Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bottle Me...Thirsty.

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"It's free!" she said.
"You're kidding?"
Sure enough, I was staring at my friend Patty's TV. Free TV. Who knew?
I started thinking about how much I pay every month for cable, and was surprised that you could still get a signal off an antenna. Weren't we told a few years ago that the free airways would no longer exist?
Somehow I got from thinking about free TV signals to free water.
If you happened to watch Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory this week, you found out that Nestle' (a French company) is pumping millions of gallons of water daily, out of the Great Lakes (our biggest fresh water resource) and selling it to China. And the lakes ARE drying up.
And what are they doing with it?
China is storing it.
So, what politician owns our water, and has decided to sell it? I missed that one being discussed on the Congress floor.. didn't you?
The selling of our fresh water resources is very common: Here's a few examples of foreign companies buying up our water.
*A recent $8.6 billion takeover of American Water Works by German-based industrial giant RWE has led to a backlash from a handful of cities across America. The deal covers more than 800 water systems serving 15 million people in 27 states and three Canadian provinces.
(AND the money goes to GERMANY!)
*The money provided by foreign companies will pay to replace aging pipes and strengthen security -- the kind of improvements many cash-strapped communities can't afford, said Peter Cook, executive director for the National Association of Water Companies trade group.
(BECAUSE our politicians have bankrupt us, they are selling off our natural resources to pay the bills...Okay... they're NOT paying our bills, but the money is going somewhere.)
*RWE isn't the only foreigner buying into the U.S. water industry; French companies Vivendi Environmental and Suez also have bought local water systems within the past few years.
*Vivendi entered the U.S. market in 1999 with a $7.9 billion takeover of USFilter. The French company provides water and wastewater service to 110 million people in 100 countries, generating about $12 billion in annual revenue.

(AND the money goes to FRANCE! )
Hey, I don't remember GOD saying that water belongs to certain people to sell, do you?
Have they patented water yet? If they can patent a gene in your body, why not water?
In the words of Glenn Beck second favorite philosopher, Yoda: "They wiilllll, they WiieL."
*Besides running the Culligan bottled water service, USFilter of Palm Desert, C alif., delivers water to about 13 million people in 600 communities. Suez paid $1 billion for United Water Resources of Harrington Park, N.J., which provides water service to about 12.5 million people.
*In a few months, if all goes according to plan, 80 million gallons of Blue Lake water will be siphoned into the tankers normally reserved for oil—and shipped to a bulk bottling facility near Mumbai. Goldman Sachs estimates that global water consumption is doubling every 20 years, and the United Nations expects demand to outstrip supply by more than 30 percent come 2040. ...Newsweek
All this wouldn't seem so bad, if it was OUR companies pumping the water and selling it. But, this is not the case. What is really happening is our fresh water reserves are being depleted...and "redistributed" to other nations. And when they have all OUR fresh water in China, in Russia, what will we drink?
It's pretty certain, water IS more valuable than oil.
And who owns the biggest and freshest fresh water reservoir in the world?
It's in Paraguay, and it's owned by...the Bush Family.
This is not a conspiracy. It's just a race for the rich to get richer.
Anyway, Jesse goes even further. He finds out that they want to put all kinds of good stuff into our water, (lithium, and estrogen)...and that when they control the water, they control the food, and the world.
I wince as I pay that BIG bill for my cable/internet/phone each month and I have to wonder-- How much will that water coming out of my faucet be in the future, and will the water out of my kitchen sink someday be rationed?
Will I one day soon over to my friend's house and say.." have FREE water! Who knew?"



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