Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tony Blair's African Bonanza

Nobody Reports: Tony Blair's piece in the Huffington Post today, "Making Government Work Can Transform Africa," was a perfect example of how leaders of the western world are ten times more concerned with the rest of the world then the countries they represent. While their own countries are falling apart, they are out to save some distant country in Africa, no matter what happens to their own.

Most of the citizens of the world are starting to notice the scam of this globalization.

Ronald Reagan was the last President to put America first. Now we have globalists Presidents and Prime Ministers whose main intent is to protect multinational conglomerates, which, I'm sorry to say, is NOT always best for the bottom line of the "citizens" of the world.

When they talk about any other country in the world, it's from a "Superior...We ARE their leaders and we EXPECT them to do such and such."

As an American, I would resent someone from China saying to us, "We expect you to accept communism, and never manufacture anything again."

Actually, they don't have to say it. As Donald Trump has pointed out, they control our politicians at all the secret meetings. It's starting to feel like we are merging with China. Even our local mayors go to China...for God's sake.

But, back to Tony. I use to love to watch Tony Blair on the Parliament floor---articulate, smart, quick to formulate clever rebuttals in a nanosecond---great showmanship.

Most of the British politicians make our politician look like dogs licking their private parts on a lazy summer day, when it comes to expressing themselves intellectually. Obama can read, but that's about it.

NEVERTHELESS, Tony is part of the New World Order...that elite group of G8 rulers of the world. (Now..G20) And the job of the G8 is to build a better that the big multinationals companies can go in and make money, which of course takes LOTS of money.

It's always for "democracy." But somehow, the billions spent NEVER get down to the starving and sick...Africans, who are now, Blair's main concern. They do it mostly by giving out trillions of taxpayer's money in bribes, to corrupt dictators.

It happens every single time.

Here in America, we just found out that most of the TARP money went to...other countries, who could do with it what they pleased.

Not one man went to jail for that big scam.

If you think of how much money both the United States and Britain have given to other nations, it makes you wonder...why? Why not spend it to solve their own problems first?

That no longer is possible...they've "merged' the world and they have big plans.

America no longer has any wealth. It's gone. If you don't believe me, check out the largest Malls in other countries here. Ours are all melting away faster than a cube of ice in a Nancy Pelosi glass of Louis XIV.

Here's a few quotes:

Tony Says: -- As British Prime Minister I trebled (His spelling NOT mind--surprise!) aid to Africa. At the 2005 G8 summit we took far-reaching steps in debt cancellation worth more than $100 billion to the poorest African nations. I am immensely proud of what we achieved at Gleneagles: Every day since, the aid given to developing countries has been saving thousands of lives. But I came to recognize that aid alone is not the answer.

Nobody Says: 'That aid alone is not the answer?"

Gee, how many trillions of dollars did you have to spent before you, Tony, genius well- educated man that you are...figured that important fact out? Just like our politicians, you transfer all the taxpayers hard earned money to "poor" countries, and basically put millions in dictators Swiss bank accounts, while the starving poor wait for Bill Gates?

What's up with that?

And HOW many years have you been doing this with no result? How is that Oxford education holding up there Tony?

Tony Says: We need leadership that is democratic, accountable and transparent. (Don't come here.) But in addition, we need leadership that is effective, that can shape plans and deliver policies that will make a difference on the ground.

Nobody Says: Uh...who are "we"? Is it YOUR job Tony Blair to take care of Africa first, before your own citizens? Do you own Africa, Tony, and you're just not telling us?

Tony Says: Because the only long-term route out of poverty is economic growth, we make a big thing of helping. The development community already invests a great deal in keeping Africa's leaders honest.

Nobody Says: "The only long-term route out of poverty is economic growth." you know this and insist on not using this knowledge to help out your own country?

Tony Says: Governments we work with to attract quality private-sector investment to create jobs and livelihoods.

Nobody Says: Attract "private sector investment " Mmmm.

Here's the problem: Tony is not alone. While they hold their own countries hostage with socialistic programs, killing the jobs of their own people, they want to use good old capitalism to build up the nations of Africa, because they know it works. And with OUR money. They have to steal it from us to make this work.

Clever work, if you can get it.

I can see why Tony posted this on Obama's favorite socialist site--George Soros is pleased.

Too bad the title wasn't, "Making Government work can transform England."
Yeah..too bad.

So here's the question many nobodies in the land of "plenty" want to know today:

Tony Blair...Do you know where your country is tonight?



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