Monday, January 24, 2011

GE's Mummery

Nobody's Opinion

"Slept splendid. Evidently I was inoculated with insomniac bacilli when a baby. Arose early, went out to flirt with the flowers. I wonder if there are not microscopic orchids growing on the motes of the air. Saw big field of squashes throwing out their leafy tentacles to the wind, preparing to catch the little fleeting atom for assimilation into the progeny of the squash gourd. A spider weaves its net to catch an organized whole. How like this is the living plant. The leaves and stalk catch the primal free atom. All are then arranged in an organized whole."--Thomas Edison, July 21, 1885 "

That's nice isn't it? It's from a book called, "The Diary and Observations of Thomas Edison" and you will be hard pressed finding it anywhere, and for good reason. The progressives really don't want you too.

What an imagination. What a genius. What a mind. One man...getting rich off his own ideas.

But now we have Jeffery Immelt running GE. A man who never invented a thing in his life. Since he took over GE, their stock has dropped 60 percent.

But he's the guy, the big boys in Washington want for the globalization march. The plan? Manufacture solar panels, electric cars, energy saving electric light China. And sell them (or mandate laws like cap and trade to sell them) over here in America.

Who gets rich off this? You tell me.

The company that Edison started is run by a man who is just this side of a megalomaniac with visions of global warming greenhouses lighting up his Santa Claus dreams of the biggest company to take over the earth, without a single notion that there are actually people on the planet who do not want to become his guinea pigs. We are not spiders to be observed in Immelt's laboratory.

Thomas Edison at least stopped and smelled the squash gourds. Jeffery Immelt wouldn't look at a spider unless it was atop a solar panel, and yet he wants to save the poisonous light bulb at a time. After all, he needs a much better stock record.

And who bought this "merger" of General Electric and the United States President?

By executive order...our President. Trillions more are going to be poured into least the Chinese will be happy.

But..what about us? Are we going to build casino's in every town just to give people jobs? This morning they announced that Miami is considering building five new casino's to help unemployment. Sucking the people with inflation is just not enough.

Grandma needs to put her life's savings into those pretty little slots.

Edison is a hero of mine, so you can imagine my anger when Jeffery Immelt and Obama used the great man's name, to muster support for the merger.

Oh..didn't they say it was a 'merger'? He's just 'advising'?

You'd think everyone would know the doublespeak by now.

It's been announced that G.E. CEO Jeff Immelt will lead the new President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. (Don't you just love these wonderful Bambi names they come up with?)

I wonder if Tom was alive, would he have approved? What would Tom think of Jeffery sending little mercury bombs into every citizen's household, by way of our Congress.

No, Thomas Edison, according to his diary, he was a big fan of Thomas Paine...I don't think so.

And while the news that Jeffery Immelt is now joined at the hip with our President Obama. No one reports any outrage at this...and that's a fact scary in itself.

We all KNOW where this is going---our puppet of a Congress outlawed Edison's electric bulb for Mr. Immelt. And now, they will slowly but surely force us all to put the electric plugs into our homes...and they will be seen on all highways, parking meters, parking lots. That's their dream. That's the plan. Not to mention, just wait till they get into your thermostat.

Have you seen the commercial with GE's little parking electric meter? Did they hire Disney to do these spots?

This was on Drudge: Whether it is pushing the president’s plan for global warming fees in order to create demand for his “Ecomagination” line of windmills, solar panels, etc., boosting the president’s national health-care law as part of an effort to sell more medical equipment, or enthusing over the Obama strategy of making loans available for industrial exporters, Immelt has been an Obama stalwart all along. Immelt has also consistently argued to shareholders
that there is big money to
be made in advancing the Democratic agenda.

There you go. They don't even hide the fact do they?

Last week we saw Obama kowtow like a scared puppy to the China Hu Jintao. We see him silent to Iran. We see him at the mercy of Goldman Sachs. He bows to everyone, and most dangerously dismantles our military strength, he is continuing the polities of helping Chains to arm itself. He is almost begging for us to be attacked by these actions.

Where is the commons sense?

Thomas Edison wrote in that dairy :

"We must keep on experimenting in warfare at the same tie endeavoring to learn how to produce the most deadly materials and weapons so that if we slip because someone declares a treaty to be a scrap of paper we shall have men educated in the processes of the things which we must do, and able, with our immense mechanical resources at their disposition to do them very quickly. "

He also said:

"I would not burden the great body of our citizenship with heavy taxes."
The merging of big business with government will destroy this country. It's stinks of fascism, and some think that's the intention. There are men running the government that want the global world market and they are willing to sacrifice America for it.

But, what happens to America?

Don't take it from me...take it from the man who lit up the world:

"The world cannot get on its feet until we stand firmly upon ours. "

Unfortunately, the word "ours" in this century, is just a small elite crowd of people.
From their point of view...the new mercury filled light bulbs were a stroke of genius.

You don't "invent" a new world by destroying everything that is good. All Jeffery and Obama are inventing is a Brave New World of tyranny.



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