Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It Takes Real Class to Make Mommy Bush Do It

Nobody Knows just how cleverly the put-down of the tea party and Sarah Palin was done by the Bush family.

And the more I think about it, the madder it makes me. Listen to this again,...You can't tell me that Daddy Bush is that ignorant about politics and that the tea party is Mainstream America, instead of a bunch of kids just playing around.

He plays the sweet fool, and the act is convincing. That makes it all the more upsetting.

They want Jeb to be President, and that's okay, BUT...while we had to listen to George W. say again and again that he refuses to bash anyone, especially Obama, putting himself on some kind of "I am SO above petty politics" platform, it's perfectly okay for Barbara Bush to say something really nasty and condescending about Sarah Palin.

The leading conservative family: bashing another conservative, while they gush and goo over the communists in office at every turn.

Self serving, as always...and typical.

They let you believe they can't control what Mom says. Come on. You don't make it in Washington until you watch every word that you say, and pay big bucks to make sure every question and answer to that question is well rehearsed. Mon and DADDY Bush had that statement planned.

So, instead of being honest men, they put good old mom up to fight the tea party and make nasty statements about Sarah, to keep the established Bush and his family in power.

And Jeb agrees with mom.

Cowards, all three of them.

Read my lips Mr. Presidents: REAL conservatives do not respect any man that makes mom say the unpleasant things that they want to say, but can't, because it might lose some tea party conservative votes.

I can't see Sarah Palin making her husband say nasty things about Jeb.

She'd say it to his face.

But, hey...the Bush Plantation is just warming up.

And I'm so sad, that they have all grown to be such a big disappointment to so many of us who once fell for the "act'.

So, CLASS? You call what mom did...CLASS?

Joe the plumber has more.

Yeah, I'm still mad.



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