Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fashion Quiz...Keep Up...

Nobody Get Email on Saturday Night.
When It comes to fashion, nobody beats the class of the American.
Here are some famous, and not so famous Americans in their finest fashions.
Try to match the picture with the number.
1. I'm a famous singer who loves to dress up in meat, vegetables, Chinese food, and for desert, a gigantic dead bird. Or make that about 100 dead birds. Peta is just GAGA over me.
2. I'm a lady who insists on putting a huge target on my chest, that looks like it was made out of a gigantic recycled pinata. My husband does not smoke. The dress is actually a much needed decoy to protect my husband.
3. I want to get re-elected as the reincarnation of Ron Reagan/John Wayne. BECAUSE everyone now thinks I'm a Muslim, I must prove it to American that I really do like cows, pigs, and fine ten gallon hats from Texas. I do not smoke, nor am I a Muslim.
4. I have come back in time to meet up with Elton John's future child. I bought my own water.
5. I am a nobody, walking in the snows of Middle America, wearing a hat that will disguise me, and hopefully endear me. to the coming immigrants who spend a lot of long lonely hours with various furry animals, in desert mountainous countries.

If you missed any of are not worthy to even get dressed here.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Muslim Demographics


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How do Muslims Take Over? SEX!

Nobody Flashes: So how are YOU feeling about the Muslims jumping up and down, and up and down and up and down and singing and celebrating...are you happy for them?

Well sure, who wouldn't be? Having said that, it's not so good for us is it? Frankly, I'm not so sure Mubarak is gone. Putin didn't exactly disappear did he? And we can't get rid of ANY of our X-Presidents.

And now that we have a Muslim in the White House, we've got bigger problems. Obama today made it sound like he solved Egypt's problems all by himself. Whenever a politician says, "It's the people who decided." you better believe that's code for "Oh..yeah...right."

No matter what you think about the giddiness of a whole nation of men thinking they are going to get a voice and a life, and lots of money, watch this video and remember what might be coming to the world.

If you can spare 7 minutes, it's worth it.

Did you watch it? I know...bummer. (It's the weekend, go have a drink, in fact, have one for me too)

Last week, all of a sudden, France, Germany, and England woke up at the exact same time with oops...multiculturalism isn't working. Sarkosy said, "If you come to France you except to melt into a single community, which is the national community, and if you do not want to accept that, you cannot be welcome in France."

The leaders of Europe are watching and imagining millions of Muslims, in just a few years, could force the Queen out of her castles and the rest of the leaders of Europe, out of their cushy mansions.

Took them long enough.

This nobody thinks, now that they see the future possibilities, they are getting scared for their own pretty hinies, so they are finally saying something.

Merkel said efforts towards multiculturalism in Germany had "failed, totally." Britain's Cameron last week pronounced his country's long standing policy of multiculturalism a failure.

After you watch this video, you can't help but say:

What the Sam Hill were they thinking? !

Europe is waking up, but now WE have a Muslim President who is just ecstatic at the takeover. In fact, by many reports, the left and the communists (some of his associates) were behind it.

Which is why, if we MAKE it to the next election, (not assured with this President) we must pick a conservative who has never given free airplane rides to Bin Laden's relatives, done business in Dubai, or claim that Americans have nothing to fear from the Muslim brotherhood, just the homegrown American terrorist next door.

At this point, I'd settle for Joan Rivers.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

When Texas Becomes a Hotbed of Islam, Children Will Prefer Cauliflower

Nobody's Fool: If you were the ruler of the United States, and believed that due to the declining birth rates, you needed to repopulate the country, but unfortunately, you felt your best option was to repopulate with a people who spoke another language? What could you do?

How do you manipulate a sovereign "people" into getting prepared to accept the fact that the United States is going to be a bilingual nations...much like Canada? In fact, in the future by 2050, it is predicted that the Hispanic, Spanish- speaking people will be in the majority.

Obviously, instead of English which Newt Gingrich has assured us will STILL be spoken in Congress if nowhere else (Thanks alot Newt) you believe that it's more important for the natives to learn to speak Spanish.

And this is how they will do it: By, as Rahm Emanuel's likes to say---a "nudge."

You pick the most conservative state you can find (TEXAS) and you MANDATE that the children of that state (all they needed was a few schools) MUST learn the language of our closest enemies....Arabic. You call it "the language of the future" and then, you sit back and watch the outrage.

"I can't believe it's happening," said a woman from Dallas on the Glenn Beck radio program.

"This makes NO sense at all...If we have to mandate any other language for our children to learn, it should be Spanish, because so many Mexican are here."


By giving you a much HARDER choice, you pick the one they really want you to pick.

They do this very same thing with gas prices. Remember a couple of years ago when the prices went up to over $4 dollars a gallon. We had been paying around $1.76. ----so, when it came down to two dollars, we were relieved

"Whew...well, at least it's only $2.50 cents a gallons." we all said.

Parents do this with kids. If the kid doesn't want to eat his peas, mom presents the vegetable only served to gumless grandmothers and drunken Irishmen on St. Patty's Day... an alternative: cauliflower.

Works every time.

If anybody is fooled by this insane least I can say...I'm Nobody's Fool.


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Nobody Knows: WT--- is China Doing?

Nobody Knows why China is building empty cities in the middle of nowhere, with nobody in them.

Why? Who are they expecting?

This, from Jerome Corsi of WND: The photographs look like giant movie sets prepared to film apocalyptic motion pictures in which some sort of a neutron war or bizarre natural disaster has eliminated people from the face of the earth while leaving the skyscrapers, sports stadiums, parks and roads perfectly intact," Corsi noted. "One of China's ghost cities is actually built in the middle of a desert in Inner Mongolia."

Yesterday, there were more question...

Nobody Knows why Obama continues along the course of bankrupting the United States, and making us look more like China, every single cotton-picking day. Now he wants to spend $56 billion dollars, (which really means $7 trillion by government standards) to build high-speed railroad stations all over the country, so that we just stop driving. And if you DO drive, get ready for that new GPS tracking device that will be put into every new car so that the government knows where you are and where you go, every time you drive.

Nobody Knows how much Warren Buffet is going to make in all of this. Warren has bought up most of the future U.S. train lines. Nobody Knows how many times Warren has discussed building these new railroads with Obama and Hu Jintao? Wasn't he just in China with Bill Gates?

GE has already joined with the Chinese to build them in California. Jeffery Immelt is now right by Obama's side.

Something tells me this is not exactly what Ayn Rand was talking about.

Think of all the eminent domain coming...people losing their lands and homes just because Obama has decided to play Stalin on steroids.

On his last trip to the White House, Hu and Barack were proud to proclaim that future exchange of people, over 100,000 apiece were to travel and live in each other's countries to exchange..what? Fortune cookies?

And now, we see this: Empty cities: Twenty of these cities are being build a year-- empty cities, waiting for people.

So, are they going to fill these with Americans? Russians? Jews?

Are they expecting an asteroid to hit China on Friday the 13th, 2036 like Michio Kaku said? Do they know the exact spot? Or are they just going to gather all their own sobs and PUT them there?

Or is just another step in the "no borders, one world, one currency one unelected government" , where countries move their people around like chess pieces?

"Here, you give us a few, and we'll send you a few."

The Chinese already have airports lined up in St. Louis and Omaha as future Chinese ports.

All this building of airports and railroads here by the Chinese makes you wonder if they are just trying to claim us before the Muslims.

Nobody Knows what our corrupt politicians have been doing, but with Buffet and GE getting the big payoff...I'm sure we are all going to be happy campers one day, giving our train tickets the Chinese porters, and having Muslims TSA agents search us for dangerous materials.

Nobody Knows just when the American people are going to connect the tyrannical dots, but we should have done it--- in Obama words: "yesterday"


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Nobody's Perfect: Christina Aguilera Gets Hit by Ramparts of "WHAT?"

Nobody's Perfect: According to most Americans, (at least the hand-picked ones on TV) Christina Aguilera's most imperfect moment was forgetting the words while singing the National Anthem at the Super bowl. They found it...downright insulting. But, guess what? This nobody watched her sing it and did not catch it, because I was just trying to find the melody.

You'd think that MOI...a professional singer for over thirty years, would have caught it.
Nope. I knew something was funny, but hey, aren't we all used to this by now? I still don't understand a word Mick Jaguar says when he sings, but it really doesn't matter does it?
Ever since "Louie, Louie" America has been in a "Who cares, let's dance!" mode.

I am still amazed at how singers like Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey can make up notes right out of thin air that sound nothing like the song at all.

It's one of the reasons I never got into jazz. I just can't find the melody. After years in the music business, growing up on the Beatles and Beethoven, and Elvis, and my parent's Benny Goodman, the Latin music, sounds of Herb Albert, and the Motown classics, I was trained to LOOK for the melody. Like a person's height and weight, it's the backbone of the song.

Then the art of improvising became popular...and with it...jazz. Miles Davis...I'm sorry. He sounded like a sick cow looking for a hole to die in.

Everyone said he was a genius,, but I always thought it was...well, I call jazz a sort of musical masturbation. These musicians go into their own world of "Ooooooo... feel it, I'm expresssioning my inner mojo, I'm an me..oooo...pass the joint man, here it comes!"

(sorry, I get carried away)

The popular black singers took jazz into their vocals. Mariah Carey came on the block, knocked Whitney Houston back into drugs, and THEN Christina Aguilera has to try to out vocalized Mariah Carey, and we are left going "What song is this now?" They all start out on the first note, and then by the time they are finish it's usually a different song.

And that's what threw me. I actually think she was trying so hard to make up notes and hit them on key that the notes became more important for her than the words. Not to mention, maybe she had a bad Taco at lunch--- that will do it to anyone.

Take it from a "singer" who had to try to imitate this stuff--- Christina is a master at it...the problem is, she is so good you can actually understand what she is saying, unlike many of the other popular singers of her day. And so, when she makes a mistake it sticks out.

To her credit she apologized and that makes her, a class act. Aguilera said,:

"I got so lost in the moment of the song that I lost my place. I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through."

So, NOBODY'S PERFECT: Next time Christina...sing it straight. You can put in a few of those colorful runs up and down the scale, and hit that high note at the end.....but REMEMBER...
This is ONE song to be sung by a's not just about you and whomever you are trying to impress that you really ARE the queen of vocal aerials acrobats.

We already know you can's just that it's the National Anthem...the words DO have meaning, even if they are ramparts.


Monday, February 07, 2011

Nobody Boycotts Pepsi

Nobody's Opinion: Not too many are talking about it nationally, but locally, the morning talk show hosts gave it a good go...what am I talking about? The Pepsi commercial posted last night during the Super Bowl, where the black man is sitting on the bench, and his "partner" comes over and sees he has a better Pepsi, and sees him looking at a young white girl who sits next to him...gets mad, and throws the can as hard as she can at his head.

He ducks and It misses him and hits a young (white) and pretty jogger that just sat down. It's a violent concussion and the girl falls down to the grown, on to the pavement before them. They both look at each other, and instead of helping her, they make big (oh-oh) ...and run.

The girl could have been seriously injured.

You can bet they thought this commerical out very carefully.

Now, it this had been down with a white couple, and a black can certainly believe that Pepsi would have been fined.

Pepsi has had a tough time competing with Coke, and there is no doubt this add was aimed at the black population. But, it was a blatant insult to any white person, especially a white women.

It was a low blow, and for every black customer they get, they will lose a "white" person.
I'm not going to ever buy Pepsi again. Maybe if more white people would call out this crap it would stop.

Social engineering---what a world of change it can bring!

It was just a commercial Joyanna you might say? Well, this nobody begs to differ. Since Obama's got in office, the racial tension has only gotten worse.

Do I need to mentioned the many black football players who stood arms crossed over their chests in defiance during the National Anthem. Did anyone mention that? No...all they could talk about was how Christina messed up the words. I think making a defiant gesture was much worse...and the looks of hatred were enough to make me not want to watch the game.

If they don't like America, go play in some other country.

I wonder who is on Pepsi's board of directors? I bet you would find someone who is directly associated with the Obama administrations. He needs to get the black voters back.

Drudge did not even mention this. We have been so "trained" to not ever talk against the "black" man, that even Drudge did not mention it.

Okay, that's my opinion for the morning, I'm going to take a break, and calm down.