Friday, February 04, 2011

GE Wants YOU to Save the Baby Elephant

Nobody Flashes that one of the reasons we are so easily manipulated into getting used to accepting this global warming nonsense, is the very smart way they advertise. Nobody does it better than America.

If you want to sell something, put a cute baby animal into the picture. In this case, GE’s brillint ad for new energy just about makes you think that IF you buy an electric car, some cute little baby elephant will be dancing in the rainforest!

You want to change the world? Get a cute baby of anything to sell the idea that YOU..have nothing but sweet and gentle motives for the American people, and the planet.

The trouble is: this stuff works.

Watch as this cute baby elephant (cleverly dancing to Benny Goodman) brings up memories of AMERICAN FACTORIES that are NOT here anymore!

Okay, I will say no more….except this:

I wish someone would make another commerical with a herd of MAMA elephants that would go trashing through the solar panels, smashing them by the sheer force of their weight, AND THEN–the herd would go through a store that sells GE’s new lightbulbs, and the whole herd would take part in trampling them to little bits with their feet, (while the store employees run for their lives) AND THEN– they would stampede those cute little elecrtical parking meters to oblivion, all the while chasing Al Gore and Jeffery Immelt, back to the forest, to the tune of WIPE OUT.

In the last scene the cute little baby elephant would run to get under Mama Elephant’s legs, and hold up an Edison’s lightbulb…and it would light!

And baby elephant would …smile! While Mama patted him on the head.

Hollywood has lost it’s sense of humor.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

And... there must be a few American Bison getting mightily pissed off with baby furrin' elephants hogging all the fun and compassion.

6:45 PM  

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