Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Speculating State of Michael Crichton's Fear

Nobody’s Opinion; The good news is that I just finished reading Michael Crichton’s latest thriller called, “State of Fear.” The bad news is: because I couldn’t put the book down, my house is a mess.

Why? Because my puppy has a habit of wanting attention, right in the middle of a good part, so I give her stuff to chew up to keep her busy, like pillows, gum wrappers, paper plates, old shoes, old conspiracy theories about warthogs, and empty potato chip packages.

Always being sure to say after she finishes completely demolishing whatever I throw at her… “Was that good?” And then I have to find something else to throw.

This only happens when I run into a good book.

State of Fear, is unusual in the fact that Michael Crichton has done more than his usual share of research into global warming, debunking most of the environmental “kooks” with hard scientific data, rolled into a soon to be made blockbuster movie plot, like Jurassic Park or Twister. But in this one, he gives you lots and lots of data charts.

He obviously cares about all the environmental disinformation going around.

I will be surprised if this one is actually made into a movie though because Michael in this book suggests that man can control the weather, and not for a good cause like crops growing in the desert, no---this crisis weather information is more to make money for lawyers, environmental foundations, environmental terrorist, and media ratings.

This is a manufactured fear he suggests, because the best way to rule a people is through fear. The cold war is over. New enemies are needed to keep us in line.

Just ask George Soros, who claimed today that President Bush is using fear to control us all.

Well, then, so is Glenn Beck. So is Al Gore. So is Bill Clinton. So is bin Laden. So is that nutcase in Iran, and Chavez. And so is George Soros by saying such a thing.

So was my dog when I saw her run by the couch with a big chunk of broken glass from the hallway foyer mirrored wall in her mouth, right when the main characters was getting zapped by lighting.

Are they all nuts?

There are other “conspiracy nuts” that have said they believe in weather control. Richard C. Hoagland, former NASA constultant, believed that Katrina was insidiously “helped” along. Richard Cohen, former Secretary of Defense for President Clinton, has said that weather used as weapons is a real concern in the future. He was concerned about "eco-types of terrorism that alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes, ad electromagnetic waves."After all, whoever controls the weather controls the battle field.

The United States is running HAARP 24/7 and Russia is running scalor. Who knows what these are for.

Once in a while, deep on page six somewhere, you will hear how China is experimenting with storms, causing it to rain at different times, in its different provinces.

For instance, in State of Fear, tsunami’s can be manufactured with hypersonic cavitations technology. Like tectonic impulse generators, resonant impact processor assemblies, transportable MHD units---Well, why not?

Is that why we had three embarrassed looking Presidents--- Presidents who up to that time were sworn enemies, getting together to send billions to Asia after the tsunami of 2003?

Nah. There’s no proof of that. Silly me.

Electrical storms can be manufactured with ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, and mid-level particle-dispersal units. Rockets are shot up to amplify the power of existing storms by causing a “change in the electric potentials of the infra-cumulus strata.” Floods can be manufactured.

You mean, that nasty storm that hit St. Louis this summer was whipped up in all of ten seconds out of nowhere from the North, the one that knocked out power here for over three weeks, was maybe an experiment…man-made?

No…it must have been my cold. It’s gone to my head. Carl Sagan would sap my Cosmos.

State of Fear suggests that icebergs can be broke off with precision-timed blasts.

Oh my…how many polar bears are being killed for Al Gore’s presidential nomination?

You can ‘purposively’ shift a hurricane or cyclone track by disseminating Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in large quantities into it, with some hydrophilic nanoparticles.

If you go by this, it took quite a few hurricanes coming out of Africa to get Katrina right.

The timing of Katrina, oil prices going up, Ford Motors jumping country, smaller cars being introduced, population control, Mexicans needing more room, new Beach Front casinos’---

Somebody HELP me! My conspiracy button is maxing out into a STATE OF FEAR!

Actually, I would welcome some global warming. I would just love to grow some gardenias in my garden. I’d like that much better than another ice age.

Even though we had more than our share of 100 degree weather here in St. Louis this summer, it’s happened before in my lifetime.

Here in St Louis, in 1966, the heat was so bad that we had 146 deaths. Then again in 1980, 118 died when the temperature hit 100 for 18 days.

Then in 1982, we had a blizzard here that left 22 inches of snow. I remember just leaving my car at work because I couldn’t find it.

In 1993, we had a famous Mississippi flood, just like the one in Mark Twain’s time.

And what about this “fear” factor theory?

Bill Clinton gave a speech not too long ago, scaring everyone by saying that soon Manhattan would be underwater.

Al Gore “scared” everyone with the soon to be destroyed Earth behind his head, lisping about glaziers melting, and our planet dying from too many SUV’s. Al Gore even included pictures in Vanity Fair showing pictures of Martha’s Vineyards going under water. (How cruel)

Now we have the fear of radical Muslims. President Bush is saying that if we don’t torture Al-Qaeda terrorists, we will be sorry. (Okay, do it.)

Actually, after finishing State of Fear today, I tend to agree with Michael, they can’t even predict the next day’s weather, let alone ten years from now. The earth is in constant change, and so are we. There is something to this weather manipulation stuff, and Michael gives the proof.

I think in the future, they might learn how to control the weather, and that they are experimenting with it now. But I think the global warming scare is just like a lot of things…follow the money.

Michael Crichton’s State of Fear is a really an enlightening book, and one worth spending an afternoon reading.

Now if I could only learn how to control my dog.

Nobody’s Perfect; I admit it, I hate to clean. It’s boring, boring, and more boring. I will find any excuse to put it off. Reading is always a good excuse, and I use it often.

Tomorrow I will regret that I let my dog destroy so much trash. Nevertheless, I can’t stand a mess for too long, so I have to clean, and if I’ve got to clean, I have to do something…so thinking up conspiracy theories will keep me busy.

While I’m cleaning I will be wondering if I will die by doing something exciting, like sky diving, or have a heart attack while shoving snow made by politicians who wanted to keep people from going to the polls on Election Day, that would get me heart attack mad.

I’m good at inventing states of impending fear. It’s a particular talent handed down by my mother, bless her heart, now that she is no longer in a state of fear herself. Gee..thanks mom.

Nobody Knows; If the Congress takes “torturing” terrorists off the map for President Bush, I suggest President Bush just put the terrorist outside the yard, in an “upgraded” electrical storm. They could be let back inside if they give up some secrets. I don’t think that’s in the Geneva Convention rules. After all, it would be an Act of God if one of them should happen to get struck.

Nobody Cares; President Bush invited Michael Crichton to the White house after he read the book, and it is said that he agrees with Michael’s findings.

What I would like to know from the author is, why thoughout the book, does he express again and again, supported by scientific fact, that global warming does not really exist, and is not caused by man. Yet at the end of the book, in an “author’s message” moment he says “Atmosphere carbon dioxide is increasing and human activity is the probable cause.”

HUH? I have heard Arnold now say this, and the President. So, I wish they would make up their minds, because now I’m speculating…which theory do they really believe?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Don't Drink The Water In Myanmar...Yet

Nobody’s Opinion; Newsflash! ---on NewsMax tonight, the headline said;

Laura Bush to Address Myanmar at U.N.

Okay, I thought, where the hell is Myanmar? And what makes Laura Bush such an expert that she is going to host a round table discussion to pressure Myanmar to have an “all-inclusive political process?” And just what is an “all-inclusive political process?” If it’s anything like the “all-inclusive political process” that we have in America, the Myanmar politicians better have some big bucks, or they will not even get to the napkins at this “round” table. They will have to settle for a Happy Meal like the rest of us.

Isn’t this the same thing as dictating to another country just how to run their country by our standards? We don’t do that---right? And if we are going to keep doing this, why not go to Cuba and suggest an “all-inclusive political process?” there?

Oh…but there is ethnic violence and drugs and human trafficking in Myanmar. According to the article, that is why Laura Bush is being sent to the “round” table.

Well then, why can’t the representatives of Texas, Arizona, and California come too? After all, they’ve got ethnic violence, drugs, and human trafficking on their borders right here in America….no?

I’m sorry---I had to look up Myanmar on the internet. It seems it’s the old Burma…and it’s pretty big, and evidently its leaders are not letting the Clintons, Gates, and Soros Trogon charities into the country to peddle their HIV/AIDS ‘we are here to save you’ drugs.

So just how did they decide that it would be up to Laura to pitch (or to warn?) the Myanmarees that we’re coming? What did they do--- take a poll on who the Myanmarees would accept the most? Was Condi was too busy, or did they draw straws?

I hate this time of year. Its bad enough to have to witness the United Nations annual power orgy of tyrannical and psychopathical thugs get together to bash the United States “inside” our country, while being wined and dined and prostituted until the gluttony is almost too hard for anybody to watch.

Now, we have to have Clinton’s Global Orgy from across the street at the same time. I guess Bill had to do something when he couldn’t get Kofi’s job.

Now Laura is bringing a “pledge” to Clinton’s big bash; a partnership between the Bush administration (which means our tax dollars) and an American Foundation to provide clean drinking water in Africa…

In the sub-Saharan African desert. How much is this going to cost us? Laura would not disclose details such as the dollar amount or the foundation partner.

Isn’t this a place full of Muslims? Is this a good thing?

And don’t you just love it when they say it’s the Bush’s money?

Hey, all you guys in New Orleans and Mississippi--- you’ll just have to wait awhile to get your houses back. Forget that levee. The people in the deserts of Africa need to drink clean water! Why should they move when you have TV’s to steal?

In the meantime, George Clooney is asking the United Nations to send troops into the Sudan and stop the genocide. It seems genocide is an annual thing in Africa, much like the changing of the leaves here. The United Nations refused again, of course, due to their policy of non-violence to send in actual “guns” to help out.

This really means the United States only has so many troops to go around.

But that’s OK…Laura can go over after they get out of office, when the usual one million have died, and give some more of the “Bush Administration” money to the few that survived, and build some schools, and some libraries, and say how sorry we all are.

The people of Sudan must already have clean water. If I were them, I’d lie---

“Please, we have no water! We can’t even read! Send Americans! Send George Clooney! Send Pamela Anderson!”

Laura also been told to try to get the Myanmareese a Nobel Peace Prize winning opposition leader named Aung San Suu Kyi., I suppose so “we” can put him in charge.

It only right to barter…they will get billions, we get the Peace Prize winner.

That seems to be the way it works.

Don’t get me wrong. I happen to really like Laura Bush. But, I was hoping she would keep out of the United Nations, and Clinton’s Global “let me sock it to you” Initiative.

I was hoping she would stick to her literacy programs, something that she truly is qualified to know about, something that is in her field of expertise.

But no luck. It seems the ploy is to send an unthreading woman to give the message.

So who picked Laura Bush to do this stuff? You tell me.

Nobody’s Perfect; Chavez, according to the United States, was too late in applying for visas for his Cuban doctors and security thugs who he wants to bring along with him to the U.N. conference. He is so mad he said “I’m going even if I have to go alone, with Fidel…and on horseback.”

Well, if Kerry can come in to the New York harbor on a boat, I say, let Chavez ride a horse to the U.N, with Castro on the back. But make them get off the boat in Miami.

Nobody Knows; Kissinger is warning that Europe and the United States must unite to head off a ‘war of civilizations” arising from a nuclear-armed Middle East.

There are “conspiracy nuts” as some like to call them, which see these global happenings as being planned in order to bring in a one world government. The majority of the people say they are crazy, because they argue; too many people would have to be in on it. Governments are too inept, they can’t even know how much they give away for Christ’s sake, and it’s too hard for them to keep track of it all. Math is not their subject.

So, don’t pay any attention to Kissinger when he says, “We now know that we face the imperative of building a new world order or potential global catastrophe.”

There you go again. According to Kissinger, if we don’t build this “new world order” soon we will all die. ; I think the “New World Order” has already been built and meets every year in New York, when all the leaders of the world get together on a small island called Manhattan.

Nobody Cares; Frankly, I wish they’d all start meeting in Africa.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell's Holy War

Nobody’s Opinion; Just when I was lamenting my own horrible public education while lying in bed this morning with my flu, and reading a book on HTML, (not fun) I heard on the radio that Rosie O’Donnell had said in a moment of a pax romana emotional tsunami, that radical Christians in America are just as much of a threat (to the world) as the followers of the radical Islamic who piloted hijacked jetliners into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9/11.

I feel better now, thanks Rosie.

Rosie lives in a world of collectable McDonald souvenirs. We understand Rosie--- it must be difficult for you to imagine how in the world the rest of us got here.

Boy-----is she going to be in for a surprise. Something tells me that Rosie has no Muslim neighbors that look at her kids with the reflection of crescent moon swords in their eyes.

I suggest that Rosie and the whole “View” cast go over to Iran and tape a few shows. Ahmadinejad and Rosie would really hit it off. She could take Sheehan with her. They could become full-fledged Muslims…

Oops...wait. Lesbians are not accepted into the Muslim faith either Rosie.

What are you going to do if they fulfill their plans to take over the world and convert everyone to Islam? Do you think you have so much money you can hide from them?

What is it with these people? Rosie should walk down the street in Iran with her “wife” and kids. Maybe they would allow her to get married before they cut off her hand.

Well, hopefully Rosie knows that much. What she doesn’t know is that her bleeding heart is draining her brain from making logical assumptions.

I remember when Rosie had a crush on Tom Cruise. I use to watch her when he came on. Now, explain to me---how can a lesbian love a man?

She once made the statement that Donald Trump got his money from his father but Martha Stewart made hers by herself. Now, there’s a real philosophical statement.

These people must live in their limos.

I was watching her show the day that Tom Selleck was on promoting a movie, and she attacked him viciously about “guns.” She lost a lot of viewers that day, and the poor girl has no clue why. That was the beginning of her downfall.

Not that she doesn’t have talent…she just doesn’t have any common sense. Even Barbra Walters thought she could control her. (Ha!)

She thinks, probably from listening to the democratic bantering too much, that we are trying to impose Christianity on all humanity, and that’s not right. Like most of the liberals, they parrot whatever the main talking point of the day is. They never question the party, because it is the party of the ones that think they have “suffered.”

Like the suffering of being “gay” and feeling misunderstood and not accepted in many circles, knowing that Christians are murdering woman and children you would gladly adopt.

Rosie is a dreamer…wars should not happen in her dream world. In her world, if we all just got along, everyone could live in peace.

Yeah---they live in their limos.

She wants to save humanity…from the nasty Christians, not the Muslims. She has been told that if we just leave the Muslims alone, they will leave us alone.

Somehow this all ties in with her very existence as a homosexual.

(Sigh) Remember when the homosexuals just lived and did their own thing, and mixed in with society fine…never pushing THEIR attitudes and beliefs on the rest of us?

The days before the democrats needed them as voters?

But, Rosie doesn’t see it that way.

Sadly, I have women neighbors who are buying all this liberal propaganda too. And the emotional hatred for President Bush coming out of these women is more freighting than any radical Christian I have ever met in my life.

The other night, while walking my dog, I was saying a friendly “hello” to some lady who was watering her flowers, (Being raised a nasty Christian, I always try to be friendly to everyone.) and somehow we got into a discussion about how George W. was not going to allow stem-research because of his #@$%$ religious beliefs. (according to her)

She actually became hysterical. All the diseases of mankind would never be cured because of our President’s radical religious beliefs, she exclaimed.

I tried to tell her it didn’t matter because Stanford was already doing the research.
I tried to explain to her about the patenting of genes and the great money involved…it didn’t matter. She yelled “You are standing on my property!”


As if I was an ambassador for the President himself.

It leaves a nobody feeling hopeless. Actually, I have more hope for my Muslim neighbors, than this woman, that’s pretty sad when you think about it.

The worst thing in America that’s ever happened from a radical Christian is maybe you were handed a free Bible in a mall, while someone said, ”Jesus loves you.”

Now Rosie…what’s wrong with love?

And Rosie…we were attacked first. Since most of the men were from Saudi Arabia, logically, we should have attacked Saudi Arabia. But then, you do have to pick your battles wisely…or else your private jet Rosie, would not take you and your wife and children to those frequent visits to Disneyland.

We have been kept extremely ignorant about all the different factions in the Middle East, and how long this hatred for the West has been going on. We are only now starting to learn about the Sunni’s and al-Quada, the Hezbollah, etc.

And that’s from our horrible educational system Rosie, that you are also a product of.

Still, you have money Rosie…pick up a few books on the subject.

It really makes you wonder about the rich liberals. Just what do they do with their days?

I guess it takes all kinds in America to make a fruitcake, but really, Rosie could use some help in putting the puzzle together…actually, if you read her blog, she is in tremendous emotional pain, even though she is rich.

But still, it’s okay Rosie…Jesus forgives you. But I am having a hard time.

Nobody’s Perfect; Rosie also said “I feel more connected to survivor than the Catholic Church.” Good deal, Rosie---go find a jungle somewhere and survive, we Christians will hold the fort down, you can thank us when you come back.

Nobody knows; What causes someone to desire to have sex with the same gender as them. And what is even stranger, why these people can’t get it through their heads that the rest of us find it…sometimes…repulsive. Kind of like eating maggots on “Survivor”.

Nobody Cares; Hey, I wouldn’t care if Rosie got a sex change operation, would you? Maybe she would feel better. Go for it Rosie.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 14

Nobody’s Opinion; This is a picture of me in Las Vegas. I was standing in the Caesar’s Palace shopping mall, next to a wax figure of a drummer from “The Blue Man Group.” Now--- I’ve heard they put on a good show, but at $135 a person, we decided to pass it up, because we wanted to actually eat some food while on vacation.

The reason I have that stupid smile on my face is that some very rich women were passing by and actually thought that the man I was standing with was real. They were staring at me while this picture was being taken and saying some pretty absurd things.

Being the nobody that I am, I couldn’t believe that some men with a lot of money had married these women, because obviously, if a performer can get $135 a ticket for one night of work, he is not going to stand around in a mall all day with blue paint on his face.

They had obviously spent too much time at Wolfgang Puck’s.

According to some guy on Michael Savage tonight, there is a terrorist here with nuclear “backpacks” who came across the Mexican border, and he is here in the states ready to detonate these bombs whenever we attack Iran. The blasts, according to this guy, will be as big as Hiroshima. They’ve picked out five cities.

Paducah, Kentucky is not one of them.

And even though he is on the FBI’s most wanted list, Bush and Cheney are listed above him evidently.

Some manager at a Denny’s tried to turn the terrorist in to the FBI…but the FBI didn’t want him.

If this is true, it can explain why our leaders are acting so careful about not offending anyone Muslim…and it also means that we might soon find out if the theory that rats can survive nuclear holocausts is really true, because that is all that will be left of New York.

After hearing this, I was certainly ready for something to laugh at, and there it was…

Brad Pitt is not going to marry Angelina Jolie until all gays can get married.

I’ve heard some lame excuses for guys not getting married, but this one is the best. Brad Pitt, the new architect of New Orleans, has joined the Beelzebub hating Sean Penn in saving the world, doing his part in helping to curb overpopulation growth by sacrificing his own wedding vows for people that cannot reproduce. How noble.

So, what is he going to do next? Save the mussels from Prozac?


Speaking of Hollywood “saviors,” Jane Fonda is getting together with the woman who started it all…Gloria Steinem, to start a radio program for woman. They said; “Woman want useful information.”

Oh God…yeah, all that useful information like how to put your couch in the wind, with the right color, and how to put silicone in your breasts even though the women’s movement was totally against the “bimbo” look…unless of course you are Jane Fonda, the health guru, who’s husband Ted Turner at the time wanted bigger ones.

Nobody calls Jane on the radio…”Hey Jane---Why did you get the boob job, when all those years you were telling all us girls out here how to take care of our bodies and never put anything but pure stuff into them, to be healthy… and boob jobs were dangerous you said. You said that we could make our bodies and boobs be all that they could be by just exercising?”

Jane...”Well…here’s Rosie to give you some tips on cleaning!”

Nobody…”Hi Rosie…can you tell me how to clean my new gun the Feng Shui way? Rosie…?”

Steinem, who started probably the most boring magazine ever produced besides TV guide, will tell how she had to take care of her mother and how rough it was, and how men are like fish---you have to clean them up before you take them for a bike ride.

Wait... I can’t remember…did she say men were like fish? Or like bikes? I forget.

And to show their intellectual strength, they plan to host a woman named Morgan who once said, “White males are most responsible for the destruction of human life and environment on the planet today.”---forgetting that it was a white male that created her own lovely feminist self.

After considering this fact, I suggest we find the man and throw him in prison.

Like Katie Coric, who lost half her audience after everyone saw her white suit, this radio free program for woman to bash the world and Bush, therefore making way for their messiah Hillary, will probably give even more great material for Limbaugh and Hannity.

I can’t wait.

In more absurd news today, the secretary of the Air Force, Michael Wynn, wants to test out non-lethal weapons on the citizens here in the United States before using them on any enemies.

God forbid we hurt some Hezbollah.

I think he should get Katie, Gloria, and Jane to line up on “the View” and try some of those non-lethal weapons out! Good idea! Jane can go first due to the extra protection.

And since Howard Dean is mad about some of the college students at the University of Michigan who are having a great time shooting BB’s and paint guns at pictures of Hillary and John Kerry, why not let the students test some of these non-lethal weapons on the real people?

I’m sure they would be happy to help out. After all, Kerry is a great veteran, and Hillary is a hawkette. They would both surely agree that using these weapons on our enemies before being properly tested would be discrimination of the poor poverty stricken misunderstood Palestinians.

Okay, I’m not myself quite yet. I’m just joshing. We should, like the guy said, try the weapons out on regular citizens. To suggest we use our elite politicians instead might land me in jail.

And in true Brad Pitt fashion, I refuse to go to jail, unless all elected officials who have committed crimes go first. I can be noble too.

Nobody’s Perfect; If you read my last blog, this thing about the trade towers collapsing has got me thinking. (That alone could be dangerous.) Most engineers, like the good readers that commented, (thanks guys) say that yes…these buildings could go down with the heat of the planes.

Then I turn on CNN today and there are three guys who posted a video on the internet about the towers detonating instead of collapsing.

Giving it more thought, there is another theory going around that they were brought down for insurance purposes. Well, there’s a pragmatic thought.

So, the regular layman just cannot dismiss what he sees, and yet the engineer uses his knowledge to see the possibility. An ex-navy seal demolition guy I know says it was detonated. So. Can we hear from some detonation guys out there? Anyone?

I need more input on this. I just love input…ask my husband.

Nobody Knows; Of course this subject lead my nobody brain to start thinking about “experts.” I remember trying once to convince the three top neurologists at a hospital that my mother was NOT brain dead after a stroke. They all insisted after all their tests; it was their ultimate and final expert conclusion...

My mother was talking to me at the time. Still, they insisted she was brain dead, worthless. They said her saying things like “Why are they doing this to me?” was a simple brain reaction…she was brain dead.

It wouldn’t have mattered but, when you are declared “brain dead” by a hospital, they take you off all life support.

It took an Indian lady doctor to dispute them. She grabbed my mother’s hand and talked to her…they held up three fingers to her face while she was in a coma.

I learned from this that nowadays, sometimes the experts don’t know everything.

For instance-- for all the global warming scientists that insist that man is causing ‘global warming,” you can find just as many who dispute it all.

So, I am going to continue to think on this. What I should have said is that I do remember a fireman on 9/11, saying that he was on the 45th floor when he heard what he was sure was bomb denotations.

And how in the world did a crew of firemen survive on the bottom floor of the first tower when it collapsed?

Questions…questions….good thing I’m not painting myself blue anytime soon.

Nobody Cares; Michigan is going to try to pass a mandatory law saying that all girls going to school will have to have the vaccine against cervical cancer.

Somewhere in Florida a town has ruled that the police can come in and get any of your property they want in an emergency.

The federal educations department has decided that since tens of thousands of our teachers can’t even pass the tests in their own subjects, they should just drop the rules of having smart teachers teach our children.

After all, 40,000 jobs have been lost in the Air Force. Having well-fed and soon to be blind teachers (today it was also reported that obesity causes blindness) is much more important for our country, and a very kind decision, because these teachers will not see the bombs coming.

Is this absurd enough?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Collapsing Truth of the First Report

Nobody’s Opinion; We sure did get hit with 9/11 stories today, on all fronts. National Geographic even let us see some footage of bodies falling, being careful not to mention that between 100 or 250 poor souls jumped, after all these years…I always thought it was not more than twenty. They don’t want to report the gruesome. After a while, the whole thing gets surreal.

I had mentioned in my last blog that I thought the buildings had been detonated. Actually, I came to that conclusion just yesterday, because I had always thought and bought into the other explanation, about the elevators and design being the cause.

So, in order to substantiate my newly formed “opinions,” I thought I’d go over my thoughts in more detail on this matter, and how I came up with the “opinion” that those towers had some help.

Bear with me, and feel free to argue, with my logical nobody’s observations, in which I go by…what was FIRST reported. There’s more to this than meets the eye! (ok…I have not fully recovered from my trip yet.)

First off, usually the first reports coming in from a tragic event, are totally different from the story that is finally decided on, and repeated over and over after the fact. Let me give some historical examples:

When Flight 800 crashed, the first reporters on the scene interviewed a whole slew of witnesses, (among them pilots) who saw a streak of something hit the plane. Most said it looked like a missile. All of us thought “Well, it was shot down.”

Not too much later, the official report was that some glitz in the fuel system exploded the plane. The relatives of the victims were denied explanations for months. A well produced television special was put out explaining just how this was NOT a terrorists attack, but a simple malfunction. They included wonderful simulations and drawings.

Years later, this nobody thinks, it was a terrorist attack, but Clinton was certainly not going to let it tarnish his perfect record by telling anyone. So it was covered up. If he has been consistent with anything, it’s his reputation in history. And we are learning that terrorists have been attacking us for years.

When Princess Diana was pinned in her car after the tragic accident in France, the first reporters on the scene interviewed actual witnesses who said they had seen a motorcycle and a white car at the scene, speed away. One man thought he saw them cause the accident. Those people were never heard from again. Where did they go?

I actually remember watching that night, and wondering just when in the heck was someone going to arrive to help the poor girl. You know that the hospitals knew…because we were watching it on TV in America, but it took hours before Diana was removed from that car. Almost everyone thought while watching her funeral, including the whole of England, “Well, he finally killed her.” Diana was just too popular from the start and made the Queen and her snobby son look like the elite tyrants that they are. Charles made no secret that he loved Camilla, and historically it seems Diana’s purpose was just to deliver the sons to continue the line. She was dating a Muslim, and becoming much too powerful and popular. And why shouldn’t we suspect her staged murder? After all, we watched the whole sordid divorce for years in the tabloids.

But the official line was…the driver was drunk. We were to believe that in France, even if you are the Princess of Wales, if you get in a car accident, you might as well kiss your sweet buppy goodbye, because the ambulance drivers will not hurry to the scene until the next day. No one EVER questioned just why it took the French so long to get to the scene.

Being an editor must be fun.

I believe that is why the whole world mourned as much as it did. It wasn’t only because she was a fashion plate; it was because we all thought she was killed. EVERYONE suspected it. But…we were told that not in a million years would the royals do such a thing. Even if Henry the Eight thought nothing of it, that was a different time.

When John Kennedy Jr.’s plane went down, the reporters first on the scene interviewed at least three people who said they heard a cannon shot, like a huge bang going off from the island. These were people who lived there, and reported the sound to the police, not knowing what it was. A lot of people heard it. Those witnesses were cut off quick.

After the first hour, you did not see those people again. The story was put out that John was a terrible pilot, by other pilots. So…he gets a burial fit for a President, even though he had never been in office. Everything was done very quickly. The burial at sea, with the carriers brought out, everything was rushed--- with no investigation, and in the next issue of George (his magazine) we see Hillary’s face in a big layout.

Before this, the magazine was being attacked with the story that “nobody” wanted to read it. But this nobody read it. And John actually was hitting some of the Democrats real hard. His magazine was becoming more fair and balanced with each issue. Not to mention that he was thinking of running for the New York Senate, the seat that Hillary had to have, in order for her future as President to happen. But, this was kept pretty quiet.

But to even suggest that he might have been killed by his own party, is completely insane…why, it’s just a Senate seat, even Hillary laughs about how they are suspected of murder, due to the fact that over 60 people that have worked for the Clintons no longer walk the earth. How could we even suspect it? Silly us.

But to the 9/11 events; with the first reports on 9/11, many of the newscasters all said that it looked like a demolition when the first tower fell. Some firemen even reported hearing explosions inside the building on the lower floors. There were suspicious demolition objects found by firemen.

Meanwhile our eyes saw almost a Hollywood perfection scene. There was not a single person in this whole country that was NOT completely surprised when the second tower came down within 55 minutes.

Think about that…55 minutes. I don’t care if you smashed four 747 into that building, for it to completely demolish itself within that time frame? It would take at least a day.

Here’s a quote from “Gullible Americans” by Paul Craig Roberts:
The basic problem for the government’s account is that the buildings are known to have fallen at free-fall speed, a fact that is inconsistent with the government’s “pan caking” theory in which debris from above collapsed the floors below. If the buildings actually “pancaked,” then each floor below would have offered resistance to the floor above, and the elapsed time would have been much longer. Without engineered demolition it is improbable for every point in floors below to weaken uniformly. Experts have also pointed out that the buildings’ giant steel skeletons comprised a massive heat sink that wicked away the heat from the limited short-lived fires, thus preventing a heat buildup. Also that the short-lived, scattered, low intensity fires could barely have reach half the melting point of steel even if they burned all day.

Maybe the theory of the elevators and the way the building was built would hold up…but to fall completely within 55 minutes? With not a floor left standing?

Once again, the documentaries came out and the official lines were the steel melted and all three building (no 7 also) came down perfectly. Unlike life.

I’m not saying they should have fallen into each other, or not fallen as perfectly as they did, (yes, one did tilt a little at the top) but given the other events happening at the same time…all the mistakes…all the blunders that happened that day…lead me to be more inclined to believe my eyes and gut in the first place.

So, year after year, we have seen carefully prepared documentaries on why and how the towers could fall as quickly as they did. After all, this had never happened in human history. The architect came on and explained how the buildings were hollow, how the steel was collapsible, how the heat and fuel flowed down the elevators shafts. Sounded good to me.

Until you put it in perspective of all the other events.

Events, like Clinton refusing bin Laden eight times.

The FAA told everyone that flight 11 was not down, even after it hit the North Tower.

When the military asked for the go to get the planes..they were told no one was in the room.

The F-16’s went the wrong direction because of lack of communication. Right, two pilots heading out toward the ocean, don’t know that the world trade centers are not on water.

Bush was in the perfect spot for a politician that day, with children. (Okay, this might have been a coincidence.) And as much as I hate to agree with Michael Moore, sitting there for seven minutes does make you wonder, because he has never said what he was thinking.

All flights were cancelled that day…but bin Laden’s relatives were allowed to fly around and out of the country with the permission of Clark.

The fact that terrorists were planning to fly airplanes into the Trade Centers were constantly ignored by Clinton and Bush.

The woman who oversaw the 9/11 commission review was the same woman who did not let the CIA, FBI, and NSA share information with each other…while Clinton was President, which pretty much caused the whole mess.

The nobodies of the world are told constantly that we are conspiracy nuts, do not understand science, and our government makes mistake, after mistake, after mistake, after mistake, after mistake, after mistake, after mistake….

And we buy it. And if they are making that many mistakes, they should all be fired.

Our founding fathers would certainly have known that with all the billions to be made, in positions of the power that the Presidents hold today, which has grown beyond anything they could ever have imagined…would be much more conspiratorial than any of us, and think us fools for not having the common sense to be appalled at the media manipulations.

They would think us morons not worthy of freedom if we actually believed that only in the past did leaders commit atrocities or go for power grabs.

This is not to say that many of our leaders are not honest and trustworthy. But to never suspect anyone of malfeasance, to never question, is…well…gullible.

So, that’s just a small bit of why I think they were detonated…and I could be wrong, or I could be right.

Thomas Jefferson once said; “Nothing can be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”

I wonder what Thomas would have said about the news reported today?

Nobody's Perfect; Dan Rather thought that the buildings had been detonated, not a good sign for my argument.

Nobody Knows; Still, who would have detonated those buildings, and how did they get the explosives inside?

Nobody Cares; I doubt if the subject ever finds it way on the major cable news. We are still debating the offical report of the weather balloon at Roswell.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Spin Again...9/11

Nobody’s Opinion; There’s nothing like going on vacation and getting away from all the daily news, only to arrive home in time for 9/11. And yes, I watched the news as much as I could, trying to catch up in between the laundry... and it’s funny, because it’s been five years since that date, and I really don’t remember much attention being paid to it on television before now. Before, it was almost as if they wanted us to forget it. But not this year… the important elections are coming up.

What’s amazing is that they have done such a good job these last five years getting us to forget it. Most of the news has been focused on the failures in Iraq, so to see the footage of the towers again, was a good thing--- we needed to remember, painful though it is.

I went to Las Vegas…and lost all of the ten dollars I bet in the nickel slots. It took me all of about twenty minutes. But, what was so amazing to me is that Las Vegas is filled with thousands of people who sit at those slot machines and poker tables, only to lose their money.

Most are hopelessly convinced that they will be the ones to finally get lucky and win that Viper up on that pedestal. They sit there as if tomorrow doesn’t matter, because any day now we could all die.

People are told every day on the news how precarious our lives are, which is great for casino owners.

So while I was walking from hotel to hotel watching thousands of people gambling away money they probably didn’t even have, I couldn’t help but could so many people be so stupid?

And as I sit here tonight and ponder that scary thought, my mind starting spinning like an typical quarter slot machine… 9/11 thoughts spinning, and nothing ever matching.

777 just doesn’t come up.

No matter how you try to spin it, America seems to be on a major losing streak. Let’s pull the lever.

Spin; So…Bill Clinton, I see, is upset once again that his legacy is being tarnished, and maybe even the attack on the United States on 9/11 was his fault. What is more amazing with me is that the next big attack, the one that may be nuclear, will be because Bill Clinton put the oversight of selling military equipment into the Commerce Department (therefore passing up Congress) so that Boeing and other companies could make millions by giving the Chinese enough technology to catch up with the U.S., selling us out.

Spin again; Clinton sent Sandy Burger, and Madeline Albright, and his cocaine addicted brother Roger, over to North Korea and gave them plutonian and millions to build nuclear power stations. Kim Jong II turned around and sold dangerous stuff to Iran. China too was empowered under Bill, and sold weapons to our enemies. In fact any superiority that the United States had over any other country was erased, by Bill Clinton. And since we all know he is not stupid, we can only assume this was on purpose.

Spin again; Did Bill Clinton do this so that the whole world would be equal with us? Or was this done so someone would attack us during his Presidency so he could stay in office?

Spin again; The very first thing I thought when I heard Bill Clinton speak at Kerry’s Democratic convention nomination was “Oh no…Kerry’s being put up to lose, in order for Bush to be elected, so that the country will be attacked, so that Hillary will be elected.”

Honest, I remember thinking that clearly. It seemed like an obvious political move for the Clintons. Of course, I would be called a complete nut for even thinking that. But, based on their pass actions, it seemed a logical assumption.

Spin again; On 60 minutes tonight, we got the spin about a program of “help” that was set up for the children of people killed in the World Trade Center. We see the children going to Central America to build a house for some Spanish Family…teaching them the message that if only America would have been nicer, maybe their fathers would not have died. Yes, give to others and they won’t kill you. Andy Rooney puts in this liberal view at the end in his usual leftist rant about how everyone hates us.

Spin again; Two French Guys make a documentary on the daily happenings of a Fire station in New York. One of them goes into ground zero, with the Fire Chief, who stands around looking totally confused in the lobby of Tower One, not at all like a leader. This is probably what saved all his men’s lives. He didn’t even know the building above him had fallen down, most of them just stood there waiting for a decision. Just the kind of guy you want in charge.

Spin again; isn’t it strange that not one of those firemen thought that the buildings would collapse? Not one?

Spin again; No matter how many times you see the film, your eyes tell you there are no way those three buildings could have not been imploded. Not only would it have taken more than twenty-four hours for them to implode in their own footprints, it was all too perfect. So…if that’s the case, then who planted the explosives?

Spin again; Back to Clinton…the Oklahoma City FBI building had many important Clinton documents. Sandy Burger stole documents and was never prosecuted. (not much) AND the third building that came down on September 11, also contained many important government records. All those Clinton records…gone.

Spin again; What it this? Ted Kennedy is speaking Spanish to illegal immigrants on C-Span?

Spin again; The Black caucuses are telling the Spanish immigrants “WE are the new America!”

Spin again; Didn’t Rockefeller own the ground on which the twin towers stood? And is that the reason why there is still nothing there, and why the buildings going up will be filled with international world diversity junk, while the 9/11 memorial will be stuck into the basement? And now he says Saddam should still be Iraq?

Spin again; If Hillary becomes President, she might endorse an international court to put George Bush and Tony Blair on trial for crimes committed against humanity.

Spin Again: Laura Bush and George Bush do not even look like they are talking.

Hey, time to stop gambling, this isn’t just our money, it’s our lives at stake. There is a pattern here, of the Democrats always sticking up for the Muslims, never for America.

For years, they have played the blacks for fools, spinning them with promises of equality, and filling them with hate for all whites, promising them that jackpot, which they never deliver…and now they are doing it with the Spanish, who seem to be the new slave race for the rich.

The government casino is winning. The odds are stacked against us. It seems the more we spin the slots of our government, the more we lose.

The real secrets of 9/11 might not ever be revealed.

We all need to walk away from the table. In fact, maybe we should get rid of the casino.

Nobody’s Perfect; Okay, when I got home I found that my suitcase had been inspected, probably due to the fact that I put a souvenir glass from one of those “fruity drinks.” The bottom of the glass lit up with lights when you pressed a button. Good to see some inspector was on his toes and checked it out, and even left me a nice little note, saying it was for my own protection.

Nobody’s Knows; Just what the heck is really going on can you not fear the worst when they keep telling you its’ coming?

Nobody’s Cares; I had a great time in Las Vegas! All the classes of America were represented.

The rich have these huge shopping malls, where you had to be in the top 1% to even think of buying something. The middle class old ladies sat at the slots almost glued to the chairs, and middle age guys in funny hats played poker for days on end. All the Mexicans cleaned up. The Chinese were half of the dealers…and yes, there are still mafia looking guys walking around.