Friday, February 06, 2009

Nobody Flashes: The Eagles Are Meeting

Nobody Flashes: Finding out that Obama and the 111st Congress, had plans to end, at midnight, the great country called America by financially putting the country into the dark ages with the final passage of another trillion-dollar "stimulus" passage...

The leader of the great American Bald Eagles called a meeting to discuss where to move to.

The old and respected eagle, Patriot, said: "Well, we are not sure yet, but, it looks pretty bad. I know we don't want to leave, but America is being destroyed. We may not have our jobs much longer. There is talk of being replaced by the peacock. We must now pray very hard... that brave American men and women will fight very hard to help us keep our jobs alive. "

"I don't care boss," said one very old bird, "I'll go anywhere but Washington D.C."

Patriot looked at the young eagle, fluffed his feathers, and said, "Well, we'll stay here for now. I don't want to go there either, we are not exactly welcomed there at the moment. But the minute I hear any of you guys speaking in any other language than English, or hanging out with can hunt your own fish!"


Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Federal Reserve Wants YOU!

Nobody Wins:

Think of this:

In the colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial Script. We issue it in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating for ourselves our own paper money, we control in purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay to no one.”
----- Benjamin Franklin

What if: America…had its own bank---a bank by the people, and for the people? A bank in which every American owned stock and could reap dividends?

Think of a real government bank, not like the one we have now, which is owned by a small group of secret individual men who nobody has ever heard of. Men who are so secret that no one dares whisper their names, but who position their front men as “Chairmen,” and Secretary of our Treasury.

Men who control our Presidents no matter what party.

These men who have now finally merged our government into its complete control, into their privately owned bank.

They want you to think they are bankrupt, and yet, politicians spend and spend, and spend...

Think about it: the more debt we have, the richer these suckers get.

But what if We the People could tell the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank…
"We’re fed up with you men! We want our own bank!"
An American bank run by an elected representative of every party, with four year term- limits. Only people with the highest economic credentials would be trusted to run it. Nobody is allowed to “appoint” these people…we the people will decide who they will be.

They also would not be allowed to be influenced by any outside money; the money for their elections would come from the bank itself, paid for by us.

This bank could only make loans and deal with regular banking accounts. No speculations would be allowed. Other institutions could continue with that.

And the money made off the interest of those loans could pay for government projects…like military, better schools without union influence…etc.

Just imagine…all the money that the Federal Reserve has privately made for the private stockholders of Federal Reserve banks...if that money had belonged to the people of the United States, instead of a handful of powerful men, we could probably get rid of taxes altogether.

Think of the trillions, upon trillions, upon trillions they have made.

What we need is a financial Martin Luther to nail the rules on their greedy door.

Remember, the Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned, and guess what?

You, America,--- have just been had. They now own the United States.

So…who are these men?

If you have any doubt that only a handful of private stockholders in the Federal Reserve control the world…then think of this--

Only the bankers are making a killing right now. They made trillions in speculation, gave themselves bonuses, and walked away scott-free. Presidents, judges, the rich and famous, don’t dare touch them. They didn’t even have to account for the first $850 million just given to them. They don’t have to lend money. They are using it however they see fit.

WHY? Because they CAN! They own us.

They won’t have to account for the next batch of money they will continue to get because as we have seen, Presidents past and future have been at their beck and call.

Just think--- if the American people were making the money off of all the interest on all the trillions of dollars of debt they have created…what a wonderful world this would be!

Obama…you want accountability? Tell the Federal Reserve to take their money and debt and go to China…where they also control big banks. That’s a secret they don’t want you to know.
Let the Chinese people be fools for awhile.
Frankly, this endless American scam is getting too costly, and we are now being raped, north and south of the border. So...go ahead guys…you’ve already got your ga-zillions…why don’t you just leave now?

China will love you.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Teapot Scandal, 2009

Nobody Cares: As soon as Obama signed the SCHIP Bill into law today, giving all illegal children the right to free health care...

A huge shipment of teakettles was investigated, while being unloaded in the port at Los Angeles.

Forty thousand very cute and very happy, illegal babies were found being smuggled into American inside these take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

AND... any baby that broke a few legs during the trip, were quickly taken to the nearest hospital and treated, all expenses paid.

Obama...once again, showing how swift he is at taken care of future catastrophes!

Forty thousand babies, saved from sure death by boiling! Not to mention, severel new green jobs were created because forty thousand tea pots needed to be recylced.

Finally, a man working for the people! Tea pot workers...UNIT!


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sam Adams VS Barney Franks

Nobody Knows: While many people know that Barney Frank prefers men to women in his personal life-- not many know, that he is actually one of the most powerful men in Congress, BECAUSE it's Barney who gets to slice up the taxpayers money and distribute the pork however he sees fit, being as he is head of House Financial Services Committee, which means he is the Queen of Stimulation, and gets to handle all the TARP he can swallow.

Wait...Sam just gave me that...look. Right. Sorry.

Barney was on C-Span this morning, which made me think of all the philosophical ways the lovely Democrats try at every turn, to remake the culture of America...with the promotion of "feminists" takeover, abortions around the world, lots of porn in all our movies and films, redistribution of wealth, high taxes, and the ever present idea that homosexuality is almost superior to any other kind of lifestyle. (At least Barney Franks thinks so.) All this leftest nonsense has been used other countries get the population ready for that final Marxist takeover.

At least that's what it says in all the communist playbooks. If you think I'm kidding, go find yourself a few...they are now in all our libraries.

Fortunately, I also was reading this morning about Samuel Adams (A Life, by Ira Stoll) order to keep my own sanity, after waking up to the likes of Barney Franks speaking, here's something Sam Adams wrote in the Boston Gazette of October t, order to warn the American people, to what could happen to them; or in more modern words---


And forgive me know I cannot help but write in the margins, because, well, I've think I've got your legs!


"Is it not High Time for the People of this Country explicitly to declare, whether they will be Freemen or Slaves? (Yeah! It's past time Sam! I am NOT going to get chipped! I am not going to one of those containment camps. I refuse to not wear shorts around Muslim men! Let them leave if they don't like it! )

"It is an important Question which ought to be decided. It concerns us more than any Thing in this Life. (Well, heck yeah...if they pass the next stimulus package, not only we will be slaves, but our great-great-grandchildren as well! America will be gone! We might as well dig our own burritos!)

"The Salvation of our Souls is interested in the Event: For whatever Tyranny is establishe'd, Immorality of every Kind comes in like a Torrent."(The 111st Congress, along with the American President, is a tsunami Sam, and to say they are immoral is putting it mildly.)

"It is in the interest of Tyrants to reduce the people to Ignorance and Vice." (My God Sam, our country is a wouldn't even recognize it, but you're right Sam. They have managed to keep generation after generation in ignorance..and the vice...oh..dear, close your eyes cousin.)

"For they cannot live in any Country where Virture and Knowledge prevail."(You were right Sam... our leaders have kept our schools in the worst shape. And the "virture" of our leaders is more corrupt than anything you ever witnessed. I will say no more.)

"The Religion and the public Liberty of a People are intimately connected; their Interests are interwoven, they cannot subsist separately; and therefore they rise and fall together." (Okay, we could be doomed.)

"For this Reason, it is always observable, that those who are combined to destroy the People's Liberties, practice every Art to poison their Morals. ("I did not have sex...oral sex is not sex...not depends on the definition...)

"How greatly then does it concern us, at all Events, to put a Stop to the Progress of Tyranny." (Ah, Sam...if only you were here to show us how.)


Anyway, it's not Barney Frank's fondness for young men that is the great danger here---It's that he wouldn't know the Ten Commandments if he found it posted to that young boys...behind. Which is why "thou shalt not steal" has never crossed his mind. And Barney will continue to make the bankers and politicians rich, and the poor American...poorer. He is by all accounts, one of the most immoral men to every walk the halls of Congress.

And I'm sure Sam Adams, if he were writing today, would tell us that Barney Franks is a very terrible, tyrant, and it is plain to see, that some of us are his sloppy-second sippering slaves.

But not for long....right Sam? Nope...

All kidding aside, if you, like I, are looking for some real Ira's book...

Sam is waiting.

And hey Sam...I used to have a pair of pants JUST like that! They were pink, and I was 19, and well...the guys loved them...I had this wonderful fluffy white blouse...and

Were those socks warm? (Sorry...I talk to Sam alot these days.)


Monday, February 02, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Michael Phelps

Nobody ‘s Perfect: Michael Phelps.

I don’t know about you people, but whenever I see a young man like this who is cracking under the pressure of being a “star” I just want to….

--write them a Nobody’s Perfect, motherly letter: (By the way…my Nobody’s Perfect! Headline got a headline of it’s own on Drudge today, go see!)

So here’s it goes----

Dear Michael,

Right now, I can imagine, you are feeling pretty low. Right now, you are thinking that all that hard work you have done to become the Olympian that you are: all the medals that you have won, your glorious reputation as the only man in history to win so many gold metals that you could start your own golden country…has gone completely down the deep-end drain. Because from now on…everyone on the planet has seen this picture and this headline, and will forever remember you taking a big swig. No amount of backstroking is going to erase this from the world’s memories. Yes, by now, the Chinese are having big firework parties, and screaming, "GIV BACK GOLD MEDALS! Jackie Chan is better swimmer!"

Unlike Bill Clinton, you can’t raise your finger and say, “I never inhaled, not once..”

What’s even worse is how “unfair” it all is. After all, we now have a President who has admitted being addicted to cocaine for many years when he was your age. Who knows what a really huge drug addict he was? We don’t even know if he has an American birth certificate…and yet, all pictures of Obama’s drug days, if there were any, have been paid for and destroyed.

And "President" Obama is being worshipped all over the world, almost as if the cocaine addiction made him more lovable and …human.
It's not fair.

On top of that, Obama smokes cigarettes, a nasty habit that no man with any intelligence should continue, especially a man with children, or a man who is suppose to be the “hope” and example for the world.

And it’s also not fair that no photographs of Obama lighting up and smoking will EVER be published anywhere in the world, because as we all know, a picture says a trillion words. (Sorry, quote needed to be updated.)

If only Monica had had a really good cell phone.

Truly, there is a double standard here Michael. No…not fair at all.

Many of us are wondering Michael just who took that picture and sold it? Was it a she and was she really pretty? And have you figured out from this “lapse” of common sense that there ARE people out there who would want to trash a real AMERICAN hero? After all, you were considered one of the last ones left. Inspirations of truly great men for our kids to emulate are getting really hard to find Michael. You can understand our frustration.

But, you did the right thing today: “I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment.” you said.

Lots of us are hoping you will take it a step further.
Do us a favor Michael and give Americans a real apology. Do some ads on TV against smoking drugs, and doing drugs, and the dangers of binge drinking. Tell the kids that YOU did it, and how stupid it was.

Turn this negative into a positive. Show us the champion we hope is still inside.

And remember, because most of us are thinking about the truly evil people in the world right now, our politicians and their “friends” who have stolen millions of jobs and hopes for the future from Americans---with all the concerns that we have at the moment, your “toke” will be looked at by most people as just the slip of a young man, because we don’t want to lose you.

You did make us very proud at the Olympics. Most Americans will remember that.

So go on…stay away from drugs and be careful who you trust.

And if you simply MUST party, and want to smoke, or have an orgy, or do some really good cocaine…please make sure it’s in the presence of one of our many ‘upstanding’ American politicians.

That way, we’ll never know.


A concerned Nobody


Sunday, February 01, 2009

MVP...Abigail the Beagle

Nobody Reports on a Monday: I TRIED to watch the Superbowl Game...really, I did .

But I must admit, during the first half of the game, I found myself engaged heavily in the PuppyBowl, an action-filled game of puppy football on Animal Planet.... where the action and commentary was actually, from a very independent mind...much, MUCH...more exciting.

And believe me, I was pressing the "recall" button every few minutes, hoping to see something worth getting excited about in the real Superbowl played by men.

BUT...the dogs won out...UNTILL...Arizonia took the lead...

Finally, a couple of men actually did something more exciting than a spunky beagle.

The beginning of the game wasn't too bad. We heard Faith Hill, then some other singer who I believe was on Saturday Night Live the night before...then Kurt Warner came out and accepted an award for working with Jimmy Carter, then a General threw a coin, then the planes went over..that was all fun...but I just couldn't keep my eyes off those adorable and exciting pups.

Half-time was...forgive me...I'm really tired of Bruce Springsteen. Sure he had a couple of hits, a loooooooooooog time ago, but once you've heard a song a million times, one more time, even with millions of dollars worth of fireworks behind it, doesn't make the song any better.

He did flip his guitar around and around his neck...that was different. If he made another one of his boring political comments, I missed it due to Kitty half-time.

Okay...even I must admit..the last quarter of the game, finally got a bit more..upbeat. But to listen to all the commentators speaking right now...this was the best game ever any time in history.

Surely they do drugs.

I beg to differ. If you took a survey, I'd BET you'd find that at least half of the viewers last night, were watching...something else.

Now, let's talk class. Kurt Warner is talking about the game right now, and is commending the other team, and basically, being just the class act that he is.

On the other side of the isle, I watched the coach of the other team, after the final win, walk through the crowd, and literally push hard... a camera man, out of his way. There was no reason for it, it was just an act of a bully.

In his big acceptance speech, it was clear, that the coach of the Steelers was...not exactly a man I'd want to know, winning Superbowl coach or not.

I don't know his name, nor do I care what it is. That one act of "violence" to a camera man who was NOT in his face, showed why his football team played like big bullies. A clue was given to their behavior when the owner thanked Obama, as if Obama had everything to do with the win, and seeing what little I did of the game, I would say the Steelers played just like Obama plays--if you don't like someone, just push them down, and out of the way.....illegally.

That's life you say? That's FOOTBALL baby!

Well, maybe so, but that's also why I will always remember Abigail the beagle, and could care less about that winning coach who showed such low class.

And if you think this is just the opinion of a woman, let me say, that my husband, went to bed early because he got tired of me switching back and forth to the game.

In fact he was downright mad about it. He wanted to see if Abigail got MVP of the night.

Sorry honey.