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Nobody Knows the Contenders

Nobody Knows: Since it is just the second day of the New Year, of COURSE all our famous well-known pundits had to start all their talk shows off with..


For the next two years, all we are going to hear about is the Republican contestants, simply because, short of a miracle, most Presidents want, and feel entitled to, at least eight years. And since anyone who would actually challenged Obama on the democratic side would be labeled a racist, it's not likely he will have many challengers...unless Bill Clinton decides to claim x-Presidential executive privileges, or Hugo Chavez decides to declare he was born in Hawaii.

So, let's take a look at the pundit's possibilities...shall we?

1. Mitt Romney

Pro He's nice. He's got a nice looking family. And he was truly surprised when he didn't get the nomination last time. His biggest asset is that he is very rich, which will appeal to the very rich who will pour millions into his campaign in hopes he will continue to represent their interests.

Con He pushed and won Universal Health Care in his home state of Massachusetts. He helped Scott Brown get into office, who turned out to be a Rhino. Big Business WANTS Universal Health Care so that they can compete in the GLOBAL market. Americans didn't want it. Romney is supported by the top Rhino family. He is second favorite to their son, Jeb Bush. He would not get the black vote or the Hispanic. As for being a MORMON...some of America does not support that religion. matters not that you yourself are married to just one women. Many in that religion have shared the "have as many wives as you want" idea with Islam. And to STAY in that religion is hypocritical to many of us.

Nevertheless, short of Jeb...he may very well be the next President, if the oligarchy decides.

2. Newt Gingrich

Pro Newt is a great talker...and knows history, and beats Romney out on speaking ability alone.
Con But Newt has sided with the Democrats, as often as he has not. He loves Alvin Toffler's social engineering, and hides his proclivities to global conquest well. Actually, he's scarier than Mitt Romney, because he's knows where all the bodies lay.

3. Mike Huckabee

Pro If Mike became President, we'd all get daily musical broadcasts with Mike on bass from the White House.


Con Mike...should stay at FOX. We need a real conservative leader, not an entertainer. He would not beat Obama...not in our lifetimes. Like Newt, he says what we want to hear. Almost a pinky Rhino, and he hides it well. He is a Washington insider...makes deals, just like Newt. Bill Clinton would be his right hand man---they worked fabulously together in Arkansas.

4. Sarah Palin

Pro EVERYONE is against her: the Bushes, the pundits--They all say that she cannot win in a million years, which of course works entirely in her favor. Being a woman gives her an advantage because, remember, the black man got the vote before women. If half the nation votes in a popularity contest, she has a good chance. would be a nasty, race. She is certainly smart enough for the job.

Con She is not the speaker that Obama is. That's her worst side. She needs a better speech writer (Hey Sarah...I'm here!) She has to start talking to the whole nation, not just the tea party. She needs to be more clear on immigration.

5. Jeb Bush

Pro He's evidently, like all the Bush family, very sweet, and decent. Did a fair job as governor in Florida. He is the only Republican that can speak fluent Spanish, and has a Latino wife. He could beat Obama on that point alone.

Con BUT---Oh no. Hell no. Watch for it. We will be attacked, (hey, they keep telling us that) Jeb Bush will get elected due to the fact that he loves the Mexican people (comes from a family known for strong military) and can finish what his brother started, which is finish the North American Merger, and the great decade of the Bush dynasties will never end. Remember, they have hundreds of kids in that family. We just got over the Kennedy family dynasty, we do NOT need a Bush one.'s some of MY nobody picks;

1. Paul Ryan

Pro This guy knows economics and is not afraid to stand up to corruption. He a great speaker of conservative ideas. He would, by all accounts, make us proud. I really don't see him being a phony of any type. Sarah Palin backs him. He's got his youth going for him, and he's just coming into his prime years.

Con Really can't think of any. Says he won't run, but they ALL say that.

2. Christ Christie

Pro So far, the way he stood up to the teacher's unions..we like him. Nothing like a John Wayne type of guy to get you excited. Honest, and blunt. He put away a lot of criminals in his time, from both Republicans and Democrats.

Con BUT--- that bluntness could cause trouble in many places: not that we as Americans care much.

3. Donald Trump

Pro He knows business, and how to get America back into the world. He's a tough talker, and tough negotiator. I'd pick him over Mitt any day, because Mitt would bow to the Chinese..not Donald. As Americans, it's what we've been waiting for. And with nuclear danger all around us, we need a tough guy right now.

Con Then again, he might paint the word TRUMP on Air Force One...the temptation would be too great. And we would always be wondering if he was just using his job to get his casino's into China, Dubai, and India. Would he use the office just to promote himself? Nobody Knows.

4. Thomas Sowell

Pro He'd beat Obama in a heartbeat. (sigh) He knows economics, and would be an excellent leader.

Con He is much too smart to run, dream on.

5. Michelle Malkin

Pro Okay, here's a surprise. This woman, would make a great President. She can speak, she can think fast, she can't be bullied, and she is smart enough, like Reagan before her, to pick the right people to surround her. Obama would lose in every fact, unlike Palin, that's her strong point.

Con She too, might not want the job. She probably feels she has more power just commentating on issues. But, she is, the real deal. The true Patriot...I would even pick her over Palin. It would be a trip just to see that lady get off Air Force One.

Nobody Knows that to find a President that is NOT a puppet of the powers in Washington is a must in order for America to survive.

If all else fails, and 2012 rolls around, and the choice for President is between Obama, and say..Mitt or Huckabee, or worse, Gingrich or Jeb, I will go to the voting booth and write in the name, Dave Barry. He runs for President every year, and yet,

the United Nations does nothing,.

Then I'd get on Fox's News, and complain that MY vote...was not counted.


© Joyanna Adams 2010



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Of course we durn furriners have little idea of the mettle of any of these characters. Not that such ignorance on our furrin part will stop the great unwashed American electorate foisting on the World yet another half-wit who can barely point to Wagga Wagga on a map.

Nor even to Wolloomaloo, despite that sanctified suburb's light 'n' smoke show being flashed around the world every new years eve.

So, Pros and Cons apart we are still in as much dark as a wombat's rectum. The only light to dispel the dark prospect seems to be the faint hope of someone called Christ standing for the Presidency. But he is likely to have the Fire Department hoses pointed at him come Election time. If he ever gets that far. I am pretty sure though that his name will be banned from publication in case it 'offends' the mob of Non-Christian minorities.

Perhaps you can find Hal Eluulyar to stand as his VP.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Now THAT was excellent!

You get better every day...
you durn furrier!

Yes, our next President should be ...from down under.

Are you ready?

8:23 PM  

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