Monday, February 07, 2011

Nobody Boycotts Pepsi

Nobody's Opinion: Not too many are talking about it nationally, but locally, the morning talk show hosts gave it a good go...what am I talking about? The Pepsi commercial posted last night during the Super Bowl, where the black man is sitting on the bench, and his "partner" comes over and sees he has a better Pepsi, and sees him looking at a young white girl who sits next to him...gets mad, and throws the can as hard as she can at his head.

He ducks and It misses him and hits a young (white) and pretty jogger that just sat down. It's a violent concussion and the girl falls down to the grown, on to the pavement before them. They both look at each other, and instead of helping her, they make big (oh-oh) ...and run.

The girl could have been seriously injured.

You can bet they thought this commerical out very carefully.

Now, it this had been down with a white couple, and a black can certainly believe that Pepsi would have been fined.

Pepsi has had a tough time competing with Coke, and there is no doubt this add was aimed at the black population. But, it was a blatant insult to any white person, especially a white women.

It was a low blow, and for every black customer they get, they will lose a "white" person.
I'm not going to ever buy Pepsi again. Maybe if more white people would call out this crap it would stop.

Social engineering---what a world of change it can bring!

It was just a commercial Joyanna you might say? Well, this nobody begs to differ. Since Obama's got in office, the racial tension has only gotten worse.

Do I need to mentioned the many black football players who stood arms crossed over their chests in defiance during the National Anthem. Did anyone mention that? No...all they could talk about was how Christina messed up the words. I think making a defiant gesture was much worse...and the looks of hatred were enough to make me not want to watch the game.

If they don't like America, go play in some other country.

I wonder who is on Pepsi's board of directors? I bet you would find someone who is directly associated with the Obama administrations. He needs to get the black voters back.

Drudge did not even mention this. We have been so "trained" to not ever talk against the "black" man, that even Drudge did not mention it.

Okay, that's my opinion for the morning, I'm going to take a break, and calm down.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

There would have been a meltdown by Joe Biden if it was a wicked MAN who had thrown a can at a woman, even if he missed and hit another chap.

There would be another Billion on the VAWA buget before the game ended.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Right...which is why the woman threw it.

Sick isn't it?

1:47 PM  
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