Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nobody Gets E-mail: Hamas Men...Take 7 year old brides

Nobody Gets Email: When I got this from my friend JR...I was more than astonished. Frankly, I really don't know how Iran can call America Satan when they do this kind of stuff. I left in JR's comments because he is a regular Hugh Hefner in real life...and it's good to know that this shocks even him.
So... remember, this might be coming to America...Islam, as our President said: is a noble religion...Hope he's ready to give his two daughters over...
Mass marriage in Gaza and the wonderful world of benevolent Islam. I don't know for a certain fact that the bazaar marriages pictured above are true, but since I've read and heard of this practice on different occasions in the past I assume that they are. I do know for a fact that the photos of Muslim zealots are the real sentiments of those zealots.

Personally, it seems to me that the point American Muslims make, that all the trouble is due only to a radical splinter group, is not the point. The point is that there is a group and it is big enough to kill (only) thousands so far...

As always, in closing an email regarding Islam, I have to say 'these people scare the living hell out of me'! -jR

Mass Muslim Marriage in Gaza

Poor kids - what a terrible fate to be born as a girl in a Muslim country

Muhammad married a six-year-old bride. But Islam has evolved in 1500 years. In Hamas land, in 2009, the brides are almost seven. Mass Muslim Marriage in Gaza

450 Grooms Wed GIRLS Under Ten In Gaza
By Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

A gala event has occurred in Gaza .

Hamas sponsored a mass wedding for four hundred and fifty couples.

Most of the grooms were in their mid to late twenties; most of brides were under ten.

Muslim dignitaries including Mahmud Zahar, a leader of Hamas, were on hand to congratulate the couples who took part in the carefully staged celebration.

We are saying to the world and to America that you cannot deny us joy and happiness, Zahar told the grooms, all of whom were dressed in identical black suits and hailed from the nearby Jabalia refugee camp.

Each groom received a gift of 500 dollars from Hamas.

The pre-pubescent girls, dressed in white gowns and adorned with garish make-up, received bridal bouquets.

We are presenting this wedding as a gift to our people who stood firm in the face of the siege and the war, Local Hamas strongman Ibrahim Salaf said in a speech.

The wedding photos tell the rest of the sordid tale.

The International Center for Research on Women now estimates that there are 51 million child brides now living on planet earth and almost all in Muslim countries.

Twenty-nine percent of these child brides are regularly beaten and molested by their husbands in Egypt ; twenty six percent receive similar abuse in Jordan .

Every year, three million Muslim girls are subjected to genital mutilation, according to UNICEF. This practice has not been outlawed in many parts of America .

Vote in November to keep Muslims-Sharia Law out of Supreme Court and judges, the White House, and politics. People are unaware!

Yes, it's happening in America !!!


Friday, August 27, 2010


Nobody Flashes:
Is it me? Do you also see a pattern here?


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nobody Knows About the BIG Gun Bust

Nobody Knows...that just last week our border guards captured some major artillery, which was coming into OUR country. Unlike what Homeland Security wants you to believe...that all the guns are going to the drug Lords, we now have proof that guns are coming into our country...big time.
Homeland wants you to think that our big mean American gun manufacturers are making millions off of the drug cartels. Most of these weapons (which included grenade launchers) had Chinese and Afghanistan markings.
Did you see this great bust anywhere on the news?
Does Michael Moore secretly pant after Sarah Palin? (Wait...don't answer that--- that's an awful image--Michael drooling....)
Most people today are talking about how 72 poor immigrant people, who were just trying to make it to the promise land of America (cough, cough) were executed on a ranch right outside our border and probably with guns much like these.
So therefore in order it seems to give these drug gunlords who are coming into our country (And who knows how many gunrunners are not caught, and how many have names like Muhammad Abdul?) --Gun lords who are just dying to add other poor people to their machine gun rally-tally, a better advantage, Obama has taken a page out of Bill Clinton's' "How to do illegal things" almanac.
I guess it's part of his "collective" plan.
Obama has decided that it is time to end our second amendment rights by...calling up the EPA and saying, "Well, I think it's time we just ban the bullets. They can keep their guns, but hey, where are they going to get lead to make them? "
Yes, go around the Constitution and just ban lead bullets. Because you know, lead and copper can hurt the environment. And if you can pass a Major Health Care death sentence for millions of people---what's a little matter like the Second Amendment?
I'd would advise that everyone stock up while they can...but then again, if they outlaw bullets, then if you USE those bullets, and you are caught, no doubt you will go to jail.
Ha! If some guy comes into my neighborhood with one of those nasty looking things...
He might be surprised. Then again, my neighborhood now, is fast becoming a Muslim block.
You have no idea how many pennies America are saving in piggy banks, and lead is lying around everywhere.
Something tells me, banning bullets is not going to be enough.
(Thanks to Tom Beebe for the info!)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bloomberg, the Sheik of New York..OR .Midnight at the Oasis.

Nobody Wins when our most powerful politicians make themselves Gods, Kings, and tyrants. Mayor KING Thug, of New York, billionaire extraordinaire Bloomberg, just held a big Ramadan dinner for over 100 Muslims, sucking up to them for mostley his own benefit, but at the taxpayers mansion...Gracie.
I guess the name Graceland was already taken.
Bloomberg is always on the Forbes Riches billionaires list, and get this: In just two short years (2007-2009) he went from 142 on the list to number 17, which is why no doubt, when his term was up as mayor, he just himself King.
Not a thing was done to him, because. New Yorkers, like the rest of us, have no say in the matter whatsoever.
Oh, and lets not forget: he is a Republican who supports amnesty, gay marriage, and banning salt and fat, and anyone who dares to cross the street and look crosseyed.
He only makes one dollar as Mayor, but the power that he wields is well worth it.
And while all these politicians are supporting the "right" of the Muslims to worship as they please...we must remember...Bloomberg has big business deals going down in Dubai and all throughout the middle East.
I don't know about you, but when any man or woman says that Islam is a good religion, I want to know if that means that they think every man should have four wives, and all women should be made slaves...and be covered from head to toe, with no right to work.
Pretty soon, Bloomberg will be santioning large Muslim Weddings...and if I were gay, I'd INSIST that large gay weddings happen right in the same room.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nobody Flashes: HEY...YO...SLY Does it Again!

Nobody Flashes: "Rocky" has done it again.
He made another great action film, where the good guys (American Soldiers) go in to South America and get the evil bad guys and take them out, in his new hit...The Expendables.
Sly has proven, I would say, that he is truly an American National Treasure. I don't know what he's taking these days...but I want some.
When we got to Rocky 34, I way can he top it that story...and each time...he did.
Then the Rambo's movies...again...each time...he did.
Do not doubt the power of the man and his talent. I will never make that mistake again.
And now, in this time of "America is worse than the Taliban"'s good to see Stallone making a movie which shows how men SHOULD be. (You can tell I like the pictures...sorry, I wanted to give myself a break!)
I can't tell you how tired I am of "girl flicks" and "America is a big bully" flicks ....I guess I'm getting old.
Anyway, if you doubt that there are real bad guys in this world, and we don't need REAL men, and movies reminding us about REAL men...then remember, that just a few weeks ago a band of evil MEN went into Rwanda and raped about 300 women, oh...and their children, which included a nine-month old baby boy.
And yet, (in the words of Dave Barry) the United Nations does...nothing.
So...if you want a lift from the nightmare we see everyday...go get inspired...and you will, like me, be looking forward to Expendable 45.
Something tells me these two guys are going to be looking good even in their coffins.
The closest I would ever get to coping a "feel" of one of those muscles is to wait for their funerals and go dressed as their "grandmother on the father's side" and while no one is looking, grab a bicep.
Hey, I'm SEE THE MOVIE! Do NOT waste you're money on the other lame movies...go see an great action film...You'll thank me!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Iowa....Makes another BIG Mistake.

Nobody's Perfect: The cops can't figure it out.

How did Salmonella get into 550 million eggs out of Iowa?

Was it rats? Al-Qaida? A vast government conspiracy trying to get rid of a few of us?

And why, did this nobody, after reading a book on how you should buy "healthier" eggs, (paying more of course) then went ahead and bought her first upper-class organic carton of eggs, and came home and boiled four of them.

All I can say is: Thank god I didn't fry them. And thank god I only ate one.

One thing is noted: While the chickens are not to blame...maybe someone should check the "healthier chicken feed."

I going back to the old "crappy" cheap about...oh...four years.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Diva in Ann Coulter

Nobody's Opinoin: What do Lady Gaga, Arianna Huffington, and Ann Coulter have in common besides wonderfully full and pretty hair? They are all DIVA's and you can't take any of them seriously.

Ann Coulter took that screaming angry conservative siren image ...the image that all the liberals have been claiming she actually is, to a whole new level this past last week. She attacked Joseph Farrah, the good editor of WorldNet Daily with such adolescent verbosity you would have thought she was Paris Hilton complaining about the dirty door mats inside her limo.

And why? Is there a DIVA virus going around?

Mr. Farrah has given MS Coulter a very high and wonderful throne in which to express her opinions, which are mostly about Washington politics. I know, that's where I discovered her.

The argument seems to be a "personal" one, in which she says, he says, who says, and it really doesn't matter at this point who's trust was betrayed, but what does matter, is the classless way in which Ann is handling the matter.

She went to the old liberal playbook of calling names. She called Mr. Farrah, a "Swine. Publicity Whore." and my personal favorite: "Fake Christian."

I never knew there was such a thing. So--- does that mean there are fake Muslims, fake liberals, fake conservatives, and fake intellectual female conservative pundits? I guess when all you do is contemplate fake patriotic politicians for so long, it rubs off on your DIVA psyche, and you can't tell a fake Christian (Obama) from a real Christian (Farrah) even if Jesus came down from the cross and pointed him out to you.

Ann's outrage from being canceled from Farrah's upcoming conference, "Taking America Back Nationally" was almost orgasmic. Evidently she saw nothing wrong with the fact that she would be hosting a big GOP-Gay festival, and in her opinion, that it was a Christian thing to do, and that it should not affect any future monetary engagements.

Ann argues that she has and will talk just about anywhere, therefore, what's the beef? Just book another gig there, Ms. Coulter.

Pretty stupid way to make a point for a woman of Ann's intelligence, so..what's going on? Is she Does she, like Dick Chaney, have gay members of her family? Does she believe that gays should marry?

Then have the bag of tricks to say so. Say, "Mr. Farrah, I believe in gay marriage, but because you do not, I can see we have a problem...thanks anyway for the invitation."

Or say, "I am a proud member of the Republican Party, and this year we MUST embrace the gays, and I intend to tow the party line."

That's class. But, that's not...DIVA.

And why does she get so gaga over all the birthers? Seriously. I often wonder, if Ann is actually a constitutional Harvard lawyer. My she faking it? I mean, here's a woman who spent almost a decade decimating the Clintons', and then, in the last election, she puts her vote behind the very villain she made millions off of...Hillary Clinton.

Where's the logic in that? She just erased every single thing she had said up to that point.

The American people are tired of flip-floppers. Mr. Farrah had a right to cancel her from the talk. He was trying to promote his agenda. It's his right. Ann, can say that she speaks everywhere, which pretty much makes her up for sale, and that's her right.

But for her to attack him with such melodramatic Diva-ness, means we must look for the reason: I think Joseph might know the answer.

He said it himself, on WND, in 1997:

"There's not a dime's worth of difference between the two major parties today, and that's a tragedy for our nation."

Joseph, is an American independent thinker. a Republican, which means...she works for the boys in the global-market of selling politics.

It's a tragedy to the nation, when one of its most brilliant essayist makes a banana- head out of herself by attacking a good man with frivolous remarks.

Joseph Farrah is more close to the real Americans in this country. He has always stood by the constitution, and still has the decency to give Ann a format.

So--can a publicity whore fake an orgasm? Can Lady Ga-Ga hang from the ceiling without losing her hat? Can Arianna Huffington stop being such a idiot?

Can a die-hard Grateful Dead fan actually claim tht she is a true conservative?

I'd say...she's faking it.