Saturday, August 19, 2006

"Protect The People From The Press"

Nobody’s Opinion; “There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.” Mark Twain

While some really creepy looking lawyer (Who got lost on her way to Hillary’s class reunion), got some creepy woman judge named Anna Digs Taylor to somehow declare the NSA wiretapping unconstitutional, thereby trying to stop President Bush from monitoring phone calls from Al-Qaeda, and maybe stopping a whole city from being decimated (lawyers and all)---

We heard the more important news that Mr. Karr, the new poster boy for mental disabilities who said he killed Jon Benet, was actually in a different state that night of the murder, according to his x-wife, who by the way, doesn’t like him.

While Ford, an age old American institution, announced that basically it’s leaving America by closing another slew of plants, and all those people in Chicago, Wixom, Michigan: Louisville, Kentucky: Wayne, Michigan: St. Paul, Minnesota; Kansas City, Missouri; Norfolk, Virginia; and Dearborn, Michigan; will have to think twice about buying those season tickets to the ballpark next year, as they will soon join illegal immigrants in competition for jobs at their local Wal-Mart---

We heard the more important news that Mr. Karr will have to give DNA up to the police to see if it matches Jon Benet’s little girl panties. Some newscasters said “underwear” so the other perverts in the audience would not get too excited.

While the ambassador to the United Nations from China, Sha Zukong, came out and bluntly said that the United States “just better shut up” about the military buildup that is going on in China at unprecedented speed…

We heard the more important news that Mr. Karr really thinks that Michael Jackson is misunderstood by the world.

While Raul Castro, the ugly brother that did not win the prize of popularity in life, but by the final illness of that sibling who was born with the more obvious talent of BS, has announced that tens of thousands of Cuban troops are standing on guard to fight the U.S., (forgetting to mention all the missiles probably aimed at us right now)…

We heard the more important news that Mr. Karr is not going to tell us how he got into the house that night, because we all heard about the window with the spider web, leaving us to speculate.

While Boeing, the American company who sold treasonous technology to the Chinese with the help of Bill Clinton (who was looking pretty drunk sitting next to Nicole Kidman at Palm Beach Rupert Murdock love fest last week), decided to shut down it’s C-17 Production, which will throw out of work thousands of workers in four states and thousands more who work for companies that make the parts….

We heard the more important news that Jon Benet’s mother ALMOST met with Mr. Karr before she died.

While Iran is having large military exercises, warming up for WWIII…with their buddies Syria saying very jingoistic slogans of kill all Mickey Mouse lovers…

We heard that Katie Couric is in love with Mr. Karr and agrees with him about Michael Jackson. (Just seeing if you were paying attention.)

No, we heard the more important news that nobody anywhere in the whole world has ever liked this guy, Mr. Karr, or gotten along with him, because he was mean to kids. But, his mom, dad, and his first grade teacher will probably appear on Larry King by next week if all goes well and Larry will also have Mike Wallace on, and they will both decide he really is a very nice man.

While we hear that Israeli soldiers were fighting a war with almost no support and poor equipment, poor training, no water, no supplies, and on top of that they watched their buddies bleed to death because the top guys didn’t want to send in helicopters for fear of them getting hit, only to have to pull back due to the bigger war going on in political arena of who holds the aces…

We heard the more important news that Mr. Karr was sending e-mails to a professor about his love for little JonBenet, and the brave professor, actually turned in a pedophile, which set a world record for professors actually wanted to turn over a law breaker of any kind.

While Kim Jong il is making plans to detonate huge nuclear bomb in tests underground to make sure that they can reach California and are big enough to kill many many people….

We heard from CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, KKK, and ACLU, that nobody actually knows anything at all more than they did before about this very feminine looking Mr. Karr, but boy, wasn’t it wonderful that this moron came out of nowhere and gave us all something to fill up hours of prime time, because we do need to get attention off all the danger we many actually be in.

But we do need to let you know that you are in danger without really upsetting you so we had National Geographic put on a special about disasters, then ABC did a bang-up special about the earth’s destruction, and for those of you who did not see that, we put the “Bible Code says the end is near” on the History channel, and we will continue to run Independence Day and Armageddon as much as possible. USA today has reminded the businesses that they should be prepared, and on the radio you will hear the “make a plan to get to safely” just in case you forgot, and oh, be sure and listen to your politicians, who will tell you the end is very near because of the OTHER party…

Anyway, we know your upset, so we will be SURE and tell you, as soon as we know, just who did kill Jon Benet. Be sure and stay tuned.

Nobody’s Perfect; The Department of Homeland evidently is giving tours of our airports to CAIR (read Doug Powers excellent column today ) in order to help the terrorists speed up this planned attack.

Not only did we have to find the oil for the Arabs, and dig the well for the oil, and teach them how to monopolize the oil, we have to teach them how to attack airports correctly. Just as they had to learn how to fly the plans on 9/ll over here.

Nobody Knows; Maybe if we would stop teaching these guys in our universities and showing them all our weaknesses, and selling them all our technology, we’d actually see more real “news” on TV.

Nobody’ Cares; I really don’t think Mr. Karr is as important as the survival of our nation and the ominous things happening in our country at the moment. Do you? Maybe Mark Twain had a good idea, we should pass some laws.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beauty Doesn't Always Kill The Beast

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Nobody’s Opinion; Watching all the rerun pictures of poor little JonBenet being played over and over again on all the channels yesterday, and then watching repeated video’s of the alleged confessed killer with the big smirk on his face being dragged through the salivating photographers along with what looked like his boyfriend, I began to wonder…just how much of this do they think we can take? This story seems as fresh as yesterday. Has it really been ten years?

And just how much money has been made off the tabloids over the past ten years on her death? Just how many outfits did little Jon-Benet have? It seems many more than we can count.

It was as if the career and dreams of fame her mother obviously wanted for her happened after the fact.

I don’t think it would be too much of a misconception to project that perhaps the mother had wanted to be a beauty queen at the national level, and failed, but she got a second chance with her daughter.

It happens in sports a lot, men achieving their dreams through their sons.

Personally, I’ve always thought it was a rather selfish thing to do, but then, who am I to judge? Some very famous and very happy people have had parents who pushed them to finish their lost and hopeless dreams, only to have their children succeed, and it worked out very well for both.

But like many talk hosts noted on different media outlets today, I too wondered, why the fascination? So many kids are kidnapped and murdered in a single year, and yet, their parents suffer in complete anonymity. Their innocent and heartbreaking pictures remain on walls, and in files. Their parents live a daily nightmare of trying to go on with their lives, some never knowing just what happened.

They looked away for only a few seconds…and sometimes, that’s all it takes, as in the case of Adam, John’s Walsh’s son.

Still, this fascination with JonBenet seems beyond the baffling circles of who did it, who wrote the note, was it the brother, the mother? Why did the cops bangle it? Why did the parents refuse to co-operate, etc, and so on, and so on.

Then, there are those of us out here in nobody land who think the very last thing we would do is present ourselves to reporters day after day, instead of investigators. Our grief would be so incredible deep having lost our child, just getting out of bed would be a monumental achievement. The last thing we would do would be to pose for the camera.

So when they post JonBenet's pictures and that vixen of unimaginable cuteness comes jumping out at you, and the answer is obvious. It was her incredible beauty that endeared her to all America, because that’s what fascinates us.


Put youth on top of it, and you’ve got a story you can milk as long as Elvis stays dead.

Little JonBenet would have fit right into Las Vegas, and held her own among the starlets. Her makeup…her hair…her smile, all the quintessence of the impossible standards of perfection that very few of us can attain, even after plastic surgery. She looked liked a miniature twenty-year old, and made even the movie stars of today seem like they’d better think of retiring.

As Elizabeth Taylor said, you have to be born with that kind of beauty. And she was.

Now with modern plastic surgery, you don’t have to be born with it. And that’s one of the reasons we feel such a loss with JonBenet. Her image was endeared on our minds, more like scorched. Her loss seems more incredible for the fact that she was rare, and so very innocent, and so unprotected.

Then it hits you...if some evil scumbag can come into your own home, rape and then bash your child’s head in, with such an unspeakable act of violence without you even knowing it’s happening, it's not a comforting thought.

Every time we see the pictures of JonBenet, we will be reminded again and again, that beauty doesn’t save you, money doesn’t save you, in the end, all you have is your wits.

Can we overprotect our kids? Never, ever.

Can we get too much of this story? Well, I’m going to turn the channel. I admit I don’t have the stomach for it. It's one of those story that the truth might never be known, and you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out.

But the fact that this stuff happens all the time and is NOT reported is something we should all think about.

The Big Bad Wolf comes in many disguises.

Nobody’s Perfect; The killer said “I loved JonBenet and it was an accident.” I guess he has not gotten a good lawyer yet.

Nobody Knows; If this guy really did it. Frankly, he looks like he’s lying to me. The evidence so far is against it. Remember, he has three kids of his own, who will suffer even if he didn’t do it, so for that alone, he should be condemned.

Nobody Cares; Now this is great. I just heard about a good friend who's daughter is going for her brown belt on Saturday. Now that’s a smart father, who really loves his daughter. She will at least have a fighting chance, if life ever sends a scumbag her way. Way to go dad! (Hopefully dad reads this!)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 10

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Nobody’s Opinion; Here we are again getting confused. Before the war Hezbollah was a terrorist organization, and now after the war, the very same groups of guys hiding in the bunkers are declared the legitimate militia of Lebanon, therefore they are going to police themselves. I’m sure glad they got that all straightened out, aren’t you?

Terrorits, militia...absurdities know no boundaries in the English language ever since Bill Clinton redefined the meaning of the word “is.”

Accordily, we could all be terrorists. You and I, with terrorist dogs and cats as well.

Frankly, the way that all the Muslims act when they come in contact with a dog, makes me wonder why they don’t just gather up all the strays in the world, and the pit bulls, and send them over. You would see the whole nation clear out, and the children would run the fastest. And what is it with that? Somebody help me out if you know.


France was going to help out and send men to Lebanon, but now they have announced that troops won’t get there until probably the next century. Of course we all know the French couldn’t protect their own wine glasses, let alone stop a Hezbollah from launching a missile, but they thought they’d make a good impression. After all, the French I hear are excellent at good impressions. They have lots of practice with pick up lines.

Well, they can’t have us dwelling our poor little minds on this absurdity, can they? So what do they do? Resurrected the Jon-Bonet Ramsey story. Every single station, which had only a single line of “He’s confessed, and he was arrested in Bangkok,” was the perfect example of just how really good the American media people. They can concoct hours of graphics and creative writings, and take an absolutely nothing story and turn it into the event of the century.

It was if someone said, “Ok...get off the war…quit. I don’t care how, just do it, and find--- something. Anything. Anything but O.J.. I think we’ve pushed that button so much that it’s poped off. “

What did our President do to get our minds off this seemingly defeat for Israel and therefore, us? He gave us photo-ops on a Harley Davidson.

Is it just me, or have his suits lately looked as if he wears a brand new one for every picture? It almost looks likes he has a new suit for every hour.


On a lighter note, David Copperfield, the Las Vegas wonder, has announced to the world that he has found the fountain of youth. It just happens to be in the middle of his privately owned resort in the Bahamas, and only the very rich so far can afford to stay there.

Well, since Hillary and Bill have bought a house in the Bahamas, I’m sure they both have visited this fountain, but if you go by Bill’s picture yesterday, it’s not helping him.

And speaking of Bill and Hillary, did you happen to see them together yesterday? They are really having a hard time even standing next to each other…the frauds. If I was in the audience I would yell…”Go on Bill, give her a big kiss. Who here wants to see Bill give Hillary a big smakeroo?? (Crowd claps) Do it for the party!” Oh, I would have so much fun!


Hey, speaking of ancient rumors, last night on Coast to Coast am, a man named Glen Kimball says that the Ark of the Covenant is most likely in Arkansas.

You’re laughing?…no seriously; I think he could be right. How else do you explain Bill Clinton? No man has broken more of the Ten Commandments, not that I know of. He somehow has an immunity that could only have been developed from being near the actual ark itself.

And if that’s not absurd enough, it was also reported that AOL wants to dig for gold in somebody’s back yard. They think some hacker has millions of gold buried beneath his backyard porch, he owes them, and they want it. He must have mentioned this in an e-mail which they read, because everyone knows they read every e-mail sent.

I think they should go for it. What a story, AOL digs for gold, finds Jimmy Hoffa.

Now, the question is will the taxpayers have to pay for this digging? Of course!


And speaking of the digging, I’ve just found out that Missouri is on the list for one of the states where the teachers just did not do what the “no child left behind” doctrine told them to do. Which means that they will get no funding from the feds next year, which means my property taxes will go up again, (what, you thought the teachers would suffer?) which means, I’d better take a vacation this year. Hawaii, Utah and Wisconsin also failed. Now, I can see why good teachers might not want to be in Missouri, but Hawaii?

Nobody’s Perfect; Jimmy Carter, said today that Israel’s attack on Lebanon was unjustified. I don’t think Jimmy will be going to Tel Aviv anytime soon, due to the fact that 70% of the people of Israel did not want to stop the attacks.

Actually, I’m surprised he’s not at Castro’s bedside.

Nobody Knows; Today John. Hinckley, the guy who shot Reagan, wanted to spend more time with his family. You know, I’ve always thought that this business of him saying that he was doing it to impress Jodie Foster sounded a bit lame. I’m sure there were an awful lot of people wanting Reagan dead. It also seems absurd that they even let him out to visit his family. Why don’t they just visit him?

This is a conspiracy long overdue. It beats picture after picture of Jon- Bonet strutting her stuff any day.

Nobody Cares; Syria wants the Golan Heights, and Iran is having war games. I bet these countries are not making people watch reruns of a little girl in cowboy outfits.

Don’t worry, it’s all absurd.

National Geographic Is Out To Get You

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Nobody’s Perfect: Last night on the National Geographic channel, they had a special on called “End Days.” It presented four scenarios of four very terrible events;

1. A tsunami that hits the East Coast of the United States and drowns everyone from Miami to New York.
2. A comet that hits Berlin, and fries the whole city.
3. A bird flu epidemic (although they don’t call it that) which wipes out London.
4. Iran setting off a nuke in Los Angeles.

Got cha! That last one was NOT in the scenarios, not even after our own President came out this afternoon and said, “All they have to do is hit us once.”

I guess National Geographic did not want to alarm us too badly. The last scenario on the doomsday list was a bunch of scientists experimenting with a particle accelerator, which could create these things called Strangelets…which are little gravity eaters that gobble up matter so much that they grow into humongous black holes and then the whole world and everything in it gets sucked into the vortexes.

All the planes will go in first, while the pilot is saying “Fasten your seat belt.”

Now, which would you prefer…black holes, or that one hit?

Don’t you just love all the cheer?

Should I get my hair fixed tomorrow?

Of course they do mention that the possibility that black holes sucking us up, has as much a chance as happening as someone winning the lottery three times in a row.

Okay, I want to know, who is experimenting with particle accelerators now?

How refreshing. What---does National Geographic work with Homeland Security now?

Actually, this nobody thinks National Geographic became an extension of our govnement quite some time ago. I can almost tell you the exact month, because I took it very personally. (January, 1995) I even wrote probably the nastiest letter that I’ve ever written; and that was to the new editor, William Allen, who I was convinced was out to ruin a National treasure.

After all, I considered myself to be an expert.

I was about seven when my grandfather brought my brother and me a subscription to National Geographic. Actually, he brought it for my brother, but my brother did not read until Playboy came out with the Patty McGuire centerfold. (He dated her in high school, so it was a real incentive.)

But I read it cover to cover and even the ads. In fact, I never missed a month, not one.

I remember watching every day for the next issue in the mail. Sometimes it was the highlight of my little nobody childhood. In my closets I have every issue from 1953-2001. (I have back issues, I’m not THAT old, yet…let’s just say I’m younger than Clinton.)

I even remember how they used to smell, the feel of the pages, and how the world came alive in all those beautiful photos. I absolutely fell in love with the whole earth. I knew my chances of ever seeing it were pretty slim, due to the fact that nobody in our family ever traveled outside of the United States, but I had my imagination and my treasures.

And then, it happened.

Slowly, after Bill Clinton became President, the pictures started getting little with bigger borders. There were dozens of pictures of dead fish, trash heaps, deserted pop bottles.

The children of Mexico were starving, and looking for food in polluted sewers.

And whose fault was this? Well, it didn’t matter, but WE (America) should fix it.

Wait, before I could learn about how the Norwegians liked cow bells, and the Russian people lived to be older than mountains because they drank vodka and ate potatoes. The Africans were very happy to run around naked. What happened?

My National Geographic had been hit with a tsunami of politically correctness. They retired old Mr. Gilbert M. Grosvenor and replaced him with William L. Allen.

I was furious. It was bad enough that we were hearing how America was destroying the planet, but for this wonderful magazine to be morphed into another huge conglomerate for global propaganda… adding movies, TV cable channels, and videos. It was too much.

Now, I’m not saying that expanding was not a good idea. Its just that the magazine now had the political agenda of the left, and I refused to go with it.

Somewhere around 2001, I couldn’t take it any longer. I cancelled my subscription. Like putting your favorite pet to sleep, it was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make.

Now, after watching the special tonight, I find it hard to believe that a tsunami will wipe out the eastern seaboard of the United States, or that a huge comet will destroy Berlin, or that the bird flu is going to kill everyone on the planet within 36 hours.

But, Muslims have come in from our open borders and some of them are probably now planning to kill Americans.

And because of my long experience with the magazine, I was not surprised that National Geographic just happened to leave this very real scenario out of their “end days” scenario, because since 1995, the magazine seems to be owned by the global cartels that are out to save the planet from us, the nasty Americans.

Or maybe the idea was to get us all use to the end. But hey, it was entertaining, nothing like seeing the world destroyed in digital vortex color.

Nobody’s Perfect; Jackie Chan is going to make a video warning all the kids in China, to not play with dead birds. I guess even China needs movie stars to promote messages. .

Nobody Knows; Nothing is done to China in the National Geographic special. In fact, has there ever been a dooms day picture made where China is destroyed?

Yes, I actually bought an issue the other day off the newsstand…they were lucky.

Nobody Cares; Today it was reported that there are about 60-70 terror threats facing us daily, another doomsday scenario they forgot to include in “End Days.”

Maybe I should write another letter.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who's Winning?

Nobody’s Opinion; Hey, who won the war? Why everybody depending on who was talking, and what station you were watching.

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah came out first and declared victory. Which means he may have a point because the two guys that were captured were never returned, and not many of his soldiers were killed due to the fact that they were hiding in holes and letting the woman and children take the hit so as to get action from the United Nations to stop all the baby killing. Not a strategy usually taken by the West, but it seems to work for the Muslims every time. On the other hand, all the people returning to their homes better have several good pairs of shoes handy and relatives who can put in plumbing...

President Bush came out early and said that diplomacy won, which seem to be taken as the United States won, due to the hard work of Condi. (Which was also taken to mean the Hezbollah were really suffering and needed help from the U.N.)

But then later President Bush said Hezbollah lost, which means Israel won, because it destroyed probably the whole southern half of the state…all roads, buildings, bridges, and night clubs for the next 25 years. Still, the Jewish soldiers on the ground were not too happy with the way it was fought. But that’s common in all wars.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, the citizens are sitting in long gas lines due to a gas shortage. It seems there have been 315 attacks on pipelines that are not getting fixed right away. BP is in Alaska right now, fixing other pipelines. First things first.

There was an Iraqi taxi driver complaining that he was having to wait up to 6 hours in 115 degrees heat to fill up at the gas pump, meanwhile, it was Monday, so our prices came down.

I say, suck it up, Iraq. Here in St. Louis, we didn’t have water or electric for over 2 weeks, in 100 degree heat, and we didn’t complain too much. (Of course, we don’t have oil wells under us and our neighbors trying to kill us.) Give us some time.

So, its seems this is the first war where all sides can obliterate the other and claim victory. Someone came in and said; can kill each other as much as you want until 7 am on Monday, and then take a break. Both sides reload, and then we’ll start up again. Intermission, first down.

Muslims; 791 dead, (mostly civilians) Israel 155 dead (mostly soldiers)
Score--- game goes to Israel if we are counting on most killed.


I was trying not to watch it, I really was. But there it was tonight on C-Span, Mike Wallace and the new best friend of Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. You have a big left wing liberal interviewing another left wing liberal.

At least he pretended to be a left wing liberal for the interview.

It was rather obvious when Wallace put in the phrase “so called free” nation of America in one of his questions. He said that phrase with noticeably spit, I mean spite.

Poor Mike, he had to go over to Iran for the Democrats, because nobody in the Bush administration answered that poor man’s 17 page letter. After all, it’s Democratic policy to always talk to every murderer, tyrant, communist, and baby killer on the planet. They share the same beliefs… like love, peace, and justice, which is just what the benevolent Ahmadinejad talked about. “Love, Love, Love.”

I think they’ve all been listening to too much Yoko Ono.

Ahmadinejad was running for the position of Jesus disguised in Harvard attire.

Now, here is the biggest nutcase in the world, who wants to blow up and destroy whole nations, and he talks like he is running for office on the Democratic ticket. He mentions how 45 million in the United States don’t have medical insurance. He wants to eliminate poverty. All nations should live in peace.

Either this man is so incredible smart that he knows our country is split, and so he purposely talks like a democrat, mentioning all the same ideas and points of the liberals, or Bill and Hillary talk to him daily, and send him all the talking points every day to help him in their mutual cause of hurting George W. Bush.

No, you say? Hey, if the same lawyer that defended Bill Clinton in his impeachment proceeding can defend Saddam Hussein, then Hillary and Bill can certainly advise the great new politician of the Democratic Party, Mahmoud the Magnificent.

What surprises me is that nobody is seeing this obvious alignment of the democrats with the Muslims, because everybody knows the Jewish people vote democrats.


And why DO most Jews vote Democratic? That’s the question that Sean Hannity was asking today. Let’s see, it’s universally known that the Jews are highly intelligent, have won most of the prizes in science and math, they are tops in the medical professions, and make great lawyers... they run Hollywood, and let’s not to forget that it was a Jew who once ruled the finances of the Mafia, and the casinos in Las Vegas, Iran, Panama, and Cuba.

And what are they always accused of? Being too good at making money. So why aren’t they all Republicans, the party that all the Democrats say are just for rich people?

You have just answered your own question. Shhhhhhh, keep it secret.


Nobody’s Perfect; NASA we found out today, is going to the old Space Museums to find old parts for their new up and coming return to the moon. They have also lost the tapes of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

I suggest to prove that they actually land this time, that they take Tiger Woods to play a round of golf in the Craters. I’m sure, Tiger’s golf ball ,with his long drive, might make it back to earth. If the Van Allen belt didn’t hurt the first guys, no reason why a titanium golf ball couldn’t make it back. Just think of how much you could get for it on e-bay!

Nobody Knows; Mr. Amadinejad talked about Bush and the American economy, as if he controlled our economy from Iran and was making a veiled threat. He is also picking up talking points from Chavez. He also mentioned how much money we taxpayers pay for military spending, more Democratic talking points.

I’m waiting for the “We Are the World” video with Jimmy Carter, Bill and Hillary, Castro, Chavez, Bill Richardson, Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, Jacques Chirac, Vicente Fox, Koffi Annan, Mandela, Jesse Jackson, Bono, Modonna, John Kerry, Kim Jong II, Gorbachev, Paul Begala, Cindy Sheehan, Li Ka-Shing, Hu Jintuo, Osama bin Laden, with special guest stars, Yoko Ono, and Michael Jackson.

“We are the World, We are the Children, We are the ones who take it all, so just start giving"…’s late.

Nobody Cares; The left came into our country in the sixties, took over our universities, and spread communism disguised as feminism, by getting our females into the work force and introducing abortion to cut down on our populations.

The poor WWII parents could not fight the schools, which had been taken over. After all, free sex is hard to fight.

Now, the kids of the WWII generation will soon be a minority, overtaking by an invasion of poor Mexicans from the South, who though making more babies, will be easy to manipulate into the brave new world of the same old communism. Even though you would think the Muslims don’t like the communists, they certainly have one thing in common, and that’s getting rid of the United States. And they are using the democrats to help pull it off.

Nobody’s Safe; If I hear one more time some cheery voice on my radio telling me how wonderful Castro is doing I’m going to scream so loud you might even hear it.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Intangible Globalization of Social Entrepreneurs

Nobody’s Opinion; Have you ever been downtown Detroit? In the middle of Watts? Or how about that lovely enclave of beauty, East St. Louis? Then you have experience the meddling of social entrepreneurs.

If you have a child now in school, then I’d advise you to encourage your child to, become a social entrepreneur, instead of a baseball player or an astronaut, because it’s evidently these people who are sitting in luxury hotels somewhere and playing a very real Sim City, with soon to be patented plans of controlling people and wealth.

They are Dr. NO on steroids.

I often wondered when I was growing up, why every single city in America had an enclave of African Americans living in horrible run down neighborhoods with schools that resembled some worn torn bombed out schools in Bosnia. Why I wondered? Why for over sixty years? Why didn’t the Congress do something?

It wasn’t just “white prejudice.” It was social entrepreneurs in political think tanks coming up with solutions: solutions that kept a whole nation in racial tensions, and a whole race in poverty.

It’s as if they all got together and someone said, “Well, let’s just put em all in the cities.”

No wonder we had riots.

Recently I heard Newt Gingrich talking to someone, and he slipped out a--- “We tried that scenario in several prisons systems and it works pretty well.”

I was thinking “Huh?” You guys are using prisoners as guinea pigs to try out ways to control and manipulate populations.” Great.

Hey, I can play basketball.

Here’s the catch. We are brought up to believe that things in society just “happen.” You know like I just ‘happen” to go to lunch, or I “happen” to go to college.

I’ve always thought we lived in that kind of freedom. Hit me.

But after reading Revolutionary Wealth by Alvin and Heidi Toffler, I’m starting to understand that this globalization concept, which the politicians want you to think is just the world market trading goods, has much more to it, than whether China can bring cars into the United States with a 2% tariff, but our cars going into their country has a 25% tariff. The very car you drive will be determined by people like Alvin and Heidi.

Remember this last year when the American people were being called names? We were “vigilantes,” “addicted to oil,” and illegals are doing jobs that “we don’t want to do?”

Some “social entrepreneur” somewhere thought up those catch phrases, which were meant to make us accept politicies that our government wants to put into place.

And if I read this book right, we should get ready for the new mantra from the globalists, which will be something like “capitalism isn’t working.” They will probably say this after an attack of course. Then they will say, “The world is changing fast, and we must be ready for this “change” to the new revolutionary wealth.

What they will never admit is that they have been working diligently to change it.

Yes, they will say, we went from sloppy ignorant agrarian farmers, to the industrialists who polluted the planet, and now, the world is evolving into the new knowledge based wealth. And all knowledge will be given freely.

Property will be considered “intangible.” Which is another way of saying you can’t own it, give it to me.

You got that right. Good old capalitism, the system that has worked for America so long for so many, and made us the number one country in the world, is slowly going to be phrased away. It’s happening as we speak.

Oh, it was good enough for Bill Gates, Rupert Murdock, General Electric, Boeing, and BP, well, I could go on and on, but the American people will NEED to change, or we will be called some other nasty things.

Like, greedy, old, obsolete, ignorant, out-of-touch, and that’s just the nice stuff.

But on this you can be certain. Bill Clinton and George Bush are both on the wagon of this globalist’s “change.”

Bill Clinton says, “We can’t stop globalization.”

President Bush just last week was walking around some American business plant with safety glasses on saying, “I believe we can compete with the rest of the world. We shouldn’t be afraid.”

Yeah right. Our men will compete with 230 millions children who work in slave labor camps for less than .50 cents a day. Don’t be afraid; just get use to walking to work.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of being told that the concept of 2 plus 2 equals four is outdated, the family institution is breaking up (for the better) and therefore a brand NEW world is happening.

Why, they say…can’t we see there is decadence everywhere?

I wonder why that is? Don’t you?

Alvin Toffler is making the case for globalization, and how our best universities (Harvard, Yale, and Stanford) are pumping ( or is the word pimping?) out lots of exciting “social entrepreneurs” to help the world change, get rid of old concepts and replace it with new ones.

Listen to some of his exciting comments;

“If our key institutions can’t survive in their present form, neither can the value and norms these institutions embody and promote. We should expect some values to break down and new ones to arise.”

Translation; we are systematically breaking down all Christianity, families, Constitutional, and moral values, because basically, that’s what communists do. And I, Alvin Toffler have spent most of my life in China, the most wonderful country in the world. America simply must start imitating that wonderful country.

Alvin and his wife also work with the United Nations, and as social entrepreneurs, advise most of the leaders of the earth, and all the big companies.

The UN influence in the world today is bleeding away because, as a group, nations and or states are themselves losing power. Global corporations, band and currency markets are gaining clout. If the UN rally wants to represent the new realties in the 21st century it must bring these newly powerful global players into its fold, giving them, and not just nations and or states, voting power as well.”

Well, doesn’t Bill Gates already have more votes than Britain and Europe?

Alvin, who has been doing this social entrepreneur stuff all his life, thinks he should be able to get his ideas on manipulating wealth, whole populations, and little things like what countries should have borders, or how much money should be spent in Mongolia--- he wants to make sure that he controls us down to where you and I eat, what we can own, what we can say, in fact every aspect of our lives…Alvin wants to patent his ideas.

Something tells me he will not refuse money.

He also thinks that all nobodies should freely share whatever they have to “sell.” He puts up as an example, John Perry Barlow, a lyricist for the Grateful Dead, who says, “Songs should be free and not depend on copyright or royalties to earn a living.”

If you’ve ever seen the Grateful Dead, you are probably still having flashbacks from just being in the audience due to exposure to toxic acid waste. Mr. Barlow brains are hiding somewhere in Jerry Garcia’s old van.
Alvin only hires the best.

Yes, Alvin Toffler, along with all the think tanks, who are working with our top politicians, think China is the top country now. We need to get rid of the outdated capitalism and redistribute our revolutionary wealth…to whom? To the communists of course! While they shuffle off to the Cayman Islands with the rest of the globalists!

And in this new world of globalization, the working class hero’s will be something to be.

I’m sure they will put our pictures up on the internet in honor of our free contributions.

I can’t wait.

Nobody’s Perfect; China, that great country of social entrepreneurs, has forbidden Mickey Mouse and Homer Simpson Cartoons to be shown anywhere there because the people preferred them to their own cartoons.

I wonder why the social entrepreneurs at Disney didn’t see that one coming?

Nobody’s Knows; Tonight on C-Span, there was a Democrat Senator named Byron Dorgan from North Dakota. He was talking about the outsourcing of all our jobs, and how he thinks it’s despicable. (good for him) He has been trying to get rid of that little known fact that if businesses close down their plants here in the United States and opens up over seas to manufacture, our government actually gives them a tax break. They will only pay a 5 ½ tax rate on their profits.

That’s social globalization entrepreneurship at its finest.

Nobody Cares. Ahmadinejad is really into social globalization because he now has a blog, where he states “I was born in a poor family in a remote village.”

Ask me if I care. That’s one man I wish was intangible.