Friday, February 27, 2009


Nobody Flashes!!!!
Today, on the steps of the Mississippi, about a thousand (or maybe more...) brave, cold, and fed-up citizens gathered together to voice their opinions and protest the taxes and socialism forced on us by Congress...and this guy<------
I took so MANY great pictures, but the ones you see here were taken very early in the afternoon, and then...
If I took your picture and you don't see it here...please accept my humble apologies.
Nevertheless, PLEASE come back and read my nobody opinions about all the great speakers and people that I met...on Monday, when I write my NOBODY'S OPINION on the gathering. and give me your comments on the events...
I cannot tell you how absolutuely uplifiting and inspiring this was..everyone there was really fired up!
Don't forget to come back on Monday, where I will talk about the little fiesty rebel in a black cap...Dana, the Senator who is trying to get rid of those obnoxious camera's, the boys who had great signs (that DID NOT COME OUT) other spunky speakers...and if you guys are reading this, and you don't see your picture here, and you don't have a blog then .send me your pictures and YOUR opinions... I'll post them here, and on my Townhall blog at
Sam calling....we must NOT stop...

LET THE TEA PARTY GO ON! We must stand and fight for our country..right?


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Best Vibrating Bed in the Galaxy

Nobody Cares: Imagine you have the biggest stero system ever built on the planet.

Then imagine that some designer decided the best thing to do with those big speakers was to put them underneath a bed, so that when you laid on that bed, you could feel the deep, deep, deep, throbbing bass vibrations...

Now, tell me if you think those vibrations would be more exciting for a man and a woman, or a man and a man.

Also, contemplate if NASA is interested, and if so, if Obama has included money for this in his stimulus.

Get back to me on that.

Now, go back to sleep. (Okay, I'm brain-dead tonight. It happens every other moon.)


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nobody Knows What Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows: Is Bobby Jindal(R-) the pick for the next Republican loser to Obama in four years?
Looks like it.
India will soon have the most people on the planet, and expect to see more and more Indians on your television. Don’t get me wrong, the Indian people are skilled, unlike the Mexicans. I’d actually trust my life to an Indian doctor over an American one. There is a reason that Spielberg and Gates go there to recruit men. The middle class in India are well-educated, unlike the United States. And India is our chess piece to check China. We need them now as an ally more than England, which it seems, has been taken over by idiots.

We should talk. Our schools are almost the worst in the world. If our politicians had cared so much about educating our kids they would have done so loooooong ago. Every President promises to do it, and every President just throws out money.

They don’t care.

I’m listening to Bobby right now…I turned on to watch Obama’s speech, but after I saw Clarence Thomas shake Obama’s hand, with the biggest beautiful smile I had ever seen on his face, I lost a bit of hope. It was as if he too was impressed with the first black President, so I turned it off.

I remembered seeing a young student at a high school graduation ceremony once that refused to shake Bill Clinton’s hand. You should have seen Bill’s face.

That’s courage, and excuse me if I think that even Supreme Court Justices should have that kind of courage. But, they live in a different world. They all play the power game.
I suppose he had to shake his hand, but did he have to look so happy about shaking the hand of a man who is going to take us down the road of global soft communism?

I’d rather have seen a simple nod of respect.

Yes, it’s a global ball-game, and we are witnessing a global “change.” The long-planed global reorganization of people, are being slowly merged into one big brother global government that I, among many fear will exceed any H.G. Wells movie.

Even Rupert Murdoch said so today in so many words.

Just like the Russian implosion, we are witnessing America going down, with the final nationalization of the banks. They know we want to revolt---they know what they are doing. And they know that they have made some BIG mistakes that they let happen.

Too many rich, just could not resist that final take of the cookie jar before the *&#$ hits the fan.
Too many scandals, too many bribes...we will never know the extent. We know nothin'

I didn’t watch Obama’s speech tonight. I find myself so disgusted with all his speeches now. The well picked man from Harvard has been wonderfully placed to lead the final step. His well written words promise you that America will still exist---years down the road.
We'll all be dead by Obama's time.

Looking in the Congress chamber tonight, I felt like I was looking at a Hollywood façade. You know--like the New York City skyline on the back lots of the tour at Universal Studio? All those head and faces were fake, and flat. Look behind those smiling faces and you will find--- nothing.

When I hear that Obama is sending more troops overseas to protect us here at home, I think of Bush. It’s the same old line, no matter what President says it. Meantime, we see more and more of our enemies’ right here in the US, ready to attack us at the call.

When they say our American products will be sent overseas…they mean Coke, and GE, and Al Gore, not you…unless you agree to relocate to China.

Don’t forget, we are no longer a “manufacture” industry. We are merely service industry, and that service doesn’t pay much. They should have thought of that. That’s all we all.
Still, they keep talking.

I turned onto his speech at the end, just in time to catch Obama praising some bank President (who got a standing ovation) for “sharing” his $60 million dollar bonus. He didn’t say now much of that bonus was taxpayer’s money.

Hey, I didn’t get any of this…did you?


Can you believe it? It made me sick to witness. A standing ovation for Marxism. Ronald Reagan, turn your head away.

And today I saw for the first time, Obama’s big commercial, asking everyone to volunteer.
If you’ve lost you’re job, Obama wants you to go volunteer. Maybe someone will give you a free sandwich.
The truth is: they are scared. They know they are going to take us to the final destination of a fascist state of global corporate leaders, and they are going out of their way to hide it.

You see it in all our entertainment. I watched the movie Eagle Eye and the television series 24 tonight. And the plots are always the same. Jack Bauer is saving the President, and the Congress. Making sure the bad guys are caught.

In Eagle Eye---same thing. The hero saves the President. The message? Some evil guy is out to destroy our great Congress and our great leaders…so Americans should give their lives to save the our institutions.

The US government is the most scared thing in the world. And that’s would be true, in the right hands.

I don’t know about you, but, movies are not reality. The reality is we have a bunch of thugs running our nations. Putin was right. It takes one to know one as they say. Corrupt, to the core. When Blagojevich says he did nothing wrong, he is telling the truth. In his world, all seats are bought and sold.

So, it’s up to the people, to save our Constitution.
God help us…for it will take a miracle to save us from what they have planned for us. Hopefully, something will unit us to fight, before it's too late. Before they bring on the real storm

And by the way, aren’t you glad I didn’t watch the speech? You think this was bad. Nobody knows what nobody really knows.
It's time we all found out.


Monday, February 23, 2009

The Constitutional Right to Cable TV

Nobody's Perfect: Here in St. Louis, all the talk has been about some old guy in "Web City" who just wanted to watch his cable TV programs, but due to the crisis in our economy, his service was turned off. So he got a gun, and just shot the TV set.

His poor wife had to call the police once again, because the man was found standing on his porch, gun in hand, looking for the cableman.

When the President, Obama heard of the great distress caused to this retired "minority" man, because of his lack of "stimulus" he quickly sent this brand new TV Drehtrum. (Made by Skloib)

As you can see, on one side is a TV, on the other is a fireplace.

Now, his wife won't have to call the police anymore. Next time her husband reaches for the gun, she can just give a push to the pole, and get him to relax in front of a nice warm fireplace, and snuggle up and forget about watching TV.

Obama: seeing to it that no citizen be denied their right to state propaganda.

Saving the Union...uniting us all!

Now, where's my gun?


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nobody Wins Slum-Dog Oscar

Nobody’s Opinion: If you watched the Oscars tonight, then you know one thing for sure: the movie industry must really be hurting, because The Oscars went back to presenting old-fashioned Hollywood elegance, complete with People’s sexist man alive, Hugh Jackson doing old Fred Astaire song and dance numbers.

I could have done without all the shots of Meryl Streep and her daughter in the front row, but that’s me.

And too bad we had to watch Comrade Sean Penn win Oscar’s Best Actor and Homo Savior-of-the-year award, and then have to listen to his speech about how everyone in the United States that doesn’t give homosexuals the right to marry should feel great, great shame for themselves and their children.

Nobody is questioning whether Sean Penn can act. What we do question is the fact that he should be telling the people of the world what to think, and how to vote. And to show that he has no clue what a “communist” actually is: he kept calling everyone “commie, homo-loving, sons of guns.”

Really, next year he should just bring Chavez, and give him a big kiss on stage.

Forget Sean---let’s talk about the handsome Mr. Jackson, who did a wonderful and classy job hosting the show. In fact, I could have done with more of him, and less of the very boring program: who knew he was a big Broadway Star?

We all want to get caught up in the glamour of Hollywood. Most of us, work so hard everyday, that we need escape just to stay sane. It was nice to see them honor Jerry Lewis. It was great to see Sophia Loren. And all the ladies looked divine.

BUT---unlike the movies of old, all five movies nominated were pretty much off the beaten path, and Hugh Jackson even made a joke about it.

I had not seen any of them, and watching the Oscars made me realize, I really didn’t care if I ever, ever, saw any of them, unless it was on a late night special five years from now.
Which is why, I actually could predict every single winner, of the night, without seeing any of them, with a simple trick: I just picked the nomination that promoted the biggest liberal agenda at the moment…It worked every single time.

I should get an Oscar for picking every single winner, without any knowledge whatsoever of any of them. If it wasn’t so depressing, I would have been quite proud of myself.

The first award for best supporting actress, was Penelope Cruise, who thanked everyone, except the real reason she had managed to get up there…Tom Cruise. Tom should get an Oscar just because he has done more for Hollywood than any one person. He marries unknown foreign actresses, divorces them, and they go on to make blockbusters year after year, employing thousands. I knew she would win, because I knew she would speak Spanish…and she did! Got to get us used to that Spanish-speaking you know

Then came the screenwriters. I picked the screenwriter for MILK, because that’s another liberal theme in promotion. Sure enough, the screen writer was gay and acted like his life story living as a gay was as horrendous as if he had just spent his whole young life in Auschwitz, and had to endure endless years of having to cart away dead bodies. He continued to look very sad all night, poor kid.

Then came animation: I picked Wall-E (remember I’ve seen none of these files) because I had read it was all about how the earth is destroyed by pollution, and Pixar is great at animations. I win again.

Then came an Oscar for “Slum-dog” a movie made where they didn’t have to pay the actors. No multimillion dollar salaries to worry about here. They just went to the local slums of India and picked some nice faces. They fed them, filmed them, and sent them back to the slums. No wonder Spielberg loves India.

Somewhere the “social scientists” in all countries are saying…
“You must give them lots of contests to watch, where poor people win things, and then they will hope that one day they too will win and become rich! You must give them hope with many, many programs: singing contests, dancing contests! Pick the number on the babe, contests! You must make a movie of the year!”

India, we are told, has many rich, and many, many poor. In fact the story of a boy who wins on “Who Wants to be an Indian Millionaire” just about got every award there is: including best picture of the year presented by none other than Spielberg himself, who by the way, needs money from India to continue his career.

They ended the night with Spielberg: lesson...Hollywood is broke too. they need money, and people in India have cheap labor.

I’m sure Mickey Rourke's next movie will be about a real dog from the slums…a Chiwauwau who gets lost on a plane. Mickey will go to India to find his lost dog, and fall in love with an Indian Princess. And the dog will wear a tux to the wedding.

And they will live happily ever after.

And this nobody would like to thank the academy very much for letting us know what we can continue to expect from their slum-dog menu, and for my very heavy-gold Oscar, that you will have to send to me here.

Just tell Mr. Jackson to deliver it…thanks so much. Really, I think I'm going to faint..

I've dreamt of this all my life....
I want to thank my mom, my dad, and my dirty kitchen...