Monday, January 03, 2011

How Many Cars Does It Take to "Protect" a President?

This Christmas season, as an increasing number of American children wrote letters to Santa Claus asking for necessities instead of toys, the American people can rejoice that at least one family has not floundered upon hard times. The Obama's spared the taxpayer no expense to live it up on a Hawaiian vacation during the seven days of Kwanzaa. The (UK) Daily Mail reported that on New Year’s Day alone, Obama required a 20-man, 10-vehicle motorcade through closed roadways so he could visit an old friend. The small fleet trailed the president from his rental property in Kailua to Bobby Titcomb’s beachfront home. This was perhaps the most overt and least egregious example of the first family’s self-indulgence at your expense. ..Floyd Report

Nobody Cares;
I've been waiting for this story half my life. This kind of long processional Presidential entourage that closes down whole cities and is used to guard our Presidents has been going on for decades, and it's absurd.

And as I look at this picture, the thought comes to mind is: Just what the heck does one man need all those people and all those cars for? I mean, come on. If someone wanted to take out the President, all those cars traveling behind the Presidential car would just be witnesses.

So, who ARE the people in those cars? Hairdressers? Camera men? All the people he needs to keep him comfortable? Cooks, Bo, bug exterminators ...What?

Years ago, I asked myself these same questions. I was playing piano in the lounge of a Doubletree Hotel, in Chesterfield, Missouri, when the word came down...VICE-President George H.W.Bush, had just decided he was going to spend the night.

I was playing and singing at the hotel's grand piano...minding my own business, when a bunch of really mean looking agents with dark Sunglasses on, flooded the lobby.

And yes, it was nighttime. The Men in Black had arrived.

The room where I was playing was a good ways from the elevator where VP BUSH would hop on to get to his room, but that did not prevent this big linebacker guy from examining every pot, every inch of the floor, my piano, my piano book, inside the piano, under the doorway...and by the time he made me take off my high heels shoes to be examined, I was laughing.

BUT...he skipped the bar.

Right. Nothing in those hundreds of alcoholic beverages, that could really light up the place, was the least bit suspicious to the great protectors of the VP.

Any explosive in my shoe was MUCH more of a danger than two thousand bottles of flammable alcohol.

Then, the body guard stood and watched me, with looks to kill. Me. The single mother piano player, my velvet gown, and high heels, playing, "They Long to Be Close to You"

I guess that gave me away.

I'm afraid to say, I was totally amazed that over fifteen cars pulled up to the front of the hotel that night, and Mr. Bush was rushed in, in a matter of nanoseconds.

So, when Mr. Bush says he has never been inside a grocery store: believe him. It would take 300 FBI agents just to examine the ketchup.

Fast forward to 2000. I was visiting Washington, D.C., and standing not far from the White House when our tour guide announced President Bill Clinton was to drive by. How did he know? He had an earphone on. This man was no mere tour guide. ALL the tour guides looked like body guards. White Vans were parked all along the White House...over 30 of them. Each with an "tour guide."

When we all got out our camera's , the Guide said.."DO NOT FALL off the curb. You will be shot."

He was not...kidding.

Bill had only a few motorcycles around him, but he didn't need any more. The whole city had cops on every corner due to some WTO meetings. It was actually a police state. I have no doubt there were snipers on the rooftops of his route.

They do this in Russia too you know.

So---Did the President of the United States decide to take out 20 men in Hawaii just to visit an old friend? I'd like to think there was someone else at this house... a secret meeting with some world leader or such, and that the President wanted complete privacy. He used his friends house as an excuse for the meeting away from reporters.

I'd LIKE to think our President, after having spent over $1.7 million of our dollars on his lovely vacation, would not waste our money like that. But then, a man who has a plane to fly his dog, would probably do just that.

But, be rest assured fellow nobodies! While Presidents spend millions of our hard earned dollars, protecting their own selves, when it comes to OUR protection on our border...they spare no expense.

We have...border dogs.

And Nobody Cares

© Joyanna Adams 2010



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says.....:

Oh my dear Joyanna. You are just begging for it aren't you.


The Queen pops down the road from Balmoral to the village shop. She drives her landrover. The old, muddy one. By herself. Prince Phil walks across the fields in his wellies. The only guns in sight are broken shotguns and they are carrying them. Phil with a brace of pheasants.

Look at the news the other day when there were riots in London. Prince Chuck and his missus got caught up in it and their driver and two policemen pushed their way through.

When the Royals go travelling in the country there are usually cars and guards, for sure. Maybe two cars and a few policemen. And huge crowds of folk cheering them and wishing them well.

ALL of the cost of 'providing' for the Royals is bourne by a miniscule part of the income from their own fortune which is given over to the State before Kennedy was shot. They don't pay tax because ALL their money goes to the State which gives them an allowance in return. It pays for the cars and cops.

The President of America is a true modern Monarch. Like monarchs of old, he can declare war and commit the nation to horrendous blood and treasure cost. The Queen cannot.

He can shut roads and commandeer pizza parlours.

He can get his thugs to inspect a nice young woman singer's shoes, although these days as times have progressed, she would get every orofice and soft, round but thoroughly 'patted down'. And up.

The President can command a fleet of cars and boats and planes and has more guards than Chairman Mao had.

In Oz of course, Gloriana Julia cannot even have a personal car. She has one from the Parliamentary pool. Our Head of State, Queen Elizabeth of Oz, costs us not one red or blue cent. When she comes on a visit, we get the bunting out from last time.

Hello. Anything odd about this picture?

12:48 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Oh it again.

The Queen is mentioned are thinking of another paragraph in a past article..I think.

NO, it will relieve you to know that this yank did agrees with all that you said, and in this little rant I TRASH our Presidents...only OUR idiots.

I left the dear Queen out of it.America has the LEAD in rude and KINGLY behavior. ALWAYS.

You have ONE Queen. We have over 500, and that's the tip of the iceberg...for God's sake alone, have pity on us.

BUT...the year is young! To this nobody, every ruler in the world is fair game!

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Just having a little fun, my dear.

Maybe America would be better off having an official matriarchy as we do in Oz. We have a Queen as Head of State, a female Guv General, a female Prime Minister, a female Commissioner for the Staus of Women and a female 'Equality' Minister. Women of course have to contend with the glass ceiling which stops them getting the top jobs and motorcades.

I do pity the poor Americans who only have Hilary and Oprah. Both of course suffer from Glass Ceilingitis.

I would back you for President.


5:06 PM  
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