Friday, April 28, 2006

Big Frogs Have Big Croaks

Nobody’s Opinion: The big frogs are out tonight… croaking.


Instantly his mug shot is all over the news. A mug shot. Give me a break.

The man who helped oust the Democrats out of power in 1994; the party who had for over forty years controlled the Congress (and still do it seems) replaced by Republicans, and then he helped George W. Bush to win the White House.

You know he is on the hit list of every Democrat alive. There will be parties all over Georgetown tonight, thinking that this will be the final blow for the guy. They underestimate him. I guess they figure if they can capture a President, then a talk show host is possible. But, Rush will not go down without a fight.

The news was sensationalized, and facts presented in a very confusing manor. This was the on-going drug thing that happened long ago, as Drudge reported.

But they made it look new. And the arrest was pure Hollywood.

Just the fact that it happened on a Friday night, is the very proof that this was a well-planned political arrest. They know the people will be talking about this at all the restaurants, during the sporting events, and in their homes all weekend because Rush can’t defend himself until Monday. And that day will be one of the biggest news days in the history of America. Rush will not be the big news of the day. He will be just a second thought by then, the damage having been done.

No---the timing was perfect.

And right away, Michael Savage was all over him tonight. Like a big toad he was bellowing all night long. He was “glad” to see Rush fall. In fact, Michael would be glad if there were no other voices on the radio but him. He was cutting Rush down viciously for saying he was against drugs and then being an addict.

No compassion from Michael...he now feels he is finally the big frog in the pond.

Most of us can understand how easy it would be with a back injury to get addicted. We know the difference between someone who takes drugs to get high, and someone who takes drugs to relieve the unbearable pain so that he can work. We do.

Americans work hard, we have aches and pains. Most of us are drowning in caffeine.

But Michael, who thinks he is nobody’s fool, is being played like a violin. The left know the emotions and the jealousies of Michael Savage….who comes off through all his bravado, as a very insecure man. Michael Savage, who actually does see the big picture of it all so very clearly--- the internationalists, the Marxists, the deliberate taking over of America by the liberals… can’t see it when it comes to himself as a player being played.

Somewhere the liberals are laughing in glee with every word he utters.

No…the part of the picture that he doesn’t get is that the takeover by the left/communists can only happen if the conservative voices do not unit. Lament all he wants--- he needs to get on the team. He’d be a much better man if he wasn’t so cruel and happy to see the strong conservative voices fall. We need every man we can get.

But then, I guess that gets ratings, and in that respect Michael Savage is no better than the Americans that hire nothing but illegal’s… it’s about the money. Although something tells me with Michael, it’s his ego.

That’s the very big difference between the liberals and the conservatives. You never ever see a liberal attack another liberal. The only exception to that rule was Zell Miller when he made his wonderful statement about “What are we going throw…spitballs?” when speaking about the war with the Muslims and commenting on his own party’s pacifism at the Republican National convention in 2004.

Bill Clinton had his heart attack the next day.

Have you noticed…Zell Miller no longer speaks out?

No, the Democratic Party is a well oiled machine. In most all votes and important issues they will vote unanimously.

When Clinton was down and out, every single Democratic Senator and Representative came out on the White House lawn to support him, through his embarrassing impeachment. It was an unbelievable moment in lunacy, and pretty scary.

The Clintons are triangulating the party into a New World Order, and it’s all been planned to the last detail. Including it seems the Bush-Clinton dynasties to continue forever as ruling Presidents as long as they can.

This May 1, march is being played as justice for Mexican. Workers and comrades have been celebrating this date in all communists all over the world for a long time. But it's not mentioned anywhere that it's a "workers unit-" right out of the Karl Marx's playbook. Our national anthem, made by a British globalist, has the word “brother” in it. It’s being run by the left, complete with slogans, and signs, and has been well coordinated to help put the Democrats back in power.

The Republicans on the other hand, are not like that at all. They are split all the time on all subjects. They know their own party believes in free speech enough that they won’t be ostracize or lose their jobs if they don’t agree.

And this is good, it’s even American…but not when the country is in danger.

Rush’s is number one, because he tells the American people about the politics being played in Washington. He knows the details. He is passionate. Sure, he is the right arm of the Republicans, and lately he has been having a real hard time thinking of excuses for what is happening. Nevertheless…he provides insight. He wants America to stay sovereign, and that’s what’s important.

Fox, O’Reilly, Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, Drudge, George Noory,---Newsmax, World Net Daily, Men’s News Daily; …the Democrats have been losing the war in the media, because the conservative and intelligent voices of reason are getting heard, and preferred.

They need drastic action, and the biggest frog in the pond has to be silenced if they are to pull this off. If we want to save our country’s sovereignty…we all need to stick together, because as as Michael Savage says, ”The enemy is within.”

Yeah Michael…you had a very big frog in your throat tonight. Sometimes you need to think before you croak. We need all the big frog in the pond.

Nobody’s Perfect; OK...Rush was hooked on pain pills. He hired a housekeeper that got him the pills. He also tends to talk about football and golf just a little too much on his station, but so what? Savage sometimes sounds like someone from the Soprano’s, a guy who would feel right at home in stripper joints drinking his fifteenth beer. He also loves poodles. Poodles? And sometimes he gets so bored with his own program he just reads the paper headlines. Planning is not his forte.

Nevertheless, very few could do their jobs, and they know it.

Nobody’s Knows; Tony Snow doesn’t even have to be a press secretary, he taught the President how to do it in one day. This morning the improvements in the President's appearance and handling of the press were so noticeably I was expecting the FOX news logo to appear on the podium. .

Nobody Cares; If the Mexicans walk off their jobs, as long as they come back and pick up all the trash.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Topically Under the Radar

Nobody’s Opinion: While everyone is talking about the issues of the day; immigration, oil prices, what Democrats say, what Republicans say…Why does the whole Congress looks like an old Marx Brother movie in slow motion? Being the nobody that I am, I was thinking about the old trick of misdirection.

There is an old trick, I’m sure everyone’s seen it, where you are at some street event, and there is the old guy who usually looks lonesome, and he has a table where he is doing card tricks, various balloon tricks, etc. And the one trick that gets you every time is the follow the ball under the cup trick.

I’ve never been able to follow it. Most magicians will tell you the art in magic it to get you to look somewhere else while the decepted move is taking place.

And that’s how I feel about the usual topical subjects on the news. The big headlines are important, no doubt, but it’s the little headlines that usually catch my attention.

The obvious one that comes to mind is of course the Monica Lewinsky, impeachment story. We were all following that one story very carefully. Of course it was important.
But the fact that Clinton was being impeached for sex, instead of the high crime and misdemeanor of enabling China to get our nuclear secrets, with the updated equipment, computers, and necessary hardware to get up to speed with us, was not even mentioned. If not for the internet, you would have never known about it.

Most people were looking at the wrong cup.

Then, there was Y2K. That was such a big deal that I still have bottles of water and old macaroni and cheese dinners in my basement waiting for the next cockroach invasion.
Remember how they talked about the event in 1999, making us feel that the whole United States would fall under a terrorists attack? Then nothing happened.

The next day it was…oh…well…that’s good.

Under the topical radar was the fact that huge FEMA holding stations were being build all over the country, in the name of protecting us from Y2K.

FEMA was started by a Jimmy Carter 1979 executive orders. And by these orders this organization (unelected) has full power to take over the whole country at the order of the President. Congress cannot do anything about it for six months.

Of course, there will have to be an emergency first. But FEMA has unlimited power. It can force citizens to work to build whatever…for the government. It can arrest citizens, and hold them without trial, it can suspend the constitution and all laws of the country. It can move entire populations, and even quarantine towns and eradicate infested citizens if need be. It can seize your property, your food, your guns, and probably you’re first born. (Sorry, I had a Yul Brenner moment with the first born.)

I remember at the grocery stores there was a Y2K survival kit in every single isle.
Yeah, I was stupid…I bought one…ten bucks.

And while we nobodies were running around wondering if we had enough food, FEMA, under the orders of Clinton was expanding massively, quietly. It was every President's dream to complete dictatorship.

It was no coincidence that all those FEMA trailers were in Little Rock, Arkansas.

In 2003, FEMA joined the other 22 Federal programs which all failed during Katrina. It’s been around a long time, and should have worked like a charm…

Then why didn’t it?

Because, I think that FEMA’s true purpose is to wait for the big event. It’s not here to save nobody’s from Hurricanes. It’s not really here to SAVE us.

Remember Tommy Thompson, the first Homeland Security Chief? He didn’t last long. He is now on the board of the company that makes those human microchips, and believes it them.

I’m a nut? Well…topically speaking, I do prefer almond joys to peanut butter cups.

Anyway, now the big shock is here. We are to merge with Mexico, and then die from the bird flu. And while this big event of the merger is going on, there is something under the radar that none of us are catching.

Since it’s happening now, it’s hard to see in retrospect what it could be.

But silently, cameras are going up everywhere. The FDA has approved the microchip ID to be used in humans. Google has the capability to censor the internet. Religion is being torn down at lighting speed. Eminent Domain, the seizure of your property, is now reality. I was outraged when I was told that I could not cash my husband’s check--- the same check that I had been depositing for over thirteen years into my account without him present, because of the patriot act. It was for our own protection we were told.

The banks are giving away prizes if you stop using your debit card and use it as a credit card. They say it’s to protect you from fraud. And it’s no secret they want to sooner or later make us a complete cashless society, which means we will be at the complete mercy of all banks. If something happens, unless you have saved silver quarters, you may starve.

Starving is a good way to deal with people who won't go along with leaders. Stalin and Mao used this very well, and they didn't even have American Express.

Today, some senator suggested we replace FEMA with something better: I’m still looking under the cup and it’s empty.

In a free society, nothing should be kept under the radar, but that is exactly why some topics will never be topical.

And just thinking about this makes me want to put an r in that word and leave.

Nobody’s Perfect; The producers of the View win this, for hiring Rosie O’Donnell to be a regular on the show. The View is the daytime coffee break for illiterate liberals who are painting their toenails.

Nobody Knows; Who came up with the clever saying “We are part of the DNA of this country.” for the illegal aliens to rant. If this was true, cock fights would have replaced football some time ago, and taco's would be served on Thanksgivng.

Nobody Cares; Ted Kenndy and John Kerry are worried that windmills will actually go up in visible sight of their mansions. What hypocrites. Why don’t they just move?

Nobody Wins; When our Congress wants to grant amnesty to all illegals so that they can keep their power in Washington and build a whole new slave race.

Nobody’s Fools: That’s what I hope the true patriots of America will do on May the lst, show our politicians that we are nobody's fools. We will stand up for OUR rights, and insist that the Mexican people become Americans. In fact, I heard Savage say tonight we should boycott places that speak in two languages. Not a bad idea.

Oil, Sex, and the FDA

Nobody’s Opinion: If you think you should jump on the politician’s bandwagon and attack all oil companies and their CEO’s about the price of gas….think again. Exxon made a 36 billions dollar profit last year, but the government made 56 billion dollars off of the gas taxes alone. And not to mention-- you will be paying the gas taxes being passed on to you again in every product you buy. With all that money coming in maybe when they build that massive highway from the middle of Mexico, through the middle of the United States, up into Canada, they will NOT have to charge a toll. Right, sorry-- left the planet for a second.

Someone should tell Lee Raymond, the Exxon millionaire retiree that he can get his teeth fixed now.

Hillary Clinton and George Bush are on the same page when it comes to the illegal’s aliens and not spending any more money for border patrol. Someone should check into their maid service. They were both appalled that Congress took money away from the troops in Iraq to send to the border. I expect to them both together again on May 1, marching with the hard working immigrants in Houston. Go figure. If that happens, we might as well move to Canada.

Tony Snow is going to do a great job representing President Bush. The fact that he will be called “snow man” and “snow job” everywhere he goes, even when in the bathroom, just shows how much of a patriot he is. Go Tony. Do us proud.

Nobody’s Cares; Michelle Rodriguez did a Martha Stewart today when she choose to do jail time instead of 240 hours of community service for her DWI. Look for her book about her time in prison to come out by July, where she beats up an inmate for telling her she looks lost. (Sorry)

Nobody Knows: Just what Abu Musab al Zarqawi was smoking when he said to America, “Your soldiers are committing suicide!” I guess when you strap twenty tons of explosives on yourself and walk into a Mosque and blow yourself up, you are not trying to kill yourself. It's just an experiment in Islamic fashion wear.

The WTC center, after a long delay where they decided to go with the liberals version of America instead of what Americans wanted…taller towers, have now said that the government can come in and control the whole building process. If Hillary has any say in this, we might end up seeing two profiles of the Clintons in lights.

We cannot go to any more wars without loans from either China or Japan. We also have most of our military technology made overseas. No wonder they are talking about windmills.

Nobody’s Business: Clinton didn’t want another Monica story with his new flame, and he wanted to get this new stripper he just met some fame, so he arrange to play golf next to her house and have his merry men go over and tell her she couldn’t fire her fireworks, and get it all reported in the papers.

What…you think this story was for real? If you don’t think this was a way to get him off the hook for knowing her before hand, take my house. (Just kidding)

Nobody’s Perfect; The FDA just approved verichip implants, those cool little things that companies will be putting in employer’s hands, and soon every kid in America will have them installed in their little hands for safety’s sake. The FDA has made some pretty big mistakes recently, like Viagra…and will continue to pass approval for any product that harms the American people. Probably because everyone who works at the FDA is already chipped and being controlled.

So much for today…

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Hot Dog At High Noon

Nobody’s Opinion: It’s almost high noon for Bill Clinton. On Monday last, April the 24th, Bill and Hillary Clinton unveiled yet another portrait of themselves in the Old Castle building of the Smithsonian. (Much apologizes to John Quincy Adams, the President who kept the greedy hands of Congress off the donated money for the Smithsonian.)

And you can tell from first glance that by the look on Bill’s face in his portrait and his arrogant stance that he is still mad…and he means business. It looks as if he is saying “You had NO RIGHT to impeach me…you Republicans (and all you red state hicks), and you will see that I will win (notice the victory sign on the two fingers clutching his pockets) because China is my friend now (notice the Chinese Vase off his right shoulder) and I will be remembered in history as the greatest President that America ever had.

Now, if your picture was going into the Smithsonian for all time as an America President, wouldn’t you want to put something American in the background?

I couldn’t make out the picture above the fireplace. I’m surprised it wasn’t Gary Cooper.

For an instance I thought the fireplace in the portrait was the one in the state Dining Room at the White House where John Adams had carved in the mantle;

“I pray Heaven to bestow the best of blessings on this house and all that shall hereafter inhibit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof.”

But it was the Oval Office. If it had been in the White House Dining Room, old Bill might have burst into flames instead of falling off some chair. (He fell off a chair at the event.)

In his book “My Life”, he mentions how “High Noon” was his favorite movie, because he could identify with the hero who stood all alone against the bad guys. No townspeople would join in to help him fight, he was alone.

Be sure, it’s high noon for anyone who crosses Bill Clinton, just ask his old girlfriends and all the people who have worked for him that he got rid of. (Well, you can’t ask the 60 or so dead ones, but Monica is still with us.)

And Bill has shown a relentless drive to the promotion of himself and his place in history. No doubt some day he will be on the side of Mt Rushmore, in place of George. Some plane will crash into his face---it will need repair.

That’s probably the biggest portrait ever made of a President. He doesn’t want you to notice that rather blatant show of himself so he says in his “oh gosh” way, “The size of past presidents portraits seems to indicate an almost inverse relationship to their importance to the country.” Meaning his portrait is big--- he is insignificant compared to others. By this reasoning, then so is George Washington and JFK.

Also notice that Hillary’s picture (which is a real joke and looks nothing like her) is being promoted by them as a “renaissance” piece. They want you to think her upcoming presidency will bring a new “renaissance” for America and the world. The renaissance “suits her” said Bill. It is mentioned that the portrait looks like a Susan B. Anthony quarter, which is a clue that someday that portrait will appear on a gold coin. How clever to do her in profile…the mints will be ready.

If it’s another ploy to get the population to go cashless, it just might work.

Bill Clinton is the quintessential hot dog. He can’t stop talking about himself, and all that he has done, or is going to do for the world. He is such a hot dog he gets his friends to pay for his legal bills, his houses, his hotel rooms, his furniture, his girl friends, and his Presidential portraits. Expect at least one a year.

At the gathering, it was reported that he went on to highlight the success of his presidency. In fact, Bill will highlight the success of his presidency at every chance. He did it at Martin Luther King’s funeral, at the Kerry Democratic Party nomination, at Wellstone’s funeral; at Canahan’s funeral (He loves funerals) He did it at the Texas Book Fair. He has a special school set up to promote himself, and C-Span always puts on his “Clinton was the greatest president alive conferences” where all his x-cabinet members and world leaders show up to keep on rewriting his history.

Clinton has boatloads of comedians and political pundits writing book upon book, even including mandatory American Political books for all students, where he is mentioned and shown in every other chapter.

Yes, Clinton---the ultimate big hot hound dog.

I just hope that those two hot fingers aren’t signaling to al-Qaida…because then high noon will certainly be here. And unlike Gary Cooper, it will be Clinton that will leave us hanging. He will be somewhere else in the world when we are attacked, eating a big hot dog, smothered in Heinz ketchup.

Nobody’s Perfect; Mick Jagger will not give up the posh hotel room in Austria for President Bush. Manners are not Mick Jagger forte. Just ask Jerry Hall, who had four kids of his kids before he married her, and then had a child by another woman while he was married to her. If I were Bush, next time he comes into the country, I’d bust him for being ugly.

Nobody Knows: It was reported with excitement today that black holes are incredible sources for energy, as if we were gonna buzz right up there and tap into them. Now, when your standing at the pump and thinking about black holes, your mind can go your gas tax money that is going into the black hole of Congress.

Nobody Cares: Dan Rather was rather snippy in wishing Katie Couric best wishes today on taking his place on CBS. He was snubbed at the Annual Association of Broadcasters, where Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw were honored. I think he might be good on American Idol…as a judge. He would do well.

That’s just a nobody’s opinion…see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Squirrel Take Pictures of Devastation

Mr. and Mrs. Rosie O'Donnell Take a Magic Mystery Tour to New Orleans...Will the Mayor come out to met them?...Will the black children of the Third Ward publish the pictures that they take with their brand new digital cameras and go on to will pultizer prizes? Will Bill Moyer quit his day job and become a full-time poet? Do Squirrels actually know how to take pictures? Did Rosie give the poor squirrel she fell in love with a camera to take pictures of all the destroyed tree homes of all the other squirrels in New Orleans, who also lost their homes due to the meanie President Bush? Can the Squirrels come back? Will they come back? Why didn't they get FEMA trailers?
Do gay parents of children French kiss in front of their children on cruises? And just where is Dr. Phil on these subjects? Where is Oprah?

Jump on board Nobody's bus and find the answers to Rosie's new adventure.

Find out why liberals prefer buses to rickshaws when it comes to their own traveling. Find the real reason John Kerry keeps going back to his Vietnam experience.

This commentary is in no way meant to compare to the famous movie that the Beatles did...that was much more progressive.

Rosie's Magical Mystery Tour Bus

Nobody’s Opinion; Rosie O’Donnell was grandstanding on Anderson Cooper’s 360 degrees tonight. There she was with a busload of black children, and in back of her was a shot of a super-deluxe, million dollar bus that had no doubt, air conditioning, 500 packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, 85 cases of soda, 300 Snickers bars, and her entire collection of plastic collectables that every McDonalds, Burger king, and theme park had ever marketed. Michael Jackson and Brokeback Mountain videos were probably playing on the big digital screen in front. No doubt his (I mean her) “wife” Kelli was there with their four children, but they did not make it into the Photo-op, because…

Rosie had serious work to do. She was “helping” the poor, black kids of Katrina deal with the grief of what had happened in New Orleans. They all were given new clothes, new shoes, and brand new digital camera’s to take lots of pictures to be pasted somewhere in the upcoming elections. It was her gift to them…a cathartic mystery tour of President Bush’s devastation to the black community. This would help them, she said.

Using the marvelous Lord Richard Attenborough comments in Jurassic Park:
“She obviously spared no expense.”

Ok..think hard. Who does she remind you of? Your next door neighbor? Your son’s third grade teacher? A bitter drag queen? Michael Jackson comes to my mind. In fact, he is somewhere kicking himself and thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

What is it with gay people attachment to kids? They can’t have a normal sex life so they fill their empty souls with children? How come you never hear a psychologist answer this question on Dr. Phil? Never mind that it might not be good for the kids, to be used in such a manor. I’m not saying that gays can’t be loving people, but using children to further your own career and image of yourself as the new messiah---gets old.

Every since Rosie told off Tom Selleck on her show, ever since we found out that her hysterical devotion and “crush” on Tom Cruise was a horrible sham, ever since she stopped being an entertainer and joined Hillary’s stud farm of lesbians and basher of the right-wing conspiracies, it’s been hard for me not to feel sorry for her.

But, it doesn’t last long.

Then we see Rosie step in front of a FEMA trailer. Taking the role of a serious reporter, Rosie goes on to show us the horrible conditions these kids were actually living in--- why even prisoners live better! These poor people after 18 months had to live in these tiny mobile homes, and that mean old nasty President Bush won’t extend the welfare after 18 months. What’s wrong?…illegal aliens taking your place? Mom can’t tell the kids to go spend the day at the hotel pool anymore?

Hey, Rosie, I have a suggestion. Why don’t you buy up all those FEMA trailers and give them to the poor old people in nursing homes right now. I’m sure they would be ecstatic to have their own rent free place to live out their lives, instead of having to end their lives in a four by eight space because they couldn’t keep up their property taxes.

Did I tell you I actually read Rosie’s autobiography? I liked it. Rosie is so emotional, she rules from her some what confused sexually damaged amygdala. She thinks she is a man, but still has the urgent desire to mother. Must be hell. Rosie had major family problems which caused her great anguish, but which gave her the drive to become the star that she has become.

She knew she would be a star. Just like Hillary knew that Bill Clinton would be President. And Hitler knew he would rule Germany one day. It’s a mystery tour.

Rosie has a need to promote herself and those like her. After her show was cancelled she did a play with Boy George, and organized a gay love boat cruise--- for the kids.

Anyway, some gays tend to be on constant PMS. Their emotions leave them so malleable anyone can manipulate them. Hollywood stars know how to emote...they are always in overdrive for emoting and don’t think about the sound bites they are being given. Like the lines they memorize, they don’t think about what they are actually saying.

The proof of this is in all those movies in where they shoot guns, kill, maim, demolish the bad guys…and then they come out and say they hate guns, war, and the bad guy is really the good guy. They do NOT walk the talk.

Rosie writes cute little poems on her blog. Today she wrote about a squirrel that she saw; “poor dear guy, never thought i would love a squirrel, but i did.”

Maybe she was talking about the next squirrelly poem after that, which was written by another bleeding heart turned savior of the world Bill Moyer…who has all the progressive sound bites memorized.

I mean to think about it. (He means to…just pay him first.)
Other than the war in Iraq (Hey, Saddam was not Milosevic!)
The Katrina disaster (All those strip clubs demolished, must have been hard.)
The deficit (Which is almost as large as his public televisions revenues)
The CIA leak (Hey, she was a babe! I bet Clinton showed her a cigar or two.)
Torture (Listening to your monologues.)
Stopping stem cell research (Your monologue is enough reason for that.)
Homeland security (I agree, they should have done something about you.)
Global warming (Been reading Vanity Fair there Bill?)
And undercutting science (Frankly, we could use more under brush cutting)
We have not yet to really feel the negative effects of the Bush Administration

That’s because Bill, we are still feeling the negative effects of the Bill Clinton administration.

Rosie replies “ALL HAIL BILL.” Tomorrow, the bus goes to Channel Nine.

Where will Rosie’s Magical Mystery Bus take us in the future? Will Rosie be able to get the Katrina victims back to the nice hotel rooms with the swimming pools and free room service? Will they actually have to go out and get a “service” job like the rest of us? Will Rosie soften the black voter’s heart by the photo-op of poor black children being force to take pictures of demolished houses? Will there be more black gays who adopt? Will Tom Cruise forgive her for having a crush on him? Will Rosie get over the fact that Ellen Degeneras has jumped in and taken her place as queen of the gay daytime variety show? Will she learn how to dance?

Hey…I’m just warning you of what’s to come. Rosie is just getting the stage warmed up for Bill, Hillary, Kerry and Al Gore. All those years playing the circuit comes in handy. The magical mystery tour begins early. Rosie’s bus has room for all.

Nobody Cares: Today it was reported that Iran’s women would be allowed to go to soccer matches…why the feminists did not come out and applaud this long awaited freedom is beyond me. I guess if they can carry a gun, they can watch sports.

Nobody’s Perfect: Hillary Clinton did a John Kerry today. Remember when he voted for the war and then he didn’t? Well, last month she raved against building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants, claiming Jesus would be appalled. Today she says she wants to see a wall built. Democrats are counting on you not having a perfect memory.

Nobody Wins; When John Kerry keeps morphing back to Vietnam, he reminds the rest of us that too many vets lost their brains to Jungle Gold. He claims getting out of the Iraq war is patriotic. He messed this country up back then, and he just can’t help messing it up again. He treats his country just like he treats his wife’s Ketchup…he won’t touch it.

Despite his complaining, if he could lead the generals in a military coup, he would do it in a heartbeat. If that happens, the minutemen would have to go to Washington and build a wall to keep him from getting out. I’ll be the first one on the bus.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Forty-Three Seconds and Counting

Nobody’s Opinion; Here’s the case---I haven’t been following this story too closely, but every time I pass my TV set there is mention of the Lacrosse Team raping a stripper. The debate goes on endlessly. Speculations being the number one fish-hook for all programs. It takes one back to that endless year of the O.J. Simpson trial, where everyday you had to turn on the tube just to see what evolved.

Still, there are some obvious points here from both sides to consider.

Remember that feminist’s revolution that supposedly happened? The one where Gloria Steinem, Betty Freidman, Angela Davis and Jane Fonda freed the American woman for being equal to men? Equal in pay, equal in brains, equal in decision making, and even equal in to serve in the military? Women were going to be transformed with the sexual revolution to be able to have casual sex, get abortions freely, and demand that she had been sexually harrrased?

Well, it backfired.

What we did get was tons of movies where pretty women with thin little skinny arms can fight and demolish ten men at once and do it with boob jobs and big lips, and they never break a sweat.

Women are more sexual objects now, then they have ever been. Even the news channels must have sexy and good looking babes to deliver the news. Every woman has to still strive to be a size-8, even if she has had four kids.

We have sexual perfection gawking at us day and night on TV. Now, we can have brains...but we'd better have a nice body to go with it.
I don’t care too much for the founders of Feminism. They showed their true colors during the Clinton-Monica fiasco, where they tried to spin it into “adults having sex.” instead of what it was; a President being disrespectful to his wife, his daughter, his country, and a very young and naïve rock star-stricken girl. Their silence was pitiful. They were frauds.

So, the wages didn’t go up much. (for us nobodys’) But, we did have a lot of women go into the work force. We had an “ want to be equal huh? All divorces are now no-fault. You’re on your own.” Women found out that just how hard that was.

Where once mothers got alimony and help with getting a career, after feminism she was left with raising the kid all on her own, and god help her if her mother and father did not lend a hand.

Now as I understand it, this girl was a single parent. I hate to say it, but Nike’s are still $100 dollars and the other kids in school will eat you up if you don’t have any. In our culture---character has been replaced with appearances, and that costs money.

The divorce rate soared up to one in two marriages ending in it, which means there was a whole lot of kids being raised without fathers. For years the government treated the collection of child support about as seriously as the collection of illegal immigrants.

So a single mom can see quick and easy money in stripping. She figures---‘Hey, I can dance in a bikini, the same thing I would wear on the beach! I go home. I can spend more time with my kid. I can get my son those shoes.’

On the other side are the boys. They have been to all the topless strip bars, and these guys look on it in a whole different way. Not too many of them at that young an age have figured out that when a girl dances sexually around them, in her mind she might be thinking he’s “ugly” or whatever--- She is thinking on her job…how to look sexy, it’s what she has to do to entertain…to get the money.

Most of these girls you can bet had absent fathers.

Anyway, the guys get drunk…and the drunker they get, the more possibility they have of convincing themselves that they have the right to “rape” because, well, “Didn’t they pay for it?” Some of them know it’s wrong, but some simply don’t care. The girls are whores in their minds.

All those years of women’s liberation just simply got guys laid more easily.

If just one kisses her, a few more will join in…the girl is in too deep. She’ll go along just because she knows she is outnumbered and could be killed. It’s instinct.

Of course these boys should know better. But, with pornography everywhere and children growing up without fathers to teach the boys how to respect the woman, and a sexually addicted predator as an x- President, it's no wonder there is not much concern. Most importantly of all, the attack on religion has almost erased morals in the young, so this kind of thing will be happening more often.

Then again, she could be just causing a scandal---crying rape, when she wasn’t, and after the lie, having to go on through with it.

We saw that in O.J. Simpson trial, where a murder trial was turned into a racial trial. When the media joins in, justice can go out the door and the one who committed the crime, gets off.

The only way to stop that is by not allowing this stuff to get on TV.

Every forty-three seconds the number of crimes (murder, rape, robbery, or assault) committed in the United States goes up by one.

That girl, if nothing else has learned how to count the hard way.

Nobody Wins: When the military generals came out and attacked Rumsfeld, they just empowered bin Laden to come out and call for American citizens to be camel fodder. Thanks a lot guys.

Nobody's Perfect: John Travolta is going to play the infamous J.R. I may be the only American who has never seen an episode of Dallas. Please contact me if you are the other American who also has not seen it. We could form a "Never Seen Dallas Nobodys" club.

Nobody Cares: That Al Gore and the new Progressives think that global warming is more important than getting nuked. Why? Because they think the problem is too many people on the earth, causing the earth to die. This nobody is not going to tell you where this kind of reasoning leads, I'll let you connect the green dots.