Thursday, December 09, 2010

Egghead...or Prince?

Nobody Wins:
"Off with their Heads!"
Yesterday, the young students of London shouted this age-old favorite protest while they attacked the Rolls Royce of the Prince of Wales and his wife, Camilla. The Prince and his wife were on the way to a wonderful evening to see a "Royal" Variety Performance.
Camilla was..."appalled" as you can see by her face.
What? You cut the very future out from under the young, triple their college tuition fees putting them forever on the welfare rolls, just to keep those well paid university teachers employed, and the riches of the upper classes untouched, and you expect them to wave and give you a royal curtsey as you go by? Their kids go. That's all that matters.
Okay, so you had nothing to do with it. No matter: You represent: England. That's your job.
As Bill Gates says, "Life is unfair: get used to it!"
The vote to increase tuition in the House of Parliament was 323 to 302.
And Bill Gates says: "Life is unfair; get over it."
Somebody give that man a country.
One liberal, Mr. Hughes who voted against it said:
'I have decided that I won't be able to support the Government on the fees level, particularly because I believe that for a constituency like mine, the level of fee increase... may have a significant disincentive effect on youngsters going to
One of the less "angry" students said;
"I'm here because the Liberal Democrats broke their promise," said 19-year-old Kings College student Shivan David from London's Trafalgar Square. "I don't think education should be free but I do think that tripling fees doesn't make any sense. We are paying more for less."
While many, like Glenn Beck, point out that all these violent riots are caused by communists, you have to wonder..Would communists stand on a statue of Winston Churchill?
While no doubt, as we see in America, communists are coming out of the woodwork, ready to light the fire in anger about the obvious raping of the world from hope in order to take over, and get to do the raping themselves!
Many of the world's "old" would, if they could, raise a little protest themselves, but they are too busy working so that they can feed the students.
Obvious to every common man and woman in the world, is...while the world is losing jobs, we are being lied to by the emerging global oligarchy where the members are getting incredibly richer.

I hate to make this comparison again, but like the Titanic, the rich grab the boats and lock the poor in the galley to drown. Man...doesn't change.
Prince Charles is worth only $60 million. Mum is worth only $420 million. In the meantime, the old in England are (it is reported) riding in the heated buses during the day, just to keep warm.
Some people have excepted that: there SHOULD be an upper class to rule. They are superior to the rest of us.
It's an age old debate, is it not?
Even JK Rowling has class warfare all over her Harry Potter novels, and every country in the world has a "class" system. But even a poor guy could make it. But no more.
The billionaire clubs are booming in this global recession: According to Forbes, here's a list of billionaires in major cities:
New York 60 Dallas 17
Moscow 50 San Francisco 14, (40 in bay area)
London 32 Tokyo 14
LA 27 Hong Kong 25
Mumbai 20
Yes, the rich are getting, in this depression: obscenely rich.
So, It doesn't matter what kind of political party rules a country: Communists, Fascists, Liberals, Republicans, or Monarchy...once a small group of people suck up all the money, and the people start struggling for the basic necessities of life, while being heavily taxed, all the while watching their rich leaders spending lavishly on parties, beautiful homes, diamonds, jewels... paid by THIER hard work, sooner or later, the people WILL rebel.
It's human nature. Even dogs show a high sense of unfairness, and bare teeth.
But, here's another question NOBODY has asked: Where was Scotland Yard?
The whole world knew this riot was going on...Why did their security guide them right into the hornet's nest?
NOBDODY is that incompetent.
If I were the Prince, next time, I'd bring the theater to them.
One egg- head is enough.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

The police were not out in force because of a logistics cock-up. Some buffoon had ordered three times as many taser batteries and forgot the batteries for elecric socks.

Uni students: a) there are far too many of them and most are illiterate; b) they should pay for their education like wot I had to; and c)the gender engineers are clearly doing a ratshit job as there are still far too few girls in the front lines of the rioters. Affirmative action is needed. More rioting opportunities for empowered girls. The government should be sponsoring girl rioter courses at Uni. Girls should be smashing shop windows, not looking in them. There should be a quota. At least 40% girl riot leaders by 2012, or else.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Girls claases on anarchy?

Deprive them of their Cell phones.

That's should do it.

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

The 'cost' to the 'consumer' of Uni courses in the UK is rising to be about one third of the cost in Oz. If a student thinks that UKP9000 is too much for his/her degree then either the degree is mickey-mouse and he/she should bugger off and do something useful; and if it is worth it, then pay the friggin' price.

9:16 PM  

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