Friday, October 13, 2006

Progressively Quacking

Nobody’s Opinion; Here’s the question; according to many, it’s our fault, the American citizen, for the mess we are now in. We are lazy, asleep at the wheel: we don’t vote, we‘re not active in politics…we could turn this whole mess around if we voted. We deserve what we have.

Well, this nobody begs, begs, and begs some more to differ.

Most Americans, never had a clue that this globalization “bull” had been put into place after WWII, and the power structure at the top have kept it a carefully guarded secret.

Even now, with our borders still unprotected as President Bush signs a bill to “protect” our ports, do we feel secure?

This oligarchy government has grabbed onto power slowly, bit by bit, and unlike the seemingly inefficient government we saw with Katrina and 9/11, the actual fact is, we see exactly what they have wanted us to see, and they have hid the globalization plans as they still do. Most of us won’t realize it until it’s too late.

The propaganda has been well co-coordinated.

Today two of the main globalists, Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev, came out complaining about the United States, as usual.

Bill Clinton, who was campaigning for Jimmy Carter’s son said, “The Democratic Parry has become the liberal and conservative party in America.”

Right…he is good, if you are a liberal or a conservative, vote democrat.

And Gorby said, “Washington will have to understand in the future they will have to cooperate and make decisions jointly, instead of just always wanting to give orders.”

You know what? These guys make me sick. (Well, I do have at the moment a 103 fever from the flu, because I refuse to get a flu shot.) But, I’d be sick even if I wasn’t sick.

Bill Clinton might as well be a communist. Yes, he’s progressive alright---progressively taking the whole world down the path to totalitarianism.

Sometimes I think if Bill Clinton’s megalomania could be stopped, maybe America just might have a chance. Maybe President Bush might not have turned into a democrat.

And if they changed the 22nd amendment so that he can run again, and we don’t stop it, then we do deserve the fate that seems to be coming ever faster. If he can’t change it, then he will rule by Hillary.

Good thing I don’t have stomach flu.

Anyway, I’m posting a piece I wrote a year ago, October, about Bill and Gorby celebrating the 20th anniversary of Perestroika.

The bad news is; sorry I’m crabby. The good news is--- I wasn’t when I wrote the piece.

If It Looks Like a New World Order,
If It Acts Like a New World Order,
If It Quacks Like a New World Order

Last New Years Eve, I was comfortably cuddled up in my bed at midnight, watching Times Square. In the middle of the screen was a very giddy Colin Powell, standing with the Mayor of New York, waiting to push the button for the annual countdown of the crystal ball falling….and I kept thinking…I’ve never seen a man, who just “lost” his job as Secretary of State look so darn happy. I was convinced it wasn’t just a man who had a few too much to drink, it was the smile of a man who knows he will soon have a bigger job, a better job…just where oh where was Colin going to go from there, if not the Presidency, then where? Last night on C-Span, I think I got an answer.

There was Colin, obsequiously panting with anticipation in his tux, waiting for the former “President “of the Soviet Union to come to the podium. It was the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Perestroika, which was put on by our very own United States Chamber of Commerce. A very uppity and expensive affair, with our New World Saviors Clinton and Gorbachev speaking for the Choir.

After all, they had just made a children recording together in which they won a Grammy of an environmentally and politically correct rendition of Peter and the Wolf. As all good social programmers know, you must start with the children. Just ask Al-Qaeda. To get a kid to blow himself up someday, you must start with brainwashing the very young. It’s not a natural proclivity.

President Gorby (God forbid we call them Mister!!) spoke first, thanking his wonderful friend President Bill Clinton, and all his other wonderful old friends like Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, and Shirley Maclaine.

I thought…what? Shirley Maclaine….what did she do for Gorby? She certainly didn’t channel her connections to her spirits to help poor Gorby when he was run out of Russia and almost executed. Why didn’t she channel Stalin to help out? Still…. there he was thanking her.

No---Hollywood must not be ignored in this new battle for the World Control. Having the Russian leader mention a favorite was good. After all, as her brother said in his movie BULWORTH, over and over again; “SOCIALISM….SOCIALISM!!!” Why…it’s NOT a dirty word!!!

Mr. Gorbachev went on to lay out ever so sweetly, the finer plans of the two great minds who have the answers to rule the world, reshape the world, make us all get along, and basically give themselves new jobs as Presidents of this New World.

“Globalization is inevitable,” he said. “The new power centers should become a part of globalization.” He failed to mention where these new power centers will be.

He went on to say things like…”Europe should UNIT!!…The Islamic world deserves respect and understanding.” (So what if they want to hide and beat women and keep them as slaves? So what if they slit throats? So what if they kill innocent woman and children? So what if they want all Americans and Jews to either die or become Muslims. We should respect that.)

Perhaps it’s because both Clinton and Gorbachev want to do exactly the same things, (although in a different way) as the Islamic dictators, at least when it comes to control. Maybe this is why they have such sympathetic feelings for them.

Dictators of the world…..UNITE!!

Ten minutes into Gorby’s speech the people in the audience were growing silent. Gorby’s heavy words of grave warning were obviously taking some of the appetites away. Especially when he got to the --- “We need New World Politics, and New World Leaders. We need,” he said “New World Order.” I guess it’s just not going fast enough for the two bums. The people in the audience were thinking…where’s Clinton’s girlfriend? That’s how really thorough their brainwashing has been.

“Some people are trying to cause problems.” Gorby said with great concern. (Oh go on…have some guts. say his name…BUSH)

He ended the speech with the immortal words; “We need a common future or no future at all.” Spoken like a true communist, oh excuse me…socialist…no make that Democratic socialists. It doesn’t matter what they call themselves, like I said…if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck…wait….and it quacks like a communist, then it IS a ducky communist!

You know Clinton tried to use the word progressive for awhile…too many people informed the public that the progressive party used to mean communists…so we are back to the softer sounding word… socialism. They also say “democracy” a lot. Sounds good. They know you will think, “Oh good-- we are safe. Yeah…our founders wanted democracy.” This is another lie, because they did not want a democracy, but a representative republic. The globalists will use any word they think will sound good…that’s why they say “The Republic of China….” Quack Quack.

Gorbachev also bragged about himself for a good time, and took credit for ending the Cold War all by himself, changing Russia single handily, and of course by that noble feat, he changed the entire world. (Remember, Reagan was stupid.)

After the speech, he sat down. Was that applause thunderous? Was it enough? No, because … although it was a celebration for him and his Perestroika, (which means in essence “Lets all just get along and talk..koom, ba, ya.”)---he was just the warm up for the real Rock Star…the “I can have my needs met while talking foreign policy on the phone guy.” The one and only, always center table and center of the room, top banana…

Bill Clinton.

Bill gets up and says, “I support everything he says.”

Right, let Gorby lay out the hard stuff, you just come up and charm em’. He of course, gives Gorby the credit for changing the whole world, which made way for him to become President. Clinton wants you to think he is mother Teresa and Gorby wants you to think he is Gandhi. It would be funny--- if we weren’t all in mortal danger from this trick or treat.

Clinton’s new job is to collect the money from all the nations of the earth, which is taken from all the peasants of the world. That’s what he’s good at. He wants to mandate that all nations of the earth “help poverty.” He throws in his usual “People are starving all over the world.” sympathy bit.

By the way, the rich Mr. Clinton doesn’t need a house of luxury. He stays in the grandest palaces all over the world, from Beijing to Moscow, to the Hampton’s. No one has lived more of a life of luxury than this one man. Why be stupid and buy a huge home when you can travel anywhere in the world, stay at the biggest mansions and palaces and have all the concubines at a single flick of the cigar?

They have to convince you in America that we are the evil empire. In their war rooms they know this is not true, but it is what they would call a “necessary lie.” And they tell a lot of them. They pay vast sums of your hard earned money to hire people to think up these necessary lies…that someday…you will understand. Because they are telling you now how to think…and laughing at you because you have no idea what is going on.

When Gorby and Bill finally set themselves up as the New World government, (unelected) all nations will follow their orders and that means that anyone who has any money at all must now give it to them, so that they can redistribute your money to the poor.

It’s called communism. Except, they act like the mean capitalists they so abhor and take as much as they can off the top for themselves. They love capitalism, they just want the peasants at the bottom to scarf up the money and be slaves. They think we are children to be led. It helps them face themselves each day. To convince themselves they truly are saviors.

Frankly, the local drunk down at your local pub, would give you more freedom.

Clinton ended his speech with the usual “Peace” card… we need a New World Order for Peace.

The New World Order will put “peacekeepers” in every nation (as Clinton did all through his presidency) and they want you to think that they are just there to help you.

Hey---my local police are all ready. They have already printed on the back of all local police cars here in the heartland, in big, blue bold letters; “Internationally accredited.”
Can someone tell me “What the #!#* “does that means?

Is there a guy sitting somewhere in Brussels, looking over traffic tickets? KOFI could not get the international tax on ships passed so he decided to get it from American traffic tickets? Or do the police have to prove that they will NOT call a black man ….black. Heaven forbid they insult the poor citizen.

And who would have thought, during Bush’s watch, that video camera’s would be put up on every corner, in the name of protection? Did you vote to be watched 24-7? In my neighborhood, they put big giant flags on the poles so you’ll accept it. No one stops to think it’s against everything the flag has stood for. That’s how good they are at changing our lives to the New World Order, without a whimper from us.

One small step at a time.

Keep us fighting…blacks and whites, rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans. In the meantime….quack, quack…quack.

Anyway, Clinton loves to tell stories to make his point. He told a touching story about how he was once in Russia and saw a “beautiful” statue of Lenin and a guy was next to it with an American Flag on the shoulder of his coat. Clinton was so very touched. So very moved.

Now if you think this really happened and that this touching story was not in fact, a perfectly made up lie to get across the point that America is ready for the policies of the great Lenin, then you deserve to go live in Russia. Years from now, when you’ve sold your house, your car, your retirement funds, all your clothes, and are living in government housing, with only your big screen, you might wonder….when exactly did the quacks take over?

Clinton has his minions of propaganda ducks everywhere, this guy gets around. Lunch with Angela Jolie, dinner with Spielberg, parties with Al Franken, boat trips with Cronkite. Five thousand trips to China.

There are authors bragging in their books about knowing the rock star of the world. Authors like Colonel John B. Alexander, who says in his book, Future Wars, “In some cases like it or not, we must redefine the sacred concept called winning.” In other words…get use to losing. Clinton once said at another dinner speech, as he wagged that famous finger, “The United States will not ALWAYS be the big dog on the block, and they’d better get use to it.”

Americans have this very bad habit of winning, and according to Clinton and Gorby, we must all share like good little children. Winning of course makes the rest of the world feel bad. The rest of the world prefers us to lose some.

Yes, our children are being fed this crap at this moment in all public schools.

And how bout this, from the same book; “Future considerations may even include maintenance of an environmental balance or some minimum standard of living for all members of our society.” By the way, the book was about the needed development of non-lethal weapons, to keep us all in line when we finally come to our senses. They really don’t want to kill the young men and women; they will need as future peacekeepers, for the New World Peacekeeping Army. They know the numbers.

Our local libraries are being filed up with the NEW WORLD ORDER books to learn by. I just took out another book called, The Rise of Communism, thinking I would learn about the horrors of this insidious system, since they forgot to teach me in school.

But no…I felt like I was back at the dinner.

According to this book, Lenin was a genius---Stalin, and Mao too. Marx believed that a Socialist state can only be achieved through a Communist takeover. Only a Communistic program could demolish the capitalist state, to make way for the Socialist Utopia.

Here’s another wonderful statement from the book: “The author sees Stalin’s terror and reculturation (i.e. killing) process as a necessary evil in the critical times he faced.”

Nowhere in this book was the historical fact that millions of humans were killed (excuse me…reculturated) by these dictators. No--- there is only praise for Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Castro…they are all wonderful. Not something I thought I would find in an American library.

But, back to the dinner…Clinton was on his game. After his speech, all the dumb ducks were quacking, and clapping, in awe of the great Houdini…the great manipulator...the New World King. After all, Gorby has that terrible scar on his head…Clinton just looks so vibrant in his tux….quack…quack…quack…quack.

The New World Order will repeat to you over and over the Word Democracy…
They will talk of peace, and socialism… They will talk of Lenin, and Peresoika,
They will smile, and hold out their hands, tell soppy stories ….
They will assure you, they do not want to CONTROL you….oh no.
Talk of diversity…and peace…But don’t be fooled--- Lenin, Castro, and many other comrades have used exactly the same words to entice the people.

What it really is--- is a new dictatorship of Clinton, Gorby, Colin Powell, and Albright at the helm. Little ducks will follow, so remember the old saying:

If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck,
It might just be a wolf in New World Order Duck Disguise.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 20

Nobody’s Opinion; This morning was great. I woke up with the title of my 21st “Nobody’s Absurdities” blog on my lips. I had the perfect title, The Legal Age of Reason, and the whole thing just popped into my head as easy as a pop-tart, before my feet ever hit the ground.

It would have been swell, except I’m on number twenty.

That’s how my life has been going lately, so… because I just couldn’t think of anything that goes with the number twenty, I looked up some trivia.

It takes--- 20 seconds for a cloud to recharge after lighting flashes. And here I was counting to ten.

--- 20 minutes for foreplay for people 25-34 years of age. After that, you’ve got it down to zero.

----20 hours for a newly hatched duckling to exhibit their first emotion—fear. There is not much to say about this observation except how did the scientists who were measuring this figure this out? Due to the fact that they knew they needed something to validate the grant they sent Uncle Joe’s pit-bull into the cage?

---20 days for the liver of a rat to regenerate. (Rats can regenerate livers?)

And ---20 years to gain an extra 60 pounds by eating one slice of bread a day over and beyond the daily calorie intake needed.

Oh, that’s explains it! NOW they tell us.


The Yankees are not having a good year. Wouldn’t you know it took a pitcher to pitch into a dive and hit a building, only to have his passport and his gym bag somehow survive the crash, while he becomes New York toast.

While the fire brigades were there almost before the plane slide down to the ground, (or what was left of it,) everyone in the country was thinking, “How in the world did this happen again?”

Those New Yorkers, they are just so cool.

You would think after 9/11, where it was proven that anyone can just fly into New York, pick a building, crash into it, and kill thousands of people…you would think..

That the MORONS would have changed the laws so that to get permission to fly around above Manhattan would take nothing short of giving up your first born child!.

Logic would tell you that after 9/11; only “professional” pilots who were well known and seasoned veterans would be allowed into that air space, not newbie rich baseball players who had only been flying for six months.

Logic would tell you because of what we saw today that, logic does not exist.

Cory Lidle, who said the team was unprepared, should have been following his own advice.

But the most absurd point of it all is how all the press was trying remarkable hard to show respect for his wife, because evidently, there was another body lying on the ground next to him, which was later reported as “the flight instructor.”

I guess you have to be Yankee to get respect from the press.

Somehow, this will be blamed on steroids.


By now, everyone knows the biggest deal in history for “computer” nerds, has been signed by Google and two young guys who wouldn’t know how to make a decent video if their lives depended on it, but they sure knew how to upload yours and get you seen all over the world.

I’ve only visited the site once, but $1.65 billions seemed to this nobody a pretty high price to pay for having the right to censor the public.

This site was just too popular to NOT be controlled.

Yes, the wondrous Google will ban just about anything that says anything against Communism, the Clintons, homosexuals, anal sex, and Al Gore.

Maybe it has something to do with Al Gore being on the board of directors…which might be a commentary about anal sex, if you want to look at it another way.

They even banned that adorable and highly intelligent warrior for justice, Michelle Malkin.

Maybe it was because she looked Chinese, they thought because they censored the internet for the elite rulers of China, she should be included.

But now, what is really stupid is that they are trying to block the new video made by the x-Democrat film producer, David Zucker.

What is so really absurd about this is that the video has already been on all the cable channels News programs, so what exactly IS the point?

But the absurdity doesn’t stop there. Google has arranged a thing where they “flag” a video that they find offensive. Instead of just leaving it up to you to make the decision if you want to watch it, you must “sign in” to watch it.

Why? To Google, it’s ok to allow the public free access to all kinds of sick porn, but watching a conservative view from an x-democrat is just going too far.

These people MUST be stopped. They are a threat to the great Google Empire.

Which reminds me---here in Missouri, the drug Ephedrine, which lots of people here in the Mid-West use to take the place of the expensive Starbucks Coffee, is being attacked by the whole government. President Bush tried to outlaw it, but failed.

If you want a small pack…you must sign in your address, your telephone number, your name, and signature, so that they can tap your phone, go into your house, and look for meth.

Okay, drugs are a problem everywhere. But...signing your name? Whatever happens to showing your license?

They (the government) can tell you that your kid needs to get on Ritalin, that you children have to have a whole number of potentially dangerous, and some useless vaccines before they can go to school…that’s different.

They act like it’s for our safety, but I bet it’s really because Starbucks doesn’t want the competition. They are expanding you know. Soon there will be more Starbucks on the planet Earth than McDonalds.

That’s what I call real pollution.


Otherwise today there were only a few other things that stuck out…like why a Turkish woman would want to have a baby at 64, why a man would want to swallow 247 jalapenos, or why all the top guys today were arguing about just how many Iraq’s HAVE been killed in this war? They all thought that, yes, no doubt in their minds…665,000 was not correct.

It was more like 663,000.


Nevertheless…it does take male chimpanzees 20 seconds to reach climax after initiating sexual relations. (more proof that we evolved.)
---20 minutes to suffer a death by hanging.
---20 hours to clean 1,000 used bricks by hand.
---20 days to pay your utility bill
---20 years for a queen bee to die.

And I’m giving myself twenty minutes more to stop torturing you by finishing this.

Nobody’s Perfect; It also takes 20 minutes for hunger pangs to disappear after the first mouthful of food reaches the stomach.

Unfortunately, I can’t wait that long.

Nobody Knows; Twenty minutes is also the optimum attention spacn of elementary school children. No one knows what the average teacher’s attention span is, but if you measure it by our children’s lack of education, it must be around 20 seconds.

Nobody Cares : It also, according to the book “Durations,” takes twenty minutes to perform a hemorrhoidectomy, which I’m sure you will agree, is exactly twenty minutes too long.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Axis of Evil Within

Nobody’s Opinion; When President George W. Bush was elected in 2000, in his first address to the nation, he gave his infamous “Axis of Evil “ speech, where he boldly proclaimed that Iran, Iraq, and North Korea were the dangerous the menaces of our time.

Churchill was looking down and saying,”Good show old boy.”

Most of us listening to the speech went--- “Say what? Where? Who? What happened to China, Russia, and Fidel?”

And lo and behold, George Bush put together the most war-experienced cabinet since the Civil War, and this was before 9/11.

But of course…none of them knew about what was to come. They’ve got this mantra down so well, they probably joke about it at their cocktail parties.

He could not have picked more experienced war men than Cheney and Rumsfeld. And Colin Powell was only the highest general in the United States, made Secretary of State. Condi Rice was trained by Madeline Albright’s dad.

Right after the attack on the World Trade Center, in the February issue of Vanity Fair, 2002, they all sat for an historical portrait by Annie Leibovitz.

She captured it all---Powell, Cheney, Bush, Condi, Andrew Card, George Tenet and Rumsfeld---the power, the plans, the resolve; as if the events to unfold were written into every single crinkle and smirk. There was no doubt they knew exactly what they were going to do.

But we didn’t.

After the attack, the big, bold, empiricist, and all controlling United States waits, and waits…and waits…and waits---going to get permission from the United Nations…to go get… Saddam?

What did we see?

It was more important for us to see the Photo-Op of both parities of Congress to put on a show of “patriotism,” by getting their picture taking singing God Bless America.

Yesterday, North Korea with Iran attending launched its nuclear test. The next day, there is a huge earthquake in Japan, (Which of course…just happened) and a huge devastating attack of one of our major bases in Bagdad.

My heart immediately went to all the poor men rushing to find ammunition to protect their lives, and all the mothers in mental anguish.

It was shock and awe…but, it was not reported as a very big deal on our news.

And where was President George Bush? Was he in a war room somewhere, did he address the American people?

No, he was back again in a school, addressing the problems of gun-toting citizens killing our children with I’m sure the promises of chips, ID cards, and no parent ever being allowed to step into the scared halls of our public school system without first paying off the attending officer.

If ever there was a need for another “axis of evil speech,” today would have been a good day.

My guess is, he is saving that one for when we get attacked again, in case you don’t remember-- I’m going to break a rule of proper writing and say;

Every single politician has said, and I quote;


So, if they are serious, then why aren’t bunkers being built for every city?

After it does happen they will all say “We did warn everyone.” Then they will bring out all the clips on file to relieve them of any guilt.

Condi Rice came today out to assure us that well; China said some pretty harsh words to its neighbor about it the test, things they haven’t said in four years. They might take “punitive actions” which means that Kim Jong il won’t get the Tiger Woods autographed Nike golf clubs they promised.

Condi somehow forgot to mention that not too long ago one of China’s military generals told the United States shut up or they would nuke us.”

Oh, and they hate blacks in China, they are very racist. Poor Condi.

Meanwhile, the other major “axis of evil,” Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Madeline Albright, have been doing everything in their power to give the Chinese power over the United States. Jimmy sold them the Panama Canal, Bill gave them, both China and North Korea, the power to become our nuclear equal, and they in turn sold weapons to Iran.

Whether they did while working for our major corporations who wanted to get in the biggest market of the world, or whether they are just doing because they have been offered top jobs at the head of the New World Order, to us nobodies it hardly matters.

Either way, they are traitors. George Washington would have had them shot. After all, he showed no mercy to Mr. Arnold. And history shows that George was right.

Personally, I would have them tortured first, but in that I’m in the minority.

So why do the American people, time and time again believe that a President would give plutonium to a Communist madman? Did you know that Rumsfled was on the board of directors that sold those reactors to North Korea?

(As much as I like him, the evidence is painful, but must be said.)

Don’t tell this nobody that they didn’t know that Kim Jong il would turn around and use it to develop nuclear weapons. Don’t tell me Jimmy Carter didn’t know what he was doing when he sold the Panama Canal to China. Don’t tell me that Bill Clinton did not pursue bin Laden because he was too busy with Monica.

Come on, we are not that stupid…are we?

History has recorded that for the sound bite of “free trade” during the Second World War, our major corporations like Ford continue to sell to Hitler even though it was killing our own men.

Gore’s father worked with Hitler, as did Bush’s grandfather.

If there a billion or more to be made, men can be whores.

In the meantime, most of us see the rich getter richer and our middle class disappearing, and we are told by our own leaders that China will be the new emerging superpower.

Clinton has said it. Newt knows it. And remember, daddy Bush was once the ambassador to China. They want you to think that if our products get into China, the people would bring about democracy.

Now that’s what I call wishful thinking.

We…feel hopeless. Many of us don’t want to face the very disturbing fact that both parties have been playing with our lives since before WWII. Capitalism works, but not when our own leaders make sure the playing field is stacked against us.

What’s our trade deficit to China again?

We all feel that something is wrong, very wrong. All the pundits on TV are crying out, the bloggers are crying out…about the borders, about losing all our businesses, about all the fighting, about our children being forced to learn Islam in school, about our loss of constitutional rights daily.

Do these leaders of ours do anything?

Nope. They keep us distracted with big “problems” like aids, pollution, child gun killers, the bird flu, the weather, and Paris Hilton’s driving record.

The plans have already been decided. All they have to do is the “I don’t remember” or “We couldn’t have known they would lie” or “Let’s not blame either party, it doesn’t help.”--- All the time, the very ones at the top…know the plans, and cover each other’s ass.

They don’t even hide the plans anymore, the new superhighway will be built no matter what. They are putting up cameras everywhere, EVERYWHERE.

Very few question it because it is done for our “safety.”

Clinton puts America down…Carter puts America down….President Bush called the most brave and patriotic men in our country “vigilantes.”

Do you get the feeling that our Presidents don’t like us?

It’s obvious we have an axis of evil right here in our own country, and they have worked as our highest leaders, working for the only class that they represent, and that is the rich.

But, they do allow us to enjoy baseball, for now.

Nobody’s Perfect; It was reported today that AT & T bought out their old self…Bell South Corporation. I guess the government decided this was the best time to create that old monopoly again…must in case they need to take it over quickly.

Nobody Knows; Why McCain came out today and blamed the nuclear build-up on the Clintons. Hillary said that he was trying to “rewrite History and score political points.” So, is McCain a Donkey or an Ass? You got me.

Nobody Cares; Lou Dobbs was a tiger of facts and patriotism tonight on Larry King. He was brilliant in his handling of every liberal he debated, he was a warrior of truth, laying out the facts about how the middle class was disappearing, and when we go, so does the rest of hope and humanity.

I wish we had more like him.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Concepts From An Empty Mailbox

Nobody’s Opinion; Oh…it was Columbus Day yesterday, that’s why I didn’t get any mail.

I blame the fact that I went to look in my mailbox every hour on the hour until 5p.m., like a complete idiot--- on just how well the last forty years of political correct brainwashing has contributed to my lack of reverence.

I was so busy worrying about North Korea obliterating every city in the United States that I did not even think about the holiday.

Any thoughts of Columbus was replaced by little a pudgy little fat man, who likes to watch Hollywood movies in-between watching reports on CNN saying that he is the most feared man in the world.

So, can we blame Hollywood for the megalomania of a madman?

Sure…why not?

This also means that Hollywood will be spared from any nukes because Kim Jong il probably thinks he would be killing Paris Hilton, which would be a great waste in his mind. The rest of us are expendable.

Yes, Kim Jong il has over 100 villas of young girls for his pleasure and the biggest collection of porn in the world. No wonder Bill Clinton gave him all that plutonium.

Don’t tell Robert Redford. (He has a nice collection too, so I’ve read.)

There was a time, when I was a kid, that Columbus Day was a very big deal. We not only would study about some Italian guy who discovered “America,” we were lead to believe that without the exploration of Columbus, none of us would have been born.

Pretty scary idea when you’re in the first grade. I actually would look at my feet and be amazed that if not for some Old Italian, I would not exit.

We all had it in our minds that Columbus got off the boat somewhere near the Statue of Liberty, stomped off his boat into sand that was two feet deep, and planted a great big flag, and then claimed the whole country for his.

Neil Armstrong also did this on the moon, having once been in the first grade himself, except he said “One big step for mankind and one pretty clumsy step in a ridiculous spacesuit for me.”
(No, he didn’t really say that, but he should have)

Plant a flag, and it’s yours. Life is really wonderful where there are no lawyers.

I bet they don’t even mention Columbus now. Now, it’s probably knows as “teachers conferences--day off.”

The kids are now told the Vikings actually discovered America, forget Columbus…he was a fraud.

None of my teachers ever mentioned that Columbus was searching for a new route to China because the Muslims would not let any sailors who were not Muslim pass through the Mediterranean Sea.

Slitting throats was as fun for them back then as it appears to be now.

They also didn’t mention that it was actually the Bahamas where he first landed, or that it wasn’t American Indians he first saw but Island Indians which were filled with lots of butt-naked natives, with lots of butt-naked woman who only wore a small leaf or apron.

No wonder Columbus and his men thought they had discovered paradise.

That’s pretty heavy stuff for the lst grade. Still, I don’t think the teachers really knew much more than the stuff they had in their teacher’s guide book.

The writers of the history books thought, “Oh, lets just leave that stuff out; they don’t need to know that.”

We didn’t need to know that Columbus reported that other islands were reported to have cannibals and people with “tails.”

Yes, tails. Humans did not take millions of years to evolve, only a few years of the right bananas. Somehow this little tidbit did not get into our Darwinian science books.

The natives also thought that Columbus was God, because, they thought anyone that would wear long pants and a coast in such blistering heat and not take his clothes off had to be from heaven.

Columbus wrote a lot of letters. He talks about the natives here::

“As soon, however, as they see that they are safe and have laid aside all fear, they are very simple and honest and exceedingly liberal with all they have; none of them refusing anything he many possess when he is asked for it, but, on the contrary, inviting us to ask them. They give objects of great value (such as plates of gold) for trifles, and content themselves with very little or nothing in return. I, however, forbade that trifles and articles of no value should be given to them, although if they could obtain them, they imagined themselves to be possessed of the most beautiful trinkets in the world.”

Does anyone know of a man today that would not take advantage of this?

No, I couldn’t think of one either.

When Columbus the empire builder declared these islands the possession of Spain, the natives couldn’t have been happier. After all, the natives not only got a God, but all kinds of wonderful objects like plates that they could use for sitting on, glasses, which were a major improvement from coconuts, and the first keys to teach them how to be frustrated when you can’t find them.

Here’s another revelation from Columbus’s letter;

“As fare as I have learned, every man throughout these islands is united to but one wife, with the exception of the Kings and princes, who are allowed to have twenty. The women seem to work more than the men.”

Okay…Who left that wonderful nugget of historical importance out of my history book? Someone didn’t want the kids to know that woman worked harder than men, they might grow up to become feminists and demand money.

If you think about it, mankind has not changed at all.

He also said “We must render thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has granted us so great a victory and such prosperity. Let Christ rejoice on earth.”

No wonder they didn’t let you read Columbus’s letters in school. No child should be exposed to such religious thoughts, even if historical.

In fact, that’s probably the reason there is very few actual words from historical figures were taught in school, because they were always thanking Christ and God.

But, Columbus was smart enough to believe in something…I don’t think he was faking religion, or else he could have seriously ripped off those good people that accepted him and his men with such kindness.

Columbus was not only extremely intelligent, but he had the guts to sail into the unknown and find a whole different people…which sent the world on a different course.

He certainly affected our world much more than the Vikings, who, although were obviously a hardy bunch, they are basically remembered for their cool hats.

Too bad that Columbus day has been reduced to “A day without mail.” If Kim Jong il gets his way, it will be replaced with “A day without a nation.”

Next year, I’m marking it in red. I intend to pray to God to send us a few more men like Columbus. Who needs mail?

Nobody’s Perfect; If Bill Clinton had sent Monica over to Kim Jong il, instead of Madeline Albright, maybe I would not have forgotten the mail today, because North Korean would not have been able to develop nuclear weapons.

And if Kim Jong il actually uses these weapons, Bill Clinton might as well move to China, where there is I’m sure, a bunker filled with porn already waiting for him.

Nobody Knows; In the Rogue Jew’s very educational blog yesterday, he surmised that Columbus was probably a Jew, and facts seem to prove it could very well have been true...

According to the authors of “The Bell Curve” who did a study on IQ tests, the research shows that Jews scored higher on IQ tests than any other nationality, which is probably because for most of history they did not interbreed much outside their race.

This would explain how Columbus could speak all those languages and know his way around the world so well; he knew just when to turn his boats south so as not to get stuck in winter. Something many people in the United States have never figured out.

Then again, Elizabeth the First could speak many languages, and she was English--- so there goes that theory.

Nobody Cares; Columbus left a bunch of men to build a fortress on the islands, called Navidad del Senor. He didn’t worry about them because the natives “had no arms; they go naked, and are moreover too cowardly, so that those who hold the said fortress can easy keep the whole island in check. Provided they do not transgress the directions and regulations which I have given them.”

I will always wonder just what those directions and regulations were. Something tells me they may not have been obeyed.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Timing of the Left, the Right, the Nuclear Might

Nobody’s Opinion; Ask any business man, they will tell you…timing is everything.

Not too long ago, in the middle of summer when the gas prices were high, President Bush couldn’t get a decent poll reading, even if he had come out and said he was really Bill Clinton in disguise. (For all we know, they could be twins.)

And then, September the llth, came upon us. For the first time since 9/11, an ABC movie was played of the events, and we all relived that horrible day.

The Democrats knew that the movie would present them in a bad light, so they complained to all who would listen loudly, but the movie was still shown.

I wonder who at ABC went down, and if we will ever know.

That movie turned the tide. Now, it was clear that the Democrats surely could not be trusted to protect us from such a deadly enemy. The scale leaned again to the right.

President’s Bush ratings went up. As if we had fallen asleep and suddenly looked at the events of that day in a new light, the feelings were leaning toward the Republicans retaining their power.

But something else happened, that was has been forbidden on TV. X-President Clinton was not depicted in a great light.

You don’t piss this guy off.

By the time the United Nations met, Bill Clinton decided to upright his boat legacy. Never had an x-President gone on such a rampage of TV appearances. It was a first in Presidential PR history. Bill Clinton on CNN, Larry King, NBC…in fact every single night for a week we heard about the Clinton Initiative and its noble goals to basically save the whole earth from poverty, disease, and pollution. Anyone else would have been concerned about overexposure, but not Bill.

Men gave billions to Bill, as if they were paying off golf bets. All Bill had to do was ask, and CEO’s, dictators, movie stars, and ex-girlfriends came running to donate huge amounts of money.

Clintons winks, and billions are handed over by the rich in nano-seconds. The conservatives mostly get their donations from small town mom and pop who can only afford about twenty-five bucks.

So, who represents the rich?

Clinton’s intuitive meetings made the United Nations look like the difference between going to Las Vegas or going to Somalia.

All the right people showed up, Barbra Streisand, Laura Bush, Ted Turner, and Barney.

And then, on a Sunday, the Fox news interview with Chris Wallace did not go as Bill expected. His timing was off by a mile.

Everyone was leaning left all week, then, after Bill’s explosion of resentment, the public started leaning right again.

I think he underestimated the free press. (By that I mean the internet) Bill, fuming, flew off to England to talk at Tony Blair’s retirement, and gave the most “I care more about the world than I do the United States” Marxist talk ever given, but there was another first: it was not shown here. I watched for it. Maybe I missed it. They gave a short cheery note of how wonderful it was on Reuters. He was still in the dog house.

Then, our “October Surprise” comes out.

Representative Foley’s sexual scandal was revealed as the most dangerous thing to ever happen to the American people by the left. Even though many knew about this scandal for three years, it seems that they set this very sick puppy up to use at the very perfect moment, which was last week, right after his name was final on the Florida ballot so that he couldn’t be replaced.

Yes, the timing was perfect.

All of a sudden, not only Bush but the entire Republican Party cannot be trusted because they can’t even protect their own pages. The meter is now leaning to the left.

Now, common sense tells you that a President having an affair with an intern in the Oval Office, where he is talking to foreign ambassadors while being serviced, and also by talking to this intern hundreds of time on the phone, but to the head of the FBI only twice, puts you and your children in much more danger than a perverted Congressmen wanting have phone sex with young boys. If Monica had been a spy, for some other nation, she could have received the launching numbers to the nuclear bomb herself. The guy who actually carried the “football” has told how there were times that President Clinton didn’t’ even know where his numbers were.

Lucky for us they didn’t end up in a blue dress, and that blue dress had belonged to Russia, China, or Iraq.

And even if the whole “Page” system was removed it would hardly affect national security. In fact…we might even be safer due to that fact some of those “Pages” could be reading top secret material that they were passing around. Bill Clinton bragged about how good he was at it.

But, right when we think the Republican Party is going down, North Korea threatens to launches a nuclear missile on Sunday.

President Bush rushes out and quickly launches the largest nuclear ship in the world, named of course, after his father. At the christening he says the ship is “unshakable, unyielding, and unstoppable. “He said it like he was talking to someone specific.

They also said that about the Titanic, but hey, why dwell on it?

Sunday night, we got another movie. This one was about flight 93.

Four jihads took over a plane on 9/11, killed the pilot, the co-pilot and along with some innocent Americans, all the time allowing all the passengers to make cell phone calls for the rest of the flight.

The History channel showed the bravery of the passengers who saved the Capitol from destruction.

Good timing I thought, something to get our minds off Foley.

After the Flight 93 programs was a documentary on the Anit-Christ, how interesting!
Doesn’t’ he only come back at the end of the world? What timing!

The anti Christ it was foretold, is love by all, and becomes the head of the world.

I suppose it will be called the BC intuitive, so that we will recognized it.

This antichrist will bring peace to the Middle East, and the temple on the mound will be built again in Jerusalem. (Maybe Bill will finally get his Nobel Peace Prize)

So….who is going to be the anti-Christ? Will it be the peacemaker Bill Clinton, or the war maker George Bush?

Both parties are vying for the job: I suppose it will all depend on the timing.

Nobody’s Perfect; This is just in; Kim Jong II has just tested his nuclear missiles. He was suppose to do it on Sunday, but didn’t get it going until Monday morning, his timing was off...

Foley’s little escapade will seem a small matter, we will now lean to the right.

Nobody Knows; Now that the Chinese have not bothered to stop Kim’s nuclear tests, I wonder what the CEO’s of Nike, General Electric, Wal-Mart, and McDonalds are thinking right now?

And where will Arnold sell his California lettuce?

Nobody Cares; It seemed funny that it was also reported that the world largest nuclear boat was christened, but it won’t be finished until 2008? So what’s to finish?

What did we see on TV…a simulated image?

Remember when the Press wanted to save American lives?

This nobody thinks the timing is perfect for all the liberal press to go to Afghanistan.