Sunday, January 09, 2011

Nobody Has Two More Insights on Arizona Shootings

Nobody's Opinion: Since the shooting in Arizona took up the whole weekend, it seems almost disrespectful today to talk about anything else. So, here are two short points of notice on this Monday after the event:
First: While everyone on every channel has been speaking non-stop about "Gabby" and her care, and her courage, and the shooter--- it has taken quite a while to find out who the other poor people were that actually died. It was almost as if to say, they really didn't matter.
The Judge, was important, and the young girl, who it has been noted, was the granddaughter of Dallas Green, a famous coach---
But what about the other three people?
Nobody Cared.
And why was that?
I had to research it tonight and found more on these people in their local newspapers. They STILL are not even mentioning them on any of the major channels. They are simply...a number.
But they are not a number to their families.
Dorothy Morris, 76, was killed, and her husband was wounded. They have two daughters.
Phyllis Schneck, 79, was the wife of Ernest Schneck. They have three children and seven
Dorwin Stoddard 79, was a construction worker, who, with his wife, had helped many a hopeless and homeless person get back on their feet through their efforts in their church.
So, what do these three people have in common? They're old.
Were they ignored because they are nobodies, or because of their age? Or was it...both?
You KNOW what I think...and it stinks.
Second: All day long we have seen the video of Gifford's criticizing Sarah Palin for putting a "mark" on her head. After all, she is considered the leader of the Tea Party.
Giffords, 40, who remains in critical condition in hospital after being shot through the head -- but is expected to recover, criticized Sarah Palin last year for putting her and 19 other Democrats on a hit list, each shown as being in the crosshairs.
"When people do that, they have got to realize there are consequences to that action," Gifford said. Palin today distanced herself from the shooting, as did leading figures of the Tea Party movement. Conservative bloggers accused liberals of seeking to exploit the attack.
Gifford's father was blunter. Asked if she had any enemies, he said: "Yeah, the whole Tea Party."
This is not good for Sarah.
Anyone who does not want her running for President...whether it's the democrats, or the established Rhinos, are going to take this opportunity and run it into the ground to get her out of running for President. To crush the American people who are outraged, (with good reason, at their government destroying the country)...they must cut off the head.
Looking at it from their "war room" (Hillary Clinton's invention) two birds were killed with one stone. (This is a metaphor...birds...stone...heard it before?)
In the meantime, watching the political debate should be interesting. I hope Palin comes out soon with a strong statement. I hope she doesn't follow George W. Bush's famous habit of saying NOTHING when he was attacked.
We can only wait and see.



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