Wednesday, January 19, 2011

China Rising...and Taking Over


Nobody Wins: Nobody is talking about it, but to this nobody, China took the final step to formalizing her global conquering today...Hu Jintao came, and conquered the United States without a blow.
Lao Tzu be proud.
Our "President" Obama was the broker, but evidently he didn't do a good job by the look on his face during the press conference.
Hu Jintao flew into Washington today, to work out the final agreements between our multinational companies, and the price he demands for letting them sell their goods in China.
And the price? America.
This paragraph from WND sums WHY America is being sold to China:
Our multinational companies still invest, of course - just not at home. A study by the Business Roundtable and the U.S. Council Foundation found that the share of the profits of U.S.-based multinationals that came from their foreign affiliates had increased from 17 percent in 1977 and 27 percent in 1994 to 48.6 percent in 2006. As the companies' revenue from abroad has increased, their dependence on American consumers has diminished. The equilibrium among production, wages and purchasing power - the equilibrium that Henry Ford famously recognized when he upped his workers' pay to an unheard-of $5 a day in 1913 so they could afford to buy the cars they made, the equilibrium that became the model for 20th-century American capitalism - has been shattered. Making and selling their goods abroad, U.S. multinationals can slash their workforces and reduce their wages at home while retaining their revenue and increasing their profits. And that's exactly what they've done.
And who did Hu Jintao want to meet? Do you really think he gives a hoot about Obama? No. Obama is just a side kick.
Here's what was reported on Drudge:
Chief executive officers from Microsoft Corp. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. will be among the corporate leaders the Obama administration is bringing together today for a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao aimed at expanding U.S. business interests in China.
(Let's talk about Goldman Sachs. Since the "meltdown," Goldman Sachs had the most profitable quarter ever, snatching business away from weakened rivals. Goldman Sachs donated four times more money to Obama's election than to McCain. And let's not forget that Bush made Henry Paulson, the former President of Goldman, our secretary treasury. a man who spends more time in China than most people do in their bathrooms. Goldman Sachs people are all over our government in high posts. Enough for me to suggest a name change to GSUSA)
CEOs Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman will be joined by General Electric Co.’s Jeffrey Immelt, Jim McNerney of Boeing Co. and 10 other U.S. business leaders for the meeting, the administration announced.
(This is all about GE, Microsoft, and Boeing, getting their products into China. FREE TRADE? Right, these men could care less about American workers. It's all about their short term profits.)
Also invited to the meeting were Westinghouse Electric Corp. CEO Aris Candris; former Sybase Inc. chief executive John Chen; Coca-Cola Co. chief executive Muhtar Kent; DuPont Co. CEO Ellen J. Kullman; Greg Page, CEO of Cargill Inc.; John Thornton, chairman of HSBC Holdings Plc’s North American division; David Rubenstein, co-founder and managing director of Carlyle Group; Paul Otellini, Intel Corp. CEO; and Dow Chemical Co. CEO Andrew Liveris.
(Are you starting to see the pattern here? Do you REALLY think we are going to bottle coke, make light bulbs here and export them? )
Hu will travel later in the week to Chicago, where U.S. and Chinese companies will announce about 40 agreements, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs said.
(Yeah, go see the Godfather.)
China has no intention of playing fair. We are going to be "mined" just like every other country in the world. Phyllis Shavley says it the best:
China has a communist government, so the Communist Party is in the driver's seat. China can violate with impunity all international law and trade agreements, slap taxes and regulations on U.S. plants in China, compel U.S. corporations to give their trade secrets and manufacturing know-how to Chinese competitors and force Americans to keep silent about the unfairness of it all.
Our companies no longer think in governments. Just profits. For the first time at the G-20 meeting in South Korea, the CEO"s of the world had their meetings next door. They have enough power to make Congress outlaw lightbulbs, and Mickey's copyright to go on forever.
Like the politician, they do not have to obey the laws either.
If America dies and comes under China rule....what's it to them?. Even Glenn Beck had a man on who suggested to Americans that we all learn Chinese. And he said it what?
China got Bill Clinton to give them many of our military secrets through the Commerce Department. Boeing sold them our super computers and military hardware.
It's all about the money. And Clinton will be in Chicago with Rahm, to meet Hu.
Locally, I am really starting to see the takeover...for instance:
I remember growing up here in St. Louis, and TWA was King of Lambert Field. They had a major hub here, and you could take TWA to anywhere in the world, and even get a meal, pillows, cards, peanuts...and pick the seat next to the window.
When TWA left town, and McDonald Douglass got bought out by Boeing, the airport became a ghost town. Nevertheless, as one major industry after another closed down, (Ford makes more money overseas than here in the US) they expanded our airport. We have probably one of the biggest airfields in the world. This airfield can hold the biggest planes ever built, and China has a lot of them.
And now we've learned WHY they kept building ...Today in the Post Dispatch it was announced how pleased Roy Blunt(R)and MS Caranhan(D) were about the fact that China Airlines are coming to make St. Louis their big hub.
I’m so pleased that China Eastern Airlines will partner with St. Louis to negotiate a trade and commercial exchange hub in Missouri. St. Louis offers the perfect location, ideal space, and a strong workforce for this hub, and I look forward to the increased agriculture and manufacturing job creation and economic development that this initiative will bring to our state
What a bunch of hooy.
Guess what's NEXT to China's big airport in St. Louis? Boeing. And next to Boeing, where once there was a HUGE Ford manufacturing plant, is now going to be filled with "space" to hold the cargo that China will fly in to be spread outover the whole country.
China was smart. They did a Reagan. They killed us with our own greed. Our multinational companies will go over there for a while, and then...China will take them over.
UNLESS...Donald Trump becomes President.
So..., Kung Fu and Merry Christmas, America. We have handed over our technology and all secrets, and help build their country up, and now they are stronger, and we have been destroyed by our own citizens. That's how I see it.
Obama said today the world should rejoice at the rising of China.
Sorry Mr. President, if I don't join in on that.


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