for. It seems to me, the more innocent the face, the more you have to be careful.

When I look in Tony’s big "blue?" eyes on my TV, I see one of the great souls of globalization. I see a “wonderful” man who “cares” about the world.

And if you think that you can look in Tony’s eyes and see a great soul: well, let’s just say, you have something in common with President Bush, who saw a great soul in Putin’s.

Tony Blair is not Vladimir Putin: but nevertheless…Tony, just like Putin, has “global” plans too. Even if they do seem more benevolent, that doesn’t make them right.

Tony is a globalist. Globalization, to the earth’s G-8 gang, is very benign to them---but it’s killing the rest of us. Hey---we didn’t ask for this Brave New World of Globalization, no matter how wonderful they think it is.

Tony, and the élites of the world want us to think that this globalization just “happened.” Just like the present imploding of our current financial situation just “happened.” Due to “evil” politicians, letting “evil” CEO’s make money.

Yeah, this all just “happened” right before the elections. NO one knew it was coming. The total collapse of the United States---who knew?

Last week on Charlie Rose: Tony Blair, who was sitting in his pink tie surrounded by pastel colors to soften his message…had this to say about “globalization”: (What? You think they don’t use colors to sell their products?)

TONY: “How do we make globalization work for people?”

Well, so far, it’s making a handful of CEO”s and leaders very rich and powerful, but there is not much “trickle-down” and the masses are starting to catch on. Not good.

TONY: “How do we make it secure?”

Translation: How do we put this plan of a one-world-government into place so that all the people, especially those who live in democracies, not rebel against this and make it all harder for us up here at the top? After all, globalization is forcing people to do with less. They have got to be herded into sections so we can control them. Electric cars should do the trick, and high gas prices. We need to get all cash out of their hands (give them unlimited credit cards) Control their energy and food...and schools. The human being loves freedom, and lots of freedoms will be taken away…how do we do this without “the people” getting mad?

TONY: “How do we make its prosperity be shared?”

Redistribute all funds in The Cayman Islands! (sorry)

By communism for the masses, obscene capitalism for the few. But, they’ll give the people money to spend every once in a while---that should shut them up.

TONY: “How do we give it a human face?”

Put lots of women in power selling it. Make sure everyone feels like it’s just “MOM” taking your money for your little sister.

TONY: “A face that allows people to say---okay, I understand the world’s changing very fast, I understand all my traditional preconceptions and sometimes the traditional society or community in which I live is being subject to a great upheaval with all this change.
But I understand how this could be made to work for me.”

“I do?”

TONY: “How it’s got some decent and good values”

Right, taking people’s money for college away in one country, and giving to another country to give them better educations than YOUR child…that’s really decent. Africa is doing SO well.

TONY: “And how it doesn’t mean that I’m just a victim instead of an impersonal process. That I actually have some place in this New World that is developing.”

I just love it when Tony talks dirty. What he really wants is for millions of Americans to give up their whole country and all their money to redistribute to the rest of the world so that big corporations and their elites can form one big global-happy world…with worker bees, and the queen bees, and the soldier bees…

It’s just so much fun to reorganize the New World as Tony sees fit.

And when asked if he thought this “bail-out” is unfair to the American taxpayer…

TONY: “Just or unjust is not the question.”

And with this remark: I’d say both Blair and Putin’s eyes, deep down, share a common soul---
And that soul spells---tyranny.