Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nobody Wins When You Have an Idiot "Fire" a Good Man

Nobody Wins: Drudge had this up tonight, or I would have missed it. __

An Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter has been placed on administrative leave from his job at a Minnesota high school after he insulted President Obama’s intelligence and challenged the commander in chief to a fight.

He’s not too bright,” Volkmann told MMA Fighting. “Someone’s got to knock some sense into that idiot.”

The comment prompted a visit by the U.S. Secret Service after they received several calls accusing the fighter of threatening the president. However, Volkmann said the comments were tongue-in-cheek.

“It’s a little irritating to be honest,” he said. “I think it’s kind of ridiculous that the school is pretty much saying you can’t voice your opinion and if you do voice your opinion you definitely can’t voice it against the policies of the president.”
- ---------------Fox News

Since when, can you be fired from your job for exercising your right to free speech? Anyone who thinks this guy LITERALLY wanted to "fight" Obama, really IS an idiot...which includes the women who "fired" him, and Obama's administration.

It's obvious this guy was just expressing his frustration at the horrible things he has done to the country.

Our schools are run like prisons. Our universities are so overbearingly liberal that if you DARE express a conservative thought, you...will be punished. Even Bill O'Reilly advised for all students to just keep their mouths shut and get the degree.


But, back to this poor guy. Hopefully a good lawyer will get this guy and take this up to the Supreme Court. None of us should be afraid to speak...and it seems now that they are going to use the shooting in Arizona by a neurotic nut to silence us all.

We are coming dangerously close to a dictatorship. Do "They" want to merge so much with China, they had to put camera's up in Wal-Mart, drones in the sky, sexual searches at all airports, and fire anyone who dares to opose the great Obamamama?

President Obama is not an idiot. He is something ...much worse. ...and no "fight" will knock that out of him.

Only defeat in 2012...if he lets us get there.



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