Friday, January 07, 2011

Nobody Has a BIG Problem with Ed Koch

Nobody Wins: Liberals are such hypocrites.
They claim to be the "compassionate" party. The "human rights" party. The party for "progressive advances in science."

Until it comes to their own pocketbooks.

The compassionate party doesn't donate to charities. The party of 'human rights' includes everyone but the unborn. And when it comes to progressive medical advancements, they are all for using embryos to look for 'cures" of disease--- looking for life advances for every cure...but...only to benefit the rich and powerful.

If you have to kill a life to prolong the life of a rich be it.

That's what Obamacare is all about. It's a holocaust-- a killing off of millions of people, all to save the rich and powerful government, (And their business partners) from collapsing.

But if you have the money, it's okay. You will be saved at any age. Especially if you work in Congress.

When I read, "Ridiculous to extend life at all costs" by ex- New York mayor, Edward Koch today, I was furious.

Yes, the Jewish x-mayor, who should WELL be versed in the euthanasia of human life, thinks old people should just die. If you go by his logic, then Hitler actually did humanity a big favor. Think of all those old people that were put to death by the Gestapo guards at Auschwitz because they would not be the 'Republic' of Germany.

"How old are you? Go to the left..".

Ed Koch says--- I believe that Americans are unduly afraid of death. Death is an inevitable part of life. We start the process of dying the day that we are born. What I hope is the Almighty does not engage in what I call "salami tactics" when he decides he wants me."

Nobody says---We start the process of dying the day we are born? What? If we are dying the day we are born, then kill the babies too. Those preemies can cost thousands of taxpayer's mucho money. What an ignorant comment.

And to use GOD as a partner in this inhumane treatment of our almost beyond comprehension. God gave man intelligence, which he has used to discover ways and means to prolong our lives, and to have a panel of men decide who gets to live longer, even if it's only two months longer, should be law. No MAN should be put as the executioner over another.

God will call soon enough.

(Okay, I'm getting mad. Let's go on. What part of 'Thou Shall Not Kill' did baby Eddie not get?)

Ed Koch Says--- I ask that I not be sliced up and suffer in the process of dying. I think it quite reasonable that a panel be authorized to decide whether expenditures of public funds for extraordinary efforts to extend a life should be authorized, taking into consideration a number of factors agreed to by medical experts and ethicists including common sense, age, dignity, and other factors.

Nobody Says: Oh..gee...he didn't say that when they did a quadruple bypass surgery on him in his old age, did he? He had NO PROBLEM being an old man and being sliced up then now...did he?

How dare he say an individual should give up their life for the "public funds." It was the politicians that stole those public funds to begin with.

Dignity? This man has just lost any sense of dignity he ever had.

Ed Says: I do believe you can use your own money to provide services the government will not provide, as we are permitted to do in every other aspect of our capitalist economy.

Nobody says: snob. Okay, if you're rich...we'll let you live. All the rest of you scumbags..die. You're not worth another penny. If you have grand kids that would like a few more months of your presence..too bad.

At this point in time, I would even let Mel Gibson put in his two cents here......a man who has such little respect for life deserves to be ridiculed.

What happen to the Jew of the Bible? Remember when Charles Heston, who played Moses, watched while the old woman, Yochabel, was being crushed by the stone wheels...And the taskmaster was beating his whip, thinking that an old woman slave was no loss, and would stop production,..and Moses stopped the slaves, and saved the woman's life?

That used to be a no brainer. "Thou Shall Not Kill" doesn't stop at age 55.


That is compassion. That is the Jewish way. THAT is the Ten Commandments.

Koch is no Jew. Not in my book.

Every individual...should be treated with dignity and respect from birth till death.

Men have given their lives to preserve the concepts of decency and fairness: concepts that Americans have stood for since our founding.

Shame on you Koch. You are NOT a Pharaoh.

Do us a favor. When you have your next heart attack, live by your own beliefs. Give all your money away and let the good Lord do with you as he wants.

Yes....we all know you are not afraid of you have said.

But Mr. Koch...

In the words of the great liberal Yoda....

"You should be."



Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Amfortas...go to to read this...

Sometimes this blog just does NOT work...

THEN come back and say your usual clever take on whatever.

I was pretty fiesty in this one.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Amfortas...go to to read this...

Sometimes this blog just does NOT work...

THEN come back and say your usual clever take on whatever.

I was pretty fiesty in this one.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

It works fine. Just needs to highlight the missing bits and they show up.

Now.... we all die, it is true. And we start the dying bizzo from day one. But most of us have a built-in rise up to overcome the entropic tendancy for most of our lives. And then we do slowly - often - deteriorate and finally go.

I have some appreciation of what he is saying. We have developed many ways of extending life - because we value it. It is a 'contra' to nature. We are pretty good at 'fighting' nature when she tries to do us down. But it IS costly.

What is the answer? The thought of decision 'Boards' sends a shiver. But who is to decide? Family? A Politician? The bloke down the road?

Do we abandon attempts to save and preserve altogether? Do we let nature take its course?

This issue has a metaphysical element. It isn't just about money. The same issues pertain whether a 'Health' system is public or private.

I do not have a definitive answer. But someone HAS to play Devil's Advocate on both sides just to keep the arguements flowing, pro and con, until some agreed measure can be arrived at. Even then, that will only last as long as no advances are made, which won't be long.

1:32 AM  
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