Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nobody Flashes: FEMEN...feel the heat...uh..cold..uh

Nobody Flashes:

Wow...get your goggles out guys...the women in the Ukraine are stripping just for YOU!

They want to be noticed as more than sex symbols, so, what do they do? They do just what every man in the world wants them to do, put on lovely underwear and pretty flowers in their hair and then..strip naked!

That'll show those male chauvinists!

Whole countries will be moved!

And as an added's COLD! Seven degrees BELOW Zero! (applaud here men, show some appreciation.)

These young beauties not only are cold, wet, and by the looks of them..hungry--- they dislike men so much--- they don't just stand there...they say rude things like---well here an example said in front of the Ukraine Parliament building---

"This cabinet's like a male toilet, " the activists scream, holding water bottles to their groins as though they're men in a urinal.

"What we do is we get Ukrainian and international coverage and it shows that the authorities are scared of seeing bare breasts," Gutsol says. "And the fact that they are trying to arrest us and not let us undress now proves it."

Gutsol somehow missed the train to Doctor Zavago.

The group, of which so far there are 300 strong, call themselves FEMEN. They want to get women elected. Let's hope they keep the young and pretty ones out front.

Anyone who came from the sixties remembers the feminist women over here burning bras.

Those women single-handedly hatched Larry Flynn.

Our feminists movement gave us such representatives as Hillary the Hun, Nancy the Stun, and Boxer Botox---I'm just saying. Be careful what you wish for girls.

Someday, all these girls are going to be pregnant, and wondering what happened to their grand protests.

Let's not tell em'.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

What every man in the world knows (minus the lads in their teens who think they are men) is that every woman has breasts. That is, there are 3000,000,000 million women in the world, each with two of them. 6 BILLION bazoomas.

They are all pretty much the same, with modest variation, and sometimes immodest. You cannot look anywhere without seeing several being pushed forward to be gawped at. Even at football matches there is an obligatory boob-fest before the real game is allowed to start otherwise the Bimbettes would 'feel' left out and scream 'Misogyny' !!

Only by staring deep into your pint glass of beer can you escape them.

But try as one may there is always a woman for every man who demands that he worships hers.

10:30 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

I take it you couldn't see the video either...

They romoved it amfortss...sorry

And why? I thought it was a good laugh.

11:06 AM  

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