Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nobody Flashes Before Christmas

Nobody Flashes: Being as it is the last Saturday night before Christmas, someone sent me this, and I thought everyone should see it.

God bless Tom Edison.

(A little trivia here: Did you know Edison named his kids Dot and Dash?)

Strange---if you were a plumber would you name your kids Flush and Faucet?

If you were a teacher would you name your kids Test and Flunk? If you were a author would you name your kids Page and Story? Actually, Ridley Pearson, one of my favorite authors did just that.

If you were a fireman would you name your kids Drop and Roll? (okay, enough)

Anyway whoever did this deserves, as my brother always liked to say:

"A cookie"

Anyway, I HOPE it's not a computerized image..I hope someone actually got up in this tree and did all those's pretty, don't you think?

One thing's for sure.

This family has no squirrels around. ( And Yes, Jennifer, I did ALL my lights myself...if my tree had any more ornaments it would fall over.)

And today, I witnessed something that I have NEVER seen. Four carolers singing religious Christmas songs outside a Dierburgs grocery store.

Wonders never cease. I almost dropped my bird paper.

Did the family of this house name their kids...Light and Flicker?

Okay, I'll stop...


Friday, December 19, 2008

Nobody Sees Batman

Nobody Understands: I finally watched "The Dark Knight" tonight. Of course, after hearing everyone rave about it, I was expecting to be wowed.

I can't say I was.

And here's why...

FIRST: The lady love object of Batman and the "hero" who turns into the "villian" Two-Face, was pretty lame. I could not for any reason see any romantic sparks jumping off any of these people. I'm not sure who's fault it just didn't work. Neither Batman or the other guy actually looked as if they would save the girl if she fell off her chair. That made much of the movie very bland.

SECOND: It was too long, and when it should have ended it didn't. A lot of the time I was sayig out loud, " Okay, who's the bad guy now?"

And "ARE you following this?" The editing could have been better. What ended up on the floor was probably the best parts.

THIRD: Sure, Heath Ledger as the Joker did a great acting job, but I liked Jack Nickelson as the first Joker. After all, Batman IS based on comic-book charactors, but this movie left that whole comic scene feel out and pushed more for reality, which is why I suppose everyone was comparing Batman to President Bush.

Bit of a stretch...Bush, unlike Batman, has not had a "dark" childhood. He may be rich like Batman, but the whole "fighting them alone" theme was not done well, and made no sense in it's context.

FOURTH: I thought Batman actually was the best part of the movie. Due to the sad suicide of Heath, you would have never known.

FIFTH: The whole "surveillance" thing, and theme, about how Batman was right, like Bush, in keeping surveillance on a whole population a good and necessary thing...that seemed like our govenment propaganda wrapped up in a good movie....I thought it was creepy.

Sort of like...see, we CAN protect you with the right technology, which is baloney.

In other words, more social enginnering delivered in a wonderful and entertaining way.

I'm sticking to that because the ending of the movie was more a "message" than what it should have been...theatrical art.

What bothers me about this vast surveillance stuff, is---why let our enemies in the country in the first place?

Good God, Bill Clinton personally picked up 80,000 Bosnians, airlifted them and dumped them into St. Louis....and last week, the FBI raided one of our downtown banks because the Muslims here were funneling money to the jihadists.

I'm not against listening to their phone conversation or spying on them, or torture if it works.

But we have OPEN borders. And now, in my neighborhood we have camera's everywhere, not to mention GOOLGLE...

In fact, I once called the FBI on a guy here, and I was ridiculed by him...the FBI agent.

After this last month, witnessing the vast corruption on Wall Street and Washington, how can we trust them NOT to abuse this power?

On the positive side, Michael Caine as the butler was very enjoyable. He made some of the best comments in the movie about bad guys, that how many men just want to kill for the sheer joy of it, and more liberals should realized this...they don't, the fools.

They gave Mr. Caine the best lines of the movie.

Like I had some good action scences, but, it wasn't what I was expecting, and I feel like maybe I'm the only one in the US that came away saying "It's was okay...but it's not what I expected. "

For me, the best part was Batman's voice...

If he could bottle that sexiness, I'd put it on my laptop's space bar.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nobody Flashes on a Friday Before Christams.

Nobody Flashes On a Friday Before Christmas!
A quick thinking New Yorker, snapped this picture of Bernard Madoff in disguise, last night, with his cell phone.
The man reported that this creature, was seen going into the Lipstick building very late, and when asked what he wanted he said:
"I'm hungry."
Today, this same apparition was seen stalking rich old woman at various pawn shops around Palm Beach, and yes, he answers to the name of Bernie.
If you see this man, please contact your local parish...after all, he is a wanted man. It's never too late, to do your duty to help out your local church charity...
After all, he has stolen billions from the rich, who will therefore have less money to give to the IRS, which in the end, will come back to you and me. Somehow, the American citizens will end up paying for all the losses of these rich investors...
I'm just saying...
SECOND THOUGHT... if you see him...go ahead...tear off his horns for me!
(Now, before you actually do this silly request, this is how they celebrate Christmas in Germany, this guy walks around and scares the kids...which is obviously why they lost so many wars.).


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Biggest Snow Job

Nobody Knows: Las Vegas now has lots of snow to go along with the annual Santa Run!
It’s about time!
Snow in Las Vegas can’t be all bad for the casinos, who as we all know, have been suffering economically with the rest of us. Who wants to go outside and walk up and down the strip in the cold? Bored tourists are at this very moment snuggled up to their slot machines, being served by sexy Santa’s with false eyelashes.

For Vegas, that’s a good thing.

And speaking of snow: according to many scientists who claim we are actually going into another ice age, if this is so…what good are all these solar panels going to do us when all the roofs are all piled under twelve feet of snow all winter?

What happens when the wind mills freeze up in the deserts?

Is this another idiotic idea like the “corn for fuel” program, whose repercussions caused the starvation of little children in Africa? (not to mention what it did for my Sunday chicken dinners)

If that’s the case, it’s settled. The object here is to come up with as many “failed” governmental projects until we all die off, leaving the rich to never ever again have to stay in their multi-million dollar apartments after stealing $60 billion dollars.

The nerve.

How can we not think it?

For instance, in New York, they want to tax real soda, forcing everyone to buy diet soda. There’s proof right there. All the latest medical tests have found that diet soda contains substances that will make you demented before the age of forty. Put a diet Dr. Pepper in the hand of a small child, and a cell phone in the other, and you’ve got a future retard.

You think they don’t know this?

The chemicals in diet soda…well, lets just say, you might want to consider drinking beer.

As much as I hate it, it’s not as bad as diet soda.

And when I think of diet soda, I think of Caroline Kennedy. I saw her mother on TV yesterday doing the very First Lady’s Christmas White House tour. She is built exactly like her mother…skinny to the day she dies.

And like a true blue-blooded royal pain…she wants to take Hillary’s seat as Senator of New York---reconstructed nose and all.

Even though there will be a few protests to the sheer nepotism of it all, it’s all about her future run for the Presidency.

Like we have any say in the matter---if not her, then Chelsea.

Frankly, if we must accept Kings and Queens and dynasties, which of course is being forced on us…Caroline surely can’t be any worse than Hillary or Ted…can she?

Nobody Knows.

Yesterday I watched the White House tour by Jackie Kennedy. And I never noticed this before but she does a most excellent imitation of Marilyn Monroe…her voice that is. It’s almost laughable. At the end of it, Jack Kennedy came on and actually talked like a President, who knew a lot of American history. I think it was the most intelligent scene I’ve ever seen of the man.

So, did they play this C-Span rerun because Caroline was coming out as Senator this week? Coincidence? Nobody Knows, but come on…of course they did.

That’s pretty easy to…know.

But what I don’t know is what happened in Iraq this week? Everyone in the world by now has seen President Bush get not one, but two shoes thrown at him.

This could have been a Lincoln moment.

If his body guards wouldn’t protect him from a shoe---what makes you think they’d protect him from a bullet? The guy was actually sitting DOWN, in the front row? In Iraq?

This smacks of the plot of a Tom Clancy novel…there’s more to this than meets the Nobody’s eye.

Is that why he wasn’t with Laura Bush tonight at the Annual White House Christmas Concert? He has never missed that affair.

Was he in some bunker somewhere stopping an attack?

Or have they split up?

Nobody Knows but the few, and most of us don’t care anymore because everyday, all the news you hear in middle America about almost everything, feels like we are all being buried with one big politically powerful snow job.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Trees: It's in the Eye of the Beholder

Nobody Cares: Right. Tell me---which one of these trees is worth $62,000 dollars?

Yes, somewhere in the world, some rich guy is bragging about how he had to drill a hole in his roof to fit his palm tree covered with snow from Las Vegas. (Just kidding) Actually, someone bought that twisted up white piece of "modern lamp" posing as a Christmas tree for $62,912 dollars to be exact, and since it was for charity, it can be written off as a tax expense. Might as well get something for your deduction.

It looks pretty useless as a light. If it was mine, I'd put it in the garage, next to the Mercedes.

It seems in Paris, 44 designers had a fun time redesigning the Christmas tree. The public can view them at the "Les Sopins de Noel des Creatuers" show. Even Stella McCartney got in on it. I saw some of the other trees, and believe it or not, this white contraption WAS about the most decent thing to pick from.

Let's face it...nothing is as beautiful as mother nature. And a little snow on the top of a desert palm looks ten times more Christmasy than that white pretzel thing that looks as if the local high school shop class had a brainstorm.

In fact, that would be a noble thing for kids to do in shop class, design Chrismas trees...creativity unleashed! Teachers?

Better yet, every single kid should learn how to repair old electrical Christmas lights. Why not send the kids out for thier "community service" credits to all the old people's houses and let them put up their lights?

When are they going to start teaching the kids something practical? (sigh)

Myself, I LOVE my tree. It's not real, but it's big, and filled with so much junk and memories and every single ornament has a meaning. But then again, I'm a real sucker for Christmas and all the trimmings. It's the only time of year Americans truly get creative.

So, while our nation and even the deserts are covered in ice, which is only NORMAL of course...tonight this nobody's mind thinks that we are going into a little ice age, and Al Gore KNEW this...and since he works with Hollywood, that's why they made that movie called "The Morning After" where the whole United States freezes and Mexico refuses to take us in...all due to...


He was sure to cover all weather scenarios, all over the globe.

What REALLY has happened is the earth wobbled and caused Al Gore's brain to liquefy, along with the North Pole.

Now, somebody go put some Christmas lights up on those Las Vegas Beauties. It after all, is our biggest city of lights. And maybe the person who bought that white thing should let it stand in the front hallway of the Venetian Hotel.

It actually would look good there, that's my Nobody's Opinion.

Now, pardon me...I think I'll go work on my big door wreath. I want to wrap it in green and blinking lights this year....then add that funny little meaningless ball, and a BIG red ribbon for my very special Gargoyle...Dougie.

See ya tomorrow.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Ponzi's Pots of Disappearing Gold

Nobody's Perfect: Here we see two victims of that vicious man Bernard Madoff. Everyone is talking about how one con man took the investments of thousands of rich people, and basically fooled around with it for, he has lost their money...$60 billion they say.

His mistake? He did not work for Barney Frank.

Yes, even though Bernard was once Nasdaq stock chairman, he just couldn't help himself when it came to ripping people off of their hard-earned cash. It seems his Ponzi schemes caught up with him.

Mr. and Mrs. Bonifredo lost over $3 million of their retirment money, and had to sell their car for food.

And while Bernard is walking free after posting a $10 million dollar fine, so that he can still eat at his favorite restaruants for two or more years---

This poor couple, have found a way to make it to the grocery store, proving to us all...

You can fool a lot of people, and you can also be a fool. Most of us, can do's just some are better at one or the other.

Nobody's Perfect.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Colin Powell: Classless

Nobody's Opinion: No matter WHAT you want to say about President Bush, no matter how disappointed and furious or frustrated you got at the fact that he acted almost 70% of the time like a leftest globalist...

There is one thing you CAN say about him---he always acted with the dignity of the office.

Unlike this man: Colin Powell. The man has NO fact, now we see his true colors....and after his attack of "conservatives" on CNN, I find him...a full fledged racist, now that Obama is President, he can be himself.

First off: to say that Americans Conservatives should "stop yelling" makes my blood boil.

If anything, we haven't done enough "yelling." That's why they these elite pompous people like Colin Power can walk all over us. Colin wants us all to shut up.

Many of you don't remember, but for years, Colin Powell has always hung around with the liberals....

In October of 2005, I wrote this piece after watching Colin Powell, Bill Clinton, and Gorby honor their "New World Order" crap.

It's pretty long...sorry about that...but, not much has changed.....Nobody’s Opinion

Oh, the comments in red are my thoughts reading it today.

October 25, 2005 by Joyanna Adams


Last New Years Eve, I was comfortably cuddled up in my bed at midnight, watching Times Square. In the middle of the screen was a very giddy Colin Powell, standing with the Mayor of New York, (King Bloomberg) waiting to push the button for the annual countdown of the crystal ball falling….and I kept thinking…I’ve never seen a man, who just “lost” his job as Secretary of State look so darn happy. I was convinced it wasn’t just a man who had a few too much to drink, it was the smile of a man who knows he will soon have a bigger job, a better job…just where oh where was Colin going to go from there, if not the Presidency, then where?

Last night on C-Span, I think I got an answer. (Even back then, he knew the plans.)

There was Colin, obsequiously panting with anticipation in his tux, waiting for the former “President “of the Soviet Union to come to the podium. It was the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Perestroika, which was put on by our very own United States Chamber of Commerce. (Think about this...why is our Chamber of Commerce celebrating Perestroika in 2005? And who is the new Commerce Czar?)A very uppity and expensive affair, with our New World Saviors Clinton and Gorbachev speaking for the Choir.

After all, they Bill and Gorby had just made a children recording together in which they won a Grammy of an environmentally and politically correct rendition of Peter and the Wolf. As all good social programmers know, you must start with the children. Just ask Al-Qaeda. To get a kid to blow himself up someday, you must start with the brainwashing very young. It’s not a natural proclivity.

President Gorby (God forbid we call them Mister) spoke first, thanking his wonderful friend President Bill Clinton, and all his other wonderful old friends like Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, and Shirley Maclaine. I thought…what? Shirley Maclaine….what did she do for Gorby? She certainly didn’t channel her connections to her spirits to help poor Gorby when he was run out of Russia and almost executed. Why didn’t she channel Stalin to help out? Still…. there he was thanking her. (Gee, what happened to the old gal?)

No---Hollywood must not be ignored in this new battle for the World Control. Having the Russian leader mention a favorite was good. After all, as her brother said in his movie BULWORTH, over and over again; “SOCIALISM….SOCIALISM!!!” Why…it’s NOT a dirty word!!

Mr. Gorbachev went on to lay out ever so sweetly, the finer plans of the two great minds who have the answers to rule the world, reshape the world, make us all get along, and basically give themselves new jobs as Presidents of this New World.

“Globalization is inevitable,” he said. “The new power centers should become a part of globalization.” He failed to mention where these new power centers will be. (Gordon Brown, during the recent G-20 meetings repeated this mantra.)

He went on to say things like…"Europe should UNIT!!…The Islamic world deserves respect and understanding.” (So what if they want to hide and beat women and keep them as slaves? So what if they slit throats? So what if they kill innocent woman and children? So what if they want all Americans and Jews to either die or become Muslims. We should respect that.)

Perhaps it’s because both Clinton and Gorbachev want to do exactly the same things, (although in a different way) as the Islamic dictators, at least when it comes to control.. Maybe this is why they have such sympathetic feelings for them. Dictators of the world…..UNITE!

Ten minutes into Gorby’s speech the people in the audience were growing silent. Gorby’s heavy words of grave warning were obviously taking some of the appetites away. Especially when he got to the --- “We need New World Politics, and New World Leaders. We need,” he said “ New World Order.” I guess it’s just not going fast enough for the two bums. The people in the audience were thinking…where’s Clinton’s girlfriend? That’s how really thorough their brainwashing has been.

Some people are trying to cause problems.” Gorby said with great concern. (Oh go on…have some guts. say his name…BUSH)

He ended the speech with the immortal words; “We need a common future or no future at all.” Spoken like a true communist, oh excuse me…socialist…no make that Democratic socialists. It doesn’t matter what they call themselves, like I said…if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck…wait….and it quacks like a communist, then it IS a ducky communist!!

You know Clinton tried to use the word progressive for awhile…too many people informed the public that the progressive party used to mean communists…so we are back to the softer sounding word… socialism. They also say “democracy” a lot. Sounds good. They know you will think, “Oh good-- we are safe. Yeah…our founders wanted democracy.” This is another lie, because they did not want a democracy, but a representative republic. The globalists will use any word they think will sound good…that’s why they say “The Republic of China….” Quack Quack.

Gorbachev also bragged about himself for a good time, and took credit for ending the Cold War all by himself, changing Russia singlehandly, and of course by that noble feat, he changed the entire world. (Remember, Reagan was stupid.)

After the speech, he sat down. Was that applause thunderous? Was it enough? No, because … although it was a celebration for him and his Perestroika, (which means in essence “Lets all just get along and talk..koom, ba, ya.”)---he was just the warm up for the real Rock Star…the “I can have my needs met while talking foreign policy on the phone guy.” The one and only, always center table and center of the room, top banana…

Bill Clinton.

Bill gets up and says, “I support everything he says.” Right, let Gorby lay out the hard stuff, you just come up and charm em.’ He of course, gives Gorby the credit for changing the whole world, which made way for him to become President. Clinton wants you to think he is mother Teresa and Gorby wants you to think he is Gandhi. It would be funny--- if we weren’t all in mortal danger from this trick or treat.

Clinton’s new job is to collect the money from all the nations of the earth, which is taken from all the peasants of the world. That’s what he’s good at. He wants to mandate that all nations of the earth “help poverty.” He throws in his usual “People are starving all over the world.” sympathy bit. (Now, Obama will help him take up the mantle)

By the way, the rich Mr. Clinton doesn’t need a house of luxury. He stays in the grandest palaces all over the world, from Beijing to Moscow, to the Hamptons. No one has lived more of a life of luxury than this one man. Why be stupid and buy a huge home when you can travel anywhere in the world, stay at the biggest mansions and palaces and have all the concubines at a single flick of the cigar?

They have to convince you in America that we are the evil empire. In their war rooms they know this is not true, but it is what they would call a “necessary lie.” And they tell a lot of them. They pay vast sums of your hard earned money to hire people to think up these necessary lies…that someday…you will understand. Because they are telling you now how to think…and laughing at you because you have no idea what is going on. (And during Bush, the propaganda has been almost too absurd to least that's my opinion)

When Gorby and Bill finally set themselves up as the New World government, (unelected) all nations will follow their orders and that means that anyone who has any money at all must now give it to them, so that they can redistribute your money to the poor.

It’s called communism. Except, they act like the mean capitalists they so abhor and take as much as they can off the top for themselves. They love capitalism, they just want the peasants at the bottom to scarf up the money and be slaves. They think we are children to be led. It helps them face themselves each day. To convince themselves they truly are saviors.

Frankly, the local drunk down at your local pub, would give you more freedom.

Clinton ended his speech with the usual “Peace” card… we need a New World Order for Peace. (Hey, I thought his old advisor, Carville, the bald guy, said “No more Koom-Ba-Ya.” Bill…did you forget to send him the notes?)

The New World Order will put “peacekeepers” in every nation (as Clinton did all through his presidency) (And now they will be in our own country...Obama's army) and they want you to think that they are just there to help you. Hey---my local police are all ready. They have already printed on the back of all local police cars here in the heartland, in big, blue bold letters; “Internationally accredited.”

Can someone tell me “What the #!#* “does that means?

Is there a guy sitting somewhere in Brussels, looking over traffic tickets? KOFI could not get the international tax on ships passed so he decided to get it from American traffic tickets? Or do the police have to prove that they will NOT call a black man ….black. Heaven forbid they insult the poor citizen.

And who would have thought, during Bush’s watch, that video camera’s would be put up on every corner, in the name of protection? Did you vote to be watched 24-7? In my neighborhood, they put big giant flags on the poles so you’ll accept it. No one stops to think it’s against everything the flag has stood for. That’s how good they are at changing our lives to the New World Order, without a whimper from us. One small step at a time. (Now, they are introducing the ID card here, how about YOUR neighborhood?)

Keep us fighting…blacks and whites, rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans. In the meantime….quack, quack…quack.

Anyway, Clinton loves to tell stories to make his point. He told a touching story about how he was once in Russia and saw a “beautiful” statue of Lenin and a guy was next to it with an American Flag on the shoulder of his coat. Clinton was so very touched. So very moved.

Now if you think this really happened and that this touching story was not in fact, a perfectly made up lie to get across the point that America is ready for the policies of the great Lenin, then you deserve to go live in Russia. Years from now, when you’ve sold your house, your car, your retirement funds, all your clothes, and are living in government housing, with only your big screen, you might wonder….when exactly did the quacks take over? (God, I hate it when I'm right.)

Clinton has his minions of propaganda ducks everywhere, this guy gets around. Lunch with Angela Jolie…dinner with Spielberg, parties with Al Franken, boat trips with Cronkite. Five thousand trips to China.

There are authors bragging in their books about knowing the rock star of the world. Authors like Colonel John B. Alexander, who says in his book, Future Wars, “In some cases like it or not, we must redefine the sacred concept called winning.” In other words…get use to losing. Clinton once said at another dinner speech, as he wagged that famous finger, “The United States will not ALWAYS be the big dog on the block, and they’d better get use to it.” Americans have this very bad habit of winning, and according to Clinton and Gorby, we must all share like good little children. Winning of course makes the rest of the world feel bad.

Yes, our children are being fed this crap at this moment in all public schools.

And how bout this, from the same book; “Future considerations may even include maintenance of an environmental balance or some minimum standard of living for all members of our society.” (Come on...the evidence that this global takeover has been planned for years is all over the place...)

By the way, the book was about the needed development of non-lethal weapons, to keep us all in line when we finally come to our senses. They really don’t want to kill the young men and women; they will need as future peacekeepers, for the New World Peacekeeping Army. They know the numbers.

Our local libraries are being filed up with the NEW WORLD ORDER books to learn by. I just took out another book called, The Rise of Communism, thinking I would learn about the horrors of this insidious system, since they forgot to teach me in school.

But no…I felt like I was back at the dinner.

According to this book, Lenin was a genius---Stalin, and Mao too. Marx believed that a Socialist state can only be achieved through a Communist takeover. Only a Communistic program could demolish the capitalist state, to make way for the Socialist Utopia...

Here’s another wonderful statement from the book: “The author sees Stalin’s terror and reculturation (i.e. killing) process as a necessary evil in the critical times he faced.”

(Just today I heard some guy on C-Span who wrote a book about Lincoln that Lincoln believed that the people died for the sins of slavery...even the Northern soldiers....that's truly a Stalin/liberal will be seeing Lincoln, and FDR everywhere for Obama to wrap himself in glory.)

Nowhere in this book was the historical fact that millions of humans were killed (excuse me…reculturated) by these dictators. No--- there is only praise for Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Castro…they are all wonderful. Not something I thought I would find in an American library.

But, back to the dinner…Clinton was on his game. After his speech, all the dumb ducks were quacking, and clapping, in awe of the great Houdini…the great manipulator...the New World King. After all, Gorby has that terrible scar on his head…Clinton just looks so vibrant in his tux….quack…quack…quack…quack.

The New World Order will repeat to you over and over the Word Democracy…

They will talk of peace, and socialism… They will talk of Lenin, and Peresoika,
They will smile, and hold out their hands, tell soppy stories ….
They will assure you, they do not want to CONTROL you….oh no.
Talk of diversity…and peace…But don’t be fooled, Lenin, Castro, and many other comrades have used exactly the same words to entice the people.

What it really is--- is a new dictatorship of Clinton, Gorby, Colin Powell, and Albright at the helm. Little ducks will follow, so remember the old saying:

If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck,
It might just be a wolf in New World Order Duck Disguise.

Yes...Colin Powell has always been a liberal globalist, waiting for his moment in Power. In a way, he has more power now than President Bush, and God help us all.

These people are mad. Colin Powell---I have no doubt he will use force to attack American Citizens....count on it.