Monday, January 10, 2011

Mr. Green...Shows Perfecton in the Grip of Pain

Nobody's Perfect: But...then there's this man. (play video)

Sometimes, you do witness perfection.

Here is a father, who only hours after his daughter is killed, manages to speak, not with revenge, or hatred, or blaming mass numbers of people for a crime committed by one person...but with more sense, and logic, than anyone else on the news.

As you can hear, he speaks with concern for his country. He says he remembers what happened on 9/11, and does not want America, to lose any more of its freedoms.

Compare this courageous and noble soul, to the relatives of Gabrielle Gifford: Her father blamed the tea party. Her brother-in-law, astronaut Scott Kelly blamed basically conservatives pundits, over "irresponsible words."

The Sheriff, who did NOTHING to protect this women even though he was aware of threats, blamed Rush Limbaugh, and "irresponsible words."

Now, you may say: Not fair Joyanna, they are in shock and grief.

Well, so was this man-- a father who lost his only daughter. A man grieving as much as a parent can grieve, found it in his heart to come out and...blame no-one, but talk with great wisdom, at the very worst time in his life.

If that isn't perfection, I don't know what is.

Years from now, the most poignant words spoken about the event, will not be Obama's, or Rush, Or Glenn Beck, or any other will be this father...who's angel of a daughter, Christian Taylor Green, born on 9/11...will never again hear her father's voice.

Really great men, are the ones who can show us how to respond to the worst of times.

Thank you Mr. Green...and may God's grace and kindness shower you with help and guide you and your family in your great sorrow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says...:

Well, he says through his tears.

We don't here these words on our TV, just the blame for Sarah Palin and anyone with a right wing bone. The coverage here has been a disgrace, an opportunity for villifying anyone who isn't 'leftist'.

No mention has been made of the nutter gunman extolling the virtues of The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kamf, both socialist tomes and his self-declared favourites.

It takes YOU, joyanna to keep me well educated on the profound goodness and common sense that resides in the backlots of America.

It takes you to send on the message of the Father of the otherwise ignored little girl killed. His Understanding and Love; his masculine sensitivity.

God Bless you m'dear.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

You do me honor sir.

9:16 PM  
Blogger nokra said...

Hi, I just googled "why is nobody talking about dead federal judge?"
Your blog came up and I am glad I found it!...and it is the ONLY thing that came up!!!
Thanks for putting my thoughts into words...
I would like your permission to link this to my face book page. Maybe it would wake up a few sleeping idiots!!!LOL

I will keep you bookmarked! Thanks again, Nokra

10:25 AM  

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