Saturday, January 08, 2011

Nobody Reports: A Sad Day

Nobody Reports:

By now, everyone knows that a very sick young man shot a young and very endearing Congresswoman in the head---Gabriel Gifford, it is being reported, was loved by everyone who knew her, and unlike most of the representatives in Congress, it is being reported that she often invited the people of her district to come and talk to her. A Blue Dog Democrat...more conservative than not. Almost a dying breed.

Yes, Gabriel invited everyone to come and talk to her, which of course, left her vulnerable.

By, the grace of God, and the skill of her surgeons, she is alive.

Not so lucky was a quiet Federal Judge that just stopped by to say hello. He is dead. As are many others, who no one is talking about for some reason..except for the heartbreaking news that a nine-year-old child was killed.

NO one is mentioning the other people who just got shot. I'm still not sure who else suffered bullets holes, and where, and who they were...18 in all...who are they?

So much for factual reporting in America.

This is not a first. We've had in recent memory, Ft. Hood, Columbine, Oklahoma City, and students going wild in many a school.

While the nation mourns, before the facts had even come out...the liberal democrat politicians were quick to denounce their enemies, talk radio ...etc..and blame this man's horrible actions on them.

That in itself is rather despicable.

So far today, while listening to CNN...once again, in remembering the words of Bill Clinton after Oklahoma, it was talk radio...and the tea partiers to blame. I heard it from several sources.

One of them was a Senator. And they are not stopping.

Jared Loughner, the shooter, had his MYSPACE page exposed, where it was discovered that his favorite books were Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto, puts him in the real nutcase category.

Tea party guy. Right. All tea party people love communism.

At the beginning of the day, Harry Reid dismissed the Tea Party people saying that since the economy was getting better...they would disappear.

Then, the news that the Commerce Department was going to push for everyone to have an Internet ID, was BEFORE the was the breaking at the top of Drudge.

Rahm Emanuel's "never let a crisis go to waste" would have thought the timing perfect.

On that note, they can certainly use this horrible tragedy as a tool to promote the draconian and dangerous mandate, that Rush, Hannity, and Fox news should be ostracized for causing these mass killings.

Of course, if you happen to kill in the name of Allah, as in the Ft. Hood killings, they are...silent.

It's a sad day, when many in Washington use a sad event, to further the agenda of silencing the opposition...

And it makes the day, all the more important to remember. We must have free speech. Even if it offends. We must not be silenced.

If this guy was reading the communist manifesto, I doubt seriously if he was watching Fox or listening to Rush.

Gun laws will be changed, the Internet will be controlled, and to speak against your government will be considered even more dangerous.

Unless of course, we refuse to let them use this horror to silence us.

Trust me. They will try.

One last note. Obama has said, he does not like Fox. Brett Baier was the first to announce that Gabriel was dead. He got this news from the FBI.

Was he set up?

Nobody really knows...but I wouldn't put it pass them.

In the meantime...when will we hear about the poor other people that was hurt?


It's a sad day. All prayers go to the families.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

We somewhat Conservatives can show the sort of genuine compassion that you demonstrate.

I do not know anything at all about the lady in question but the reports confirm what you said about her being a nice woman, well liked and very open and friendly. Not at all a raving leftie.

So my sympathies are for her too. As a good woman.

The man's particular motivations, whatever they are or could possibly be, are not rationally derived. He clearly has no regard for human life or the 'collateral' deaths of innocents. That he might have Communist leaning or be a hard-right republican is frankly neither here nor there. He is irrational and his 'rationale' is not worth the vain search.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

It is being reported, and no surprise, that he was heavy on drugs, and voodoo, and by his picture..very much a sadistic killer.

whatever demons that were inside, only got worse with the help of drugs.

9:20 PM  

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