Friday, September 26, 2008

One Bank of Power, Rule by Information

Nobody’s Fool: Consider:

A mother is sitting in a high school principle’s office. Her son has just been assigned into an advanced Algebra III class. He flunked Algebra I, yet the next year he was put into Algebra II. Of course, he flunked Algebra II never having passed Algebra I. The mother demands that the school principal tell her why the school has done such an idiotic thing as putting him in another class he is bound to fail. The principal blames the computers, but keeps him in the class and assures the mother he will be just fine.

Due to the state’s accounting budget, to get money, the school has to show so many bodies showing up in the more advanced classes. When the boy “drops” out of high school, they don’t report it for two years so they can continue to collect the monetary funds from the state for his name being in the system.

The principal is making a six-income figure for this act of information control.

That same woman goes to the store to get dog food. On the corner at the stoplight, she sits waiting for the left-hand turn signal, and stares, in disbelief at the huge camera taking her image not 12 feet in front of her. Until now, hundreds of cameras have been going up at every stop light…gigantic, megalithic poles have been put up on all the local highways, monitoring “traffic.”
But, this one scares her.

At her local bank, she is told she can no longer deposit her husband’s check anymore, without him being present every time, due to the “Patriot” act. She is forced to set up an online banking account, and now she has to transfer his paycheck every single week. She has been banking at this bank for more than three decades. Like the principal, the bank officer is being controlled by new “rules.”

She pays her bills by check, but knows that checks will be obsolete soon. She will be forced to pay her bills online, and she’d better get use to it.

Google can now see into everyone’s yard. Cars can be traced; cell phones can be turned on and listened to without you even knowing it. “Chips” are in our groceries and clothing. At the airports, face recognition and even “mind” reading screens will be gathering information on every single human who travels.

And one wonders just what kind of “chips” are in the new HD TV’s?

So ask yourself, next time you hear of some laptops being stolen---if we now live in a world where knowledge is the real true wealth, worth much more than gold, do you really think that all this information is being collected to protect the citizens of the United States?

Or is it for the power to control your wealth, your life, and your children’s future?


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ellen Degeneres: The New Face of Cover Boy

Nobody Wins: Ellen Degeneres has been chosen as the new face of Cover Girl.


I can think of just about a dozen popular and young beautiful movie stars that, had I been the VP of Global Cosmetics of Procter and Gamble, would have actually been a better choice.

Let's face it, Ellen's lips are not exactly Angelina Jolie's.

Or is that the point? What? Does this mean that Revlon no longer likes women?

No offense meant to her. But Ellen does NOT consider herself a ...."girl." After all, she has a new "wife" which makes her a "Cover Boy."


But Esi Eggleston, the actual VP of Gl0bal cosmetics, had this to say: "Ellen is the quintessential Cover Girl."

Wow. Quintessential. Wow.

So, let me get this straight. You have to think you're a "man" to be the quintessentional woman...or Cover that it?

I have been laughing at all guys in Esquire looking very feminine, I guess now they want to make all the girls in the fashion mags look more masculine.

They will do anything to stop people from having kids and mucking up the earth, promoting homosexuality will put an end to that nonsense. At least that seems to be the plan.

There is some good news about this annoucement. Ellen Degenreas, a woman who most of her career has hated makeup, now, will have to be putting lipstick on everywhere she goes.

I must admit, I get a strange sadistic pleasure out of that.

And being the liberated man that she is...she's not going to like that. Kissing her new wife is going to be pretty messy. Arguments over whose lipstick is on whose glass might get confusing.

But, hey...she does have a new "wife" to support now....

So, a toast to Ellen, the new Cover Boy...Girl...Unisex?


Even though Revelon probably feels this is a real move in the right direction. Like all those Hollywood movies that nobody goes to see...I wonder just how many lipsticks Revelon is going to sell..and just what colors they are going to call their products.

A few suggestions for the new lipsticks: Nuptial Red Gay, Casanova Ellen Pink, Manly Ardor Sunbeam, Nipple Orange Confusion, Unibed Amber...

And my personal favorite: Cover Boy Red Roxy

Somebody tell me what just happened....cause this nobody has no clue.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

B.C.---Change the Definition of Citizenship to Commumism

Nobody Cares; I don't care how sweetly he talks, how slick his gimmick, how much he pretends to be the son of the Holy Grail....

I'm going to say it and I don't care who knows.

The man is despicable.

Right after Bush's Speech tonight, which was one of the most saddest things I've ever seen a President give in my lifetime, a speech where he pretty much was begging the American people to bail out the very rich of Wall Street...reading the lines as if he never saw them before...

There was Bill Clinton right after it...on Larry King talking about what HE wants.

Notice that CNN did NOT carry Bush's speech.

Bill Clinton said he wants to "Change the definition of citizenship."

How about we--- "Change the definition of what kind of power an x-President who want to be King of the world will be allowed by the people to have?"

In other words, he wants communism. As if the American people aren't getting screwed enough, he wants MORE out of us...

Giving up our retirements, vacations, new cars, to foot a global corporate government....just isn't enough for Bill.

He wants to make you feel guilty if someone is starving in Africa. He wants to brainwash all kids in American schools to always "advance the public interest before thier own."

After all, putting computers in African villages before they have water is starting to look bad. These people need money to buy our American electric bulbs. We need to start DONATING.

He wants what Obama will deliver...communism.

He wants a Civics test given to all people in the United States...where they pledge to "give something back to the world."

Or else.

Sounds like a dictator on steroids to me.

So, I say we do what old Billy boy wants. Let's "advance the public interest" and strip Bill Clinton of all his "global" power. Send him to some island where he can't escape. After all, they once sent Napoleon to an island, and Bill Clinton's crimes far exceed the little man.

Our first great President, George Washington, would have done it in a heartbeat. In fact, President George Washington would have tried and hung Bill Clinton for treason.

That's the truth.

Clinton...King of the World...wants you to put everyone else before yourself.


And nobody, but this nobody, gets upset about it.

Hey, I'm allowed to speak my mind...uuntil they come for me. And if I say too many things against Bill Clinton, they might.

Luckily I'm a nobody...I think Obama's got more to fear, as Hillary has hinted.

So, pretend I didn't say this...nope, not me. Bill Clinton is God.

God Bless Bill Clinton.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where Exactly IS the Exchange Stablization Fund?

Nobody Knows: Nobody knows just how and when a handful of Wall Street Thugs, got so much control over our politicians.

Nobody knows why none of them can seem to bring themselves to grant permission to our country to drill it's own oil reserves, but doesn't think twice about asking for the Exchange Stabilization Fund to be used to bail out very rich bad is, the last of the U.S. reserves.

And by the way...does it really exist?

Money is thicker than oil! If you went to an American public school, you would know this.

Also, nobody knows why Golden Paulson, our great treasury guru, wants to "auction" off our debt, and nobody knows just what countries will come in and buy us.

Will it be China, or Russia, or Dubai that will buy us up? Just who will finally end up owning the last great desert of property once called the United States...nobody knows.

But today, the secret was let out. Here is a drawing from a witness who was there and he manage to hide behind a log and draw this picture of three men who said their names were: Captain Jack Paulson, Barnacle Bernanke, and Rapid Dog Rangel.

It seems they were taking lessons in a secret location, and learning just how easily it is to destroy a country.

When you want to get something done, go to the people who can do it the best! And that's exactly what President Bush did. He handed it over to men who had been trained by experts.

Still, enquiring minds like this nobody's want to know why the news did NOT report today, in between the hysteria of the world ending (which we have been expecting for some time now) that Brittany Spears is upset with Obama.

Brittany wanted to donate her time and talents to help Obama out, and Obama told her "no thanks" because well...she's a drug addict.

Coming from a 'x'-cocaine user, that was pretty bad.

Nobody knows that I once had a doctor tell me that people never really EVER get off cocaine. Quitting cigarettes and heroin is much easier. Cocaine is the hardest drug of any to get off of.

And STILL, the National Enquirer does nothing.

For now, you should be thankful that I did not go into my usual rants on the state of the union, because at the moment, I don't feel like jumping down the rabbit hole of insanity. Scarlett would say: Tomorrow another day!


Monday, September 22, 2008

MS Pacman Meets TeethBling

Nobody's Perfect: How many people want to bet that the designer of this lovely hat played just a little too much MS Pacman?

I guess when you're a famous designer it's hard to come up with new and innovative designs year after year....therefore I suggest that whomever designed this Twiggy Goes to Pink Airhead School outfit, take a few pointers from this brand new design fashion from the rappers...

Teeth bling. Yes--it took the black rappers to come to the rescue of their black brothers working in the minds of Africa, and start loading up their mouths It's the latest bling...right after the famous diamond bling pimp walking stick.

And if you're really rich rapper, you go for emeralds, rubies, and gold.

Personally, I think if MS Pink Pacman had a mouthful of gorgeous diamond bling in her mouth, and gave a BIG smile, it would be a step forward for mankind's on-going racial divide.

Pimps everywhere, should add a MS Pacman's hat to their wonderful outfits....

I say we write our Congressmen and make this happen!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Online Banking 2025

Nobody’s Opinion: Saturday night, at exactly 8 p.m., I got a telephone “message” from Mike Reagan. Please listen said the lady, and give me your opinion…

Okay, I listened. Mike was stating the need for our country to start drilling for our own oil, and how we should unit together and FORCE our leaders to do just that…drill.

Then I got a “live” person, and the first thing I asked her was, “Are you going to want money, because we have none to spare at this moment.”
I said it ever so sweety.

But, she didn’t like that answer. Yes, she said, they would like a donation. But, didn’t I think what Mike had to say was relevant?

“Sure, I read Mike all the time. I really like the guy.” I said. “I’ve read his books, I’ve read his columns, and I agree with his statements, but I don’t believe that sending money to whatever cause is going to change the system in Washington. They do what they want.”

She got mad. “Well, that’s precisely why the people should get together and donate to this good cause!”

The call became a yelling match, because she wanted money, and I didn’t want to give her any. My husband came in and hung the phone up.

He’s an action kind of guy.

Okay, I was mad…even though I don’t believe the “people” are powerless, I do believe that the rich have put in place such a system of complete power and control, a plan that has been well executed by both parties, that our options of a government by the people dwindle every single day: and I got to this conclusion by reading all three books by Alvin Toffler.

Evidently Michael Reagan has not read these books; which is surprising because--- well read this, from the pages of Powershift, his third blueprint for world control:

“One day while Ronald Reagan was still in the White House a small group assembled around the table in the Family Dining Room to discuss the long-range future of America. The group consisted of eight well-known futurists and was joined by the Vice President (Daddy Bush) and three of Reagan’s top advisors, among them Donald Regan, the President’s newly appointed chief of staff.”

“The meeting had been convened by the author (Alvin Toffler) at the request of the White House. (President Reagan was there also) There was common agreement that the economy was going through a deep transformation.”

“So you think we’re going to go around cutting each other’s hair and flipping hamburgers! Aren’t we going to be a great manufacturing power anymore?” said Donald.

It was Heidi Toffler, (Alvin’s wife) co-author of Future Shock, The Third Wave, and Powershift, that replied, “The United States will continue to be a great manufacturing power. There just won’t be as high a percentage of people working in factories.”

So, no jobs…fewer companies…how do the people feed themselves?

With knowledge. (cough, cough)--- supplied no doubt by solar power.

Later on in the book, they do admit with this new powershift going into very few hands, millions of people all over the world will have no jobs, and no food. To this they say;

The jobless desperately need money if they and their families are to survive, and it is both necessary and morally right to provide them with decent levels of public assistance.”

The Toffler's go on. 'Knowledge' jobs will replace manufacturing jobs, and in the future the companies will have to be filled with very high IQ’s to make the fortunes. Microsoft, by the way, already screens employees for intelligence. There will be highbrow companies and lowbrow companies, they said, and I’m sure designer genes are being developed in all countries to help their competition going for that big 'knowledge' buck.

If you are sitting around wondering all weekend just what in the hell happened to our country, there is only one book you need to read: Powersift by Alvin Toffler.

And if you read it, you will understand that these “crisis” of never drilling for oil, and huge mergers, and banks failures have all been planned. The “Hey, we had to save all the banks…” frankly, is pretty sickening.

They (our rulers) WANT you to think they have no clue, about anything. But they create the crisis, control the media, and then come in with more control…on your money, your food, your kid’s future…your American dream.
The final transformation of this Third Wave future will come to fruition in 2025, according to Alvin.

Alvin Toffler worked with the Chinese for years, and has also been working inside our government “think” tanks in order to pull this stunt off.

And I got another creepy scent of it today. Today, I got my first e-mail bank statement…demanding that I pay “online.”

This means, they can GO into my ACCOUNT and take the money out…and once I give that permission…whose says they will not someday go into my account without asking me, and withdraw whatever amount they see fit, with just the flick of a button.
Oh Joyanna, you're paranoid, that won't happen you say.
Oh really? The govenement already does this stunt daily. They get first dibs on all paychecks. (Unless of course you are rich and have no "paycheck." )

Cash will eventually disappear. They plan on it. And just think what that means... even Joseph Stalin would be salivating.

Okay…even I must admit, not having to put a stamp on every bill that I have to pay, and paying “online” might be easier…

BUT, having said that, there is a high price to pay for this easy service and it’s simply called freedom, and that freedom to keep the government and banks out of our private money accounts will soon be gone. We went from money, to checks, to credit cards, to online banking, to imaginay money printed out of thin air onto computer screens and redistributing it to whomever the "elite" sees fit.

Someday, they plan to control all ecomomics, all they have to do is gather the ‘knowledge.’

Step by step... inch by inch, we are being forced to become a cashless society. A cashless society with no physical cash to trade will become powerless. And the dirty little secret is our leaders are using Toffler’s model of futuristic world control for getting the ultimate power into a very few hands. He admits, he has met with just about every ruler and CEO in the world.

If you think I’m crazy---read the book. And then if you get that call from Mike, suggest he do the same.

Because the more people that are informed with the knowledge of this dictatorial crime against humanity, the better.

You’re main problem with spreading this insanity around is: who will believe it? The next problem will it too late to stop it?
The future holocaust ovens will be untraceable…but they will all be online, by 2025.

Hey, when you're standing in that line waiting for your might be saying to yourself...nobody warned you.
Yes...I tried.