Saturday, December 04, 2010

Invictus Maneo!

Invictus Maneo!
(I remain unconquered)

Nobody Wins: Here's the deal: While we sit wondering if "Bush's" tax "cuts" are going to be left in place, during this lamest of a 111st cesspool called our Congress, they have gone into gridlock, so that in just a few days, all of us will be selling off our old Nike's to try to keep up with the deeper depression and the truckload of new taxes coming our way.

Obama has played his typical class warfare card out: It's just not right that all you poor people have to pay for us rich folks.

Well, for starters, you can stop flying around, Obama. Next time you want to talk to somebody---pick up the phone.

The Republicans say: If we tax the rich, we tax all the small businesses, the only thing left holding up the pay of all you government employees, and the house falls.

And that's true. There's only a few remaining small businesses left to conquer. Getting rid of all small farmers, small businesses, is the job of the big boys. It's the way it works... right?

Wiping out that little guy...that's why they spend millions to the cesspool of the well.

So, how convenient for them both. When nothing is done, each can blame each OTHER.

If neither one gives in, then we ALL pay big-time next year, which will basically be a great thing for both of them, as they desperately need the money to keep all their big jobs...and keep the global plans going.

And there is nothing the multinational companies would like better. They've already got a 'Get out of jail free card.' GE, Verizon, Toyota, and I'm sure the list goes on) were handed billions just to keep that stock ticking.

So what happens to us?

There is good news! Obama just announced today that he has signed a trade agreement with...hold your breathe...don't get too excited... South Korea!

We can protect and defend their country from China...and we can send

I'm sending my crabapples by UPS..along with instructions on how to can crabapples and make crabapple jelly. Hey, it's the least we can do for Monsanto.

How about You?

(Yes, if you must know, I'm genetically programmed to be crabby.)



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