Friday, October 24, 2008

Nobody's Fool Can See the Hypocracy!

Nobody Flashes: My liberal friend sent me this last week, and even though I thought the joke was rather typical, I also thought Palin looked "darned" cute in that astronaut suit!

So...Michelle should at least get some time too, don't you think? Why should they have all the fun?

After all, Obama is off trying to find his birth cirtificate in Hawaii...I mean, he's visiting his sick grandma. The money he spent on that trip alone probably was the same price as the first moon trip. Why he didn't take Michelle and the kids is anybody guess. Poor Michelle.

So here's the caption for Michelle, in answer to Sarah's.

"I'm a proud American. I can see the flag right in back of me!"

Makes sense to me! Have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Late Great Interior Decorator and Number 22

  • Nobody Wins---at least that’s according to Hal Lindsey, the author of The Late Great Planet Earth. Remember that book? It was the hottest read back in the 1970’s, right up there with, I’m OK--You’re OK, meaning probably, that if the earth was going to end by total annihilation, according to the Bible, then we all had better get ourselves ready to met the Messiah, so when he comes to get us we could shout:

    “Hey---Jesus! Take ME…I’m Ok!”

    I find it’s always good to read books you’ve read before, because then you learn just how much you didn’t remember the first time you read them…which is of course, usually whatever comes after the first paragraph.

    That’s why I almost had a coronary the other day, when on one of those “I will come in and throw all the trash away in your house and redesign it for you” TV shows, the “interior decorator” wanted his client to throw away ALL his books...books that the “interior decorator” told him he would NEVER read, and yet, on the walls were the most hideous looking pieces of, some sort of macabre looking paper-mache hangings I have ever seen. I would have pitched those, and put up book shelves.

    But that’s me.

    The upsetting scene of-interior decorator vs. uneducated man who did not want to part with his only hope of not ever knowing what he might have missed…was excruciating to watch.

    Obviously, it was a subliminal message from our New World Order government--- carried out with the ploy of an interior decorator, that books are bad---get rid of them!

    I’ll have you know that books can save your life! If there is an nuclear attack, the very first thing you want to do (after you fill up your bathtub with water) is put all the books you have in your house, over and under the rooms you have decided to be your bunker, (along with a few couches) and the radiation, according to “How to Save Yourself From Radiation Poisoning” experts, will have a hard time getting through those old pages of, How to Grow Rich, Before You Die.”

    You won’t NEED to read that book after a nuclear attack, but you’ll be more than thankful you had it.

    And since I am also the proud owner of a complete set of the Thomas Registry, all 30 volumes, which I plan to make a tent out of and sleep under… I’m ready.

    Anyway, getting back to Hal’s book…today, while I was rereading it, I came upon that number again….22.

    You see, in this book, Hal makes the case that all the old Jewish prophets were actually pretty good at foretelling the future, and he gives examples. He says that King David gave an exact description of how Christ was going to feel hanging there on that cross, exactly 1000 years before it happened.

    And it’s in Psalms 22. (I know, I’m getting chills)

“I am poured out like water.” meaning he was perspiring.

“All my bones were out of joint.” In crucifixion, ligaments stretch and the bones pop out of joint.

“My tongue cleaveth to my jaws, I thirst.”

“For dogs have compassed me.” Did you know that gentiles were called dogs by the Jews back then? So, was David prejudice? (Somebody ask Reverend Wright.)

Okay, David, the ancestor of Jesus, had a vision of exactly how Jesus was going to die, and feeling it too. The proof that he was a true prophet, according to Hal, was that in David’s time, stoning was the way they killed people. Crucifixion was not used until the Romans adopted it, 800 years after David died.


The rest of the book goes on and describes the end of the world according to the Bible and those religious prophets who always got it right. I’m saving that part for Halloween.

But, what makes me feel really creepy about this; is that the Psalms just happens to be the number 22, considered by numerologists to be the most powerful number in the universe.

In fact, you could almost say that the number 22 is schizophrenic. It can go ether way: it’s either really lucky, or its Armageddon.

It makes the number 13 look like an illegitimate step-child’s illegitimate step-child. (Go ahead, say that to the next interior decorator you meet.)

So what’s this all mean?

Not a thing. Right now, I’m more worried about government propaganda coming into my living room disguised as “interior decorators.”

As far as I’m concerned, that decorator was NOT ok, in fact, he was a 22 just waiting to happen: a gay man depriving a poor black man of his education.

There are enough scary things happening right now without the help of Hal Lindsey, who doesn’t scare me as much as the number 22, and watching my TV…go figure.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nobody Cares About Obama's Righteous Wind

Nobody Cares:'s subject is righteous winds as opposed to unrightous winds

This afternoon, somewhere in the great mountains of the Virginia's, Barack Obama felt it was time to exclaim in his usual messianic way to his crowd of supporters:

"I feel we have a righteous wind at our backs."

Here we see a few Obama fans, after the rally, having their picture taken in anticipation of his the New World leader of all righteousness's great words.

So...just in case you haven't thought about it, and were getting excited about Obama becoming President and blowing his own brand of hurricane...I thought you'd might like to see what a "righteous wind at your back" can do.

Be careful what wind-blowhards you wish for...

Who writes this stuff?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nobody Knows How Much You Can Put in a $5 Million Dollar Bra

Nobody Knows---why anyone would want to sit around and moan about the fact that our "200" years of our Republic is up, when you come onto pictures like this one. (which I did just a few minutes ago)---

Here we have the world's most expensive bra, coming in at a meger $5 million. It has 3,575 black diamond, 117 1 caret diamonds, and 34 rubies, but who's counting?

What do you think girls? Would you wear this to a club?

I would like to put it on for just a few minutes, just to get a good laugh. It might be the most expensive bra in the world, but I bet it's also a "bitch" to hold...up. I also want to know what the push-up "padding" is made of? Any ideas?

And speaking of holding up, as we all know, that bra would last on this girl about...oh I say, two minutes tops...right guys? Maybe less, depending on your age. This girl doesn't need a $5 million dollar bra, a ten dollar one would do. Therefore, in my opinion, BIG waste of money.

Anyway, nobody knows why I'm talking about such a stupid thing as a bra made out of expensive jewels, because I HAVEN'T TOLD YOU YET!

So go ahead...ask me.

1. I get a kick out of how wasteful rich people can be...and just how creative they can be...

2. I figure the guys would like the picture...


But I thought I'd give you all a break.

You're welcome.

Besides, I watched the Scream Awards on SPIKE TV tonight...and because so many people were cussing with every thankful breathe, I HAD to watch it, and wait for George Lucas to declare that he was KING OF THE UNIVERSE! Which, he might be...I'm glad Obama at least has a potential opponent...

Anyway, it was fun--- and for another meaningless opinion...I thought those "Smashing those Pumpkin" musicians were eally, really pretty #$#%% bad, and they had GO-GO dancers...pretty funny.

The bass player was okay, but that guy who sang...please...even a $5 millions dollar microphone could not have helped that guy out.

But forgive me if you're their fan. It the very first song I've ever heard by them, which shows you why I'm writing about $5 millions dollar bras.

That explains all.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Nobody's Perfect: Colin Powell

Nobody's Perfect: Colin Powell, the man who could have been the first black/Scottish President with a degree in geology, evidently has a strong character flaw...he gravitates towards anyone who dislikes the Unites States.

He has endorsed Barak Hussein, a man running for President, who, when overseas, keeps apologizing for the United States.

It's not his fault. All those years serving and being promoted by nasty Republican Presidents was just too much to bear.

His reason for endorsing Barack Hussein Obama is because Obama has a great "style" and speaks with eloquence...and besides, he doesn't think that Sarah Palin is ready to be President.

Besides---all this horrible talk of everyone putting down Muslims is really ticking him off. And as we can see from this picture, we know why.

I looked for some pictures of Sarah Palin holding terrorists hands...but couldn't find any. Also, Sarah doesn't sit on the Board of the Council of Foreign Powell does.

Sarah Palin speaks as well if not better than Obama...and I think her style is so much superior to his, that women are buying glasses just to imitate her, and putting their hair up!

So, he's wrong here, or he's lying. Pretty sad when that's the only excuse you can come up with to endorse somebody.

In the end, Powell wants back in power, and he seems to think the odds are in his favor that Obama will put him there...

And that's where all the BIG boys want to be!

This nobody wants to know...just what great battle that Powell was ever in? Anyone?

You might be a general in stripes sir; but to this American you're as fake as the man you endorse....but then again...nobody's perfect.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nobody's Absudities, NO. 63: RIP with Rotten Oranges

Nobody's Absurdities:

Take an orange. Any orange will do. Leave it hanging around your kitchen for a week (preferably near the toaster) and then, wait till it gets so dimpled that you dare not peel it for fear that some ominous spores, no doubt close cousins to anthrax, will fly out and choke you on the spot, killing you instantly.

Don’t eat it. Pick it up, and throw it as hard as you can against the wall.

Here’s the point;--if I had to eat that orange rather than suffer through another twenty years of any oligarchic politician that our rotten system has managed to push down our throats as “choices” which seem beyond our control---I’d suffer it.

I once survived maggots in a chicken. (Don’t ask)

We have less than a month till the election, and the absurdities are coming at us quicker than an Obama plate of Iranian caviar.

For instance: Every black man, woman, and cemetery plot will be voting for Barack Obama this election, according to the latest polls: because he is black…Thomas Sowell being the exception.

Of course, this is racism at its finest. BUT, if a white person argues that Thomas Sowell is practically the only black person to endorse McCain because of the issues and not the color of his skin, then you could logically suggest that the entire black race is not only raciest, but ignorant like the white man (supposedly) has always suggested.

Logically speaking, it’s a stronger argument than a whole nation of black people voting for a black man, because he’s…black.

It would be like voting for a woman, because you’re a woman. This is not a good way for any one, in any country, to vote, let alone here.

In reality, the real fault lies, not with the racial attitudes of either white or black, but the many years of an abysmal educational system, which has dumbed down all kids so badly they think “spreading the wealth around” is kind of like getting to ride free on Space Mountain all day at Disneyland.

And this leads me to a dilemma I’m having: What sign do I put up in my front yard?

All my neighbors have Obama signs, and they are all white people: mainly teachers and men and women who have lost their jobs to China and France. Here in the middle of suburbia St. Louis, jobs have gone the way of the disappearing Chad.
First McDonald Douglass was bought out by Boeing: then the Ford plant closed down. Our once thriving Lambert Field Airport looks like the Langoliers runway out of a Stephen King novel.

And all my white neighbors are all voting for Obama because they think he is going to hand them some money. He could be pink for all they care.

Today Colin Powell endorsed Obama, which is no surprise. Since his “retirement,” Powell has devoted his life to helping black kids with affirmative action programs. Like Obama, he is convinced, that only by taking from a hard working (usually white) rich man, and redistributing it to the poor black man, giving those kids Harvard educations and the like, can a black man or woman get their rightful place in history.

Advancement not by talent--but by race.

Think of this: If Obama made Colin Powell, Secretary of Defense, and Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State---it would be hailed with great inflated exclamations by our media that finally, America has truly beaten back the race card. Never mind that George Bush put those Colin and Rice in first.

Absurd? You bet.

And while they’ve all got us arguing over this racial stuff, in the middle of Saturday night the world leaders decided it was a good time to get their New World Order control of the whole world’s economy going: the announcement had the impact of a Boy Scout meeting, instead of the horrible ruminations of what it is: Bretton Woods on Barry Bond steroids.

Sunday morning, none of the talk show hosts thought it was important enough to even mention. And if you think that that’s not state control over our televising stations, then I would suggest you send your DNA to that Harvard guy who is putting people’s DNA up on the web for all to see.

Maybe you will get some help.

Okay…in the mist of writing this, I’ve decided that on Election Day, you will find a big tombstone right next to my Revolutionary American flag, with the letters:

1776-2008--- R.I.P.

I’m also planning on making a few bucks selling rotten oranges for my neighbors to throw in my front yard, because when they figure out that Obama is not going to hand them any money, but actually tax them more in order to spread the wealth around to mostly foreign countries, they will be ready to throw a few dimpled oranges of their own.