Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nobody Knows: The "Flush"

Nobody Knows: I usually do favorite e-mails tonight, but I’m skipping that and posting this picture of the wonderful crowd of Americans that showed up in D.C. today. I got this off of Michelle Maulkin’s website…the lady is always right on top.

Barry---Hussein Obama is acting as if these American people just don’t exist.

Glenn Beck did a great thing getting all these people together. The protests must keep up; I also think Glenn Beck has the right idea…expose some of these people for what they are. Get other simple people to be brave enough to expose the truth. Just show us the scum.

And it’s---- everywhere.

BUT…maybe we should take something out of the Democratic playbook. What we need now is a Presidential scandal. While I do support the, “He has no birth certificate movement”…any man who can fire the President of Ford Motor Company and get away with it, obviously doesn’t need one.

A sex scandal would be quick, and time is essential at this point.

What politician has not been damaged by a sex scandal? If you say Bill Clinton, think a bit more.

The ONE thing that it seems all the powerful men in Washington D.C. just can’t resist is sex, with lots of women. It’s almost as if they think it’s one of their inherited perks…am I wrong?

So, I’m putting out for all reporters to get on this…and I suggest that…we start with this pretty lady. I believe her name is Susan Rice. She is in his cabinet, and she is his personal advisor and representative to the United Nations.

The other day, my husband and I were watching Obama give a talk on his Health Care at the White House, and right behind his left hand shoulder was a woman who looked as if they had just…you know…let’s just say she had the “flush.”

My husband noted it first. He said, “Look, that woman. She is…mmmm--there is no doubt about it. She is in love.”

As I watched her nod with loving eyes, at every single word Obama said--well let’s just say, no one needed O’Reilly’s body language interpreter to think that this woman was filled with…rushing hormones. It was Lewinsky without the French Hat.

Either that or she just got laid by the White House Butler.

Having had that wonderful “flushed” feeling many times myself, I can honestly say that I couldn’t have agreed with him more.

My husband suggested I should not say anything. Be careful he said. After all, Bill Clinton got so mad when the world found out about Lewinsky that he went and bombed some factory, and some poor guy almost got killed. And he KEPT on bombing, and then thousands of citizens really DID get killed.

So, let me be up front…I have no proof that Susan Rice and Obama have a thing going on. Hey, and if they do, it’s none of our business right?

Wrong!. Of course it’s our business. The guy wants to destroy America. We need anything we can get at this point.

So…if someone at the National Enquirer or even the National Review would probably like a good story, and are brave enough to find a Linda Tripp… hey, who am I to stop it? Drudge could do another famous headline.

And if you think I’m mean…I and all those people that gathered all over the country today think it’s mean what Obama wants to do with all the baby boomers in the United States…and that’s just for starters.

The way I look at it, I’ve never heard Obama condone the Muslim practice of having four wives. And I hear that the Alinsky philosophers believe in patriarchy, whatever that means.

And we sure do know now that prostitution was high up on Acorn’s list.

And who can forget that picture in Paris?

Why wait till we all are lying on our deathbeds being handed morphine and then think---“You know---we should have gone for it.”


Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11...Nobody Always Remembers..

Nobody Flashes: I know: I know: I was suppose to put something up to commemorate the horrible deaths that happened on 9/11. The truth is: I have a big picture, much like this one, on my kitchen wall, so every single day I think about that day.
As should we all. Not just on 9.11.
But today, unlike most days, I really get...sad.
So forgive me. But, let's hope the tide is turning. Good men ARE gathering together...Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Maulkin, Powers, and the millions of nobodies who will be finally going out tomorrow and saying...
We want our country BACK!
It's about time.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nobody Cares About Vacations

Nobody Cares: I wrote a long story about my one-day vacation to Branson, Missouri…a day where just to save money, my husband and I stayed up 22 hours, drove 555 miles, and spend over $300 seeing attractions, instead of paying outlandish prices to stay at a hotel for one night---which shows you the desperation. Yes, I wrote the story, and then decided that “Idiot, nobody cares about your stupid one-day vacation.” so I pressed “delete.”

You’re welcome.

But, here’s a few pictures: That’s me looking like I had been captured by Pirates (which is pretty much how I feel every time I turn on the news) and the outside of the Wax Museum in Branson, MO…(where we went) where John Wayne is still KING.

And here are just a few thoughts:

The figures in Wax Museums are always skinny, and always smaller than you. Rambo is always about 5’5’ and weighs about 125 pounds, all over the world. Nobody EVER gets Marilyn Monroe right.

Last time I was in Branson, the price for a pair of ladies moccasins was $14.50. Now the going price is $45.00. And these are the ones made in China.

Paul Revere and the Raiders still do the same routine as when they first appeared on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, which in itself is a miracle. Paul Revere shoots a very loud pistol into the air to wake all the old people up. He’s 71 and knows this is necessary. He is sharper in mind than most of the politicians in Congress.

You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” can be performed even if a voice is practically gone, and it doesn’t matter. Bill Medley's biggest fear is Wal-Mart. (Actually, the show was great…really.)

Our weatherman said, “no rain in sight.” He lied. We drove in fog and pouring rain for a full four hours, in the morning hours…and it rained the whole day. The good news is: we were NOT at Disneyworld.

If you do not eat desert for a month, and tell yourself that you will allow yourself this one luxury (a funnel cake) when you go on your one-day vacation, then sure enough, you will see no funnel cakes being sold anywhere, until the last 20 minutes, where sure enough, you will run upon a funnel cake stand, and it will be closed.

The going rate for all silly attractions, like fun houses, and haunted houses is $24.95. Just imagine when Obama gets his advisors to decide rates on medical procedures…

And speaking of Obama…the best part of the day is that I missed his big speech.

Next to bringing the dogs some very big bones from our t-bone steaks, (thereby being instanly forgiven for leaving them) and my first train ride ever…I’d say, Branson is still hanging on…and so am I.

Johnny Depp on the other hand, has a better hairdresser.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Nobody Wins: When a United States President, can command:
The entire nation's attention!!!!
By giving a rousing "let's all stay in school, work hard, wash our hands, and believe in God and stay off of FaceBook---" speech, and broadcast it in every living room, every single school room AND have people everywhere say that the speech was a good one, and it's a good thing....
Worry? Yes you'd better.
This is another historical first. He did it by being "Conservative" so no one would think that this was another tyrannical historical grab to make us all get used to the expansion of the Presidency, who is becoming an American CZAR, into every facet of our lives.
Step by step....inch by inch...slowly you will fall into the spell...of communism.
FDR, another President who surrounded himself with communist (17 according to Ann Coutler) has been reincarnated into a African-American Zombie movie, complete with Zombie CZARS.
QUICK, burn the bridge! Zombies can't swim!
If you watched Ronald Reagan's speech to children on C-Span this morning, then you saw the last great American President who loved our country do it right.
The speech was given in the White House, NOT some school. That's were the President should stay.
Reagan talked about our great country, and how it's the "We the People" that rule the country, and history, and embodied the great ideas of freedom. He actually taught the kids something. American History.
Then Daddy Bush moved the Presidency into the classroom, (just one) and sounded like a "dad" talking to his kids. Don't do drugs...yada, yada.
So what's this about? Power. The power of the executive office to expand into every one's life. Most of us knew that his speech was going to be broadcast to the kids, but only today, did we wake up to see the whole thing covered on our news stations!
Wow. GOT CHA! "See, he is not talking politics...just really good things!" Rahm must be having a drink and doing high fives with all his brothers tonight, laughing about the how well they pulled this off.
We, trusting souls that we are were very cleverly-- set-up.
It was just another Presidential address to the nation: to get us all used to seeing our benevolent Obama in our face--- every single a dictator.
The children, the parents, the news media...everyone.
In fact, he's coming on to talk tomorrow! And the day after that. What shall we call all these wonderful visits by Obama?
Obama's warm and cuddly HD chats?
I watched the Obama in the White House special not too long ago. You know what thousands of people that are working around him at the White House do? Their only to make Obama look good that day, and keep the propaganda going. I'm not kidding. Hundreds of people work...just for that. Not you. Not me. Not the office of the Presidency and it's...power to control. And making Obama look good.
There is a war going's the people vs the vast governmental complex of power hungry madmen in Washington D.C....and they both, Republicans and Democrats have the exact same goal for us all. Don't listen to what they say...observe what they are DOING!
Both parties are scared. Laura Bush today said "It's important for people to respect the President of the United States." That statement sent chills down my spine.
Well said from one of our ROYAL dynasties. God forbid the people say "We've had enough...term limits!, GET OUT! All of you!"
And now, they want our children. They've done so much damage.
Time to take the gloves off...time to fight...for "We the People."
And by the way...God Bless Ronald Reagan. Sorry Barbara, when a President is out to tax and destroy our rights as free citizens under God...
Then he deserves no respect. And we have a right to save our institutions from corruption. It's our god-given right. Too many men and women have died for our not live under a man who treats us all like children..
"Now, wash your hands!"
Yeah, I'm mad.


Monday, September 07, 2009

The Fair Vanity of Annie Leibovitz

Nobody’s Perfect: Nobody can take a rich and famous person’s naked body and put it into the realm of breathtaking beauty and ego, and also show that ego’s tremendous sense of power, like Annie Leibovitz. She can even make them look great with clothes on!

I would personally like to thank her for making Yoko Ono keep her clothes on in the famous picture of the naked John Lennon cuddling his lover. She was exactly right in that call. After all, we had all seen Yoko without her clothes. Seeing Yoko’s naked body was much like hearing her sing. Put a naked, singing Yoko in a big room and you could explode an egg at a distance of thirty feet…

I’m just saying.

Annie has the talent to not only capture the whole persona of any person before her camera, but also what’s going on in that’s person’s mind in that point in time. She takes these people and gives them immortality on Mt. Olympus’s highest peak.

That’s why she gets the big bucks.

But, Nobody’s Perfect, and we have been finding out just how perfection slips into a black hole when it comes to the money of the rich and famous. So many of them just have no clue how to watch out for their wealth…like their politics, they simply follow the leads of their friends. And now it seems the lady who works mostly for Vanity Fair is now going to have to give up her life’s work because she put it up for collateral to finance loans.

How stupid was that?

So, why did she need the loans? I couldn’t find that answer. Three Houses filled with rare artifacts: Three children and a woman lover to buy for…money for hundreds of camera’s…who knows?

Evidently, she maybe forgot to take a good picture of Bernie Madoff---big mistake.

Vanity Fair, the magazine that Annie works for, has been on a regular crusade of notational Olympic proportions in recording every one who ever knew Bernie and his wife, Ruth. They interviewed their hairdressers and the whole population of Palm Beach, including the cabana boys. They interviewed investors in Aspen, and the poor lonely secretary who thought Bernie was just…weird.

Uncle Bernie knew the old trick of “hard to get” and got the rich so excited when he accepted their money, that they handed him everything. Palm Beach was gleefully wiped out. Katrina was mild compared to Hurricane Bernie. It’s almost as if he was a double agent for Bin Laden…but that’s a conspiracy even I won’t touch. (But I might later…give me time.)

We are now left wondering, what “species” (a new Alan Greenspan word for the human race) is going to move into the empty Palm Beach houses now?

The Russians? The Saudis? Iranians? Jeffery Immelt and his family?

But---if Annie is having problems, so is Ruth, Bernie’s wife. She had to turn off her air- conditioning in her million-dollar penthouse in order to save on money. She even had to go to the grocery store by herself. No more eating out. $2.5 million is a big adjustment, but something tells me, she’ll manage fine.

Here’s where most of us get …perturbed. (Good word--- perturbed.)

While Vanity Fair can go on endlessly about the reincarnated Beelzebub Bernie, who stole from mostly the Jewish rich, there is not a word in the magazine on the corruption of our current rich, ponzi pushing politicians in Washington, D.C.. They make Bernie look like a young Pinocchio stealing a piece of bubble gum, compared to the current load of Ponzella’s: Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, Congress, and the White House.

They got away with sealing trillions from the American people. (Some report as high as $93 trillion when it is all added up.) And they’re not finished.

No wonder we can’t go to Mars.

And why is that? Because the rich and our government are indelibly tied to what controls the money and power in the country and that stolen future is off the American people. And the one thing they all have in common is that they always claim when caught in a crime that…” They didn’t know.”

The “I didn’t know.” defense is the very first thing they all say, about any crime.

Bill Clinton didn’t know about Vernon Jordon meeting with Monica, trying to cut deals.
Senator Rangel didn’t know about the millions of his unreported income.
Obama didn’t know he was sitting in a communistic racist church for twenty years.
Hillary didn’t know that Bill was fooling around. (She also never remembers much.)
A whole slew of high government officials didn’t know about the vast slew of FBI reports that Al Qaeda was going run planes into the twin towers.

And Ruth Madoff didn’t know what her husband did, even though she took care of the books for all their lives.


I do feel pity for Annie Leibovitz. Her great works of art will soon be in someone else’s hands. But there is a lesson here.

Our Constitution is the finest work of political art ever conceived by mankind, and so, it’s going to be up to us not to lose it in some Bernie Madoff scam of Barack Inc.

Annie can always take some great pictures of Bernie in Jail, and sell them to all those people who he ripped off. She’ll make her fortune back quickly.

But if we the American people let these Bernie Madoffs in our government steal our country away, we won’t have the same chance as Annie.

This time, we must be…perfect. We must be absolutely---vain.


A day—and a death—to remember

Sunday, September 06, 2009

French Fried FUBAR

Nobody’s Opinion: In a world where the news has been basically full of French Fried FUBAR, covered with lots of hot and blinding commie red sauce, a shining sweet desert of melodious light has poured through with joyous victory last week.

(Sorry about that, I got carried away…I just got back from dinner.)

Glenn Beck took a huge spit-wad ball of truth (from the great painstaking research of some very good reporters) and exposed the “Green Czar Racist” called Van Jones---and then challenged the President to…get rid of him.


He proved that we had a “Green Czar” that was pretty much color-blinded by his own red sunglasses. By the end of the week, Van Jones had to resign. He left squawking.

Yes, the eagle landed right on the top of the chicken.

I’m surprised Van Jones didn’t scream that he was picked on by everyone because he was a black man…but give it time…someone will say it.

Watching Glenn work last week, was a sight to behold. He bombarded the public with fact after disturbing fact, and evidence that was irrefutable.

So…is Obama, going to take this sitting down? No! He is going to raise the Chinese flag over the White House.

Take that Glenn!

I wouldn’t doubt if he lets Gadafi put up a tent on the White House playground, just to show us whose boss: then takes Ahmadinejad on a personal Air Force One unannounced tour of Manhattan: and then invites Michael Moore to dinner for seventeen at Toni’s in Chicago.

Could any President be more antagonizing to his own country than Obama? I think the real question to ask is: ARE we his country?----Nobody Knows.

And this particular nobody cannot figure out how any President that ever lived here can make the comment that, “Islam as we know is part of America.”

Okay, baseball? Football? Elvis? ….sixties, seventies, eighties…Did I miss something here? Vietnam Vet? WWII, Playboy?

Did Buzz Muhammed walk on the moon? Did I miss that?

I’m just saying---Islam is no more part of America than John Wayne was a part of Michael Jackson. (Warning: do NOT imagine that!)

And what’s even worse, he said at a Ramadan Dinner, “Tonight’s Iftar is a ritual that is being carried out this Ramadan at kitchens tables and mosques in all 50 states.”

Oh, that’s really peachy.

But hey--- President Bush was bending over backwards inviting Muslims to celebrate Ramadan, so we’ve had two Presidents catering to a religion where men can beat women or kill them, a religion who wants to see every other religion but their own as not having the right to exist. A religion whose plan it is to move here and take over by sheer numbers.

Oh, that makes me feel safe, how about you? And out of respect for the office, we are not supposed to question our President’s actions…but trust them.

I think those days are gone.

Nobody in the Democratic Party seems to care that Obama not only is a racist, but that he seems to be a closet Muslim who means to destroy us. When is he ever seen in church? I was expecting him to burst into flames at Teddy’s funeral, but if sinners be damned, the whole church would have burnt down.

On the other hand, Obama can’t stop himself from going to the nearest Muslim microphone in order to knock the evil empire that he has been entrusted to rule.
To most of us now, it seems he was only pretending to be Christian in order to get elected. And while I was screaming about the fact that his name was OBAMA for god’s sake, I was ridiculed as not being…American.

A real American would have insisted on calling himself Barry.

So, here are, facing the biggest nightmare of any nation. With the advanced technology that Obama has at his fingertips today, his power is beyond anything we’ve ever encountered before. The damage this man can do is beyond imagination.

He can, and seems bent on, handing us over to the highest bidder. According to Dick Cheney, he is doing just that.

Is this all Obama’s game? No…this China merger or Muslim takeover, or whatever you want to call it came to it's final fruition in the White House tea parties of Bill Clinton. We are ruled by a Marxist mob that makes Al Capone look like a kid in a sandbox. A real parliament of Las Vegas strippers would give Americans a better chance of survival.

So…how do you get rid of a dictator, before he destroys you?

You know, Elliot Ness had a problem getting Al Capone…so he got him on tax evasion.

I’m hoping that Obama is so pissed off about his friend Van Jones that he places the red flag of China high above the White House for the world to see.

It might be all we need. Show your true colors Obama. That's all we ask.