Monday, January 31, 2011

Nobody's Perfect: Barack VS Moseley Braun

Nobody's Perfect:

Obama wins hands down in the Nobody's Perfect category this week, for once again, being on the wrong side at the wrong time while we watch the Muslim riots in Cairo.

When it comes to the Muslim world, he is staying out of it. Nevertheless, by not supporting the riots in Iran, something that might have REALLY helped the Middle East to some stability, but by supporting the Brothers of Muslims in Cairo, really, by his silence, he is starting to look as if he FAVORS a Muslim world, and the downfall of America

I'd say it's a bit too late for Obama to channel Ronald Reagan.

Our President has cut off all our oil wells, while letting Cuba, China, and any other country who care to drill in the very waters we are denied. And if on cue...this.

I think you could say right here, that he has put America in mortal danger.
All we can conclude is the corporations are running the show. This oil debacle coming our way will force Americans into GE's and the UN's green energy trazillons dollar bonanza. It seems that's the idea.

I would call that an impeachable act, but what do I know besides the Constitution?. The constitution which Obama admits he'd liked to change.

Why is he making so many mistakes? Well, I think Carol Mosley Braun might have inadvertently found the answer. (see video)

Carol is running for Mayor of Chicago against Rahm Emanuel, who everybody knows, has already got the job. Nevertheless, if you listen to this fight, Carol (see video)...who has been a Senator among many other things, attacks her opponent Patricia Van Pelt-Watkin for being a crack addict. That's why she is so clueless, says MS Braun.

Because of crack cocaine, she is not qualified. (Notice, she did not say she was invested with a worm.) She said it with all the grace of a warthog in heat. (I have seen a warthog in heat...not pretty.) And this is not the first time she has done this: She once attacked George Will.

In 1998, after George Will wrote a column reviewing allegations of corruption against her, Moseley Braun responded to Will's comments, saying that "I think because he couldn't say nigger, he said corrupt."

And guess what? Carol WASN'T on drugs when she said it! That's all her.

So, we might conclude, by her logic, that Barack Obama, a man who did more cocaine in his lifetime (by his own admission) than Patricia Van Pelt-Watkin, is just clueless due to the fact that he has missed a lifetime of good brain use. His poor brain, might still have residues effecting his ability to reason on how to act in accordance to world events.

Carol of course would never say that to Obama's face. But, maybe she will get a chance. When she finds out she can't beat Rahm, maybe she'll run for President again and she can use that same line against her opponent Obama, because this time, there is much truth to it.

That is, if he doesn't appoint her ambassador to Cairo first.



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