Friday, February 02, 2007

The Art of Incompetence

Nobody’s Opinion: Bill Cosby does a great comedic bit about “men” not knowing how to do simple tasks around the house, like for instance…the laundry.

When assigned with these mundane tasks by the spouse, the “man” (being Bill in this instance) will proceed to make such a disaster out of his domestically assigned chore, something he had no intention of doing in the first place because of the football game being on TV, that the only logical way to get out of the task is to pretend incompetence.

The trick is---you must be convincing.

So, the joke goes, he would put the soap in the wrong place, mix the colored pieces with the whites, put the tennis shoes in with the towels, and hopelessly ask his wife a million questions thereby, even IF she wrote down the directions for him, he would still feign confusion.

The wife would throw up her hands and come to the conclusion that the man was a bonified moron, and go do the job herself.

Never mind that he had put in a whole air-conditioning unit at the Toyota factory last week. He would have convinced his spouse that doing the laundry was way too far above his intelligence.

The reason this bit is so comical is that Bill hits a universal point. If you don’t want to do something for selfish reasons of your own…play dumb.

Somewhere in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, a man is claiming not knowing how to milk a goat.

Bill Cosby actually thinks it is one of “man’s” finest moments.

Domestic chores are very boring, but necessary. Nobody wants to do them. It’s a funny bit, even if there is truth to it.

Woman can use this game also. Because my husband cooks much better than me, I can often convince him to cook when I’m not in the mood with the question, “Are you SURE you want to settle for my lasagna?”

Sure, I could probably go take a cooking class, but, I don’t want to. Selfishly I’d rather spend my time doing something else, like reading a book.

This brings me to the question: Is the United States government really as incompetent as we see every single day of our lives? Or are we witnessing Bill Cosby national “moments?”

Mathematically speaking, when you flip a coin you have a 50/50 chance of heads or tails. So the fact that our government is so completely clueless and does the wrong thing almost 100% of the time, is almost beyond believable.

We saw this in 9/11, Katrina, the immigration issue, our failing schools, and now in Iraq.

Are we suppose to believe they can’t do ANYTHING right?

People in Florida recently hit by tornado’s yesterday are still waiting for help promised from a hurricane in 2004.

Let’s face it, the ONLY thing the government of America does well every single time is take our hard earned money.

But there is one “incompetent” moment in history that makes all others seem pale in comparison. This was an incompetent act of treason that is inexcusable, and yet has been excused by all but a few.

Recently, China launched into space a ground-based missile and knocked one of their old satellites out of the sky, 500 miles up.

This was an extremely competent show of military aggression by China, caused by the extreme incompetence of X-President Bill Clinton and his then cabinet buddy, Sandy Burger.

Or was it incompetence? Was there a selfish reason for this action?

Bill Clinton, who was President of the United States at the time and swore to protect the American people, with Sandy’s help, arranged to sell dangerous nuclear missile technology to China, because he needed the money in 1996 to get re-elected.

The “deal” was set up by Sandy Berger, for Loral, an American company who wanted to sell their technology to China. Loral donated millions to Bill’s campaign.

This act was much more egregious than President Bush’s going into Iraq, but nobody seems to care at the moment. So what if China can nuke us now? So what if China sold this very technology to Iran who is now so emboldened they mock us at every turn.

Was Bill Clinton having a “Cosby” moment when he moved the selling of our nuclear secrets by putting all technology transfer in the hands of the Commerce Department (signed by Bill on March 12, 1996) thereby taking the Pentagon out of overseeing sensitive technology to our enemies altogether?

What ARE we?---a nation of complete incompetent fools?

Was this about the “incompetence” of Bill Clinton, or was this about the selfish desire for much needed campaign money for his reelection?

A re-election that also needed to go ahead in order to set his wife up to become President in 2008.

Hillary and President Clinton had countless $50,000 dollar White House coffee clutches with Wang Jun, a man who’s company was controlled by the People’s Liberation Army of China.

The Chinese were crawling all over the White House, all for “commerce.”

If Bill Clinton knew exactly what he was doing, knowing full well that China could turn around (which it did) and sell this advanced technology to Iran and Iraq, then could this action alone be the reason Iran is so far advanced in getting ready to nuke us?

He knew he could only serve two terms. He often talked about how it frustrated him.

Or would Bill come back and say, there is no way we could have known what would happen when we approved the sales.

After all, Bill had trouble keeping his stain off blue dresses.

We’ve also heard this excuse about the attack on 9/11 time and time again.

And these excuses were from Condoleezza Rice. Later we found out, they ALL knew of the impending danger.

Good thing Sandy Berger has big feet.

And wasn’t it Madeleine Albright who gave Kim Jong II nuclear technology, and later claimed the very same thing? She said they promised not to use it to develop nuclear weapons.

Not her fault…Such incompetence, no harm done.

Is this why all the democrats are pointing to Iran and Iraq, when the real enemy is China?
When the REAL traitor is what Bill Clinton has done to the United States just to stay in power?

Just who do we fear more?

Today, the Democrats are all claiming that we should just go ahead and give Iran more nuclear stuff, because, after all, every one else has it and we don’t know that they are NOT going to use it just to heat their extremely cold homes…do we? Why if we just talk to them, they’ll tell us!

Even though, we did the same thing with China and North Korea, that doesn’t mean the Iran won’t tell the truth, does it?

And these people run our Congress?

Now the Democratic Party is just about to make this incompetent man’s wife President, putting him and her in power again.

And they have the audacity, after giving North Korea, China, and Iran nuclear capabilities to say that it’s President George W. Bush who is the threat?

When Sandy Burger gave China the satellite technology, his excuse was it would give remote Chinese villagers access to people and ideas in democratic societies.

Obviously, transferring our nuclear secrets and arming China so as to be able to wipe every American city off the map was a treasonous act done WAY before the “invasion” of Iraq. It makes President George Bush’s war in Iraq seem pale in comparison.

If you say President Bush went to war to protect our oil supplies and the Persian Gulf, then President Clinton gave China the power to destroy the United States just to get re-elected.

Which act was more selfish?

No, Bill Clinton didn’t invade China, but he basically handed over the United States to her by this act of treason beyond anything ever committed in the annuals of history of any nation.

George Washington would not have pardoned him.

Arming China, who then arms the Middle East, thereby putting us at the mercy of all the nations on the Earth, this crime against all the citizens of the United States have been completely ignored,

And why? Because of the incompetence of our press? The incompetence of the American people?

Or is there another reason?

We are about to get a woman to be placed as President, who will claim not to have known about this action when we get attacked again and the fingers point out who is really responsible.

A woman who claimed she never knew about Monica, never knew if she was going to run for President, never knew she wasn’t suppose to go into Vince Foster’s office and shred papers after he was found dead, never knew about her husband selling all our nuclear secrets to China. (Who sold them to Iran and every other enemy we have.)

She will claim she was just first lady, and she was just told to go and have a cup of tea!

And she can’t even make tea!

What do you think?

This nobody thinks that if Hillary Clinton becomes President, we will all find out the true meaning of incompetence, because the Clintons have it down to a fine art.

And we will be lamenting forever the incompetence of our own lives, because we didn’t try to stop them.

Nobody’s Perfect---Our country was sold out for a $2 million contribution to the Clintons by Bernie Schwartz of Loral.

Like Sandy Berger, compared to the crime committed, they got only a slap on the wrist for their treason.

Obviously the Clintons care more about their power positions in the world, and they are making sure that when we are attacked, the REAL people to blame will not be them, but our current President George W. Bush for being so incompetent. And with the control of the media the next two years, you can be sure all the incompetent and uneducated people in the United States will believe every single word they say.

Nobody Knows; Ron Brown was in the middle of all this Chinese money. Like John Kennedy Jr, he is not around to tell us why his plane crashed.

Nobody Cares
; The fact that this man and woman are still so powerful, that they can send in their boys to grab incrinmating documents and no one ever touches them: the fact that by giving China the weapons to destroy every single one of us was proof beyond questioning that they cared nothing for the citizens of America

AND they can STILL convince the people that they truly love America.

Is beyond all logic.

The biggest reason I can think of to attack the President Bush right now is the fact that he did not charge them both with treason when he became President.

But that’s not a Bill Cosby moment, that’s incompetence at the highest level.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Screaming Catfish

Nobody’s Opinion: Have you ever heard a catfish scream? It’s one of the most annoying sounds ever invented by Mother Nature. To really get the feel of it, you have to catch one first.

My own mother, when we lived in Florida, bless her heart, used to love to go fishing for salt-water catfish. It was her only pleasure in the world it seems, and every Sunday after church she would drag us (being my father, brother and I) out into the middle of the ocean, so she could fish.

Her reasoning was if her husband was going to spend money all day playing golf, at least ONE day a week, he had to do something with the “family.” And that something with the family was to spend the whole day out in the middle of the ocean watching mom catch catfish.

My father suffered along with this ultimatum because, well, golf in Naples, Florida, even in the 1960’s was not exactly cheap, and he played every day. It was one of the many “compromises” made in the never-ending, even if very small, war between the sexes.

Women can be quite creative when it comes to payback.

So every single Sunday we would get in my grandfather little boat and head out into the ocean, which took about an hour. Once we anchored, it sometimes took only five minutes for my mother to get a bite. And the ONLY fish that ever bit her line were catfish, as if she had some kind of divine intervention fishing line to God.

God would look down and go, “This woman needs to catch catfish to make her world happy. So let it be written, so let it be done.”

The rest of us just had to suffer through the day---bored, sun-burnt, thirsty, and hot. None of us would ever catch a thing. We might get a small nibble, but in the end, they were either minnows, or branches off a nearby mangrove root.

This of course drove my father completely nuts because he would have to untangle everybody’s line, which would sometimes take up to an hour.

Then the moment would come. My mother would get a “bite.” The part where she pulled it in was very boring---if you’ve seen one pole bend, you’ve pretty much have seen all a pole can do.

BUT once the catfish was inside the boat, the show began.

Of course, my father had to bait my mother’s hook, and once she had the fish firmly on the line, HE would have to reel the cat-fish in the boat, then grab them, and take the hook out of its mouth. This process sometimes took fifteen minutes.

Like a queen, my mother’s servant would not let her suffer the indignity of actually having to handle the fish herself. Oh no, my mother sat there quietly and watched my father work.

And once a catfish, no matter how big, is out of the water, it’s not a pretty sight. That’s when the scene of, “If you think, Mr. Human that I’m going down to dying right here on this stinking boat without a fight, then THINK AGAIN!” started.

And if it just happened to be a female catfish and pregnant, its entire load of white little baby eggs would flop right there on the floor at my father’s feet.

Fortunately this was before Nemo became a household word, or I might have grown up to be a full-blown liberal.

Every time my mother pulled in a catfish, I might as well have been the catfish’s mother; it was to me, that unbearable to watch.

As a young girl, I could NOT for the life of me see any fun in watching a creature struggling in pain, with a horrible hook in its mouth, screaming at the top of it’s lungs at the thought of death. I wondered if my mother was not a bit insane for enjoying this sadistic pastime. Why couldn’t we have all just gone bowling?

A cat-fish will honk, flop around viciously, honk some more, and then finally, actually scream. I still remember that horrible screaming and the huge mouth gasping as if for breath, with the hook hanging in its lip. Never mind the ugly whiskers, the bulging eyes would look at you while you were trying to get the hook out of its mouth, which of course would make getting the hook out, almost impossible.

The catfish would make so much noise; we couldn’t WAIT for father to throw him (or her) back in. (Which he always did.)

Thank God.

By the end of the day, after my mother had her fill of experiencing this moment of insanity at least eight to ten times, or when it was clear that we had been through enough torture, we could finally head home with the smell of shrimp bait reeking from our clothes.

Now, what does this have to do with anything?

Yesterday, completely by chance, I came upon an article in the January 1994 issue of Current History called The Global Imperative: Building a Democratic World Order, written by a man named Larry Diamond…a man still working at the Hoover Institute.

And God it seemed looked down on the catfish catching mother’s child and said “This woman needs some answers to make her happy. So let it be written, so let it be done.”

I found it in an old Tupperware underneath about one hundred pounds of complete junk, which I had to move to make way for a service man.

It was the original blueprint for the New World Order. Not from some conspiracy theory “nut” on the late night talk show expressing hangings at the Bohemian Grove, not from some left-wing movie about Skull and Bones, but from an intellectual professor at the very distinguished Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

It was from the very people that guide the White House.

Word for word, it was exactly what our government has been following, ever since Reagan was replaced.

This was the blueprint to take over the world with our “democratic” order. Done by our most prolific scholars to be followed by our “leaders.”

The only trouble is, while both political parties have adopted Mr. Diamond’s foreign policy suggestions, there is nothing democratic about it.

In the end he concludes: “We are present at the creation of a new world order: if we hold fast to our democratic principles, then a truly new world order is within the next generation. If we shrink from the challenges of global leadership and vision, the world we inherit will be new only in the weapons that people and nations employ to brutalize and destroy one another.”

My catfish eyes were bulging.

Actually, I just happened to fish it out. If you, like me, want to understand this “globalization” stuff that is the policy of all our leaders, then go to your nearest ocean library of magazines and try to catch it yourself.

And if this is what I think it is, then I for one suggest we all scream like catfishes and hope we can make them throw the whole thing back where it belongs.

I plan myself to honk, flop, scream, and maybe even have a few hundred catfish liberty eggs, until I annoy the fishermen of the New World Order enough to drop these undemocratic ideas deep into the bowels of Davy Jones “idea’s that are not completely unfair” locker.

Nobody’s Perfect; Mr. Diamonds says, “A world that values order, law, peace, decency, and human rights can no longer treat sovereignty as an absolute right.”

True enough, as in the case of Iran. But what happens when we are looked from a World Criminal Court as the ones to lose our Sovereignty?

Even some liberals will admit…this would be suicide.

Nobody Knows; This think tank has suggested an international military, as a necessity to spread democracy around the world. The elites have come up with a plan to control us all, and there is nothing in any of this New World Order that gives the people of the world, whether in the United States, or elsewhere in any other country, a say at all in it.

There ARE no elections for these rulers.

Nobody Cares; Even though it sounds like I hated every minute of my mom’s Sunday’s ritualistic torture of the family, I am grateful for every single memory of watching my parents work together, as man and wife.

It was a memory lovingly preserved.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 35: Dissertation on Dieties and Their Canons

Nobody’s Opinion: In his “Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal LawJohn Adams discussed the “love of power.” Calling it his “essay on the aristocracy” he said these men displayed an “encroaching, grasping, restless, and ungovernable” passion for power.

John Adams said the reason the American citizens, although gullible and slow to resist tyranny, recognized a tyrant when they saw one was because the people benefited from an educational establishment that educated everyone through all ranks of society. An educational system that Adams believed “has been unknown to any other people ancient or modern.”

Well, it didn’t take them long to screw it up, did it?

Keeping this thought in mind, here are some of the more ridiculous ponderings of the day.

Senator Biden came out today, not only announcing his plan to run for President, but to put a few comments out there for speculation. The one everybody from Drudge to the radio programs were talking about was his condescending remarks about Barack Obama, saying, “ I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American, articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

Of course NOBODY seems to mention in their rebuttals that Obama’s mother was white and he was born in Hawaii, not Africa.

At least Obama gets mentioned as articulate, whereas his poor mother was just ignored as having not existed, being as Obama is always mistakenly portrayed as being completely black.

John was right. The grasping for power is so great that one-half of your heritage will be completely ignored to get votes from blacks, who will love the fact that your fathers and grandfathers were Muslims, but not like the fact that you had a white mother.

Somewhere our political and educational system has decided to exterminate the word, mulatto.

Personally, I prefer the word for a mix of whatever your parents are: mutt.

Most of us are mutts. So let’s get rid of all this African-American nonsense.

Obama, if you can’t come out and acknowledge your poor mother, at least don’t insult white people by ignoring her. That goes for every one stuck on this absurdity.


Speaking of Obama’s articulations, here are a few that caught my eye;

Obama has said that he really admires Malcolm X’s because, “Whites might live beside blacks as brothers in Islam, which offers (him) some hope in the path of reconciliation.”

This means if all whites became Muslims, the blacks would like us better, racial prejudices from the whites would disappear, and black men could marry more than one white wife, therefore increasing the possibility of more mutts to be called African-Americans, and get elected.

He also said, “We are no longer just a Christian nation.” Oh really? Last time I looked up the stats, it seems the Christian majority is about 80%.

Here’s another one: “The arguments of Liberals are more often grounded in reason and fact.”

Sorry to tell you Mr. Adams, but the liberals are so ignorant and uneducated that they honestly believe socialism and the redistribution of wealth is the way to save the world.

Having never learned from the tyrants of historical record like our forefathers did, about the fact that it’s the sure way to destroy any nation, they go on in their completely ignorant way.

Or maybe it’s because they know it’s the best way for a handful of aristocrats to grab power over the world, and in that case, they are pretending to be dumb for their own greed and lust.

This leads to the subject of the seemingly horrible education of Hillary Clinton.

From where this nobody stands today, the only difference between Hillary plans for the United States takeover and Hugo Chavez takeover of Venezuela is that Hugo can actually tell a joke.

Hugo wants socialism! So does Hillary! Hugo wants to take over the oil companies! So does Hillary! Both are for big government and the redistribution of taxpayers money!

What’s the difference?

The only difference is that here in the United States the media is mostly already controlled by the Socialist Democrats and Hugo has just been given permission to get his state controlled media in tact. He is already training thousands of students for free, in the art of the controlling the masses, copying the great example of our Hollywood friends. He will catch up to Hillary in no time.

After all, Jimmy Carter helped put him in power. I have no doubt some of America’s finest producers from Hollywood are down there at this very moment helping to set up the schools. Manipulating the public is one of America’s finest arts.

Spin is our specialty.

For example, in order to let you know that Hillary is one tough cookie on Iraq and protecting America, she knows she can’t come out and be a hawk (which she isn’t) to her liberal base, so she critizes John Kerry for the way he ran his campaign, bringing up the subject herself to make the point she wants to make to conservatives.

She said, “When you’re attacked, you have to deck your opponent.”

Ooooooooo….spoken like a true cowboy.

This was also very clever because she was also warning all Americans citizens that once she is in power, if you cross her, you might want to move to Venezuela. At least Hugo has a sense of humor.


Speaking of a sense of humor, Vermont is now paying family members $10.00 an hour to take care of their sick relatives.

One thing you have to say about the New Democrats…they are very creative when it comes to thinking up new ways to put every single person in America on a government paycheck.

This means that if every single person worked for the government, they will think twice about attacking the Democrats that will be running it.

That is one of the reasons why most government jobs are filled with “African Americans.” They would dare vote themselves out of a job. It also has helped the Democrats to building a slave class of yes-men they can count on.


Speaking of Hillary and yes-men, Manie Davis was on Bill O’Reilly radio program today talking about how wonderful Hillary was as a person. Bill is doing the two-step to get an interview with Hillary, saying he felt sorry for her having to take all the personal attacks.

Gee…he never felt sorry for President Bush. Why is this, because she’s a woman?

Manie knows Hillary needs to get on O’Rielly, with a soft interview.

O’Rielly said that Dick Morris hates Hillary, and his hatred was illogical.

This nobody has noticed that both Bill Clinton AND Dick Morris seem to be promoting Senator Huckabee from Arkansas.

Which means that MAYBE Bill is actually scared of Hillary becoming President, or that they need a third party running in order for her to actually get elected.

I’ve always suspected that Dick is still working for, if not Bill, then his policies.

Huckabee (a republican) is being made out to be the perfect conservative. This will go on until he gets in office, and then we will see “compassionate” conservative, just like what we saw in Arnold.

A candidate we don’t even recognize.

After all, we watched our President turn on his own people by signing the merging of Canada, Mexico, and Canada into a new country, without even asking us.

Who would have ever though it possible?


So John, I’m afraid to tell you that America has changed. The aristocracy you recognized and rebelled against so long ago, is not only more encroaching, more grasping, more restless, and so ungovernable that even if I told you that the educational system was STILL the best in the world (instead of the worst) and the people were up in arms about the overwhelming tyranny being tolerate, the fact is that the new “aristocracy” that has grabbed the American government today is beyond repair and have set themselves up securely so as not to be challenged or damaged without a complete revolution from the people.

And to make sure that another American Revolution never happens again, great expense has been put into non-lethal weapons.

Things look actually much worse than when you lived Mr. Adams, and unfortunately now it takes a great sense of humor just to get through the day.

Even though many brave citizens are writing dissertations on the events of our time, it going to take more than a revolution to change it all.

We might actually have to leave the planet. What we need John, is more men and woman like our founders.

Otherwise, we are condemned to suffer infinity of more aristocratic absurdities, which are as endless as their ability to create more government jobs.

I wonder when the damn will break?

Nobody’s Perfect; Ralm Emanuel, the new Muslim representative, use to work for Bill and Hillary Clinton, so he is supporting Hillary for President. His brother though got together with Obama’s brother (who Obama is proud to say is a Muslim) and both are voting for Obama.

Since when do we have to know what everybody’s brother does?

Nobody Knows; I’m having a hard time believing Joe Biden is even getting in the race. He knows, like Ralph Nader, he’s not going to win.

So what’s the real reason…money?

Nobody’s Cares; The fee for becoming a legal citizen has just doubled from a little over three hundred dollars to six hundred.

This means they know they are going to pass an amnesty bill soon, and wanted to get more bucks.

Also, I found it amusing that many people are asking the Cubans in Miami NOT to celebrate too much when Castro dies, but no one is asking Jane Fonda to get a grip.

Nobody wins
; The Iraq police academy has an Olympic size swimming pool, paid for by us.

No wonder they don’t want to go to work. Why not flunk every class and get paid to swim all day? Socialism is coming to Iraq.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Horizen Project Falls Off a Dark Rift

Nobody’s Opinion:

If you have been worrying about the upcoming takeover by the “axis of evil” (Hillary, Bill, and what ever Vice President they decide to pick.) I’ve got good news for you.

Last night I heard for the first time something that will make that worry seems as unimportant as “Now, just where I did I leave my glasses?”

It’s called…The Dark Rift.

No, this is not the fight between President Bush and his thoughts of wiping Iran off the map, nor is it about Hillary’s rifts with her evil man--- it’s all about the place called the Galactic Plain: sort of a path on the cosmic dust highway we are heading for on our journey around the universe.

According to a few scientists, who say they are 100% sure about this, (which right away should tell you something) the earth is going to go crashing off this “Dark Rift” in ten years, like a bus going over a cliff.

There we will be, riding along on our little bus “earth” and then one day..wham!

We are all going to be jolted suddenly into the air while we are just walking along the parking lot at our local mall, and will get thrown off our feet, into the air about thirty feet, and who knows where we will land.

There is going to be an awful lot of swollen angles.

People in SUV’s will be protected.

Rosie O’ Donald might fall on Donald Trump.

Brittany Spears will actually be covered by falling men who will not argue over who was the father.

You see, according to these scientists, here’s how it basically works. Every so often, the earth being as cyclic as the moon and a woman’s monthly, goes over this humongous magnetic field which is caused by that pesky thing that is in the middle of all universes now (only recently mentioned to us), black holes.

And like our very own Congress, the bigger it grows, the faster it spins.

As every tax payer knows, black holes just get bigger and bigger.

This spinning “beam” of magnetic stuff coming out of the Milky Way’s black hole, which the earth passes every once in it’s meandering, will knock the mantle off, destroy all satellites, the atmosphere will be completely blown away, all the land masses will flood with huge waves of water, and one third of the population of the earth will instantly die, many of them while watching American Idol in their Malibu Homes.

The other one third will die from starvation, unless of course they learn how to eat roaches, rats, and fruitcake, which as everyone knows, survive everything.

Brent Miller has put this devastating news together for us because he wants us to…

Get ready.

First, learn how to grow your own Starbucks.

And move inland…in fact move as far inland as you can. Many scientists he said have already bought homes in Kentucky and Virginia.

John Edwards, that new Presidential candidate who looks like a boy scout, is taking this man very seriously. He is building his own mansion (for 6 million) in the heart of Virginia.

He will be ready.

Who was this guy I thought, so I followed Coast to Coast’s ( the late night radio program that he was on) leads and read that Brent Miller, just so you know, has over 30 patents on human interface recognition software. The stuff the governments are going to be using so they know exactly where each one of walking around on the earth are at every single minute of the day.

Right away I’m wondering about his “benevolent” motives to save the earth.

This is very reassuring because when this day that all the prophets talked about happens, Brent will personally be able to get everyone on earth right out in the open and up in the air to get their digital picture, which up to this time, has proved to be a bother.

Brent and his buddy sciencetists have been putting this doomsday puzzle together for quite a while he says. Taking everything that they possibly can from samples of ice at the North Pole, to studying ancient civilizations---and figuring this all out while he worked on the F-16.

He did admit that it was the sun that was causing all the recent wild weather. And that also, according to scientists, the next time Venus comes between the sun and the earth will be around June the 6th, 2012, the day the Incas and Aztecs say the earth will end.

God forbid we have a solar surge then he said because we will be fried, due to the fact that Venus will somehow cause the flare to become that much hotter.

And then, the scientist started doing what every liberal in the world says is an absolute no-no…he started reading from revelations in the Bible to prove his point.

The tsunami waves will be so big, that most of Asia will be wiped off the map.

Ten years is not a very long time to get our stuff together. I have to learn how to grow food in my back yard, learn how to live without my computers, and learn how to ice skate.

It might take me ten years just to learn how to cook without an oven. I have trouble cooking with the one in my kitchen. I might just have to settle for dog food covered in chocolate.

I saw Michio Kaku today on the Science channel today talking about what the world will be like in 2056. Somehow, Michio did not seem too upset about this Catastrophic Cycle which is coming at us so fast. In fact, he didn’t even mention it.

Could Michio not be aware? Wouldn’t he be the first one to tell us if this was real?

Brent says that’s the trouble, only a very few people on the earth know about the final days on the earth. People just don’t want to believe it.

Maybe that’s because the catastrophic cycle of the upcoming Presidential elections seem much more threatening right now.

This nobody suggests that we should at least make Mr. Miller get together and debate this with Al Gore---and may the best man win.

After all, Al Gore has already made his movie, Brent better catch up. He could call it “Inconveniently Revising the Inconvenient Truth.”

While I conveniently not bother to see either one.

In the meantime, I’m going to practice jumping and falling down with grace.

Nobody’s Perfect; Let’s just say, that this guy is right (not that I’m saying)...that would mean that Bill and Hillary Clinton know what’s coming, and know that to reverse our whole humanity into windmills energy will be the smart thing to do, because everything else will be completely destroyed.

That would make them actually good people for caring, I suppose….

What am I drinking?

Nobody Knows; Brent does make a good point about how we should be having very knowledgeable people gathering information from all the scientists and looking for patterns or answers.

Anyone who has been to a doctor lately knows that this specialization stuff can kill ya.

Nobody Cares; So, what are we going to do if this happens? Dig tunnels? Stock up on food and water for six months. Refuse to pay any more taxes? Start fights NOW with the inlaws we hate?

Maybe the “powers” that be have decided that Y2K and the electrical grids going down are not working. Too many of us are buying big digital screen TV in order to watch football instead of stocking up on six months supplies of food and water.

To get us to start doing that has been pretty difficult so what better why than to make up another horror doomsday story, like the earth getting smacked around by a gigantic intergalactic big black hole bat?

I wonder if Jack Bauer will be in the movie.

Nobody’s Fool: Having said all that, if you have read any Mike LaSalle’s stuff on the universe…there could be something to this.

Mike? Any thoughts?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Nobody’s Opinion: While Hillary was making her fabulous coming out party in Iowa, while John Kerry was hanging out in Davos with the likes of Bono, once again doing what he does best (putting down America), while Prince Charles and his Camilla were hanging out at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, trying to show that they truly DO believe in democracy even if they are royalty, I was reading some magazines.

I like to read an article every day in various magazines: Newsmax, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Science, Inventor’s Digest…even Reader’s Digest.

It’s like a warm-up exercise.

Since I’m new to this writing stuff, about nine months ago I got a subscription to Writer’s Digest. This month on the first page I discovered that the Editor was leaving, and a new one was taking her place. When National Geographic did this, the whole book changed into a global warming advertisement, with leftist leaning on the poverty of the world. Right away I knew this was not a good sign.

Very noticeable on the Contests page was a picture of Che Guevara…SPOTLIGHT: it says. “The Rebel’s Guide to Getting Published.”

Well, that’s bound to come in handy for the communist takeover. As we all know, the liberals are going to need all the Marists writers it can get.

Then, a few pages later I get to the Editor’s parting remarks (Kristin D. Godsey) and guess what’s bothering her?


“Is it too soon for a blog backlash? For someone who spends as much time online as I do, I have to say, it’s starting to feel like a bit much…do I need to get everyone’s perspective? The overall effect is leaving me a little…bored,” she laments.

Now…I have noticed that all the winners in the contests put on by this magazine almost ALWAYS go to the “gay” guy who talks about his experiences, or highly sexual content of some pervert and how he wanted to masturbate in front of his mother…so I knew right off from the start to not bother to enter.

God forbid I bore the editor.

I continue on to the article about “blogging” and the advice from it was “stay away from politics” on your blog because you’re more likely to get a serious professional to notice you.

Okay, I’m doomed again.

Turning the page, I noticed a NEW thing…a calendar with author’s birthdates. Now it was MY turn to think…how boring. Someone had made the decision that the new writers out there should memorized the birthdates of Betty Friedan, Helen Gurley Brown, John Steinbeck, Alex Haley, Lewis Carroll, Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking), and that gay genius who knew she was a genius, Gertrude Stein.

Okay, it’s obvious by the first few pages this magazine has been lost to the New World Order. It has now come out of the closet as propaganda for left to encourage new writers for them to use in other venues.

So, I put that one down and went on to Vanity Fair. This editor, Graydon Carter, didn’t even try to hide his hatred for the President.

“With the campaign over, Republican politicians could remover the American-flag pins they’ve nailed to their lapels for the past five years. Bush used 9/11 to tear the nation and the world apart.”

Actually, I owe him some thanks, I’ve been thinking about getting a 1776 flag tattoo, on my wrist, that way, when they go to “chip” me, they will be looking at it.

The very next issue had a whole layout of portraits of the new democrats; Osama, Hillary, (her minted portrait for her coin) Nancy (holding a red scarf) Trent Lot (the traitor) and the epitome of old boys power club called (the bulls) made up of Ted Kennedy, John Connors, Robert Byrd, John Dingell, and Charles Rangel.

For all their bluster about the Republicans being an “old boys club” this picture of the most powerful Democrats lets you know you are looking at it, the true inheritors of the robber barons. Senator Rockefeller must have been busy worrying about Bush bombing Iran that day and was too upset to show up.

Of course this is nothing new, this democratic portrait stuff. Right after John Kennedy Jr.’s plane went down, in the VERY next issue of his magazine, “George,” I saw the very same pictures…big portraits of Hillary, Madeleine Albright, and Bill Clinton.

I thought it was highly inappropriate at the time. Because, like many Americans, I did not buy the fact that he got lost in the fog.

Why? Because I actually read George, cover to cover, every month. And unlike Vanity Fair, John Kennedy as Editor was buffeting BOTH parties, towards the end with equal magnitude.

If he had run for Senator in New York, it would be John running for President now, instead of Hillary.

So, I put down the magazines, being rather “bored” and went back to the internet, to read the political blogs, where the people can speak their minds, and where there are editors who do NOT pick and choose articles, in order to promote the Marxist agenda.

And you can be sure, when Hillary is elected President, the internet will be the first thing she reaches out and censors.

Because it’s the last stand for the people’s voices to be heard.

Why else would Google (known to be good at censoring conservatives already) spend so much money to buy YouTube? You think it was just for the money?

The newspapers are losing their grip; I say we start attacking the magazines. (Who are owned by the same people.)

Unlike MS. Godfrey, I think the blogs on the internet are never boring, but rather amazing in every way. Hopefully, since the bloggers bore her so much, she will stay off the internet.

Nobody’s Perfect
: If you’ve ever looked at magazines at your local book store, it’s almost beyond belief that the people who are against damaging the environment have no qualms about putting out so many magazines with nothing worth reading in them.

I mean, just how many recopies of Apple pie crust do you need to print in the world? Especially when many do not even have the time to cook anymore?

Nobody Knows: How many of these editors are hand picked and controlled by political parties. (The Democrats.)

Nobody Cares; Bill Gates at the Davos convention in Switzerland said that the internet was going to take over the Television. Once that happens, the monopoly will be complete. He also is going to charge about $400.00 for Vista.

So that he can give your hard earned money to Africa.

Every few years he comes out with new “version.” By the year 2010, it will be at least one thousand to “upgrade.”

I wonder what it costs in China…don’t you?

Have you noticed that the words blog and blogger is not in Bill Gates Microsoft spell check program? Was this omission on purpose? Will Vista have the words? Someone check it out, and if it’s not, I hope all bloggers complain.

P.S. Mike LaSalle, here at MensNewsDaily continues to set a fine example of what how an outstanding editor works. He deserves all our thanks.