Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nobody is Leaking the Facebook Global Revolutions

Nobody's Opinion: What do Facebook, WikiLeaks, and Tunisia have in common?

I was thinking of this while watching the Golden Globes tonight. The movie, The Social Network, which explains the life of FaceBook inventor, Mark Elliot Zukerberg, won Best Picture of the Year, last night at the Critics Awards, and again tonight at the Golden Globe,

It was a surprise to me. I haven't seen it, but right now, I have 49 "friends" on FaceBook that are waiting for me to "answer" their query.

I have had maybe five comments on my Townhall blog of three years...but 49 FaceBook queries...on an empty page. No info. Go figure.

But that's the point isn't it? I only started my FaceBook page because I HAD to get one, in order to get the FACEBOOK page of a friend.


BUT...there is one thing man has in common all over the world, and that's the longing to be recognized. To this nobody, unless you have something to sell, or are running for office, or LOTS of friends and family...FaceBook is a colossal waste of time.

I'm evidently not alone in my disinterest. Jesse Eisenberg, the actor that portrayed Zukerberg in the movie has said, "I don't have a Facebook page because I have little interest in hearing myself talk about myself."


Zukerberg was made Man of the Year by Time Magazine, and I was wondering why. After all, it's just a program...where billions of people all over the world can connect and say mostly trivial stuff about themselves. It's also a place where people can get nasty, and bully---and cause young men and women to commit suicide.

And now it's being reported that it's a powerful force revolutions.

Mmmmmmm....I'm beginning to see the "value."

So, why do the "elite" love this man of FaceBook? Is it because he gives away his money, like Gates and Buffet? Obama has said, ever the Marxist, that there is a point at which you have

Or is it because in the global elites are really scared, and the more information they have on every single person walking the planet, the safer they feel?

This week, it was said about the riots in Tunisia, that it is a young population – one in five are 15 to 24, they are well-educated, mix with tourists and use FaceBook.

And add WikiLeaks to the Tunisia mix.

" WikiLeaks helped inspire the overthrow of Ben Ali, but the content of the cable was considered so damaging to the regime that it tried to block the websites where it was displayed."

It seems that WikiLeaks reported on the rich lifestyle of their much hated Queen. She evidently had frozen yogurt flown in from St. Topez. She owns mansions, while her people face joblessness and high food prices.

Sound familar? As we watch our own President and wife spent billions of our dollars, talking endless vacations while our people lose homes and jobs, we can certainly relate. Obama once ordered a pizza from St; Louis to be delivered. I don't see much difference.

BenAli, the ruler of Tunisia and his queen have vanished to another country in fear of their lives.

And now, there is another worry:

Ben Ali was Tunisia’s intelligence chief, with notoriously close ties to the CIA, before he moved to overthrow the in Egypt, the octogenarian President Hosni Mubarak will have held power for three decades this year, and is getting set to install himself for another term. In Algeria, the shadowy military regime survived a brutal civil war against radical Islamists in the 1990s, but now faces new unrest. In Jordan, the authority of the Hashemite dynasty has been undermined by dissent among influential retired generals and protests among the tribes that were its traditional base of support. Yet all these regimes are considered important allies of the West just the way they are, and no one has any idea they might be replaced, or when, or by whom.

History has shown, when people are starving, and the food prices are too high, revolution comes naturally. It's what happened in the French Revolution.

And in that light, it may just be why we have over 40 million people on food stamps. Just think if all those people were starving?

FaceBook would crash.

Can riots happen here? Well, our Presidents and Congress are made up of the richest people in the country. They live above our laws. And we pay for their mistakes and waste.

But so far, Americans are well feed. Many of us are obese. Keep the cows fat and happy.

But if food prices go up here...and welfare runs out...and Van Jones and Francis Piven call for revolution...will we go on FaceBook and complain?

And if and when the government manages to take over the internet. who is the best man to have on their side?

Yeah, I'd give Zukerberg more awards too..



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