Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nobody Flashes Favorite E-Mail: The Noble Irena

Nobody Flashes: The Noble Rule, Number One...

When talking at a high school, Bill Gates gave the first and most important rule that all the kids should think about, and learn...

Rule No. One: Life is not fair, get used to it!

I kept going back to that all-too-obvious thought yesterday, when I heard on the national news that some of that "green" stimulus money that Americans were promised---money was going to create jobs here in America, actually went, (with the blessings of our Congress) to Finland in order to finance a manufacturing company that was going to make very expensive "green" cars.

And WHO was going to profit from all of these green jobs? Americans?

Guess again!

None other than that jolly ginormous green crunk himself...Al Gore the green-beanie "I want my expensive new electric car made in Finland" boy.

Which brings me to my favorite e-mail of the week...about the day that "life" (in the guise of--men) made a most unfair choice for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Next time life seems unfair...remember this gal...
Irena Sendler

******* In Honor of a Great Lady

The prize doesn't always go to the most deserving!
Unfortunately it goes to those who want to push their agenda.
Nonetheless there are still real winners out there!!
Here is one ........ Irena Sendler

There recently was a death of a 98 year-old lady named Irena. During WWII, Irena, got permission to work in the Warsaw Ghetto, as a Plumbing/Sewer specialist. She had an 'ulterior motive'...She KNEW what the Nazi's plans were for the Jews, (being German.) Irena smuggled infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried and she carried in the back of her truck a burlap sack, (for larger kids.) She also had a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto. The soldiers of course wanted nothing to do with the dog and the barking covered the kids/infants noises.

During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2500 kids/infants. She was caught, and the Nazis broke both her legs, arms and beat her severely. Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she smuggled out and kept them in a glass jar, buried under a tree in her back yard.

After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived it and reunited the family. Most of course had been gassed. Those kids she helped got placed into foster family homes or adopted.

Last year Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize ... She was not selected.
Al Gore won, for a slide show on Global Warming.

Nobel nominee


In 2007 considerable publicity[11] accompanied Sendler's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.[12] While failed nominations for the award have not been officially announced by the Nobel organization for 50 years, the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo, reported in 2007 that Irena Sendler's nominator had made the nomination public. [13] Regardless of its legitimacy, talk of the nomination focused a spotlight on Sendler and her wartime achievements. The 2007 award instead went to Al Gore, a former Vice President of the United States, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

So, Bill Gates was right. Life is NOT fair, but that doesn't give men the right to make it even more unfair. And that's why men everywhere will always fight injustices imposed by unfair "men."

The disparities of life are hard enough, without men like Al Gore being claimed to be a "noble" man.

But then again...the "Nobel Peace Prize" is not the place for such a magnificent creature as Irena...I'm sure Obama will get his due someday..we won't have to wait too long, probably by next week. The kids need to add another line to their songs...
Barack Huessin Obama...hmmm...hmmmm.hmmm
He saved us all from the fall, along with his pal Al
Barack Husesin Obama...hmm..hmm.hmmm
He now has eyed the Noble Prize for Peace among all men...
Hmmm, hmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?


Friday, September 25, 2009

Nobody Wins: A President Censors Glenn Beck

Nobody's Fool: It's Friday...and all week long Glenn Beck has been advertising his, "Do not miss this---mothers concerned about their kids in school" show to the world.
But missed it we did...and why? Because Obama didn't want us to see that damaging video again. "President" Obama timed a news conference right at the hour that Glenn's program came on. He broke in on it, and it worked.
Fox showed Obama's empty speech, which was mostly about how he was going to fix the world and how he had saved the financial world...and how he knew Iran had nukes, ALL ALONG!!! And by dismantling nukes, all nations now had more power to stop Iran.
My god...we have a madman. The man is absolutely mad.
He talked, once again for 45 minutes about himself, and how he is solving the problems of the world, thereby causing the world to miss Glenn Beck, (who had black women in his audience, black women who loved America.)
Don't tell me it wasn't deliberate. Of course it was.
Was he deliberately lying about how he didn't know if Iran was gearing up their nuclear program? He admitted it today...but, dictators don't lie you know.
I was especially interested in this program, because my son had been kicked out of school years ago for the crime of "not having a doctor's diagnosis" therefore he was not allowed to graduate.
How would you like it, if your child showed up to his first day of senior high, and they just told him, he couldn't come in? Go home. So what if you've done nothing wrong? So what if you're at the top of your're mother is a pesky woman.
Yep, the neighbors kid could sell drugs daily and was busted but was allowed to graduate with his classmates, because his mom was running for election, but not mine. I was a troublemaker...there was no trial.
I was a parent that was always up at the local schools, asking questions, wanting answers, and they took it out on my son. They kicked him out, and he got a GED, but not without a lot of tears from his mom, because she couldn't protect him from a system that was worse than Russia. I wanted to take it to the media, but there is only one paper here in St. Louis, and they are about as "state" run leftest as you can get. The reporter wanted to do a story...but couldn't. He just wouldn't touch the story of the boy who was kicked out of school illegally, and for no reason.
Now, if only he had been black.
This terrible injustice to my son, woke me up long ago, and I doubt, if my son had not come down with DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phrase Syndrome) I would have never in a million years known the extent of entrenched corruption that had a hold of our country.
You see, most parents, are busy trying to make a living, and they trust the schools. The kids don't talk about school, so the parents never know. And let's face it, life can be hard enough then to have to go up to a school everyday and demand to know what's going on.
And we saw that corrupt system rear it's ugly head again today. Glenn Beck showed that horrible video of little kids being brainwashed. And Obama, came out with his speech--at exactly the right moment.
Now, the dictator of the world can throw anyone under the bus. I saw the last fifteen minutes of the program. I don't know if FOX will rerun it.
It might seem like a trivial thing....after all, Glenn Beck was talking to just nobody mothers, for goodness sakes...the G-20 meeting is much more important.
Yeah, well, that's what the NEWS is for. Obama's had to spin all the failures about his foreign policy and financial destruction of our country, to tell us how he has saved everything...again.
THE MAN IS MAD! Mad! Good God, we have a Communist as President!!!!
Will the country wake up in time? are you? future is at hand.
Unless more of us speak up. Unless the blacks in this country think about just exactly what communism means, that this man lies, and will through them under the bus, too...unless, good men come forward, this man will take us all to hell.
It is not the time to be good little boys and girls. This is not the time.
(Nobody apologizes for the passion...nobody.)


Thursday, September 24, 2009

THe Battle Hymn of the Obama "Republic"

Nobody Wins:

After learning the brand new Battle Hymn of the Obama Republic, and performing it very grandly for the nation; all the children in MS Bethany's class of first graders were then assigned to write a letter to the most proud President Barak Hussein Obama and ask him just one question.

So little Robert---after giving it much thought...asked the most important question that he could think of...

In fact, it was one that most of us would like to know....

(Nobody Makes This Stuff Up)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nobody Reports What Nobody Reports About the UN Speeches

Nobody Reports:

That’s pretty much my expression while watching the speeches of Obama and Gaddafi this morning on FOX, and if you get chills up your leg from watching bloviating, megalomaniacal psychopathic world leaders talk, then this was the ticket.

“Hey, here comes Obama---strutting. He’s ready…teleprompter is working. Okay--he is different than that horrible Shankopatamus President George Bush that the world hated, and he is really proud of all he has done to change Bush’s work so far. He does not torture terrorists, or make women have unwanted babies---he shut down and set free most of Guantanamo, and got rid of all those pesky nuclear bombs we had all over--- Hey, he forgot to say that he now has more Czars than Russia! And Castro, Chavez, all those communists dictators really love him…how could he forget to mention that?”

“He paid up all our bills at the UN, therefore he now wants to lead the world, and in order for him to do this, he realizes…that…all countries need to be on an equal playing field, and so, since America has always been superior to all other nations, it’s time we give it up. And he will also lead the way into solving all the world’s poverty, water, and food problems, and save the ice caps…or his name is not…Wait…you’re not applauding…what’s wrong with you people? I’m handing you the whole United States and you’re not applauding me?”

“Oh boy, everyone is quiet…not good.” (Baby reports that despite what the newscasters said, the applause sounded…very lame…almost fake.)

“He is mentioning FDR founding the United Nations…you know, the man who serve four terms? Bill Clinton can’t get over that 22nd amendment either. If all the nations (especially the first Afro-President) would just keep one dictator in place, Obama could run the world better…and the extensions of his Presidency to four terms would be a nice start.”

“zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Did I just fall asleep? I did!” (Baby, who will grow up to act like an unruly American teenager, rolls over and forces her eyes to---open---one at a time)

“Finally…what I miss? It’s OVER? What’s wrong? Obama looks VERY upset. Like he was just slapped in the face! Like he expected the whole universe, and the sun, along with Hillary Clinton to jump up and applaud his new plans for the NEW United Nations World ORDER!! Wait--- he is practically running out of the building! Michelle looks very upset too? What happened? They are both red in the face? Wow. Did Ahmadinejad spit, and forget to cover?”

“Okay, here’s comes Obama’s butt-boy, Gaddafi. What an outfit! Check this guy out…waving…look, there’s a big, fat, African lady jiggling all over with love!"

"Love the pin, bro! A big Black Africa pin! I want one. Brother Jones be proud.”

“He says he is the leader of the African Nation but---he doesn’t LOOK African. He looks like a Muslim. I can’t keep up with this stuff.”

“Oh my---he’s talking about how those terrorists superpowers rule over the other little nation…and it’s not fair. He’s just now getting that “Democracies” don’t work, only Republics? Duh—even babies know that fact.”

“Now he’s waving around a little book. He’s mad because in the book it says “equality” for all nations, and there is none. There have been 65 wars. He’s going to tear it up!”

Go for it! Gadaf! He’s going to do it…he…Ah…darn!

“Now, he says the big countries are terrorists, not him. He wants equal representation for the African nations on the big-boy council. He wants African veto. The Indian nation should not be allowed--- in."

AND... Africa wants reparations. The African nation fruit has been stolen from the Europeans he says, and he insists that $77 trillion dollars should just about do it for all the abuse the Africans have taken. After all, Italy has given them money, for all their abuse. Oh look, Italy is clapping!”

“Gee, $77 trillion dollars…that’s a lot of bananas.”

“He wants free vaccines too, for the virus that is being spread by evil people from America just to make money.”

“And the United States should stay out of Iraq and Afghanistan and civil wars.”

“Wow…he called Obama, his son…and said a Kenyan is now President of the United States. Well, that just about solves the “birther” question. If anyone should know if Obama was born in Kenya, it would be his father. Gadafi loves Obama, his son. Obama could bring the UN back to Square One, he said. They should then, move the entire United Nations to Africa, because everyone has jet lag…everyone is falling asleep.”

“Hey, that’s a great idea! Why are they calling him nuts? He LOVES our President! In fact, he wants Obama to stay President forever! And he wants Louis Farrakhan to come back to his tent again tonight...and bring the boys!”

“Wait, now he says JFK was murdered by a communist who was murdered by a Jew, therefore the Jews killed JFK…what? Did they pay a Jew to kill the communist because JFK was looking into Israel nuclear plants? Okay. Who killed Martin Luther King? What does this have to do with the fact that President Bush had no right killed Hussein? I mean, what did Hussein do that was so wrong?”

“And superpowers had no right to go into Vietnam, or Korea, and Bill Clinton’s Oval Office."

"Hey, I want to know if the Jews took the Roswell Aliens.”

(I thought I had trouble with conspiracies, this guy has got even me beat.)

“Look, there’s Hillary in a bright blue suit, sitting next to Obama’s girlfriend---looking good!--poor girl. She is never going to get over having to sit and watch Obama get all the attention, for the position that was promised her. If only she had had a sex change, that might have made her voice deeper."

“Hillary!…there is still time for that sex change! You go girl!”

“Wait, Gadafi is talking about criminal courts, and suggesting we hang President George Bush for war crimes. And Hamas will protect the Jews? What, are they going to send them all on a cruise? And those poor Somalis pirates---someone stole their fish!”

“Hey—they turned him off! The interpreter…just stops talking…It was just getting good!”

“Wait…Fox has breaking news, a little girl was run over by a van, but did not get hurt…”

Go back! Gadafi’s not finished!"

“Why didn’t they talk about the shoot out that closed down the San Diego border last night? Three white vans were chased and two men shot in the head, and I heard that on the radio…and…”

(Baby flips channel to CNN ) "There he is. I think he is complaining about those pesky Jews again, but you can’t tell, they’ve changed interpreters.”

Baby gets bored...eats...fingers.

Well, one thing seemed certain. Gadafi was there to support Obama and all his themes of equal nations, and African redistribution, not only to US Africans, but to all Africans all over the world. Obama is doing all he can to destroy America, and you have to ask yourself---How could Obama be surprised that this room full of terrorists was not exactly warm to his big global surrender speech? He is in a room of hard core liars, murderers and extortionists…it takes one to know one, and they know he is…a prima donna with no clue to what he is up against.

This ain’t Chicago. And even though the mob was run by a Jew, (Who ran casino's in Iran before the revolution) and Obama's right hand man at the White House is a Jew--- it doesn't seem to bother the Muslim and communists dictators all over the world.

But you got to give it too him. He is trying really hard to “change” the face of America for all time. Financial destruction, floods, fires, racial tensions, Joe Biden…Universal Health Care to get rid of those baby boomers..they are just not enough—

For this man to stay in power, he is going to need a little help from his friends.

And they all…love him. We have a President who prefers dictators, thugs, and terrorist as his friends. It may not be the first time, but it might be the last.

Pass me my pacifier, I’m going to need it.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nobody Cares About the United Nations

Nobody Cares: No longer will the diplomatic gathering from all Nations of the world to attend the great United Nations full-fest, have to "obtain" their own fun any longer!
Acorn has many talents...and so, due to it's recent troubles, (and obvious talents) it has been put to work to take care of a problem, that they are very experienced in.
Talent like this should NOT be wasted!
Acorn, with the help of Barney Frank, is bringing in the necessary picks of beautiful women (and boys) by the planeload, to be provided as special favors courtesy of the new American foreign policy of "let's reset the buttons!"
Some say that the Diversity Czar made sure all "choices" bought in from other countries were given the proper papers and work visa's.
It was also granted by Presidential executive order, that all these workers recieve diplomatic immunity while they are here...which could be...if it's up to Bill Clinton...forever.
(Nobody makes this stuff up)


Monday, September 21, 2009

To Pester Or Not to Pester..or the REAL Definition of "Rude"

Nobody’s Opinion; Yesterday, I was busy doing stuff, and not in a very good mood from thinking about the consequences of all the horrible events that will be coming our way soon…when it happened.

I lost it--- my temper that is.

First off, I was not exactly thrilled with Obama’s “I will give you the world, if you only let me rule your lives from cradle to grave.” speeches. Turn the channel and there’s Ahmahiajad with the same calming, sweet, “If I never get mad than you will know that I speak the truth.” dictator crap, and he was not looking much different than the President.
Turn the channel and you get thousands of Cubans gathered together in Cuba to beg the United States for help. Flip again and there is another big crisis…anarchy will come if the “rich” countries do not pay for the vaccinations of the rest of the poor word for the upcoming pig flu, (where no pigs were found to have the flu and evidently the pigs that invented this flu were in universities) and well…as the man said in England recently--- you can’t get blood out of a turnip, but that doesn’t keep them from trying.

As I listen to Obama promise to give free college educations to everyone, and free health care to everyone, and lots of jobs, and that taxpayers will pay for all the “new” research that will have to be done…I was getting in a real RAMBO mood…”*%&#$ the world.”

You can’t help but wonder…How can any sane man say such absurdities? Does he thinks money grows in cyberspace?

That’s exactly where it grows. They push a button, and you owe. If you don’t have it, then you’d better find it, or be fined.

Our country is being transformed into Obama’s secret global General Electric fascist playground and we are not supposed to get angry or even be allowed to express one single little syllable of an exclamation of outrage about it.

So, all this stuff was going on in my head when I lost it, here's how it happened:

Every single day I get some telephone call from some charity that wants money. Not only that, I get requests for money from every “Republican” organization and politician that ever lived. I don’t get the Democratic ones, but then, they know better. If you’d just donate so much, the e-mails say, we can fight Obama, and win.

Oh sure.

It used to be, once a year the local police would call for some “dance.” I could handle that---but those days are gone.

I got a call last month from a policeman wanting money for his “police dogs against drugs” program. They go into schools with their dogs and “scare” the kids I guess. So I sent him $25 dollars because I like dogs, and I hate our drug infested schools.

The very next week this black man calls me again, saying he’s calling to get my “pledge.”

“I just sent you $25 dollars.” I said.

“Yeah, I know, but…”

“’Well, I’ve giving so much to charity this year, I’m about out.”

“Well, if you will just pay what you pledged...”

“I DID, and I can’t afford to give more right now. I said call me again next year, that’s what I meant…next year, not next week.”

Never mind that these people ACT like you OWE them money because you made the horrible mistake of giving to them once.

So I got mad, and I told him so, because he was not listening. I said,” You know, it won’t matter how much money I give you, if the school administrators don’t go with the program, our kids are doomed.”

“Well, we need your…(yada, yada)…today.”

By this time, I became my mother. I’d had enough.

“Listen, I’m getting mad. I went up to my local school, when my 9- year-old son came home and told me there were needles in the boy’s restroom trash can, and I told the Principal and she said, and I quote, “We do not have drugs in our school.”

Now, I was not yelling at him, but I was yelling…sort of.” (Official note: my yelling sounds like Minnie Mouse yelling at Mickey….in other words, pretty lame.)

And then he said, “Hey…you have no right to yell at me”

“Well, then---STOP CALLING HERE!” And I hung up.

As far as I was concerned I had been harassed for his “charity” long enough. They just kept pestering me every other day. And they never took no as an answer.

What--- do they train these kids in “pestering” in the first grade? Is this the NEW WORLD ORDER of getting what you want? Is this why Obama is on TV every single day?

“NO…we don’t want your health care plan, Obama!”

“Well, you will just have to deal with it.”

Here’s another example: I have a black teenage boy that comes to me from down the street, every week, and wants to mow my lawn for $25. No matter what color this boy was, I would tell him the same thing…

“No thanks, I do it myself when I get around to it.”

And he is shocked every time, and he keeps coming, and you can tell he thinks I’m not giving him the job bcause he is black.

Now, as much as I admire his work ethic, I just can’t afford it, and I need the exercise, and I tell him that…but he thinks I’m lying.

And that’s because the Democrats have kept up this “white people are out to get black people" for so long, they now will not take no for an answer. For some ungodly reason they think all white people got bags of money that they are hiding from the blacks, and every white person has now an obligation to give the blacks a job…because they are black.

Obama has promised them the moon---free education, free housing, free health care…and all the white people will be made to give them their money. He’s admitted that he wants the money from the whites to go to the blacks, and he is going to take over the college funds so that he can make sure that the blacks will have first bids on all the new nurses and doctors educations, because there will be a big shortage.
And that’s Obama. He will force us all to his commuinsts redistritubtion, where all the cream will go to his “people” and you, the white man, better not yell about it.

If you even complain about your “rights” then you are “rude” according to Obama.

It’s an old liberal ploy…they hurt you, they calmly take away your rights and your freedoms, and IF you so much as dare raise your voice, then you are cut off, and they win the game. When they have the power, they use it.

Stalin used this well too. You want to talk about “rude?” “Rude” is trying to force something on someone who doesn’t want it.

How do you deal with this attitude? I don’t know. But, I know one thing. I don’t think that guy is going to call me back, thank God.

Keep the masses, controlled. You will not be allowed to complain.

Obama thinks we’re rude? Hey---the American people are just warming up. Push us too far, and we WILL push back, or we’ll just hang up.