Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trashing Our Way to China OR Buddy Can You Spare Me a Gold Bar?

Nobody's Opinion: My next door neighbor, Shirley and I get along pretty well...BUT...there is one thing I do that I know bugs her: the giant green recycling trash can which was distributed to me (and everybody else) by our little city, sits in my driveway---right in front of her kitchen window. It's so covered with bird droppings, the once great green monster is now an off-white gray. I'm considering putting up a sign that says. "Only pigeons and cardinals allowed to drop."

"If you are a hawk or a vulture, drop in the yard."

Shirley is always giving me sweet little hints like, "Why don't you recycle?" She does it religiously. Think of it. The ugly trash can doesn't bother her, but the fact that I never use it..does.

Life is full of wonders.

I told her that I have tried to use it...but the men that picked it up kept leaving it on the curb un-emptied. When I called their office and asked them why, they said they didn't like the way I "packed" it.

Well, that's fine with me. The way I see it, I'm paying the city to "sell " my recycled trash to
China anyway. If I want to "recycle" my trash, I'll go take it somewhere and get the money myself. Nevertheless, I'm still paying for it...I love the trash service.

I said...trash service.'s a little something you didn't hear in the State of the Union address; One of our biggest exports is garbage and China is our biggest buyer. Where do you think all those clunkers for cash went? China LOVES our metal.

I read in the US News Politics today: "And while electronic components as well as oilseeds and grain continue to rank among the top three categories of exported goods, the fastest growing and now No. 1 export category is--"Scrap and Trash."

Somewhere in China, I can just imagine, vast warehouses filled with little Chinese children sorting American doubt eating some of it. They are chewing gum that they get out of discarded wrappers, and this gum will outlast the last building destroyed in the History Channel's uplifting series, "Life After People." In the end of days, the children will be gone, but the rats will find the gum in their decomposing bodies and eventually the rats will die and decompose and there will be...millions of wades of chewing gum, lying everywhere left for the aliens to figure out...if the planet was once alive with giant balls of live rubber.

(Sorrow, I've been watching too much SCI_FI)

Back to the point: (I DO have one, I think.) While watching CNN coverage of the riots in Cairo, I learned about the Zlabbaleen. (See picture of their trashy city.) Evidently, these people are the BEST recyclers in the world. Even a six-year old can take an old tire and make a pair of shoes.

There are not enough jobs in Cairo, so what's a poor person to do?

They's their living.

When I look at these poor people, I think, "What kind of ruler would let this happen? "

The rulers did do something...they let big multinational companies swarm into Cairo and haul it all out in trucks, selling it, no the Chinese. And then to add insult to an old garbage bag, they take their only means of survival...away.

Still, it COULD be worse. In Alexandria, they cut off the water supply.

Cleaning up this mess is a good thing-right? Yes. But..wouldn't it be better for all these people to have jobs, and trash pickups so that like here, they could PAY somebody to take it away?

Yes it would.

But, that's not how a dictatorship works. Now, these people are really starving.

Sooner or later, if you mess with a man's livelihood, even if it just recycling the rich's trash, he WILL want to recycle YOU. We have been told that's why the opium fields are still flourishing in Afghanistan, otherwise there would be riots in the streets of Kabul.

Obama said it was the "middle" class rebelling in Egypt, and this Nobody Wonders how many of these "middle" class people make up that crowd standing in the middle of town?

For what they the other extreme. They see vending machines where the rich can get four varieties of gold bars. They see the rich, paying as much as $6.3 million for a bed. (See pictures) while their people are collecting trash to live.

Wait...How much does Obama spend a year flying around the world on our dime, staying in the best hotels? Mmmmmm.....

We might all be forced one day to recycle or else. It's happening in England...and it's starting here.

Someday, the green police will come and fine me, oh yes...they'll find me. Shirley will make sure of it.

I can see it now, I will be sent to the border with all the other "law-breakers" to pick up the trash left by all the illegal's along the Mexican border.

I will die in the desert, with a stick of gum in my hand.

And so, because I like that big ugly green trash can to stay right where it is: I'm suggesting a new bumper sticker for 2012:

Forget the Birth Certificate, just throw out the trash.



Anonymous Dumpster Dude said...

A classic example which justifies the old saying trash to treasure.

2:07 AM  
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