Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Constitution VS the Godfather

Nobody's Opinion: Did anyone else but me think it was just a little bit too surreal, that on the day the Constitution was read on the floor of the House, the President picked as his Chief Advisor, the son of the retiring Mayor Daley of Chicago?

AND--- was there some kind of conversation like (So..Rahm wants to be Mayor huh? I'm gona make him an offer he can't refuse.) from Dad?

The Constitution VS the Godfather is now an action sequel.

Just what the country needs: William Daley was the man who helped bring us NAFTA--he helped with Fannie and Freddie, he was Bill Clinton's Commerce Secretary, (who helped Boeing give all our nuclear secrets to China, thereby nuking up the rest of the world) and is a big part of Bill Clinton's Third Way Think Tank.

You don't even WANT me to go into that.

The pundits have it all wrong. "Oh...he is trying to show the business community how he is going to work with them now."

What they are not saying is the obvious: Obama cannot pass his stuff, so he is going around the Congress to pass his Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue, with the help of Mr. Daley...through the Commerce Department. That's how Bill Clinton gave China the knowledge and technology to be able to hit every American city with a nuclear bombs. But hey...Nobody's Perfect..

Speaking of which:

Nobody's Perfect--- As you can see here, The President doesn't know how to button his coat. If that doesn't make you feel like they should maybe HIDE the suitcase...I don't' know what does.

Nobody Cares--- On the floor of the House today, during the reading, a citizen was arrested for shouting the phrase, "Except Obama." She did this when they read the part about how a President must be a natural born citizen's the law.

Yes, in the USSA of America, there is free speech, unless it happens to be true.

Nobody Knows---Why birds are falling dead out of the sky: why fish are dying and stinking up rivers and lakes: and why UFO"s are appearing in my hometown of Naples, FL.

Some say it's the Great Tribulation. It might be true, because I turned on my TV and there he was again..James Carville.

Nobody Wonders: What big rich politician wants a strip club right outside the Dallas airport? Or maybe, what Shiek? Let us know, will ya?

Nobody's Fool: Alex Baldwin said just about the smartest thing he has ever said in his life this last week. He said that men from Harvard and Yale have been running the country, and done a lousy job. And since he wants to run for office, that was a brilliant thing to say.
He also said that he wants to be a public servant.

Okay, Alex..

Why don't you run for mayor of Chicago? It's the next thing closest to the White house.

Which brings us back to: They read the Constitution today, but this nobody wonders...did they hear the fish and birds falling out of the sky right outside the hall?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Gordon Bennett, Obama isn't even good at being a friggin' Dictator.

How about a swap? We can take your dark fellow and you can have our little red-headed girl (not Charlie Brown's). He can practice rescuing our already grim Aboriginal mob and Gloriana can bring your people her Goodness and Light, Compassion and Communications Skills, Empathy and Nurturing. Lord knows thay are in pristine condition as she hasn't used any of them here.

1:19 AM  

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