Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Does A Woman Want Vox Popoli? Part II

Nobody’s Opinion: What does a woman want?

Well, I have to start off with Vox, Mr. Popoli.

Before I even know what a Vox Popoli was, I remember reading something by him on his blog.

He was talking about what a man really wants in a woman, and if I remember right, he had come to the conclusion that the most important thing for a man (besides of course that the woman be attractive) was complete support for him, and everything he did in life, whether it was for her, or for humanity.

The man wants to be appreciated.

Well, guess what, I thought, so does a woman. Go figure. How are we going to work this out?

Vox of course, being the genius that he is, and more than that, knows he is, wants a cacciatore of a woman, but, in the end, the vision of himself protecting HER is the vision he wishes most for his own confidence.

Vox is the knight in shining armor and he wants a lady who appreciates this fact.

Let’s just say, whether this is genetic, cultural, or a combination, it’s the measure of a man’s worth. At least that’s what I thought I remembered what he was trying to say.

But, what does the woman want? And is it as important as a man desires?

Who causes more harm…the man or the woman? Who is capable of more evil?

Many a scientist, psychologist, sociologist, talk show host, blogger, and lunch room lady have argued over this very thing. In fact, the day they stop arguing is the day we should all worry.

If life was that simple, we might all be bored to death. Comedians would have no material.

Being as I, as a woman, have only had one really close relationship with another woman, and that was my mother, I can only look back on my own life and reflect…What had I always longed for?

I hate to say it, but I was looking for love. Yep.

But right after thinking that, my heart went into that dark strange place you don’t want to go…and that’s painful memories.

After having my share of painful memories in life, the best thing to do, is to forget them, don’t even go there....put up a big red stop sign, you FOOL!

Nevertheless there is a memory of mine that sticks to the subject of what a man wants-- a woman wants also.

My first thought (And you know how they say always trust your first thought) went back to myself being reeled down a long, brightly lit hall on a gurney. I was drugged, I was scared. I was in a hospital.

It was around six in the morning, and I had gone into labor at six months, because my first husband had had a huge fight with my father, and I got so upset about it, I went directly into labor. It was my first child.

I had a condition called placenta previa, which basically means the placenta is attached very low in the womb, and the baby and the mother can both hemorrhage during birth, and die.

I don’t know what caused this, but I do remember when I was 3 months pregnant, my husband had insisted we go on a boat ride on a lake, and he took that boat up to 103 miles for over an hour, even though I was bouncing around in the back. He was going so fast, he broke the motor. We sat for 4 hours in the middle of a lake waiting to be rescued in the heat. I’m sure that didn’t help.

I don’t think I ever got off the metal bottom. They had to peel me off.

I bet every time someone rents that little boat, they say, "Hey, what's that stain?"

Because of my “condition” my husband was told NOT to fight with me, and I was to be very careful. But that didn’t stop him from attacking my father viciously about an actual compliment my father had said about his brother one night.

My father said, after meeting my husband’s brother for the first time:

Gary is such a nice young man, it seems to me he has much more potential for being more than just a mechanic.”

If you had known my dad, it was a compliment, hardly the insult my husband had taken it for. Hardly worth two hours of yelling and screaming at my father. And because I couldn’t get him to stop the attacks, I went into labor.

I was taken to the hospital by my parents. My gynecologist had already been up 36 hours, and had to do an emergency caesarian.

I remember the nurse asking me, when I was reeled into the operating room, “What do you want?” she said, " A boy or a girl?"

Oh…I don’t care; I just want a healthy baby” I said.

At that moment in time, nothing in the world mattered more.

Man protects the woman, woman protects the child. (With most of the people, let’s stay on a bell curve here.)

We all know both sexes have good and bad potatoes heads.

Of course, my baby wasn’t healthy; he had hyaline membrane disease which means his lungs weren’t developed.

As soon as he was bought out, I had just enough time to say..."Hello Brett” (my arms were tied down so I couldn’t hold him) and they took off with him.

His little chest was heaving up and down. When they bought him into my room the next day to transfer him miles away to a children’s hospital, because he was in an incubator, I couldn’t even hold him.

That was torture.

It was a shock for me to see him so sick, but with sixteen doctors and nurses in the room, who were all routing for him I said “Now, you be a good boy and do what the doctor’s say. I will see you real soon.”

Pretty silly I know, but in times of severe stress, you must have hope.

The point here is, since my son was so far away, it was I who needed support. But my husband was not there.

Oh, he came once a day to see me and stayed all of an hour, but he spent most of his time with his family. I wasn’t released for three days, and when we got to the hospital, it took me an hour just to walk from the parking lot to the care unit, but I wanted to see my son. Nothing was more important ever in my life.

If you’ve ever had a sick child, you know what I’m talking about.

But, when we got to neo-natal unit, only one parent could enter with a visitor at a time. My husband went in first, because he wanted his father to see the boy’s family jewels.

Excuse me---call me a stuck-up whatever for thinking I should have the right to go and see my sick son, but I felt it was my right to go in first.

Because I happened to think that the miracle that had just been born was more than a reason for two grown men to gawk and feel good about themselves comparing family genitals---I was completely humiliated, not only that, I was hurt beyond even comprehending that my husband thought so little of me that he put himself first.

Now, just think. This is how half of the world’s women feel most of the time. Think of all the Muslim women who are treated like…well, like fodder. This is Patriarchy at its worst.

It makes feminism look like a kindergarten class.

Anyway---there I was, in the most extreme emotional pain. I went into the bathroom and broke down.

To have to lie in bed for days, not knowing if my baby was going to live or die, and then to finally get to see him, and to be made to wait a half hour or more so that my husband could show off to his dad. (Who by the way had already seen the child.) Was not exactly a moment to remember.

To some of you, this might seem very trivial. But my point is women need support, just like men. And sometimes we remember the little scars more than the big ones.

I remember going to see Tom Baker once. (The first Doctor Who) He said something I have never forgotten. He said that he knew an actor on the stage, that could literally break you heart with just the simple twist of his head.

Life is filled with these little twisting, aren’t they?

God took that man out of my life. He just left one day. He didn’t want to see his son. He was angry, like a lot of men. You see, men were complaining at that time about child support. It’s nothing new.

He got a good lawyer, and got the divorce put off for three years. When we finally got into the courtroom the judge looked at me and asked,

“Miss, do you think that this settlement is fair? He gets $13,000 and the new car, and you get $1,000 and the old van? (Which was mine before I met him, and had no heater.)

Many a cold journey my little baby and I made in that van.

No.” I said.

I’m throwing this case out; get yourself a new lawyer lady.”

I had to wait another two years. I now owed two lawyers. (And no, I did not get that money back.)

My x ended up with a car, and $13,000. And no responsibility towards his son’s life at all. I got 1,000, and had the car, and the boy. There was no house to split.

You see, we had lived with my parents, we paid no rent. They were trying to help us out. Even so, he broke into the house and stole as much as he could carry. (Mostly expensive stereo equipment)

My father never pressed charges due to my son.

When I met my first husband, I was making more money than him. I had a nice savings account, he had none.

I established his credit, I paid off his bills. (Around $15,000) I had put his name on my savings account because he had none. (Of course, he got half in the divorce) I had to pay off all outstanding credit cards, even though he was at the time of the divorce making twice as much as me.

My father signed his first car loan, because his credit was so bad. He even bailed him out of jail, twice.

Now, maybe I didn’t lose a house, and the kids. But he got off pretty good. He was supposed to pay half the medical expenses. (Not a dime was ever given and there were many, over $30,000 worth.)

He was suppose to take out a life insurance policy on thee boy. Never did. He disappeared.

I let it go.

I found out later he had a bad crack addiction. He liked to hang around young fifteen year old boys. He was manipulative. He was mean. And even though he did not beat me, I think he might have killed me, for just being my opinionated self if he hadn’t of left.

Looking back, I think he got married to get a promotion in his job.

The damage he did to my son was irrefutable.

I’ve been reading the MND blogs…some of them are very esoteric. Some of them seem nugacious.

Its funny... men go into battle in war. They get wounded; they get their feet blown off, but get up and go back. They are brave, tough, and courageous beyond human levels.

But if they get hurt by a relationship, they can fall apart like china breaking; women see that they are not so tough.

Life, is as we all know, unfair.

Just yesterday I was reading one of my favorite columnists on, Thomas Sowell.

I just love Thomas Sowell. I look for things to disagree with him on, but I can never find a thing. I wish he would make a mistake of logic, just once. But, he never does.

Anyway, he had this to say:

Women’s Liberation and the “sexual revolution” have not liberated women. They have liberated the sort of man, who is a “love & leave ‘em’ kind of guy,” who lets the woman deal with the consequences, including pregnancy.”

Anyway, that pretty much sums it up for me. If the men have suffered, then so have the women.

For every man who's been blasted and taken to the cleaners by a woman, there is a woman who was left alone, sometimes wondering how in the world she was going to fed the kids, get home, clean the house, do all the chores, find a baby sitter..and have some kind of life for herself outside of it all.

I was one of those women, and have all the scars to prove it.

So Vox Popoli, this nobody asks…what do you think a woman wants?

Do you know?

Nobody Perfect: This was just a rant tonight. I still want to read all the blogs by all the guys. But, my husband is still recovering from back surgery, and it’s MY turn to support him.

Nobody’s Knows: Oscar Levant once said, “I’m a study of a man in chaos in search of frenzy.”

I’d say that pretty much sums up all relationships.

Nobody Cares; Oscar Wilde once said “All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.”

Hey---he said it, not me.

Nobody Gives A Hint: Listen to: "To Love A Woman" by Bryan Adams. It's a good place to start.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Ubuntu's Unit!

Nobody’s Opinion: Ubuntu! Kumauga! Kawabunga!

No, it’s not what John Bulusi said in Animal House after he smashed the guitar against the wall, it’s not the Ninja Turtles, it’s the new mantra of the globalists, the new spin word for state control…Ubuntu! A new word bought out to make you forget all the other words that have stood for the same thing in history. Words like Marxists, socialists, communists, progressives, fascists: in other words, the individual must sacrifice for the good of the whole.

Or, plainly speaking, you and me must fork out some more money.

And since the meanings of these words don’t exactly invoke pleasant feelings for most nobodies all over the planet, Ubuntu seemed a good choice. It such a good---feely word.

Remember, what the Marxists plan was? You must go from capitalism, to socialism, and then finally to the most perfect system of all (to the many who just can’t let go of power)…communism.

Actually, real communism is not suppose to have a ruling class, but, as we’ve seen from history, that never happens.

Somehow an oligarchy always rises to the top, like sour cream. And here in the United States our cream at the top is really starting to stink.

To my surprise, I did a Google search on this word and was overwhelmed.

Ubuntu Forums are already in place for you to join, all over the world. So far, two million have joined its message.

And as if you haven’t guessed it by now, it’s a U.N. machine.

Basically, it’s just another way for the UN to get into its global governance. Here’s the meaning from the site:

Ubuntu: the democratization (Warning: when everyone gives up his rights and freedom, it’s NOT democracy) strengthening, primary of the UN in international politics are essential in order to make a better world possible.

Essential is the key word here. Sort of like the word, mandatory, which was used by Hillary Clinton last Wednesday when she was slopping her Marxist rhetoric to Al Gore in the Senate Global Rip-off hearings. She said that the taxes for global warming should be federally (and internationally) mandated, not voluntary…getting a chance to once again humiliate Al Gore as she did when she took all the democratic treasure chest away from his presidential run in order to put herself in the Senate and up for this year’s run. Tipper almost hid the hatred in her heart….almost.

Oh, I didn’t tell you? Part of the Ubuntu philosophy says the US must submit to the Kyoto agreement and global warming. We witnessed two Ubuntuists not being very ubuntual while they were glaring at each other Wednesday on C-Span…Hillary and Gore.

Hillary, Obama, Gore, Carter, and Clinton have been working hard for this utopia Ubuntu. I wouldn’t doubt if there are warehouses stacked high with General Electric windmills just waiting to be shipped to every global city and village on the planet, all to be sent as soon as possible to promote justice and good Ubuntu energy to the whole planet.

I stumbled on this word quite by accident. I found out about it from none other that the queen of benevolence and all goodness herself--- Oprah Winfrey.

Remember that saying that goes with business deals. “Beware of something that is just too good to be true?”

Well, you can apply that to some people.

Let’s chat. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

It seems, just recently, Oprah’s benevolent elitists schools for girls, (she now has two) is being criticized by the parents of these girls, who had no idea that all communication with their child was to be cut off from them. They are allowed only one 2 hour visits a month.

No cell phones either, and they must only eat what they are told. No candy.

Some of the girls are in tears, and the parents are frantic. Why, how could Oprah be so mean?

“Surely this isn’t a prison?” said one parent.

Oh---but Oprah is proud to report that the schools are culturally based on the African philosophy of Ubuntu, emphasis to the collective.

We have the community interest at heart.”

Here’s another mandatory philosophy of Ubuntu: international solidarity and public opinion mobilization to combat injustice and poverty.

Oprah understands the meaning well. She takes philanthropy to a much higher level---a U.N. level.

Yes, Oprah is raising state controlled little girls to grow up and be put in ruling positions. She is making little fascist, “feminnazi's.”

You could say, Oh go on Joyanna… Oprah doesn’t know she is actually framing the world for communism…she has SUCH a good heart.

Something tells this nobody that Oprah didn’t get to where she is by being ignorant. The elites BELIEVE in their hearts, only THEY can save the world, by telling it what to do. That makes it okay

This school system that Oprah is doing in Africa has been done before, in the Carlisle experiment. The Carlisle was an experiment by the United States government and was supposed to help the poor, “inferior” Indians back in the 1800’s, who were illiterate. They took about 20,000 Indian kids off reservations and sent them to over 20 boarding schools in 1899.

The children were not allowed to see their parents, despite their parent’s impassioned letters begging to see them. Indian students spent their vacations participating in what was called the “outing” program. They were placed with white families as hired labor.

Now I’m not saying that these girls will not go home on vacation. But you can bet that more than a few of them will end up at Oxford, and Harvard, and in the homes of rich politicians of Georgetown.

Many of them might even end up living with Oprah. Just imagine how grateful that girl will be! Grateful enough to do whatever the powers that gave her the advantage says.

It’s all for the benefit of the world, you know.

We have that here in our schools. Many of our kids can’t graduate from high school without so many hours of community service…you know; picking up trash off of highways, recycling old beer cans…things they are going to need to know to survive in this new Ubuntu global world coming up.

Actually, this “cutting” off of the parents from the schools has been going on here in the United States for quite some time. We are allowed into the precious sanctuary of our children’s school only on parent teachers conferences. If you dare step on the property, without going through the proper channels, you feel like you could be shot.

I was once threatened with arrest while picking up my step daughter AFTER school was out because I had dared to walk into the school building to pick her up! All the kids were gone.

Needless to say, they didn’t like what I had to say to them.--- I told them to arrest me. As far as I was concerned I paid their salaries. And I was on public property.

This was before 9/11, and as you can guess, I was not a popular parent.

Isn’t it funny about liberals? They are SO concerned about hurting the “kids” feelings, that they want to do away with all competition, all spelling mistakes, in fact, feeling good and having confidence is more important than the kids actually learning something.

But the kids don’t feel good, most of them are miserable. Not only are they not allowed to compete, they are growing up ignorant, drugged, and bored. Nevertheless, if you have ever visited a grade school during the day, it’s pretty depressing.

The little ones are so quiet. It’s so unnatural. And yes, it feels like a prison.

No wonder they go nuts in high school.

But, when it comes to the parents, why, the school knows best. Even the Supreme Court has ruled that.

Here’s another mandate from the site:

Ubuntu: international solidarity and public opinion mobilization to combat injustice and poverty.

Oprah understands the meaning well. She takes philanthropy to a much higher level. A UN level.

Ubuntu might be just a word of peace and harmony to Oprah Winfrey right now, but to this nobody its just another word for communism

I'd like to kick all these oligarchy benevolent globalists in their ubunta's and tell them if they really want to help the world, promote the individual and freedom.

After all, it worked for them.

Nobody’s Perfect: NYU is going to build a nice little museum for the communist party’s papers and stuff, for all the students to visit. Something tells me that the horrors of communism will not be on display there. Maybe they’ll have a ubuntu café for all the faculty to gather.

Nobody Knows; Ubantu is also software for Linnex.

Nobody Cares; This nobody thinks Ubantu Uranos would be a good name for a rock band…(a la Dave Berry)


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fire In The Crib!

Nobody’s Update Burb: Al Gore today, used the only images he could think of to tell the world just what was going to happen to us all. To explain it, he used, the one sure thing that every person in the universe has a soft spot for: a baby.

Say anything about “the children” and most people will just do whatever you want. That’s why the liberals are always invoking the images of children. So when Al said the baby earth had a fever, and the crib was on fire, and the baby was not flame retardent, he of course thought that all of us would instantly go out and sell our SUV’s, throw away our old light bulbs, attach wind mills and solar panels to our house, and shower once a day with grandma.

So, what's a nobody to do? I suggest we find new ways of dealing with this predicted horrible heat wave of impulsive damnation by stocking up on extra beer every global warming winter---as this guy did.

The fact that in many parts of the United States this year, some places got so much snow, they couldn’t even get out of their houses for over 3 weeks, did not stop the guru of imprudent and erroneousness doomsday soothsaying from saying that the earth is on fire.

Too bad the evidence points to the contrary. I could use a few gardenias in my garden.

No, as the old saying goes, “If you can’t come in the front door of a One World Government…then by golly, go in the back door.”

This nobody thinks that Al should have another beer, and go pick some other planet to set on fire.


Nobody's Absurdities, No. 40...The Alzheimer Connection

Nobody’s Opinion: According to my little book of “Durations,” forty is the earliest time for Alzheimer’s presenile psychosis to appear.

Tonight I watched the Manchurian Candidate on TV for the SECOND time, because I couldn’t for the life of me remember anything about it, even though I had seen it when it came out… not a thing. All I could remember is that Meryl Streep played herself.

Also according to this book, forty is the average span of years during which men can enjoy an active sex life.

And if that is correct, then having the good fortune to be born a woman means I will have an active sex life after forty, even if I don’t remember it.

In fact: I think I would like that printed on my gravestone---“She couldn’t remember a thing, but she remained actively sexual until her last day.”

My we all rest in such peace.

And speaking of sex; here are some of this first week of spring’s absurdities.


You have to love this one…men all over Washington D.C. are meeting at the bars and secret Georgetown hideouts to find out if they were “on the list.”

Millions of dollars are being exchanged for the “shredding” of certain pages.

A high-class Washington D.C. Madame Heidi copycat has produced 46 pounds of addresses with 15,000 names

This reeks of the Clintons, who always used the old-fashioned “I’ll tell the world about your outside love life” to get rid of many a politician.

A warning shot has been fired.

Let’s see---Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (an affair), Speaker of the House Livingston, (an affair) toe-sucking Dick Morris (an affair) Mark Foley (pervert)…

In fact, Clinton’s buddy Larry (I believe in free speech) Flynt used his own money to search for republicans who were messing around for Bill to use to create his scandals.

Hillary’s campaign is going to need some help real soon, and I wonder just who they are going to pull out of that 46 pound bag of goodies…Rudy? Rush? Bush? Obama?

Karl Rove?

Oh, and by the way, the FBI information that the Kennedy’s really did kill Marilyn Monroe hit the news with all the fanfare of a dirty napkin being thrown into the trash can.

The response was like a whole nation suffering from a mass attack of Alzheimer’s.

Huh? So what?”


And speaking of Alzheimer’s, animal rights activists in Germany want to kill just about the cutest little polar bear around because, “Hand-rearing a polar bear is not appropriate and is a serious violation of animal rights.”

This according to a man named Frank Albrecht.

Somehow, I can just see this same line being used by our government: “Hand-rearing a human being is not appropriate and is a serious violation of the state.”

Will Al Gore be asked this very important question before Congress tomorrow?

Senator so and so: “Mr. Gore, since you think that polar bears are disappearing from the planet due to global warming, shouldn’t the liberal animal rights people try to save the few that we have left?”

Gore: “Even though it seems cruel, we would be harming the bear more, than if we just killed it. Instead we should save their natural environment by putting a World Environmental tax on every product that is made, and all the gas that is pumped and use that money to save the planet.”

Senator so and so: “Mr. Gore, the Chinese have a wonderful program for mating and raising panda bears in captivity, couldn’t the same program be used on polar bears?”

Gore: “Sir, I’m here to report, and even my colleague John Edwards agrees, that global warming is an international emergency, and the United States and its people are the biggest criminals in destroying our planet.”

Senator so and so: “But India and China are polluting the planet at a much greater rate than us, yet you would not have them pay anything? Why is that?

Gore: “India and China are just becoming industrialized, they are eons behind us. It would not be fair to penalize them now.”

Czech President Vaclav Klaus: “Mr. Gore, I am here to tell you that this environmental crap you are trying to put over on the world is the new communism, and I know, because I lived under real communism for years.”

Gore: “And I’m here today to tell you that I won the election, and I have no intention of running for President.”

And if he does run he will not remember saying this because after all, Al Gore is over forty.


CNN I’m sure will be covering this global Mr. Smith/Gore goes to Washington event.

And speaking of CNN, I couldn’t believe what I saw tonight. They had a picture of President George Bush, with a huge American flag waving behind him.

And the flag had ink spots, black spots, holes…in fact it was as if the commentator had invited the M-13 in to do deface it.

It’s one thing if you don’t like the guy, but come on.

Then, on Saturday, they kept showing over and over again some guy who had used a sledgehammer to knock down the statue of Saddam in Iraq. It seems, Saddams sons had just taken motor cycles (he owned a shop) from him without paying, and when he protested, they put him in jail for nine years.

But now he wishes Saddam Hussein was back. Because the American have destroyed his country.

Proving that the poor man had hit forty, with a full fledge case of Alzheimer’s, he went to the Bank of America to deposit his check.


Yes, it seems Alzheimer’s is hitting the world hard and at a alarming rate…which might be a good thing. None of us will remember all this, and live less stressful lives in our golden years.

The only answer to our problems is to limit any public office to anyone over 45. That would get rid of them all.

We could base it on the environmental brain damage, and lack of oxygen, due to the fact that the trees are not getting enough CO2 to produce the oxygen we all need.

And we could use Al Gore as the inconvenient proof.

Hey, what did I just say? Oh.

Nobody’s Perfect
; Russ Limbaugh and Arnold Swarchenegger are having a falling out. It seems Arnold, who has become the latest liberal poster-man, called Rush irrelevant.

Wow, if that isn’t a sign of being just a plain idiot, I don’t know what is.

On the other hand, Russ was salivating over the democratic CIA agent, Valerie Plame. It didn’t matter she was, or what she did …he was ready!

“I don’t care what she does or what her political affiliation is, I’d be throwing my hat in the ring!” (Where he might run into Bill Clinton, but that’s another blog.)

Obviously, Rush has not reach forty yet…oh…he has?

Well there goes that theory.

Nobody Knows; The Apple ad with Hillary’s face imposed as the new 1984 dictator has everyone guessing--- just who did it?

Please. First, the Obama logo at the end is almost a direct copyright infringement of the Apple Logo, and so is the rest of the ad…all copyrighted.

Has anyone heard a complaint or a threatened lawsuit from Steve Jobs? No? Why is that do you think?

Is there anyone under forty out there?

Nobody Cares
: Rosie O’Donnell was complaining that Khalid Sheik Mohammed had been horribly tortured by us at Gitmo. Why, they put a HOOD on him! Something that millions of viewers of "The View" should do if they insist on listening to it.

Most people don’t care what Rosie thinks anymore. Unlike the millions in our country suffering from the “I don’t remember” syndrome, we all know Rosie is just plain crazy.

So have a day tomorrow that you will remember. I know I’m going to try. And if I don’t remember, well, at least I’ll probably feel good anyway.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Strongbows of Terror

Nobody’s Opinion: In 432, AD…a guy named St. Patrick arrived on the island of Ireland. He found some pretty spunky people, and went to work spreading Christianity, which was the reason in the long run, for the terrorism of Ireland.

And he was just trying to do a good deed…we’ve all been down that road.

He also introduced the Roman alphabet, which was a good thing. Probably more people in Ireland could read back in 432 A.D., than the population of Washington D.C. in 2006, but that’s another blog.

So, St. Patrick was more than just a reason to drink.

After reading amfortas’s comments (printed yesterday in Some of Us Are Green) on why he hates the Irish…me being an American who happens to love the Irish, (Doug Powers being my favorite Irish at the moment) I wanted to know more.

Why were some of the Irish so upset all the time? Why become terrorist killing innocent people?

For that matter---why do the Muslim terrorists do it? Why indeed?

Before I start, I do NOT put out this question as the usual liberal “we should UNDERSTAND them” in order to find solutions to something that mankind has always participated in, killing innocent people…and will forever participate in.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Terrorists are here to stay.

I’m more in the state of “know your enemy” camp.

Bill Clinton (the man who introduced oral sex to all the teenagers in Ireland and is loved dearly for that fact) has said that long historical memories, are the reason for the hatred that terrorists feel. He blames the West for the Muslims hatred. It was the Crusades that they are still mad about he says. (He always says this stuff overseas, the coward.)

Mankind’s history is filled with stories handed down for centuries of one group of people doing horrible things to another group of people.

The Muslims and Christians have been fighting for thousands of years. Frankly, I think we should just have a bull-riding contest and get it over with.

Wouldn’t you like to see bin-Laden ride a bull and get busted? I would.

Here in the West, in the 21st century, the thought of killing innocent people to make some kind of point is just not in our national makeup. We are just happy to download our movies and make our bills on time.

Holding vast historical resentments are not exactly high on our list.

Even after 9/11, we are willing to forgive and forget it seems. Go figure.

For years we have known that somewhere over in the desert sand, are a bunch of Arabs. We could have cared less how they lived---until they attacked us.

We couldn’t have been more surprised.

But, it not just the Muslims who make good terrorist, there are Irish that can claim that title and amfortas brought that home rather quickly. He remembers the lives lost, friends, family…and for what?

Hollywood has glamorized the IRA as “freedom fighters” using Brad Pitt as Irish bait.
Brad Pitt confuses this nobody, so to the Wikipedia I went. What’s the REAL beef I thought?

So…here in a VERY short nobody synopsis is a look at Ireland’s history:


First you have the usual cave guys, farmers. Then the Romans came, but they didn’t stay long. Next came good old St. Patrick, who brought Christianity.

Because of St. Patrick, Ireland had built a LOT of monasteries, which were perfect for looting (being gentle souls) by the Vikings of Norway (800-1166). The Vikings liked the weather and the women so much, they founded quite a few towns like Limerick, Waterford, Wexford, Cork, (my favorite) and Dublin. Yes, it was Olaf the White, who founded Dublin. There were of course the original Irish nobodies who were just trying to get by…

Picking clover or whatever.

Then the humans started to gather in groups, (which humans tend to do) and all the groups (clans) then started fighting and so one day a guy from an Irish Clan went to get help from the Normans. (Who were NOT in Ireland.1167-1185)

They found a guy named Richard de Clare, (strongbow) and that’s his wedding photo. (see picture)
He got an English bride for his efforts, and by the looks of it, lots of leftovers.

Of course England’s King Henry II got upset about this guy Richard, being a rather jealous person, and so he took a boat, set his foot on Ireland and declared himself the King of Ireland. He later gave the whole island to his son John, who also had a lot of friends, so he just passed out land to them all making them all Earls.

The nobodies started making up Irish songs, something had to cheer them up.

All this passing lands out to Earls from England was not fair to the common nobodies of Ireland, but we pretty much did the same here in America to the Indians.

It happened everywhere, in every country, pretty much, you know…those nasty things called “invasions.”

In 1315, Edward Bruce of Scotland came to help the Gaelic Lords, and together they fought the British (even though Mel Gibson was tortured) and the local Irish lords got some land back.

Then, the black plague (1348) came and really hit all the leftover British hard, as they were all in the cities. The original Irish common folks, who lived with their sheep in the fields, made a big comeback. (Point being, refuse the vaccine, buy some farmland.)

But a strange thing was happening. The British people started turning Irish. In fact, they loved being Irish! Those Irish bosoms must have had something to do with it.

The Crown TIRED to pass a law saying that those of English descent could not speak the Irish language, wear Irish clothes, or inter-marry with Irish. They also could not smoke inside the castle.

It didn’t work.

Then came Henry the VIII, the man who was admired for centuries for the clever and creative ways in which he got rid of his wives. Henry broke with the Pope because the Pope would not give him a divorce, (sort of like firing 93 federal judges) and therefore the Protestants took over…everyone, but the Irish Catholics.

This meant if you were an Irish Catholic, you lost all power whatsoever.

Not that I’m sticking up for the Catholics. Everyone knows the real reason priests were not allowed to marry was because they wanted all the land to stay in the Pope’s possession.

And we should worry about the Pope, because as the Bible saying goes, it is very hard for a rich man to get into heaven, and who is richer than the Pope? Have you ever seen his house?

Men have always use religion as an excuse to take property. Religion is a powerful force in any war. Psychologically speaking, it gives you an edge.

This is another point for us to think about.

If you have a country of liberal atheists who would not give their life to any nation, going up against Muslim fanatics who will die for Allah? Who will win?

That’s the point of the new movie, 300…300 men who will die for freedom…their god.

If you will die for a God, or an idea, your chances to win the war just went up ten-fold.

Anyway..back to Ireland, and the Catholics.

Henry the VIII wanted to put Ireland under English government control so the island would not become a base for future rebellions or foreign invasions of England. (Sound familiar?) So Henry proclaimed himself King of Ireland, and went back to chasing merry maids.

The nobodies continued to try to live and kill the snakes.

This English takeover succeeded except they just couldn’t get the Irish nobody people to give up being Catholics.

Then the British royalty came up with the marvelous idea, called, let’s just send a bunch of people over and colonized the place!

I like to compare this to the Mexican plan of taking over America, or the Muslim’s plan of taking over the world. The British called this “plantations.”

Not to be confused with the plantations of our South.

From the mid-16th century until the seventeenth, the “crown” sent Scottish and English Protestants, in fact a whole bunch of these “elites” to colonize Ireland for the future ruling class.

Once again, land was taking from the Irish Catholic nobodies.

About this time, the Irish had enough. Two civil wars broke out (1641-53, 1689-91) this pretty much did the Catholics in. They lost all of the landowning Class.

In fact, forget owning land if you were a Catholic.

Oliver Cromwell, who was admired for actually having the “nerve” to chop off a head of the King of England, was so brutal to the Irish Catholics that up to a third of them were killed or left. Any land they had was given to the British Soldiers.

Francis Drake once killed 900 of them.

Oh, the Catholics managed to survive, even through two very cold winters, starvation, and other calamities. They kept on trying; it got to be so bloody that Irish self-government was abolished by the Act of Union in 1801.

Then in 1845, came the potato blight. The population dropped from 8 million to 4 million in 1911. Most of the Irish came to New York and no doubt many a descendant died on 9/11 in the twin towers.

You would think the land grabbing would be over. But as we see here in America, it’s the one thing that powerful people want the most. From 1870 the British introduced a Land Act that broke up any large estate.

And like America, the North (where all the English Protestants had settled) and the South where the Catholics managed to survive, got into fights about Home Rule.

The Irish finally got Home Rule, but when WWI broke out, the English government put it off. Blimy.

And this is where amfortas’s story starts.

Unwilling to negotiate any longer, the Irish Republican Army was formed. ANOTHER war, then came an Irish Free State at last. The North of Ireland opted out and stayed with Britain.

AS the years passed, the Irish blamed their troubles on Britain, and remained poor, until just recently, where due to low taxes there is a great economic revival.

But the IRA continued to kill innocent lives…

And why? Because of the long history? I think even amfortas would admit, time after time the Irish were invaded and treated rather badly?

Maybe it’s like our history here of slavery. The black people are STILL angry about it, even though they are not slaves, and have endless opportunity here in America.

The people of Britain, should not be held responsible for the terrible history of the crown in days gone by.

But the IRA, continued to kill.


So, what makes a man a terrorist? Are they just searching for fame? Is it, like most famous people, someone just wanting to leave legacies on history, no matter how they do it? Just to be remembered in history as being “somebodies?”

Is this why our Hollywood stars make such horrible statements against their own country? So they will be remembered for something THEY think is worth remembering?

Our President, George Bush is now being called a terrorist.

Like Henry the VIII of old, it seems he has invaded a country for the same reasons that Henry invaded Ireland. He doesn’t want Iraq to become a future base for our enemies.

It sounds good, but I think he has the wrong country. Mexico is the country he should have invaded. The future attack to our country is much more likely to come from South of the Border.

And he does nothing. (sigh)

So, thanks to amfortas for the history lesson. If it taught me one thing, it was that men never learns from history. They just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Sometimes they all act like a bunch of Leprechauns.

Nobody’s Perfect: And that includes everyone on the planet.
Nobody Knows: The true Irish red heads are dying out.
Nobody Cares; I still love the Irish, they have a great sense of humor, and gave as a culture gave us many wonderful things, and many bad ones…like cooked cabbage.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some of Us Are Green

Nobody’s Opinion: Whew! I just got finished reading the history of Ireland. No WONDER the second verse of “Danny Boy” is so depressing!

What, you didn’t know there was a second verse? Nobody sang it last night at any bar YOU were at? Well, I’ll put them up later…if you promise to never sing them.

And by the way…do you remember where you were at last night?

It’s has always been amazing to me, that St. Patrick’s day is still celebrated all over the United States, basically as an excuse to get drunk.

In fact, I think more Americans get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day then on New Year’s Eve, because on St. Patty’s day, most die-hards start drinking green beer with their green eggs around ten a.m. in the morning and they don’t stop until the bars close, or they pass out: whichever comes first.

All Americans claim to be Irish on St. Patty’s day, by wearing green, and going around getting kissed. Huge parades are thrown to give us all an excuse for a day off.

But, that’s HERE.

I innocently wished a “Happy St. Pat’s Day” to a MND favorite of mine. It was not exactly a happy day for him, being as he…well, let him tell you himself.

Here are some of his comments that were sent to me by e-mail, a masterpiece of enjoyment…which I have copied here for all to read along with me:

“The American experience of the Irish is very, very different from that of the English.”

There are small calumnies. The potato famine was blamed on the English, whom the Irish claimed deliberately infected the crops, despite the fact that this vegetable from South America’s Andes mountains was unsuited to Irish soil and the blight affected all potato crops in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and all the European countries that grew it. The Irish Diaspora, also blamed on the English, were a small proportion of all the starving people of Britain and Europe that went to America. More English and Scots starved than Irish but of course that spoils the Irish wine.

But bigger things too. Ireland was independent when the Second World War broke out. Only six counties had voted to stay in Great Britain in the 20’s. The rest had been given Independence as they wanted. They decided to be neutral. They denied use of their ports to the British and American ships that were plying the Atlantic during the u-boat phase. Ships that were feeding the Irish as well as the British. The American public wasn’t told of all the American bodies washed up on Ireland’s shores. British bodies too. Thousands. Lives which could have been spared had they safe ports to go to. The Irish Government censored it. YOUR countrymen died because Ireland took the American help but didn’t want to help themselves or the American mariners, just because there were English mariners too.

The Irish tried to broker a deal with Hitler so he would not invade them. The Germans refused to deal, hoping to attack Britain via the south of Ireland-and Britain defended Ireland while the Irish Government blamed England.

It wasn’t all the Irish people so much as the government. 150.000 Irish joined the British forces to fight. But many more came across to England jus to take the jobs vacated by English men who were fighting. They stayed. Many to be ‘sleepers’ for the IRA. When Hitler suicided, DeValera, the Irish Prime Minister, sent a telegram of condolence to the German Ambassador. Can you imagine your view if the Governor of Nevada had done that?

The freedom fighters from Independent Ireland were delighted to kill innocents to pressure the Irish in Northern Ireland, who had voted in democratic elections to be part of Great Britain, to change their vote. Britain suffered hundreds of bombings by the IRA.

When the Protestant Irish of Northern Ireland had had enough of IRA terrorism, they started to fight back, killing Catholic supporters of the IRA. British Troops were sent to Ireland to protect the Catholic minority. Those Catholics shot at the troops. Amazing. Just like Iraqis today, shooting your troops who were sent to protect them.

Ireland and England are just miles from one another. Can you imagine two adjacent States in America locked into a mad undeclared, one-sided war? One state’s people planting bombs in the other state’s city centres? In the last 80 years, continuing throughout that time right up to today. Can you imagine collection tins in the streets of Britain collecting to pay for arms for one of those states? How angry you would be if you lived in the State that was being regularly bombed by terrorists from next door? Imagine people from Nevada planting bombs in Oakland, California shopping centres and malls. People in Pasadena being shot dead as they answered the door, by someone they have never met sent over from Carson City.

Then imagine Londoners supporting Nevada
. Sending funds to Nevada freedom fighters. New Yorkers used St. Patrick’s Day as their main collection day for the IRA. Some 400 million dollars flowed to the IRA from New York alone. They bought a lot of dead.

Then the Nevada people want to celebrate St. Nevada’s day with green beer in San Francisco!!

If America is still in Iraq in 80 years, still being bombed, shot at, vilified, you will probably have similar attitudes and impatience. “


Okay…well, that’s a whole pot of lucky charms to swallow, isn’t it? Not only was it an excellent dissertation on history from the point of view of “someone who had BEEN there, DONE that” It got me to thinking…and wanting to know more.

After all, I had sung Irish songs on St. Patty’s day for far too many years, watching everyone cry at “Danny Boy” and never understanding why.

I almost didn’t want to sing it, because it would depress everyone in the room.

And then of course they want to hear again.

So, tomorrow, Part II, in which this nobody will tell you what SHE actually found out about the Irish, and of course put in some other “opinions” of my own.

I didn’t want to spoil this very “educated” rant (some of which I left out) I also wanted to find out if anyone on the site can guess who sent this to me. Go ahead, take a guess.

In the meantime, I’m going to eat some more green popcorn and get warmed up for tomorrow. Have a “Top of the morning!”

Nobody’s Perfect: I would like to thank the “author” for this piece, (whom I shall reveal tomorrow) because I really didn’t want to write about George Bush firing eight attorney generals.

No President should be able to fire all 93 federal judges (As Clinton did) let alone eight. What were the writers of the Constitution THINKING! If one man can hire and fire the highest judges in the land, then that makes him pretty much a King.

No one is talking about THIS absurdity. So therefore, I was glad to get on to Ireland.

Nobody Knows: Okay…here’s the second verse to Danny Boy.

But when ye come and all the flowers are dying
If I am dead, and dead I well may be
Ye’ll come and find the place where I’ll be laying
And kneel and say an ave there for me

And I shall heeeeeear the softly tread of autumn
And all my grave will warm and sweeter be
For you will beeeeeeeend (remember, that’s the high note) and tell me that you love me
And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me

(Repeat first verse, and then cry, and if you don’t know it, you don’t know much)

Nobody Cares; I’m crying just typing it. Please, don’t sing this on more than three glasses of beer, or the person next to you will think you’re a wimp.

It’s enough to make you want to burn your copy of “Angela’s Ashes.”