Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sputnicking the Yellow Brick Road to ObamaOzland

Nobody Knows who in the world was inspired by 'President' Obama's State of the Union address, besides Sheila Jackson and Andy Warhol.

Wait---Joyanna, Andy Warhol is dead.

My point exactly.

Obama started off on the podium, nose in the air... his eyes to the heavens, as if he was visioning a far off land-- (actually China) in the future America. A future filled with high-speed railroads, entrepreneurs out the kazoo, electric cars, really smart kids, and a people all happy and carefree--- who will ride into Oz on electric car horses that change colors, and the little munchkins children will all be singing.."Look into the light ...look into the la la la la...."


(That's the record scratching.)

Records are dead, Joyanna, stop it.

What did we learn from Obama's State of Mind?

Let's review: The stock market is back, he said, which is good for all those 2% of the rich who Obama keeps saying he wants to tax. They can now start back to piling up the money, just for him to take.

Doesn't help the unemployed, sorry...have to send their money on that little necessity called FOOD.

The recession is OVER! Wow...good to know that Obama got some fairy dust in his eyes on that yellow brick road, so he doesn't have to suffer the shock, when it comes.

The rules have was technology that stole all those American jobs and sent them overseas, and that's why we should make sure that every single man, woman and child has access to that nasty technology, by getting hooked into the internet, where they can download the latest government answers to how to run their lives

Oh and by the way...China is beating us in everything. Their kids are smarter, they have bigger computers. They also have the wicked Hu of the East, but that's a mute point.

China needs Obama. I hope he gets a job there after 2012. We need all the help we can get.

He wants to simplify the tax code. I LOVE the sound of munchkins laughing, don't you?

Right after this, he made a joke about smoking salmon, which was scary because it was a joke that obviously suggested smoking marijuana...I had visions of the whole democratic caucus skipping through the poppy fields... smoking....salmon.

Give them anything and they will smoke it, that's how gullible they are.

George Soros must of suggested that one.

You can go to the websites and see everything! Right, he promised this before...what that means is we can have CNN show us the locked door where they are deciding our lives. I think Dorothy is still in there.

Oh...NOW he's going to veto any earmark...after the thousands that have already slipped through. Flying Monkeys are starting to come out of his mouth.

Iraq, and Afganistan, we are leaving. But he is just so proud that Sudan is greeting elections. WHAT? What did we do in Sudan that we don't know about? We need crystal balls for every household. We are going to need them.

He has single- handedly disarmed the world's nuclear threat. He is telling us that the great Oz gave him a heart, but once again, I'm hearing, "If I only had a brain."

INVEST...we are Americans! In electric cars in solar panels, in Obama's spending America into the dungeons of the wicked witches' castle. When your company is destroyed by the "economy" you can start up a new company selling solar panels!. The taxpayers will fund you!

"Follow the yellow brick road. Because, because, because, because, BECAAASSEEE!" Because of wonderful things he does!"

The great oz is on a roll..we will have illegal's doing EVERYTHING! Teaching our children, building our electric cars, and trains, (Are the Chinese going to come over again?) and working in our universal health care system, because doctors are leaving in droves, as are teachers. We need more teachers...the illegal's will provide.

And Joe Biden is here! Only in America could a man like Joe Biden get to be Vice President. Frankly, this statement did not make me want to celebrate much of anything. I was looking for my ruby slippers.

Okay, enough review. One of the men that I picked several weeks ago who I thought would make a fine president, Paul Ryan (R) of WI, did the Republican rebuttal. It was great. Let's hope the republicans get smart and get rid of Mitt and replace him with Ryan...if not for President than VP.

And now ..excuse me,

I need to get in practice for 2012. Feel free to join me and my cousin Dodo up there, (see picture) all you Toto's out there and get ready to sing!

"Ding dong the witch is dead, which ol witch? The wicked witch. Ding dong the wicked witch is deeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd......Hi ho....hi ho hi ho,...hi hooooo.."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Splutter, splutter, harumph.... you take the name of Oz in vain???

Actually your Obama is looking a little better than our Gloriana Julia, Empress of Down Under. Obama was talking the other speech about wireless internet broadband, provided by American Business, reaching 98% of the population with just a little Gumnut encouragement.

Our Gloriana on the other hand has poo-hoo'd the very idea that new fangled wireless gizmos can do the job, even if they ever get invented, and committed the poor munchkins of Oz to coughing up 45 BILLION bucks (which are worth slightly more than your bucks these days, by the way) in taxes so that the Great Aussie Gumnut can 'build the Optical Cable Infrastructure' (across the Simpson Desert - I think NOT !), censor it, and do all the gumnut advertising on smutty pages that we all insist in going to, apparantly. Porn will be government sponsored in Oz, as star bureaucrats in drag, humping unwilling taxpayers. Dominatrix adverts will be free.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

amforatas, you always amaze this poor nobody with your brlliant writing.

If I win the lottery, we surely will join up, and save the world.

If not the world..ourselves!

8:36 PM  

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