Friday, July 03, 2009

Flocking Eagles

Nobody’s Opinion: A great American once said: “Eagles don’t flock, you have to find them one at a time.”

It wasn’t so long ago that I voted for this great American Eagle. Twice. And I was thinking about him today when Sarah Palin, another great American Eagle came out and announced her resignation as governor of Alaska.

She reminds me a lot of Perot. Strong, Independent---a true American all the way.

The “Glenn Beck” in me, wanted to believe that she was just lining herself up to run for President, but the pragmatist in me was thinking, “Is this another Ross Perot moment?” If you remember, Ross once felt so threatened by unknown factors and powers, and harm coming to his own family that he got out of the scene altogether.

Ross Perot, was real down home. He was practical, knew business, and there was no doubt in every one’s mind how much he loved this country. But he was not willing to sacrifice his family. He said that “black helicopters” had visited his house. The media made him out to be crazy.

So, I can’t help but wonder…has Sarah withdrawn for her very own survival? Is Sarah waiting to see if the American people will wake up out of their lethargic mood, and quit acting like fish? (Her analogy) before she runs for President?

I thought her speech today was spoken like a rare and honest patriot. She was trashed all day long of course--- nothing new here.

This continous dripping mantra coming out of everyone's lips that she is not capable is such nonsense. What exactly did Obama do before coming President?

Fall asleep in church? Write a book? Get high on Cocaine?

Run this by me again?

There are lyrics from an old song that I was thinking about today.

“People tell me believe half of what you see, and none of what ya hear” (Heard It Through the Grapevine) This seems pretty good advice to me lately, and I think when it comes to Sarah’s resignation, it’s wise to follow.

After all, we have witnessed a complete, fascist-like takeover of our banks, our businesses, our schools, and our freedoms. We have NO idea what’s really going on…but it’s big, and as we are all feeling….it’s not good. It's putting a real damper on this, our beloved holiday of Independence. Our country is not ours anymore, and we know it.

So, you have to ask yourself, Obama wants electric cars. He wants to monitor every single breathe we take, and tell us what we will get paid. He wants us to volunteer, and also die under Universal Health Care, in order for others to live.

He plans to be the Master of Triage. He will pick who will live and prosper, and who will not.

Many of us believe that Sarah Palin is the last real American politician with any fortitude left standing. And her state, Alaska holds our biggest oil reserves. If North Korea launched the right missile on Alaska, the “left” could then take digging for oil in Alaska off the burner forever.

Wouldn’t that be convenient for them?

Both parties hate Sarah, because both parties work for the rich elites. They are globalists. They could care less about America--- its world markets on their minds.

The Bushes want Jeb. He has a Spanish wife and can speak Spanish, which will give him the edge. Romney will lose out the nomination again, but he will be put up as the front runner for a while.

You know, I was looking forward to the biggest tea party in St. Louis ever on July the Fourth. But…the city wouldn’t allow it to happen.

I have a feeling this has gone on all over the country. Permits to “gather” were just not given out. We are being silence in such clever ways.

Our tea party is being held so far away, many people can’t afford the gas. I hear Sheryl Crow will be singing downtown under the Arch, and most likely will be asking all the people to only use one tissue in the port potties.

Thankfully I won’t be there to hear her nonsense. I will be like most of the people in the neighborhood, sitting in a chair in the backyard, spending the time with family.

Ross Perot also once said: “If you see a snake just kill it—don’t appoint a committee on snakes.” (I really miss that man)

We have nothing but snakes in our government. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a flock of eagles to clear them out.

Will God help us by getting all the eagles to flock?

I don’t know, but we'd all better start acting like the eagles we are...instead of, what did she call us...guppies?
Okay, all you guppies...grab that beer...salute our founders, salute our soldiers...
And have a good night. It's going to be a loooooong fight.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nobody Flashes: Bubbles and Dirt

Nobody Flashes: I cleaned house all day. I was a regular Mexican maid. I told my son, I'd clean up his new house, I'd make it spotless.
I had NO idea that dirt could exist in places I found I know.
I used this new bubbling stuff that foams and bubbles and this is what I looked at when I stopped at my local drugstore, after all, I had been working non-stop all day, washing running boards, windows, mirrors, bathtubs...and icky closets.
As I came to cash out...I told the cash out lady I was tire. All my joints hurt. I told her I wished I felt 21 again.
And then she said yeah, I'm 72, and now thanks to Obama I have to work until I'm dead. Even the blacks are mad at him, she said. She looked more tired than me. Oh...she was white.
Leave me alone. Every single day, every black person on the earth has to talk about being black, it's so stupid. If they keep it up, they are going to actually make us all believe they really ARE stupid.
As I walked outside, I saw two brand new hummers being driven by blacks, and when I finally got home, I read that Obama didn't think affirmative action did much for either the blacks or whites.
Well, he hasn't been to my neighborhood.
Now, don't get me wrong. I have no qualms about a black person driving around a hummer, if they have worked hard for that car, then GOD bless em. BUT it does bother me to see a 72 year old woman having to go back to work because we have such a communist in the white house, who just won't stop stirring up the racial kettle, and wants to tax us all to death.
Obama loves to dish out all kinds of trouble: blacks against whites, rich against poor, and the redistribution, of wealth...instead of bringing the world up to our standards, the United States has to go down to theirs.
While I was cleaning, I was listening to the radio, and some lady in New York, who had come from CUBA was trying to rally the American people...
"We MUST not let them take our country! If they take the great country of the United States, where will we go? " she said.
I also heard Helen Thomas give Obama a much needed scolding today becuase it is the policy for his administration to review and approve every single question.
Now, let's just hope more democrats wake up. If Helen Thomas can come out from being a bubble head, there is hope.
Now, tomorrow I have to clean my own house, and I KNOW where all my dirt is.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Tomb of the Century...

Nobody Knows: Will the temptation to make money off of Michael Jackson's body be too much to resist after he is gone?

Well...witness this conversation between two construction workers, who were working on MJ's resting place...reported by an unknown but I'm told...a very reliable source at the Never-Say-Never-Again-Land Ranch.--------

JIM: "I got bad news guys...this is much too small. Joe told me we have to start over. He said we have to make it bigger...he also wants an extra coffin set aside for Liz Taylor to lie next to him. He also wants us to wire up a dozen HD TV screens down here with a continuous feed playing his video's. Better call your brother."

Bob: "Well...gee, when they said they wanted a walk in coffin, I thought we did a pretty good job. Why does he need a HD screen when he is going to be dead?"

Jim: "Joe said they plan to stuff him like Lenin and charge people to see his body...and since they will be standing in line, they want at least to entertain the people when they finally get down's not like he can get up and moon walk, you moron."

Bob: "Well, at least we don't have to stuff we? Jim? "

JIm: "No, dimwit. But, smile when I tell you this...on the roof he wants a pyramid as big as the one in Las Vegas!"

Bob: "Anything else?"

Jim: "Yeah...go call your wife, and ask her if she'd like something to sell on e-bay for me--- we split the sale. If I'm going to build a &^$% pyramid for this guy, I'm certainly going to take myself some extra collateral just in case the check can't trust anyone these days. She can thank me later."

BOB: "What did you say?"

Jim: "I said you can thank me later."

Bob: "Oh...then I'll go get us some beer, we are going to need a LOT. I'll be right back."


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Want My, I Want My...I Want My AM Radio...

I Want My…I want My ….I Want My AM Radio…..♫

Nobody Cares: I know no one else is thinking about this: I know no one else in the whole wide United States seems to care: but last Saturday, I found another bastion of American culture…disappeared before my very eyes.

My AM radio stations!

There I was, going out on my new shopping trips where I am on a lean diet of “If it’s over five dollars, don’t buy it!” escapades. I got into my car, backed out of my driveway, and turned on my AM radio, which stands for… mostly talk radio for all those out there who have no idea what AM does anymore.


What? Where are all the stations? No “corn prices are up”… no people talking about the problems in Iran…no jazz greats…NOTHING!

It’s not like I’m in the middle of nowhere.

So, I pressed that wonderful new invention button called SCAN. I love that button. You can get a few seconds of every station and look for something you might like. Never mind that you often do not find a damn thing that you like, it’s just plain fun.

I could really use that button on my TV.

Surely, I thought, I’ll find something.



As I looked out of my windows, I reminded myself that there were actually CARS on the highway---I was not in the Twilight Zone--- yet. It was a beautiful, hot, sunny, day. As far as I could tell, no EMP or nuclear blast had occurred, which is, according to every movie I’ve ever seen in my life, the only event that can make radio waves disappear.

Putting up camera’s disguised as King Kong totem poles is one thing. Even though no one got to vote on the millions of taxpayers dollars it has taken to put up the entire big brother spying system all over the country, we are reminded that we have enemies every day.

But, taking away a whole band of radio’s stations is quite a bit more disturbing. So I did a little research and happened upon Rob Pagoraro’s article in the Washington Post.

Suuureeeerrpriiiiiz!, Surrseeeerrrrpriiiiisz!” Gomer Pyle would say: The FCC passed a ruling saying that AM stations can now go digital…but here’s the catch…only at night. This means that the new digital technology MAY block the sky-wave reception of AM radio, which explains the silence. Sky-wave signals allows radio waves to bounce off the ionosphere after sunset and also allowed listeners to tune in from hundreds of miles away.

Gee, I can’t think of a better way to muffle Rush Limbaugh, can you? You can still get Rush, but his signal is very weak now, I was wondering about that.

Now I know why.

After a complete circle of the whole AM radio broadcast…I counted, out of at least twenty AM stations that I got before, only two stations left. And they were molting fast. The static was so bad it was annoying to even listen to it.

The radio-free broadcasts of America have freed many a country from tyranny. The radio of western music and voices of freedom were potent weapons in helping take down many a nation, including Russia.

And while everyone was talking about the wonderful “digital” turnover on the television stations, I don’t remember hearing one person talk about AM being completely demolished---almost overnight.

As I read down Rob’s article, I found a comment by Wolfman Jack:

Without skywave I never would have become a big star broadcasting from XERB in Mexico during the early 60’s, a signal you could catch all the way to Northern California every night.

No skywave, no Wolfman, no cruising, no American Graffiti, no Star Wars---what a different world it would be, all because of radio signals skipping off the atmosphere.

Ain’t life grand?”

So, nobody will care if an EMP attack comes, and everything is knocked out…because no one will be listening to the AM stations for directions, because…


If they come knocking on my door and say “Why didn’t you go to the shelter? They broadcasted everything on the radio..’’

I’ll say, “I don’t listen to static, so, go away.”


Monday, June 29, 2009

GE Wants to Take Away Your Right to Lamp

Nobody's Perfect:

How many egomaniacs does it take to screw in a brand new energy saving GE electric light bulb?

One is too many.

As everyone has heard, Obama and Jeffery Immelt, CEO of General Electric have decided to merge in order to form a more perfect electrical union.

Oh, and if they just have to control every electrical wire and bulb on the earth while they are at it, it's a small price to pay.

So, not only has our Congress, Obama, and Jeffery decided we all need to get those mercury filled new light bulbs soon, we also will all need new electrical lamps and sockets to go along with them as well.

Obama and Jeffery must have heard that many of the people are stocking up on the old light bulbs...and if you are stocking up on the old bulbs, forget it. No lamp in any store will light them up, in the future...that's the plan.

It's an easy defense. It's much like the "Why take away guns? Just don't make bullets." logic.

Who's going to make their own bullets and light bulbs? Mmmmmm?

They had to do something to stop this nonsense!

According to both, this will make them billions, and save the planet, after people are gone.
which is a subject that the History Channel is stuck on. Frankly, I'd like to do a program called, "After the History Channel is gone." I suspect it doesn't like people at all...because it said at the end of humanity we shouldn't worry.

"The earth started out in light, and there will STILL be light after we are all gone."


I'm lost, here. Who writes this stuff?

Obama has recently commented on how much he admired China's great superiority in their "infrastructure" and how we need to catch case you missed it.

So, Jeffery took a day off from sitting on the board of that wonderful organization of upstanding American citizens called the New York Federal Reverse Bank, to seed his crackpot team of observers over to China in order to learn, just how those clever Chinese do it.

And as you can see from this picture...working out the bugs to the new "green" electrical energy, is going to take a lot more time, along with a lot more money...

But hey, Nobody's Perfect...just ask Jeffery Immelt. He can't help it that he wants to control the world, and every single light bulb in it.

Obviously, he has broken just a few too many of his own new light bulbs.

And I personally hope he has them all over his house.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

MIchael Just Got "Beat"

Nobody’s Opinion: First off, let me unwillingly admit---I watched Michael Jackson’s old video’s on MTV all day, because face it, the music scene from the last decade…stinks. And as much as Michael’s disappearing nose got creepier and creepier with each progressing was far less scary than seeing Nancy Pelosi scream again and again: “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!” on the floor of Congress.

She couldn’t remember the four horsemen of the Apocalypse so she said the only thing she could think of.

No…Nancy’s face is much scarier

We have been SOOOOOO tortured by our politicians lately that even an old MTV visit from the past is like getting off the water-board.

I must admit, watching those video’s brought back some fine memories…back when jobs were so plentiful that you could actually make money as a…not so famous musician, as I did. I worked in bands (I was a drummer) and played in local clubs where most of the people who would come to the bars to hear music wanted their favorite songs played, and many a time it was Michael Jackson that they wanted to hear. I was in a lot of “Top 40” bands, and Michael was more often than not, at the top of the forty. And because I was a girl, and could sing high, getting hired was easy. NONE of the boys wanted to try to sing him.

Guitar player, “I’m not going to sing him.”
Bass player: “Well, I can’t sing that high.” (Which was a blatant lie.)
Keyboard player: “I refuse…it’s up to you Joy”

Joyanna, “You can’t be serious.”

Singing, “Got to be Starting Something” while playing that complicated drum beat and making all those (Hee…Heee…Heeeee, gasp, Upoppp…) sounds at the same time, is one of my greatest achievements. I bet even Michael Jackson himself would have had a hard time doing that.

In fact, I’m sure that Michael Jackson would never have even attempted it, which shows that underneath that “I’m Peter Pan” exterior was a ruthless business man.

So said Elizabeth Taylor.

Sooooo…how ruthless was he? Was he ruthless enough to fake his own death for money? Is he going to go live out his days as the concubine of some Saudi Prince in Dubai?

HA! Got ya!

It’s okay…I’m not going to suggest that Michael would do such a thing…( I already did one conspiracy theory this week, thank you very much.) because I believe my 85-year-old neighbor could have beat up Michael’s on one of his good days, which he didn’t appear to have many of…

It’s a wonder he lived this long.

I did notice something new today. Most of Michael’s best videos had one thing in common: They were all different versions of the Sharks and the Jets from West Side Story, gang fights in the ghetto…with the message: don’t fight. But, sing to the girl, and grab your crotch so everyone will think you’re really not gay. And although everyone in the world knew Michael was gay, no one dared say that he wasn’t.

Because Michael was trying soooo hard to pretend he wasn't.

Remember when Michael kissed Liza Presley on MTV and said, “And they said it wouldn’t last.” (And it didn’t.) That was the most…revealing kiss in all television history. If you didn’t think Michael was gay before, you knew it then.

He kissed her like she had…a big case of Country Music Ebola. I use to think he was after her money, but after seeing that kiss again, I now think it might have been the other way around.

And while watching a bit of the BET’s awards and tribute to Michael Jackson tonight, the proof of the horrible state of black music right now was embarrassingly evident. I’m sorry---putting on your underwear and reading a rap verse, does NOT a musician make, and I don’t consider rap artists, musicians. They don’t sing, and most of them look ridiculous when they dance. The guy who invented the drum machine should get their royalties.

Michael Jackson may not have been a musician, but he could sing and dance, and he was an excellent entertainer, and so, Michael’s fans are going to have a hard time letting go.

You know what’s coming…just wait. The rumors---

A rumor like---Michael faked his own death, to get out of the embarrassment that he couldn’t sing anymore. And he was so smart; the best way to get out of his massive dept was to die, in order to raise billions more for his “estate.”

And the longer they can keep his image “alive” the more money they will make.

Remember Elvis? When Elvis died, too many fans just couldn’t bear the thought. Elvis didn’t die they said, he couldn’t have…he is somewhere just living out his life, and driving through hamburger stands.

Let’s face it: If Elvis was going to fake his death, the last thing he would want is anyone to picture is him dying of an overdose, sitting on his toilet.

Elvis not only is dead, the buildings don’t even remember his name. Give the History Channel a few months and they will have a special on called: “Life after Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.”
Michael’s Graceland is already being planned and the money is already pouring in.
The family is going to cash in…finally.

Today, we witnessed Michael Jackson’s father: his first words were all about how Michael was going to be more famous now then he ever was…so go out and buy anything you can because…we have his kids.

Joe will be shameless.

Jesse James mother did much the same thing after Jesse's death. She sold “fake’ rocks off of Jesse’s gravesite and made a nice living.

Greed…I actually think Michael was right in one thing, his father was ruthless. He proved it today.

So...if you DO happen to see Michael on some desert island, living as a woman with a good looking construction worker…

Don’t tell anyone, just go home and watch MTV…I’m sure they will be playing MJ’s video’s until doomsday.

And as I don’t have to tell you, is coming soon.