Friday, December 10, 2010

How Many Presidents Does It Take to Screw In a Light Bulb?

Nobody Flashes: (First, Watch Video here)

This is a FIRST in American History was it not?
A residing President, who basically cannot articulate the ins and out of his own beliefs and opinions (without his teleprompter) ...has a former President, who actually knows a bit more about economics, come in and do it for him, so he can go to a party.
Although, President Obama tried to look like the superior sending out his jester advisor to take care of small little details, he ended up looking like a man who could care less about the details of the economic state of the Union, but more about his White House Christmas party.
He came off looking like a man of inferior intellect than his predecessor, and, truth be told,..the arrogant and incompetent leader we are getting used to. He simply can't be bothered.
Or was this all about saving the Democratic Party?
If this "keep Bushes tax breaks" measure is passed, as Bill Clinton reminded the Democratic voters, it will keep the country going for just two more years, and THEN...when we are on our final knees with desperation: Obama can be reelected to do what he is promising to do:

Tax the rich!

Which is...(you)...but dog -gone it, Bill Clinton is just dying to pay higher taxes but you'll just have to re-elect Obama for another term to see that happen.
We will all have so much anger inside of us by that time, we will want to punish them all so they think..
Pretty lame reason if you ask me.
Frankly, there is not likely to be too many rich around to tax, because the bill contains so much pork, it all adds up to another trillion or so dollars by the time the money is passed around. Ethanol subsidies, billions for Samoa, (Okay, what's Barney Frank doing in Samoa?) solar and wind grants, a new basketball court for Obama, more designer shoes for Michelle...
No...that last stuff wasn't included, sorry. Somebody needs to add it, quick.
Sure, the taxes will not go up, but with the estate taxes going up to 55%, most people will have to sell their businesses, farms, and homes, just to pay their taxes. That's a much bigger win for them all.
And what's left of the poor unelectrified middle class will disappear.
Now---- if you accept that our last four Presidents are running on the global/corporate stage,(As this nobody does) the grand plan continues. Downsize the U.S. by spending as much money as possible.
Why else would they continue to pork us all out?
Bill began by bragging about how Hong Kong is dealing with its economic woes and told everyone that they just gave ALL the people one month's rents for FREE! He was really impressed by that.
Oops. Was Al Sharpton listening? Maybe that wasn't a mistake. Wouldn't Obama's base love THAT little goodie!
After being President for the day, in which he righted the world's problems once AGAIN, Bill said he was going back to "Asia": the new big dog on the block, as he once proclaimed.
Obama went off to party in luxury with many of the bros.
And we...are all left...dumbfounded.
So whose next on the Presidential Podium for the day stage? Bush? Daddy Bush? Jimmy? Hey, let's bring them all back! We are paying them until they die anyway. They might as well get to work and change those light bulbs in the White House.
More importantly, who IS running our country? How many Presidents does it take to explain just why any of us have to trust any of them any longer?
Question: How many Presidents does it take to change a light bulb?
Well, if you go by how many people it takes to even put up a Christmas tree in the White House, the answer is....
Answer: Way too many.



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