Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MSNBC VS High School Girls

Nobody's Perfect:

This week we have a tie, between a "flock" of high school girls beating up a Wendy's employee and MSNBC .

First: What do you do when Oprah moves to cable and you have nothing else to do? You get all your sisters together and go hang out at Wendys, have a food fight, and beat up the person behind the counter!

It's even better if it makes the news. (see video)

So, when a gang of black high school girls beat up a 'white' person, who was just doing her job, is that a race crime? Or a hate crime? Or a 'You did NOT dare ask me to give up my french fries!' crime?

(I'm assuming she was white. She has RED hair..but then, she could be Mexican..they are not sayng. But, odds are, she was NOT black. )

Let's have a beer garden and discuss it. Why do high school girls feel like beating up on people?

(Why did the duck cross the road? Why did Rahm Emanuel cut off his finger at Taco Bell?)

What? Girls will be girls? These girls need a name. The Beater Burgers Sisters? The Shake and Smash Your Head Wolverines? The, Give Me Yo' Mama Club?

Well, I hate to say it, but it brings back not- too- fond memories of my high school days...where I was threatened by a "gang" of over thirty 'white' girls. Cornered in the hall, I was saved by a big bruiser of a guy who stood between them and me.

My crime? The gang leader's boyfriend had kissed me (without my permission I might add) at a party.

Gangs have been around probably since the first ice age. But, really...attacking a poor service person, for no reason whatsoever, steeps to a new low.

Obama will start an "Investment for High School Gangs" I'm sure. They need a place where they can gather and throw food at bags of tax-payer's money. That should keep them out of Wendys.

Fast Food Nation now...needs a sequel: FAST FOOD GANGS---Forget the fat, beware the BULLIES!"

Second: MSNBC is replacing Kieth Olbermann with some guy called "The Young Turk".

You're kidding.

MSNBC is trying to promote the "Muslim "race. ( I have no idea if this guy is Muslim, but it doesn't matter does it?) No matter WHAT you might think of Kieth Olbermann, you must admit, he is full of flair, and of himself, and has a certain presence that as sheer entertainment, is not to be ignored.

Maybe it was that patriotic American Eagle that Keith used at the beginning of his show that they just couldn't take anymore.

Cenk, (Well, there's a household name for ya. ) says he is after FOX News. "They think they can't be beat." he says.

Well all this nobody can say is: MSNBC...good luck. You made a politically correct choice, and it's another fine mess you've made, but I think it's a good one for the rest of us.

MSNBC will need to put about ten beautiful and busty women on with "The Turk" to even get an audience in Dubai.

Just when we all thought that nobody could be any less perfect than Keith Olbermann, nature proved us wrong.

Or maybe...this is a conspiracy soon to be hatched. There are rumors that Keith is going to FOX, where he will become best friends with Bill O'Reilly.

And if that happens, we can all feel safe.

(Just kidding...if that happens I'm calling Jesse Ventura.. because I'm not perfect.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Did you clear your article with the Ladies of NOW? The 'expressing of emotion' at Wendy's was legitimized by the feminist mantra that 'if it feels good, it IS good'.

Clearly Joyanna, you didn't get the feminist memo that states VERY clearly in CAPITALS, that ALL women are expert at conflict resolution and communication. So any criticism of those girls in the Wendy's shop is unwarranted as they MUST have been acting perfectly legitimately, having assessed all the multiple 'relationship' issues in a multi-tasking manner that I, as a mere chap, cannot possibly understand.

But I thought YOU, as a woman, would have !


As for your own experience with the other girl's boyfriend, her game of 'let's you and them fight' was just early practice of technique. Did he get a visit from thirty incited young empathetic communication experts?

6:09 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Well...them feminists were just not being very ladylike..

I mean, how dare they throw french fries.

Which Proves something: a MAN would have thrown a hamburger...as much as they try to be like a man, the further they have to go.

1:39 PM  

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