Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dave Berry, "Gets It."

Nobody's Opinion: I don't get it.

I just don't get it.

I do not believe that a government should "give" you a free education. I do not believe a "government" should give you a free "health" care benefits. Or "free" housing, or "free" jobs, or "free" food. But that is just what has been going on for YEARS in most of Europe and don't kid yourself Mr. and Mrs. American...right here. Food stamps are now given to some 43 million people. There are so many people on food stamps that they had to make special computers to tally up the "food stamp" price AND the "normal" price.

Every week I look at that when I'm buying groceries and think" Gee, if I was on food stamps I would have saved $150 dollars!" I'd love to pay only $20 dollars a week for food.

Just because those people talking to you on TV are 'cheery' with pretty blues and greens floating over the new HD screen TV's...with expensive good-looking faces telling you that your leaders are really in control, as are they..doesn't mean that what you are comforted by on your TV is good for YOU.

The government now employs half the population. The kids that CANT afford college have less a chance of a middle class life then ever before.

The world is NOT the same. It's twenty times harder now to start a business, or save money for school. Why do you think Obama keeps selling votes on the "free education" crap?

The jobs are disappearing. THEY know this. So they invented the "GREEN" jobs to try to prop us all up while they continue their "globalization" BS.

I don't get it. It's right there in front of our faces. Come on: Saran Palin, is going to China, Haiti, Europe, Israel...she is being groomed, and we are being groomed to accept her as our new President right before our eyes.

What? You think Sarah is just being a good Samaritan?

Have another cookie.

Sorry...I hope in my hearts that she is "playing" the big boys to get herself elected, but I think the big boys wouldn't let her play unless they knew she would get in on their plans.

So, when a "government' does this, takes money and "redistributes" it everywhere.: the free market no longer exist, and the prices of EVERYTHING is so high, that only the rich can afford it. And if the people rebel? They cry out!

Those anarchist! Those communists!

The world is gone FUBAR.

America HAS been a socialist country for decades now. And I ask myself as I read the daily conservative they REALLY think we are still a republic? REALLY?

What planet are they on?

Conservative reading this remember:Even Glenn Beck says America is gone. He is looking for a new George Washington in a five-year-old somewhere.

Yeah, and so is the Dali Lama.

College books, are $200. Taxes...we work till MAY. We have paid into our "retirement" only to have it stolen and "redistributed" to as Jeb Bush reminds us: those poor immigrants that just want a life will takes yours over...let them in, the country needs them.

And I'm not suppose to be angry at the Bushes because they're "nice guys?"

When young kids rebel at prices going up: they are of course, enraged. I have a girlfriend who is upset about the price of soup at Wal-Mart, for god's sake.

They have no clue to what they are being used for. They're just kids. They've been brainwashed, as have most of us.

"Well those selfish little bastards."

A real leader would say, "You're right, education should be affordable to everyone in a free open market system. We took over the schools, and now they are really messed up.We need to cut our spending". But NO...

Rebel against the establish global plans, and YOU too will that's why I found this video interesting. This college kid did something...he just expressed his free speech.

That's all he did.

And got whammed. He put a Dave Barry (that's right, America's favorite humor writer) on the door and got...well, listen to the video and find out.

So, today, I felt relived to here that someone else "gets" it. I just wish more of those out there who do, would speak up.



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