Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nobody Gets Email: Let's Hear it for the MEN!

Nobody Gets Email on a Saturday Night:


This week's email was sent by a REAL man...from Australia..who fights for truth, justice, and the most manly way!!

He is always educating me, and this week he answered a question I hadn't even thought about..or seen reported anywhere, which is:

WHY did the Republicans win so handsomely? Because of the men. The men, drove the House.

I guess the reason nobody talked about it, is because they didn't want to offend Hillary or Nancy Pelosi, who would have had a heck of a time explaining it.

So...thanks to every single man who voted! (And thanks to that most manly of men, amfortas)


Men Power Conservatives to a Landslide Victory
by Featured Guest on November 9, 2010

By Carey Roberts

Tuesday’s election marked a stunning turn-around for the Republican Party, which gained 60 new seats in the House and an six additional seats in the Senate. As much as any other demographic, it was conservative men who brought the GOP back from two dreary years in the political wilderness.

Overall, 56% of the male electorate voted Republican, compared to 49% of women, according to exit polls: While women are known to outnumber men, the 7-point gender gap was more than enough for men to leverage the GOP to a ringing victory that resonated from the coal fields of Pennsylvania to the sun-kissed beaches of Florida and the bayous of Louisiana.

The male surge was felt across all major racial/ethnic groups. Compared to 2008, the percentage of white male voters who voted Republican expanded from 54% to 63%, according to the CNN exit polls. Same with Latino men, who saw an increase from 28% to 38%. And the number of Black males swept into the GOP ranks doubled, going from 7% in 2008 to 14% in 2010.

In race after race, energized men rescued the Republican Party from its electoral doldrums.

Take Florida, where the charismatic Marco Rubio handily beat Charlie Crist. While 64% of men pulled the lever for Rubio, only 44% of women did the same, handing Rubio a unassailable 20-point gender gap advantage among men.

In New Hampshire, 65% of men supported former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, compared to 55% of women. Thanks to the guy vote, Ayotte cruised to an easy victory over Democrat Paul Hodes.

In Pennsylvania, Republican Pat Toomey slid into a virtual tie with Democrat Joe Sestak during the final two weeks of the race. And on Tuesday, Toomey notched a 10-point advantage with the male electorate, handing him the sorely-needed victory.

In Wisconsin, men again spelled the difference. A year ago, all the pollsters were betting Sen. Russell Feingold would cruise to an easy re-election. But on Tuesday, men confounded the pundits, spotting an 8-point advantage over the ladies.

Even in races in which the Republican party did not prevail, the male vote turned what would have been a lop-sided Democratic victory into an Election Day nail-biter. In Colorado, 53% of the guys voted to return the state into the red column, compared to 39% of the gals. But in the end, Michael Bennett eked out the win over GOPer Ken Buck.

In the senatorial races in Arkansas, Illinois, and South Carolina, the female vote exerted a decisive effect for Republicans. But more often, the female electorate tended to split between the two parties, casting men as the electoral decision-maker, such as in Indiana (Dan Coats), Ohio (Rob Portman), and in innumerable House races.

The pervasive impact of men on Tuesday’s election should not have come as a surprise.

This past April the Pew Research Center released a poll showing 52% of men favored cutting back government programs. No surprise, the poll also revealed 56% of males supported the goals of the Tea Party movement.

In September, Democratic pollster Celina Lake noted the 2010 elections were shaping up to be “among the bigger gender gaps we’ve seen.” And a Marist poll found 48% of Republican men were “very enthusiastic” about voting, with 28% of Democratic women being similarly animated.

Last June I predicted that the 2010 mid-term elections were shaping up to be a “Perfect Electoral Storm” based on the male electorate’s “resolute antipathy to creeping socialism.”

Now all conservatives, men and women alike, need to work together to restore fiscal sanity, preserve the family, and undo the damage of the last two years.

Originally published at The Daily Caller:


Friday, November 12, 2010

Nobody Care That Everyone at the Airport Feels Like a Nazi-Jew

Nobody Cares that someone somewhere has thought of the perfect solution for finding terrorists at the airports. (See Box Below)
And Nobody Cares that our government wouldn't even consider what a great determent this would be against any man wanting his place among the virgins and destroy the evil Satan, America.
You have everyone step into a big blue box, which will detonate any explosives on your body.
If you refuse, you can't board the plane, or you blow up, you're choice. Think of all the money you would save on lawyers fees alone!
We could all keep our shoes on, and clothes on, and dignity intact, and most importantly, go on to live healthy lives working ourselves to death, without coming down with cancer from being exposed to radiation everytime we get on a plane.

And Nobody Cares what anyone wears to the airport anymore.
So, here are two outfits I suggest you can wear the next time you fly.
But there is a risk...with the "I am a walking a bed" outfit, might make you lose your flight, or you will get a free flight. It all depends on how you wear it.
As for the other looks like free gum. If they are going to grope, give them something to gum!
Once're choice.
NOTE: If you think there IS no such thing as a Nazi-Jew...remember Hilter was part Jewish.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nobody's Fool: Protecting the "Office"

Nobody's Fool: So, here's what I think.
I was watching the end of Bill O'Reilly's interview with George W. tonight, and at the end, Bill had come to the conclusion that George W. Bush really didn't know about the collapse that was coming to Wall Street.
Uh...doesn't he have a business degree from Harvard?
And to that I say: anyone that believes that George W. Bush could not have foreseen it coming is either 1. Not very bright or 2. Protecting the reputation of the President for some reason unknown to us.
I like to think Bill falls into the number 2. category.
But what was really interesting was the display of the jets and the stage of the interview. It was held In an Air Force Museum in Ohio of all places...and George Bush made the comment that we were the mightiest army on the planet or something to that effect. With great bravado.
That was a blatant show of force to our enemies.
Something tells me they put a lot of thought into this stage, and for a reason. Not just to show how Republicans make better war leaders...there was much more to it.
Most people by now, think the missile that was launched from the shores of California was a missile to show force, or perhaps sent to shoot another enemies missile down.
Remember, we didn't really know how close we came to destruction in the Kennedy Cuban/missile crisis until years afterwards. Who knows what's going on?
And the day after that missile sighting, right about 5pm here in St. Louis, a jet took off from Boeing (I live about 10 minutes from the airport, where Boeing has a headquarters.) and I don't know what it was, but in all my lifetime I've never heard such a roar. I actually thought either a plane had crashed, or we were being attacked. We hear Boeing testing jets all the time, but this...this jet noise was a whole other dimension.
I ran outside to witness the end. But..all I heard was a blast as big as the twin towers falling.
(Maybe my good friend amfortas has a clue.)
Nobody reported anything about it, and that really bothers me.
Also , Glenn Beck had shows on all week going, "GET FOOD NOW...GET MONEY NOW!
I've stopped eating my peanut butter.
Point number 534...Obama took half the Navel fleet with him, and for what?
No group G-20 pictures? We see no pictures coming out of the meetings, or the 60,000 police who were hired to protect them. Evidently, it isn't going to well.
But we did get...a group picture of the first G-20 Business summit meetings. You know, some of these companies make more money than countries...and they want to be represented in the United Nations as equal to countries.
I guess George didn't know about that either.
George W. is such a likeable guy. Obama, also, is a likeable guy. That's their game face. Entertainers have it. You're stage act is a whole other you.
So, don't let them fool ya. Once you ride on Air Force One, and hold the key to the globe...and control whole armies at your command, you are no longer, nor can you pretend to be, the most innocent man on the block.
You are higher than any King. While some may admire the high road of silence George has
taken to preserve the office..all it does is make the office more powerful and more ominous.
George Bush mentioned AGAIN, that he is really sad that his brother isn't going to run for President.
But...if we didn't have a constitution, I swear...George Bush, despite what he says, he wants back in that office.
Don't they all.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nobody Knows The Missles I've Seen...

Nobody Knows: Today, a missile was launched right off the coast of San Diego, California. First time in U.S. history that this has happened in broad daylight.

Of course, our government denied it was a missile, they did NOT have sex with it.

All the daily reporters were really excited: Is it a plane? Is it a missile? Is it Nancy Pelosi celebrating her achievements at the 111th Congress at a special party with her family on a her own government issued nuclear submarine?"

Was Bill Clinton on that sub?

Was this a PR decoy to insure that no one would turn into Oprah interviewing George W.?

Or was this Obama's way of warning North Korea that since he will be just a few miles away from them at the G-20 summit being held in South Korea (Whose briany idea was that?), and since all the big heads of the world will be right near their borders...they'd better not think about hurting him.

No...Obama wouldn't waste a missile on that would he? Not after he complained so much about North Korea launching all those missiles at us!

Listen to what he said at Prague...(see video, and his cry for a strong global regime.)

So, just what was that lovely sight?

According to the very noble looking Admiral John Stufflebeem, X- Navy Commander of the Sixth fleet, who was talking to a bewildered Shepard Smith...(see interview here) it just could have been anything. A guy in his basement doing experiments, or some students wanting to become astronauts, or maybe it was just the weather. Our whole military complex had no clue what happened, nor did they care.

(Somewhere the military give "how to deny anything" classes...this guy was good.)

I'm waiting for tomorrow. Nobody Wonders if they are going to pull a weather balloon out of the ocean. took them a matter of minutes to arrest that inventor guy who flew the balloon he said his kid was up'd THINK by now they would have arrested someone.

And they wonder why we don't trust them.

I'm sure if we are attacked, they won't tell us the real truth as to who did it.

"We really don't know what hit us, but we think, it could have been a ...comet, or maybe a rogue plane, or global warming, or that pesky old balloon that came down at's been up there too long and collected just too much pollutition and bad cow gas, and when it exploded, it took out all of Detroit, and part of Iowa. Global warming is REAL, folks, we've been trying to tell ya. "

Now, sing along with the old tune of Nobody Knows the troubles I've seen...(If you remember THAT song, you're too old...go take a nap.)

"Nobody Knows the missiles I've seen..Nobody Knows but meeeee....."


Monday, November 08, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Olbermann VS Colber

Nobody's Perfect: True confession: I get these two guys mixed up. But I'm glad to say, they have finally distinguished themselves enough that I can actually tell them apart.

Yes, I'm talking about Keith Olbermann and Stephen Colbert, liberal media stars.

They both think they are funny, they both think they are the most articulate and satirical ego's walking the planet, and I can't handle more than 5 minutes of either one..

Therefore, I've always been confused.

But no more because the last few weeks both of these guys have been an embarrassment to their political parties...the same one they both support.

Let's start with Keith. A few days ago he received a 2-day suspension from his own TV show, for giving political donations to about three democrats.

First let me're kidding me...right?

Both these guys daily bombard (Okay, I have seen them on Fox clips) everything conservative, thereby influencing OTHER people to donate to liberals.

And really. Are they not citizens? I say that Keith should be able to give all his millions to the liberals. If GE can do it, why not Keith Olbermann?

And that's the point. I think this whole thing was contrived for the liberals to get some rules changed so that their ardent fans in the media could donate more.

These people do everything for a reason. Right away the "Progressive Change Campaign Organization" protested....How dare they suspend Keith for supporting progressive causes with his money. After all, he supports them in his every word, right?

Keith was so touched by their efforts he had this to say:

"Your efforts have been integral to the remedying of these recent events, and the results should remind us of the power of individuals spontaneously acting together to correct injustices great or small."

There it is: promoting the Marxist agenda with a comedian statement. The progressive plans to "right the injustices of all people on the plant with grabbing your money and giving it to whomever they deem needy. "

I'm sure he suffered the few days he got off.

Anyway, as bad as Keith is, at least he didn't do what Stephen Colbert did a few weeks ago.

He scarred his own children for life.

The video of their father dancing around in a superman cape, will sell all over the world. And
they might never live it down.

I know I wouldn't.

I'm staring at their pictures right now. You know...give me a few days, and I probably still won't be able to tell them apart.

Once Stephen gets gray hair, it's all over.


Sunday, November 07, 2010

Golfing With the Rich and Spooky

Nobody Opinion: Remember that song that made Modonna famous?
Holiday!, it will be so fine....
Okay. You're not as old as me.
Yes, Obama takes a lot of holidays. He was dancing with the kids in India, going to Museums, eating at the best restaurants in the world.. and I bet he went right from there to the nearest golf course.
Why do I say that?
Because...take it from me, a golf brat. (child of a addicted golfing parent) Many a big business deal takes place on the golf course. And in case you haven't noticed, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, AND Barack, seemed to play a LOT of golf while in office.
And as I sit watching Obama on Sixty Minutes tonight, trying to salvage the damage of the recent election...we all heard him talk the same blame game...everyone is to blame but himself.
He destroyed the country because we were in an "emergency" and the Republicans won't work with him, and that's not his fault. Completely not willing to give up any of his ideology. America is arrogant, he is not.
That's his story and he's sticking to it.
I don't know about you, but seeing him give so much attention to the deaths at the luxury hotel in Mumbai, and showing such little empathty and sorrow at the loss of life at 9/11, or the Ft. Hood tragedy,. makes me wonder if he isn't running for King of the World---the Presidency is just a stepping stone to his 'ideological' ambitions.
Anyway, that's old hat news. He is, what he is.
BUT...I came upon this little bit today by chance: This picture is of Obama playing golf at Martha's Vineyard with the President of the USB bank, Robert Wolf, last year. Obama met this guy at a meeting in Manhattan, giving by "spooky dude" Soros.
UBS is not a computer's a bank in Switzerland (Union Bank of Switzerland) notorious for how it handles our wealthy big guys. It is the world's biggest manager of private assets and hides the elite's vast fortunes away in offshore accounts, to escape US taxes.

It provides them with untraceable pay phones, encrypted computers, fake trusts, document-shredding and even counter-surveillance training.
That's right. while we keep hearing about how Obama wants the rich to pay...remember, its' a con. The real rich don't pay taxes...they play golf with Presidents of UBS Investment Banks, and then they put them (Robert Wolf in this case) on their White House Economic Advisory Board, even though they were the worst performing foreign bank in the world.
Bankers and Presidents...golfing buddies. And the banks play both sides. Here is an excerpt from the article I read at
Though not a household name in the United States, UBS is a major player in the Beltway game. During the 2008 campaign, while Robert Wolf was courting Democratic hopeful Obama, his UBS cohort, former Senator Phil Gramm, was working the other side of the street. As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee in the 1990s, Gramm, a corporate-friendly Texas Republican, played a key role in the deregulation of the banking industry, an act so central to the nation’s financial collapse. Since 2002, Gramm has been UBS Americas’ vice chairman. In 2008, he was the leading economics adviser for Obama’s opponent, John McCain—and even touted as a possible treasury secretary in a McCain administration.
Before this golf game was over, UBS gave the Treasury 780 million dollars. I call that a really good bet. Knowing Obama, he lied about his handicap.
So, what exactly do our Presidents do when they go on vacation?
They are brokers. For GE, Boeing, McDonalds---brokers of the big international companies.
We are 80% service here...the little guys trying to cope. sure the planet is set up for electric cars. And he will be sure to build an electrical grid here so we can plug in those cars. He will push this through...
And then, he go play golf, with Robert Wolf.
He did something right I guess, because for the first time in my life, while I was outside raking leaves, I saw a big military helicopter flying over my house. On its way no doubt to Boeing.
Either that or it was taking pictures of my superb method of leaf raking.
In the meantime, expect a lot more holidays for the Obama family.
Obama has had no problem spending us trillions into dept, and no problem spending billions on his vacations and trips to everywhere in the world
And I have a suggestion: Obama says that he will have to borrow the $700 billion dollars to give tax breaks to the rich.
Hey, Obama...stop the Holidays. That should cover it.
You want to play golf? Build yourself a course right next to Arlington. Stay home. It would save us all, billions in tax dollars. And maybe...just maybe, you will catch a glimpse of the thousand of white crosses of me who have given their lives for the America you so want to change.

GE..they bring future golf courses to life!