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Everybody Loves A Hero: Several weeks ago, I had to go get my car license renewed, and as I walked up to the counter to pay my taxes, I must admit, I got choked up over the hundreds of pictures behind this very beautiful and proud "army mom." There were soldeirs pictures all over the wall behind her, this woman was VERY speical, she loved the soldiers and didn't care who knew it! I wish I had a picture of her, but I didn't expect to meet someone like her while I was paying my TAXES!

Anyway...she told me her daughter was over in the fight...she gave me her e-mail and sent me this letter---a soldier's letter. I'm HOPING she sends me more. If she does, I will post them here on Saturday Nights, just because--soldiers are HERO's. I mean, they even protect Nancy Pelosi, and that's deserve a lot in my book, I'm not sure I'd be so brave. (said tongue in cheek)

As you read this play by play explanation of a unit under fire, remember, while we are watching baseball games, many of our finest Americans are facing life and death. This stuff is happening everyday, and we don't really hear that much about it. I hope, like me, you will get a huge sense of pride out of our troops, and this Sunday, say a prayer for them all.

God Bless them---and thank you Lori, "army" mom, for sharing this with me.

And thanks to Jason for sharing your story...I get upset when my water boils over onto my stove, let alone having gunfire whiz by my head! I have no idea how you guys and gals do what you do...whew!


This is the actual report from a gunfight back in October, with a friend of mine in Afghanistan. His name is Jason. He and his unit are Reservists. Jason is a farmer in Alabama and 1 weekend a month he "plays Army". All of his men are up there in age. Im sure they never expected what was going to happen.The letter below is what Jason sent to me.------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------Ok, this is my sworn statement that I submitted and swore to. This is about a play by play action of the events of that night. Keep in mind, there were 7 of us and 105 of them.My callsign is Sensei 4, the other trucks were Sinsei 1 and sinsei 3. 3Fury 11 is the higher HQ and 3 Fury 6 is the squadron commander (O-5). It still gives me chills to read it.------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------- On the evening of Thursday 11 October 2007 at approximately 1930 hrs, the ABP on the roof noticed a subject moving down towards the South of our position. We took our flashlights, NVG’s and a thermal sight to see what was there. We saw a movement of something but could not positively ID what it was. Around 2000 hrs, I took my blouse off and was preparing to go to bed. We had just made out the night guard roster and were discussing what, if anything should happen.

All of a sudden I saw a brilliant flash followed immediately by a large ‘boom’. I felt the building rattle and my chest rattled too. I immediately grabbed my IBA, helmet and M-4 carbine and waited for a quick role call. All were present for role except for 1 man, CPL Thompson. We were trying to find his location when I heard him engage targets with his M2 .50 Cal machine gun on the NW side of Spina Shegha.Once 1SG Beard and I determined his location, we exited the building and maneuvered into our fighting positions.

When I was exiting the building I heard bullets whiz by my head. I heard over 7 whizzes. As I was making my way to provide cover fire for more of my men, I remember being knocked down and cutting my leg and knocking off my NVG’s(night vision goggles). I believe it was the back blast from an RPG. I maneuvered my way to a position to provide cover fire for my gunner, SPC Peterson. I was engaging enemy targets to the South where I saw muzzle flashes. After I provided cover fire for SPC Peterson and he made his way to our gun truck, he provided cover fire for me.

I made my way to my vehicle and immediately got on the BFT and relayed a message to Lighting Main, the 4-73rd Cav, the 4-73rd Cav TOC and to 3 Fury 6, the 82nd AD commander. I told them that we (Sensei elements) were in contact, heavy contact. I then got out of my vehicle and engaged more enemy targets. This time to the North.

After firing another complete magazine at enemy targets, I got back on the BFT, relayed a more detailed message and reloaded a magazine into my weapon. I relayed a message and told them of heavy contact from 3 sides of Spina Shegha. We were receiving fire from the South, North and West. Towards the East was Pakistan and that we were NOT receiving fire from the East. I relayed my grid coordinates, my call sign and frequency.

I had 1SG Beard monitor the radio while I got on the BFT and continued to keep higher informed of the situation. I asked for illum rounds and CAS and then got back out and continued to engage enemy targets to our North. During this time, 1SG Beard fired an illum round from his M203 to provide illum. We were able to see 10-15 enemy come down the mountain towards our location. We engaged them.I could see muzzle flashes and told my gunner where I saw the flashes. He could not see them so I told him to fire where my tracer went. I fired a shot and then he engaged the threat with the .50 cal machine gun.I made my way by foot to Sensei 3 and checked on them.

I then ran to Sensei 1 on the NW side of the building and checked on them. While doing this, I could see rounds impacting around my feet. I was wearing NVG’s and I had an IR chemlight attached to my helmet. I maneuvered my way to a better fighting position and continued to engage enemy targets.

I then made my way back to my vehicle, got inside, passed up another can of .50 cal ammo to my gunner and I got on the BFT to send an ACE and SALUTE reports. I sent them to higher and continued to tell my driver a SITREP.I was outside engaging targets when this time my gunner, SPC Peterson said the threat was to the left (NW side) and we could not see them. He then fired a 6-9 round burst into the position so I engaged the threat with my M-4 carbine while SFC Jerome Flott and 1SG Kenneth Beard also engaged the threat with their M203. 1SG Beard was firing SPC Peterson’s weapon to provide more firepower. He was on the NE side of the vehicle and I was on the NW side.I heard over the BFT and radio of CAS assets would be in the area in 10 minutes.

I grabbed my interpreter and ran and told the ABP commander that we had CAS coming in and to get all ABP soldiers inside and on the roof of the building. I instructed the ABP commander to NOT fire on aircraft that were in the area and that they were friendly. I then grabbed my interpreter and took him to the vehicle while I went back out and made sure that the ABP was going inside or on the roof.

I continued to see muzzle flashes and I returned fire to where I saw flashes. I then made my way back to our truck and then I told the CAS, an A-10 Thunderbolt, call sign Hog 15 our position and told him where contact was coming from and how to mark friendlies. Friendlies were being marked my IR chemlights and anything north of the building was considered hostile forces and to engage any and all targets that were there. He saw our ‘fireworks’ and said that he could not see any enemy targets in the area but could hear radio chatter over his commo and on his government box.

After a few minutes, he had to leave the area to refuel. About the time the A-10 had to leave, an AH-64 Apache helicopter, call sign Capone 11 showed up overhead and continued to make a presence and I told him of our positions and how we were marked. He dropped a flare and lit up the area and we continued to engage more enemy targets and informed higher of the situation at hand via BFT.About this time, I got a message from the 4-73rd TOC that a QRF platoon was being sent to help us out. I informed the QRF of our position and told him that the area was considered ‘very hot’. He told me that he was going to use blackout drive and come to our location.

I grabbed my interpreter and ran to the ABP commander and told him that we had friendly vehicles coming in the area. The commander also told me that he was running low on ammo. I told him to call BCP 12, roughly 15 minutes away and to bring ammo and more men. I informed Capone 11 of the friendly elements coming into the area. I told him they were driving with white lights on and their ‘whoopee lights’ on top on too. I assured the ABP commander that our CAS would not fire upon the vehicles.Once the ABP reinforcements arrived, I told them, through my interpreter, to distribute the ammo and for the replacements to get on the roof and engage targets as they appeared.

The ABP brought 15 men in 3 trucks and left 6 men and a truck there at Spina Shegha and took the other men and 2 trucks back to BCP 12 to defend their position.As I was making my way back to my truck, I heard a call for a medic. One of the ABP had an injury that needed attention. I went to Sensei 3, grabbed the medic, SGT Jones and told him that we had wounded. He immediately grabbed his medical bag and while I continued to engage more targets, I provided cover fire for him to go inside the building.

Once he made it to relative safety, I went inside and observed the situation at hand. I took this time to change my magazine for my weapon. I was on my 4th magazine at this time. The ABP soldier had cut his finger and was bleeding. It was a scrape but was bleeding badly. As SGT Jones finished up with him, I told him to run with me and the interpreter to his vehicle and to wait further instructions if we had more wounded that I would come get him.

I then ran with my terp back into the building to see if the ABP had any more wounded. They did not. I then ran with my terp to our vehicle and I continued to send up another ACE report. We were black (<25%) of .50 cal ammo, green on everything else and that our vehicles were fully mission capable. About after an hour and 15 minutes of heavy fighting, we called for a cease fire and to listen for a few minutes. We could not hear any more firing. I got on the radio and talked to the other Sensei elements and asked them for a SITREP and ACE report. Once I got this, I sent this information to higher. Capone 11 was still on site and he could not see any more enemy targets. I was tracking our QRF on our BFT and after several attempts to contact them, I got a message through to them and they came to an impassable road and needed our assistance. This was about 0100 on Friday morning, 12 October 2007.

I grabbed my terp and told the ABP commander that we needed to go help the QRF. I assured the ABP commander that we were not leaving and that we would be back as soon as we got the QRF and showed them where to come. We found the QRF at their last location which was about 3 klicks away.

I linked up with the QRF commander and told him to turn his vehicles around and to follow us back to Spina Shegha. About 1 hour after we left, we returned and I linked up with the ABP commander to see if anything happened. He told me no so I linked up with the QRF commander, Apache 14 and positioned his vehicles and gave him a quick SITREP. He us that he would have his men provide security for our force and that we would not have to worry about guard duty and that his men would provide for us.

I went to bed around 0330 and got up at 0600.I was not able to sleep too well.When I got up, I linked up with Apache 14 and asked him if his men were doing a battlefield assessment of the enemies suspected positions. He said that his men were doing this already. I asked him if he found anything and he told me that they found 30-40 dug-in fighting positions with overhead cover. This is why the CAS could not see them. He also found fresh footprints, a small campfire and several blood trails. He also said that the only way we would ever see the fighting positions were to see the muzzle flashes and that they had a clear view of our building.

Also during this time, I inspected the building for any signs of battle damage. I found several RPG holes in the walls including one inside the building. This was the first RPG fired and it hit right outside the door of where the ABP(Afghan Border Police) sleep.About an hour later his men returned from the sweep and told us of what they found. I then told Apache 14 that we were fixing to leave and since they were going back to Chawney, we included them in our convoy. We returned to Chawney, then to Gardez without any further incident.


Friday, August 01, 2008

Nobody Flashes Anymore UNLESS....

Nobody Flashes Anymore!
UNLESS of course you just happen to be in the World Naked Bicycle Ride, where you are expected to flash all your privates to save the planet from evil oil.
Yeah, that should do it. Evil oil is trembling.
You know, they COULD protest pollution with their clothes on riding a bike, but noooooooo.....
St. Louis will be holding this prestigious event here this weekend, and they have been announcing the event as if it were a normal thing to come and do....really.
Let's be frank. While they say this is a way for a bunch of people to gather and protest gasoline prices, the REAL reason this goes on if for a way for mostly gay people, to met the man (or woman) of their dreams. This picture was taken in San Fransisco.
Why else do they always do this in the "gay" areas of the cities?
The one here, will start in a very special park here in St. Louis, called Tower Grove. A place whose park bathrooms are notorious hangouts for the "gays" to meet. It's also the place where most all the gay couples live.
Somebody help me out here. What's the thrill with being gay, nude, and riding a bike?
They also SAY they will arrest people who are nude, but as we see from this picture, mostly, unless their is a lot of obvious excitement, these nut jobs will be allowed to "protest" on their merry bikes, for ten miles, while parents will be frantically trying to shield little eyes from looking.
Over 70 cities have these nut cases holding this bike. And to make things even worse, it's probably going to become the norm. Harmless?
Gays getting married is one thing...but showing off their mostly ugly nude bodies is just a bit too much.
As you can tell by the "Reelect Gore" sign it might take some nerve to ride a bike nude...
But brains are not a requirement. Hey, that guy is probably not gay....just...just....


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nobody Wins: Watch Your Hair Grow

Nobody Wins: Last week, while I was at the library, a young man, younger than my son, tried to pick me up. Actually, I didn’t realize that’s what he was doing, because you see, I’m pretty naïve when it comes to that stuff. This kid said he was twenty-two. He even had a degree in business. And yet---there he was, asking me out to lunch.

A woman in her fifties…go figure.

Now…I’ve been thinking about this, short of the fact that he could have been mentally handicapped, or had just watched Pamela Anderson does Dallas…I’ve decided it’s because of my hair. (You can stop laughing now.)

You KNOW I’m right…cut it out.

Whenever I think about my hair, I think about my mother, because all of my life, my mother hated my hairstyles. She liked it one way, long and straight, with no bangs.

See the picture of me holding the flowers? That was taken when I was nineteen. I was going to my first job as a professional drummer. My mother had even bought the dress I was wearing…shorts underneath a long dress. My parents had bought me flowers for luck on my first night. My mother kept repeating, “Oh, you look so pretty!’

But was I appreciative? Look at my face.

I was thinking, “Do you HAVE to take my picture?” I felt like I looked absurd. This was right when the rock and roll scene was coming into fashion, and I hated my forehead. But I loved my mom and my dad…I knew they meant well. I just was the typical, “So you want me to get married to a rich man and get out of your house?”


Sometime after this picture was taken, I went to get a haircut. I told the lady hairdresser, “Hey, cut it to the middle of my back.” But did she listen?

No. She took a hold of it, twisted it quickly, and chopped it off at the neck. Then she carried her prize into some room in the back, where I’m sure she got a fine bit of extra change for it.

That's when I learned that you can not trust hairdressers. Ever. Especially if you are a girl and have long hair.

Sorry, I happen to hate hair dressers. Nothing personal. To a hairdresser, long hair means lots of time, and time is money, so the easiest thing to do is just cut it off.

They tell you they won’t cut it, then they DO, and then you want to kill them.
But my hair became a sore subject to my mother and I.

Check out the picture of me looking away---I was wondering if the guy in the picture was laughing because....well, look at that outfit! Really! What WAS I thinking?

In the Seventies and Eighties the fashion for everyone was big hair. Not just little hair BIG, tease it up, fluff it out, spray it with a bottle, and then act like its natural---hair.

That’s me and some pitcher from the Cardinals Baseball Team. I think his name was Joe Magraine. Good looking guy. I paid five bucks for that picture, and I wasn’t even a really big fan of his. I was just bored---it was taken at a baseball card convention, and if you’ve ever been to one of those, and think collecting stats on cardboard is pretty stupid, like I do (Unless of course you have Babe Ruth’s first card) …you’d look for entertainment too.

My mother tolerated that look, but when I got into my forties, she just about lost it. (See last remaining picture.)

There I am, standing with the fabulous Mark Twain, (Who by the way endorses my writings and had enough sense not to try to pick me up.) I’m proudly showing my brand new corkscrew perm, given to me by my new husband (who is twelve years younger, but likes curly hair)

My mother hated it---Absolutely despised it. There were many a time I walked away in tears after some of her comments on it.

So now, I’m glad to report, I seem to have come full circle on this hair thing. If my mother were alive today, she would be ecstatic because, I’ve finally let it grow out, after all these years. And go figure again, I did it to please my hairdresser, Kurt.

Kurt suggested I let my hair grow out---it’s so long now, that today I got ketchup in it from my hamburger. I fought Kurt long and hard on letting it grow, (My mother’s was always there in the back of my mind) but then one day, I said…well okay, I don’t leave the house anymore, you win.

Now, I can’t wait to tell him I was solicited by a twenty-two year old guy.

Kurt would get a kick out of being right, and Kurt is NOT gay...which explains that maybe my mother was right all along.
You may ask yourself...why should WE care about your stupid hair Joyanna? I don't know. Actually, hair seems to be pretty important to us all.
Dolly Parton wears wigs, but you can't tell. The style now for women is straight...which is a good thing because perms and haircuts are one of the first things to get cut out of the budget.
Pamela Anderson said on The View today that she does her own hair. (Oh sure.) If I had the money to endow myself when I was nineteen as Pamela Anderson did, I would probably have, like my parents wanted...married a very rich man.
Well....maybe not. Hard to say. (That's a whole other blog)
I could have written about men’s hair, or gray hair, or hair color. In the end, for all the pain and heartache I caused my mom, I have her to thank for it. She had great thick hair, and lots of it right to the end, and it was such a beautiful gray everyone wanted to know what bottle she got it from.

“God’s Gift” by the one and only Almighty…the box would have said. Revlon, eat your heart out.

You watch…someday, when I see mom again in heaven, she will look at me and say, “I’m so glad you let your hair grow! It always looked so pretty that way.”

“I know mom…I love you too. Let’s go watch the game.”

In the meantime, until I join her , I’m going to let my hair grow even longer. This deception seems to be working so well, who knows---by the time I get to my eighties I might hit nineteen!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sting-Rays Go Green!

Nobody Cares: In response to John McCain's intentions announced today, to make all the buildings in Washington D.C. "Green"...upon hearing that all governmental cars will be run on batteries and hot the news that all new light bulbs will be installed in every single building on the National Mall...

These migrating sting-rays decided to change their usual course for the Gulf off of Florida and make a trip to the Potomac.

They figure once there, they will never have to migrate again because the new President and Congress will make sure that they have plenty of clean water, and free sting-ray food, made up of fatty fast food which will be outlawed and thrown to them, free of charge, courtesy of the American Fat Taxpayer.

Stinging parties are also bound to provide lots of free fun from those members of the public that will be thrown into the Potomac if they are caught with an old electric bulb in their office bathroom.

Yes, the green revolution: Coming to even sting-rays neighborhoods soon!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nancy Pelosi: Woman in Need of Compass

Nobody Knows: Nancy Pelosi and Vasco De Balboa: Who would have ever thought of these two in the same sentence? You really have to admire the people who think up spin for the politicians.

While the American boat is sinking with a big hole in the bottom---spinners are paid to think up creative reasons not to plug it.

Oh, it will take at least ten years to fix that hole…let’s just find the longitude of time.


A real oil hog will tell you it only takes six months to get a new oil rig up and running, which is a lot faster than it’s going to take my brand new solar flood-lights to ever get enough energy to actually work.

But that doesn’t stop Conquistador Nancy from getting excited about the future. “I have always loved longitude.” she said.


While half of America’s cars are gathering dirt; while thousands of plane flights are being shut down due to high gas prices; while Americans are stocking up on peanut butter crackers: we all have been praying for Congress to pass a bill to open up oil drilling before they all go sauntering off to their fabulously rich vacations, filled with yachts, limos’ and private jets.

The subliminal message we got was: “Let them eat gas, and suck on Nancy’s longitude.”

Nancy also said, “I am trying to save the planet. I will not have this debate trivialized by their excuse for their failed policies.”

Excuse me? Their failed policies? Every single ‘save the world’ wacho environmental law has been implemented by the Democrats. Dump the nuclear submarines and go back to sailboats---that’s their motto.

It seems that Nancy is trying desperately to get back to the Stone Age along with Al Gore, Ahmadinejad, and most of Hamas. And is it me? Doesn’t it sound like these pirates are using the same spin-masters?

And speaking of spin-masters, Captain Jack Gore as we all know, is trying to save the planet because the ice caps are melting. What he fails to mention is that they melted once before.

Back when Noah had to build that pesky big boat.

In 1993, two geologists from Columbia University, William Ryan and Walter Pitman found evidence that a great flooding of the basin of the black Seas had indeed taken place around 5,600 BCE, when the Mediterranean rose and broke through the Bosporus Strait. They found out that prior to 7,600 years ago, the Black Sea was a fresh water lake fed by the Danube and the Don. It was smaller and had many settlements on its shores. Then as the polar ice caps melted and the Mediterranean rose, the sea broke through the Bosporus and flooded the whole place with salt water.

At least Noah had the good sense to build a boat that didn’t leak.

Yes, seven-thousand years ago the ice caps melted, probably due to too many polar bears driving gas-guzzling SUVs.

And why did Nancy leave out Columbus? Christopher was looking for a safe passage to India because those throat cutting Muslims demanded you either pay up or die.

It’s pretty much the Islamic philosophy today, so Nancy and Columbus actually came to the same conclusion: Find another way! Preferably a longitude!

Balboa on the other hand, was not exactly a nice guy. He was ruthless in his search for gold. He used African slaves in his quest and killed thousands of poor South Americans. Yes, Nancy admires him because of his---“discoveries.”

But she wasn’t the only one talking today.

Ahmahinejad proclaimed, “The Big Powers are coming down. The world is on the verge of entering a new promising era.”

Somehow, it almost seems these two are on the same longitude. It almost sounds like they use the same spin-doctors, and if that’s the case, when that great EMP is detonated over the United States as suggested by the U.S. intelligence, and all our infrastructures are wiped out, and millions of Americans die, I’d say that all Nancy’s wind and solar stockings are going to be as filled up with gold as the ships of Balboa.

She’ll be sailing the lost longitudes of power along with Ahmahinejad, as we head back to the Stone Age.

Someone needs to hand her a compass….and show her how to navigate back to the United States.

Or get her off the boat.


Monday, July 28, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Fashionable

Nobody's Perfect: When it comes to women's fashion, I gave up on it right after my honeymoon...(just kidding) Truth speaking, I couldn't FIND my clothes after my honeymoon! (just kidding)
Actually, fashion has always facinated me.
And thanks to the Drudge Report, which not only keeps us all abreast of the latest in politics, the latest fashions are not below his radar as we see here...the new Muslim/Poverty, gather a bunch of flowers and walk to your local mall look. This is the latest from Paris, just in time for Obama's great change in America.
Don't forget the purple pants.
And as we see here, the Japanese continue to be creative in thier new "see through, what you can't see" skirts, with the perfectly matching purse and jean jacket!
In the meantime the Saudi men, are rushing out to buy the lastest Jewel-studded Victoria Secret Bikini, made out of emeralds, ruby's, and diamonds, for not just one...but all seventy of their wives.
So, which country would YOU like to live?
If I had to pick---I'd take the garter.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

What If They Gave an American Convention and Everybody Came?

Nobody’s Opinion:

“It must be understood that a prince…cannot observe all of those virtues for which men are reputed good, because it is often necessary to act against mercy, against faith, against humanity, against frankness, against religion, in order to preserve the state.”
- Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527)

That was the name of my first post, on March 13, 2006. President George W. Bush had just called for the American people to support his advice that all our ports to be sold to Dubai. On the same day his nephew, Pierce Bush, made the remark in a national TV interview that he thought Americans were racists.

The American people were so appalled by the Dubai deal that there was a tremendous outcry and the whole subject went underground. Just the thought that our President would call for us to sell our national security out to a country from whence some of the 9/11 highjackers had come from seemed beyond incredible. To many of us, it was the equivalent historically speaking, of FDR suggesting to the American people that we should sell our ports to the Japanese after Pearl Harbor.

Although it was never uttered, too many of us felt our President had cried uncle, and had surrendered to the enemy. Why?

And now it seems we are on the verge of “electing” a President with the name of his father, who was named after Saddam Hussein. Could this be any stranger?

What’s next…a Mosque in front of the White House?

If there is one thing that America can do, it can sell you anything. From jeans, to beer, to Viagra, to communism…and our politicians hire the best advertizing agencies in the land. Obama has hired four, just for a start. And they have done a fantastic job. The name ‘Obama’ sounds as good as a hot Oatmeal cookie right out of the oven.

And that lovely word we keep hearing---‘globalism.’ It sounds so harmless, doesn’t it?
Globalism now is being expanded. It’s the “idea” that the American people should hand over their lives and fortunes for the good of the world, and even feel good about it. We have been programmed, and make no mistake that’s what they are doing…to believe we are the big, fat, oil guzzling, greedy, stupid American people destroying the Earth.

Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes--- have all been selling us this concept for years. Now we are all “citizens of the world” as Obama reminded us last week in Berlin.

This propaganda has been going on for far too long.

Just last night I was listening to the wonderful Ann Coulter who suggests we all get drunk and go vote for John McCain. I suppose you could call this an act of mercy, but because many of us don’t drink, we’ll probably just stay home.

But please---is this any way for an American to think? To some of us it sounds like surrender. Sorry Ann. Is it American to shrug and give in, just because it’s pragmatic?

From this little hill in Missouri, and across the land: Democrats, Republicans, and Independents---the whole country (according to all polls) thinks little of our President and even less of the Congress. Another election is not going to make much difference. Obama is only going to send us into our final demise.

It’s time for a change alright.

Remember the saying “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

Well--what if we gave an American convention and EVERYBODY came. Picture this; Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Thomas Sowell, Ann Coulter, Mark Levine, Dr. Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Joseph Farrah---just to start. More importantly, invite regular Americans, like guys who have lost their jobs and have great ideas, men with new ideas: men and women from all over. Scholars, authors, creative political minds.

Then hire advertisers to sell the concept: “A Government of the People” because lately the concept is pretty much just given lip service.

"We The People" have the right to peaceful assembly. And guess what-- we have a right to start over.

“Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it and to institute new Government
Thomas Jefferson-Declaration of Independence

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitled them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”
Thomas Jefferson-Declaration of Independence

Right now, we are being held hostage by Saudi Arabia, China, and our own entrenched powerful politicians who act like simple pawns to invisible strings. They will once again…do nothing. So, what are they doing…preserving the state?

Unless we have nukes planted ready to go off in every city, and that’s why they do nothing, the only state they are preserving is their own power.

The real question is: Just when will we stand up for ourselves? And will it be too late?

We need action. Someone please---take the first step.