Friday, October 27, 2006

The Dream

Nobody’s Opinion; Last night, during the seventh inning stretch, I fell into a dream.

In the dream…I was walking up the steps of the prestigious Washington University Campus here in St. Louis. A University where in the words of the famous baseball player we won’t mention in order so as you won’t remember. “I felt like I was in a different country.” It was a familiar place, as I use to go there when I was young; dreaming of what it must be like to have enough money to go to such an elite school.

You had to have had rich parents to go to this place, so it might as well have been Jupiter to this nobody.

Washington University has always been known for its excellent medical school. Now it consists of mostly Chinese, Indian, and foreign students. It is considered one of the top medical research centers in the United States, as it is not far from the Barnes-Jewish Hospital, one of the top ten Hospitals in the country. I tell you this because here in Missouri we are being asked, just like California was asked, to vote yes on stem-cell research.

Michael J. Fox has been appearing on the commercials here, begging us to cure him.
I’m sure that’s why I had the dream….

There I was, walking up the long, white, stone steps…gazing up at the green Ivy on the huge stone arch entrance to the campus, now turning brown with autumn…what was I doing here? The World Series…the Cards and Tigers are tied. Where’s the game? Where’s Mel Gibson?

Suddenly I was in a dark room, and in the center of the room, was a long wooden table, like the one you would see out of a King Author, except it wasn’t round.

And around the table were sitting some pretty familiar faces: Michal J. Fox, Claire McCastkill, Charles Ostman (a scientist from Berkeley), James D. Watson, (discoverer double helix DNA) Dr. Danforth (father of former Senator John Danforth) and my little dog Zippy,…who was sitting in a chair next to Michael J. Fox.

“Hey, let’s get this over. This is your dream, and we have more important things to do besides spend time here, what do you want?” said John Danforth, who was sitting next to his famous doctor father. (Who is also doing commercials here for stem-cell approval?)

“Well, I live here in Missouri, and I just want put some questions to you guys, because frankly, I’m a little confused here on this stem-cell stuff. You guys are saying that if the stem-cell research gets lots of money from the federal government, all the cures for all the diseases on the earth are going to save everyone that has any disease---Gee, I’ve been watching Jerry Lewis telethons since I was a kid, and they still haven’t found a cure for muscular dystrophy. I don’t’ know how much longer Jerry can keep it up. He raises millions every year, and no cure. And how much money have been given to the March of Dimes, and to cancer and HIV, and still there is no cure? Why should stem-cell be any different when even venture capitalist won’t fund it because the cells from embryos have a tendency to grow tumors?”

Claire McCaskill, not looking her perky self since she knew I was an independent conservative and not likely to vote for her said; “Well, that’s the problem. We could cure all of humanity but because of you religious zealots who think that a bunch of cells is a baby, when it’s really just a bunch of cells, and has no idea it even exists and therefore feels no pain if it is killed, using it for the benefit of mankind to cure disease is the only way for all of humanity to go forward, instead of into the dark ages as you insist on keeping us because there is no God of the Bible you moron. You guys are holding back progress and all of humanity. “

“Well, isn’t a cell, even an hour after the sperm and egg join, genetically a different entity from the mother that’s carrying it?” I said. “I mean, she is “hosting’ it and caring for it, just as she would do once it was born and still growing? And besides, private companies are already doing this research in Stanford, and that company Geron has over 6 thousand patents on genes. Bill Gates, Mike Bloomberg, the founder of E-Bay: lots of people are pouring money for stem-cell research, why do the taxpayers ONCE again have to fund this stuff. Why do WE always have to pay the universities, who in turn get rich, while the students have to pay higher and higher tuition, unless of course if they are foreign, then they get a discount.”

If I was sounding a little jealous, I was.

“You may not clone people (even thought the amendment says you will be able to) but all these Chinese students working at the universities can steal whatever secrets that are found in the laboratories, and go back to China…what good are all your patents then? They do it with everything else? Just like everything, the American taxpayer pays for it, and the other countries Japan, China, go and make it and come back and charge us high prices. The taxpayers not only pay to protect their borders, they just take our technology.”

The man sitting in the corner, being ignored by everyone, James Watson, leaned back in his chair, and scratched his chin; he looked at Claire and spoke. “Yeah, it reminds me of all that I went through with the DNA stuff. (James Watson with Francis Click discovered the Double Helix of DNA) “

“Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were so excited about discovering the genetic makeup of humans that they started the Human Genome Project (international) mapping the genes. I quit in 1992 when I got into an argument with Bernadine Healy (Harvard) who insisted on patenting human cells, and genes, I still think that is dead wrong.”
Zippy “ruff, whooooo, ruff.”

“Why? Why can’t we patent a gene?” said Michael J. Fox. “Who cares who makes the money off these genes if it saves one life? If it gives us hope? Why do you always think scientists are going to do evil things with this stuff?”

For some reason, Michael was not moving around in my dream; “Hi Michael, hey I really loved you in all those Back to the Future movies!”

Michael, “Thanks, but really…did you know that in vitro fertilization they throw away about 100,000 of perfect eggs each year? They just kill them. Why can’t we use them?”

Nobody: “Well, I don’t know Michael, that’s a good question. Do these eggs belong to the donors? Aren’t the liberals always saying it’s a woman’s right to choose? And if she can get an abortion, then she has a right to choose to kill her vitro eggs. Maybe you should take that up with the Congress.”

“Anyway I it takes about 5 to 8 million harvested eggs just to make therapeutic cloning possible. That’s a lot of eggs for one cure. Already Russian girls and Chinese girls are selling eggs on the black market. That’s a lot of “potential life” being sacrificed for a few rich people.”

Michael, “Hey wait, what makes you think only the rich will get this? “
Nobody: “Well, being as there are so many people that can’t even afford to go to the doctor for a cold, what makes you think that insurance or Medicare is going to pay for this expensive treatment for nobody’s like me, especially if they are over 65?”

“Ruff...” said Zippy.

A man named Charles Ostman, who had up to this time been winking at Claire every time she made a grumpy face jumped in. “Look, it’s very important that we get started on this. All over the world they are already working on cloning, and if we don’t get started, we will be far behind. “

Nobody: “Oh, yeah, I heard you on Coast to Coast. You work for the Global Futures and the American Council for the United Nations University. You do work in artificial intelligence, nano electronics and Legendary Pharmaceuticals. I guess some of these body parts you want to clone will come in handy in inventing artificial brains, and nano transistor phones with human brains, or maybe you could make my dog speak---getting into those embryo cells opens up a whole new world of patents and products for you guys.”

Charles; “Hey, we need this. Our universities need the money. If we don’t get the money from the government, it’s going to be bad. It’s not smart to let private companies get these patents because they won’t share the knowledge with the rest of the scientists.

Nobody: “Hey, I thought that was the point. Don’t you think we could use more companies making products in the United States since we have lost our manufacturing bases and seem to be just a country of Wal-Marts, McDonalds, Starbucks, and gas stations? Is this all about giving the government more employees because we have no other industries? Or is this about competition with the scientists who work for the universities who want part of the big global pie? Any way you look at it, even if the cure comes, it will be at the expense of the poor guy, who will never benefit from it because Michael J. Fox, will pay 2 million for his cure, and the rest of us will not be able to afford it. So it’s another thing for the elites…because it’s all about the money.”

Michael: “Wait a minute; wouldn’t you want your dog cloned?”

Nobody; “The guy who had a pet cloning business claimed bankrupt. Zippy, do you want to be cloned?”

Zippy; “Ruuuuuff.”

Nobody; “See?”

Everyone got up to go. They were all disgusted. “Well, you’re wrong…and you’re cruel and stupid.” I didn’t catch who said that.
It was just me and Zippy left.

“Ruff” …ruff”

I woke up…Zippy was licking my face. This was a good thing because, if she hadn’t I would have missed No. 22, the Cardinals player of the night hitting in the winning run. Cardinals won the game; we are up three games to one.

Still, I’m glad I had the dream. We all want to cure diseases. But if only the rich can afford the cures, why should the little guy pay for it? There are plenty of rich people already paying for it, now. And after all, it’s our choice to vote no on the amendment in Missouri, maybe Michael should just start his own telethon.

Zippy would watch.

Nobody’s Perfect; Okay, this is long I know, but to cover all the points of view it seemed necessary.

Nobody Knows
; This research is being done as we speak. The MAIN reason this is being pushed in Missouri is to get Claire McCaskill elected over Jim Talent. They are just using stem cell research and Michael J. Fox as a final push to get her in, otherwise she might lose.

Nobody Cares; Most of this stuff about stem-cell is once again, promoting ideals against the religious view that the individual is important and every individual has a right to life, the conservative view, as oppose to every life should be sacrifice for the many, the liberal view.

I think enough boys are sacrificing their lives right now for the liberals to want to tax their wives at home for the cures that only they will be able to afford.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Seventh Inning Stretch

Nobody's Opinion: Due to the seventh inning stretch, I am resting and not blogging tonight.

But don't miss tomorrow, where a nobody will visit the vast halls of Washington University Reseach Center, where she will question the vast minds of stem-cell scientists, Claire McCaskill, Michael J. Fox, and James Watson.

Will her questions be answered? Will she find out if they will clone her some designer genes for never having to do her roots again? Will Russ Limbaugh stop in to see Michael J. Fox's imitation of him? Will she find the answers to why Missouiri has to fund stem cell research, and if's it's really true that Bill Clinton is having the perfect woman cloned? And most importantly, will they even let her on the campus?

Don't miss the exciting episode of why nobody needs the questions of exactly "where does life begin?" to the vast alein minds of our planet. Tomorrow.

Tonight I, as you can see, I'm in the seventh inning stretch.

Nobody's Raging

Nobody’s Opinion; My mind was on two subjects today; the fight about the war in Iraq, and the terrible state of our hospitals and the plan it seems for the baby boomers just to die off gracefully, without a whimper.

Typically, just like a woman, I want to talk about both.

Let’s do the hospitals first.

When I read Mr. Adams excellent review on Terri Schiavo tonight on MND, the whole event came back like a bad nightmare. It should have been a big wakeup call for all baby boomers and their aging parents.

I took it at the time, as a very scary message from our government that you WILL be expected to go quietly.

The silence from our courts, our representatives, Governor Jeb Bush, his brother our President, was overwhelming.

Like the Dubai Ports deal, the eminent domain ruling, and the invasion of the Mexicans who are being told they are just taking back their own lands back, those of us who remember a free America are wondering---what next? (Don’t EVEN get me started on the cameras.)

Yeah, remember Terri? Poor thing, we had to sit by and watch her starve and watch the media spin it as a “beautiful thing, this death stuff.”

I think that’s one of the moments we lost faith in our President. He could have saved her. His brother could have saved her. Congress could have saved her. But, the message was clear. We don’t have enough money for all you baby boomers and Medicare, and we are not going to start something here.

We can’t afford millions of baby boomers siphoning off money that isn’t there for life support. The money isn’t there, because past and present Congresses have spent it.

The real nightmare for our Congressmen is that the baby boomers might live on in hospitals for years. You think I’m kidding?

Forget that stuff they tell you about the population not growing, oh that’s true alright. But it’s also true that Congress just goes into any department purse it wants to get money for whatever. There is no lock box, never will be.

They do their own accounting, which really is, they have no accounting.

So they let her starve to death. Life support is not an option…oh, but we DO believe in the right to life, just not when you’re over 65.

Terri Schiavo wasn’t brain dead. How do I know?

Because I went through the exact same thing with my parents. Both my parents suffered strokes and brain damage. Three neurologists claimed my mother was brain dead and she was talking to me. She understood every word I said. The abuse my poor mother went through at the hospital was as bad as Terri’s, and I was considered cruel for protecting her and demanding medical assistance.

I spent years in various hospitals. And I learned one thing.

This “death” culture has gotten into our society with the new socialization of our PPRs and HMOs. Many doctors and nurses consider it cruel to keep patients alive, even though with all the new medical advancements of today it can be done, and easily.

Their motto; no one should have to suffer, better to die. They do not want you to “Rage, rage against the night.” Not for your own life, or that of your country.

There is a connection here.

They really think that old people should die to make way for the new and “old” concepts like freedom and America should die to make way for the “new” progressive way.

Always remember, the word progressive has always been used by communists to get whole masses to accept change.

Remember when HMO’s came into being? It was sold to us as such a “wonderful” thing. Co-payments, and pick your own doctor, we couldn’t wait.

Little did we know then that it was just the introduction of a Cuba like health system, phrase one.

Hillary might not have gotten her government socialization welfare passed, but she managed to get it started. How? With lawyers filing lawsuits. They have done so much damage to doctors that we will be begging for universal healthcare soon. That’s the plan.

If the left can’t get what they want going in the front door, they go in the back.

(By the way, this is the same method they are using to get us to not fight the Jihads)

Our hospitals are in deep trouble, and not just from the influx of illegal immigrants. The glorious doctrine of “merciful death” pervades throughout the whole system.

The ordeal about Terri was not only an ordeal that was incredible painful for her family and her friends, but a clear message sent to the citizens of the United States that, yes, it will be the state that will have the final decision if you should be put on a feeding tube, or not. You will have no say.

In fact, right after Terry died, Suze Orman, the media savvy financial guru, put out a computer kit which contained among other things a “Durable Power of Attorney for Heath Care” where you could easily give up all power to your physician on deciding whether you should live or die---what timing!

You trust your physician, don’t you?

Like most legal documents, you have to be careful what you sign away.

I was thinking about this while everyone is feeling sorry for Michael J. Fox today. No one has any doubt that the main reason Michael is doing these ads for the Democrats is because he hopes someday to be cured. He’s only human.

But stem-cell research is mostly about the cloning (and the patents) no matter what spin they put on it. And in one hundred years, if they do happen to find a cure, only Michael J. Fox would be able to afford it.

I doubt if he lasts that long. Dumb guy…doesn’t even know he is being used. The patents alone on cloning (excuse me, stem-cell research) are worth trillions and trillions (add a few more trillion) It doesn’t matter if they ever cure a thing.

But, back to the war: after all that has been happening to us, why should we trust anyone in the government at all?

Well, we KNOW we can’t trust the Democrats, they have shown us that they side with communists all over the world, and the Islamic nuts who want to kill us.

But can we trust President Bush?

Let’s leave him out of this for a minute, and think.

We do see Muslims moving in among us everywhere. And they are letting in more every day. They are our neighbors, in our drugstores, in our malls…which is okay…BUT--- They really don’t like us, and have plans to someday convert us all to their religion.

Go and try to be friends with one, you’ll see.

Something is going on here folks, and it’s not pretty.

Most of them here in the Midwest, do NOT want to talk to you, or even spent the time of day with you, unless it’s for business. And there are thousands of Muslims here.

They especially hate blonds. Revlon will be out of business if this keeps up.

Like someone said today, the Muslims recently took over Spain, Thailand, many provinces in Africa, and now, with Tony Blair going, they will take over England.
France isn’t looking too promising either.

The Mexicans are mostly Christians. At least they don’t want to kill us-- not yet.

But the Muslims are their religion. They will always live in their own communities and demand we change for them. And the liberals are already making our kids in school learn their religion.

Hey, they don’t even like our dogs. Do we really want to become like Europe? Do we want our daughters growing up to wear Burkas?

So, did I come to any conclusions about Iraq? Yes, I say: we rage--- we fight. We must not lose. (Also, adopt a dog.)

Did I come to any conclusions about the Democrats? I say: we rage---we fight, they must not gain power.

Did I come to any conclusions about hospitals? They need massive change.

How do I feel about our government (and that includes Republicans) giving away America?

Dylan Thomas said it the best;

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lighting they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight,
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

It’s the only sensible thing to do.

Nobody’s Perfect; We can all forgive Michael Fox for being mislead by the Democrats, after all…it’s a horrible disease. But, everyone should go out and read as much as they can before they vote. Don’t believe the spin. Stem-cell is all about the money.

Nobody Knows: President Bush today, came out with great optimism about the war, which was a good thing.

This nobody wonders just how many Democrats were behind all the “scandals” that have hurt his efforts so far. All of them, The Abu grave stuff, the “cartoon”, the Guantanamo Bay, the ‘retired generals” …all have liberal fingerprints written all over them.

Kind of like O.J. Simpson’s blood …which was found everywhere.

Nobody’s Cares; I can’t for the life of me understand all these liberals, who are always screaming about civil rights, why they aren’t screaming about the way the Muslims treat woman…it seems they are only a few notches above dogs.

In an Islamic state, Nancy and Hillary would have to go home and cook. Mmmmm…
It’s tempting.

Nobody wants to thank all readers for letting her rant on two subjects at once today…I know it’s not kosher, but it sure felt good.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Expostulation; Heather Mills McCartney

Nobody’s Opinion; Finally, I have found the perfect example of the treacherous woman that all the men on MND have been talking about…Heather Mills McCartney.

For god’s sake, he gave her a wedding in a Castle in Ireland with fireworks, and specially designed roses, and more then enough photographers to record his ever dying love to the whole world---that wasn’t enough?

He gave three million dollars to her land mind charities, and then posed on the ice with her in Alaska so they could save baby seals, and she could look cute next to one.

She wanted him to get plastic surgery. (Well, he did start looking a bit younger.)

She was mad because she had to cook for him, and he would make her breakfast in bed!

Wow, that’s tough.

Paul, it seems has a weakness for woman who love to give his money away for big causes.

Now Mrs. McCartney is trashing him to the entire world and wants half his fortune…because he told her he didn’t want a potty in the bedroom.

Really, I have to side with Paul on that one. What--- couldn’t she find a designer crutch to go with the bedspread?

Oh…and he fought with her…and he does drugs, and alcohol. Gee, everyone knew Paul did drugs, how many times did he get busted over the years?

When he met her, she was engaged to be married and dropped the guy five days before the wedding.

Which is why everyone on the earth was going, “Don’t do it Paul! You fool! She just wants your money! We know you miss Linda, but get a grip!”

I mean, she told him she really didn’t know who he was…before she met him. That’s like saying she didn’t remember how she lost her leg.

With that statement I almost want to say he got what he deserved. (But I won’t.)

Paul was obviously looking at her strawberry hills.

Which goes to show you, even the smartest, most experienced man can be absolutely stupid when it comes to women. Why is that?

When I heard that he did not even make her sign a pre-nuptial---that was sheer proof that she had done more on the street than just “model.”

Yes…she lived on the street alone at fourteen, sleeping under the bridges of London. She stole her food and clothes, and then somehow had managed to work herself up to doing “good” deeds for mankind, helping people get fake legs.

Well, it’s not like she could do something else.

Hey, when she was bragging about how good she was in bed, I thought…is he that stupid? She’s going to milk this guy.

So, why did Paul fall for it?

The psychologists will tell you he needed to fill the void, the hole of his lost mate, but this nobody thinks it was probably just great sex. To feel sixteen again was probably worth the risk to him.

This is a common thing, it happens all the time. When men lose their “soul” mates, after having been spoiled rotten by the woman for years, sharing the memories of their kids, the woman who cooked their meals, did their laundry, made them feel great and loved them unconditionally, these are the men who find the loneliness unbearable and end up marrying right away. You can hardly blame them.

Women on the other hand, very seldom get married again.

Especially if the man dies in his sixties, the woman just stick around their children driving the whole family nuts, which is okay, because raising the kids drove her nuts; it’s like karma, justice, and sweet payback time.

Heather wanted to be a star, and Paul was her ticket to fill her void.

She reminds me of Madonna. She thinks she is the hottest thing, and she wants to be worshipped for her charities and hang out with other famous people. Visit her website; it looks like a cross between Mother Teresa and Sex in the City.

What’s sad is that Paul has managed to be one of the only celebrities that somehow managed to be loved by all mankind. It would have been nice to know he went on being a happy camper.

Now, we will hear all kinds of stupid things he did, that could be all lies, stuff we would rather not know.

Heather can’t sleep now; everyone is being so mean to her. All together now…ahhhhh.

I don’t know about the guys here at MND, but this is one siren that I hope Paul gets the best of. She married him for his money, she used his fame to promote herself, and now she had a child to get his fortune.

Forget about the child: with a mother like that, she will be messed up not matter what he does. I hope he wins in court. Good luck Paul, you’re going to need it.

Nobody’s Perfect; I suppose Paul’s brain, after so many years of smoking grass, has perhaps morphed a bit. Some people are not affected by years of the stuff, but then again, some people after many years can’t even make a decent sentence. One thing for sure, it messed up a whole generation of baby boomers, basically put them to sleep, which was I think, the plan.

Nobody Knows; Her lawyer is the same lawyer that handled Princess Diana, and his lawyer is the same lawyer that handled Prince Charles. Of course, he will end up paying for both.

Nobody Cares; Okay, I had a crush on Paul McCartney too---and Bruce Lee, and my college history teacher, and the preacher’s son in third grade…and Sly Stallone after the first Rocky, a base player in a band called the Sheiks, and the first Dr. Who, Tom Baker and….

There, I’m glad I got that out of my system. Boy, am I glad I’m not a man.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

President Barack Obama...The REAL Reason

Nobody’s Opinion; I waited for it. I looked for it. I didn’t find it anywhere all day.
What’s that you may ask? The real reason Barack Obama announced he “might” be running for President in 2008 is because it’s a ploy to make sure Hillary is “re-elected” into the Senate.

Come on. Even Dick Morris admitted in her first two debates she was terrible, and there is not a person in the United States that doesn’t think she is running for President.

Except maybe the newborns.

The thought of Hillary NOT being re-elected to the Senate, thereby making the way for her to run for the Presidency, would be more of a disaster to the Democratic party than if they actually did not overtake the Senate.

The President has the ultimate power. He or she can veto anything. And as we have all seen, in the last two Presidencies, the power of the Presidency has become enormous.

This Presidential power increase was diligently worked on by both parties.

If the people of New York think Hillary is just using them, and she loses, she will have a real hard time trying to campaign from her cute little house in New York that she is never in.

She would lose the vast connections of power and money as a New York Senator which she needs to put her in the Presidency. She HAS to run from the Senate to be elected.

And if she loses, she can retain her seat, and like Ted Kennedy, stay in the Senate and rule until we all die. It’s all about power.

The American people are being duped again. I can’t believe everyone is falling for this.

It has been decided that Osama Obama (as Rush Limbaugh calls him) would announce at this time his plans, with Oprah helping out, and his book, backed by the full appendix of the vast CNN propaganda machine to convince everyone that Osama will run instead of Hillary.

And that’s all you heard all day. Obama this, Obama that, Hillary has baggage, Obama is loved, He’s the new John Kennedy, blah, blah, blah.

To put the punch in the attack, they made a CNN special called “The Do-Nothing Congress” with guest stars Tom Daschle, and Trent Lot. (who is pissed off at Bush)

A lot of it was about how Congress is never there. Why, the democrats are always there!

All kinds of dirt was thrown out on this garbage disguised as unbiased reporting. Every single word that came out of that broadcast was pure hatred against the Republicans…it was such blatant propagandas, I was actually getting nauseated.

Especially when they kept referring to Ronald Reagan, saying, “When Reagan was President, all the democrats and republicans got along. Why we’d go out to dinner together!”

They put this crap on TV and have the audacity to come back and say it’s the Republicans that divide and cause partisanship.

With a month more of this stuff the New Yorkers will say…”Oh, she really will stay and serve, I’ll vote for her then.”

And then in 2008…Obama will announce that he wants to stay in the Senate, and Hillary Clinton will be nominated to run for President.

Barack Obama and the democrats know he can’t run at this time. They are saving him, they play their people like the pawns they are.

Just how many people do you think would vote for a man named Barack Obama, born of a Muslim father (notice he never brings up religion) while our boys are being killed in Iraq? Are you crazy?

I don’t know about you, but I would always be wondering, why he didn’t change his name out of respect for all our fallen soldiers.

I’m sure like Bill Clinton, this guy was picked early by probably the Council of Foreign relations.

His father of the same name was a big deal at Harvard. Barack, the son, went to the University of Chicago and took the same courses as Bill Clinton---political science, with specialization in international relations. He then went and studied at Harvard Law school and became a lawyer like his daddy, and like Bill Clinton.

It’s a prerequisite to being a democrat in the high level so that they can get rid of the Constitution, some day and the Electoral College.

It will be “rule of law” alright.

When Barack Obama ran for Senate in 2004, he trailed behind businessman Blair Hull. All of a sudden Hull was disgraced with allegations of domestic abuse. (Surprise!) Then he was matched by republican Jack Ryan---who withdrew from the race with disclosure of child custody divorce records. (Surprise!)

See how these guys work. They will slime you, dirt bag you, because they are basically power hungry, corrupted crooks. They never, play fair.

Then he debated Alan Keyes, who is really is right of the right on most issues, so of course he won, because Illinois is mostly democratic.

Although Barack hasn’t done a thing for Illinois since he was elected, he did make a journey with the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to Russia, a job that Al Gore was found of. He has made extensive visits to the Middle East. He has spent a lot of time, like Bill Clinton, going all over Africa.

Is it any wonder that he has done absolutely nothing in the Senate? And why is that?
Because these people are being hand picked, and trained for the new Globalization takeover. The world is much more important than the United States.

Obama will run like a centrist, but he is as socialistic and fascist as Bill and Hillary. He worships at the feet of FDR and the New World Deal Welfare. You don’t think they do this stuff? Let’s review here folks.

The democrats since they came on the scene, since Jefferson bribed the newspapers to slander Adams, have showed how they play the game. If they want someone to be elected…they dig up real dirt on their opponents and get their guys in.

Aren’t you getting sick of “sex” scandals. Foley was a work of art.

I know, they pulled it on Clinton, but his real crimes were much worse, and he should have been impeached for those.

Or they use the “pity” vote. The “pity the poor children, the poor people in Africa with Aids, pity the poor Palestinians, the poor soldiers in Iraq who are dying for their country for a war we can’t win: the poor starving people in North Korea who are being starved by President Bush, The poor people in Darfar who are being killed because of President Bush, poor Michael J. Fox, who is being killed by President Bush because he is dying from the lack of stem-cell disease research.

And pity the poor First Lady who was betrayed by her husband.

Oh, did you hear today of the “planted” story about what her opponent Mr. Spencer said?

“Looks what that nasty man said to me! He said I was ugly and had plastic surgery, when I’ve never had a thing done to myself, (cough, cough) but I was really cute in high school…how cruel to attack my looks.”

What she actually said was “It’s unfortunate that when you don’t have anything positive to say about the issues that we get off on some pretty swampy territory.”

Okay, who told her to pick the word “swampy?”

Hillary, by using this underhanded play, you couldn’t get any uglier.

Nope, Osama is just being set up to help Hillary at this point. Bill can only help her so much. She is a lousy speaker, she looks bad, and she will sink us if she’s is President.

Nobody’s Perfect; The Democrats make the mafia look like small fry, but the Republicans are no better. They have done nothing but continue on with Bill Clinton’s takeover globalization plans. Both parties are globalists.

Our schools are getting worse, our food is being contaminated, we are being invaded, not only with millions of people, but lots of old diseases that were once non-existent here, ur whole manufacturing base is gone, and we are merging with China. And all this great news about the economy only affects the rich, and on that the democrats are right.

What they don’t tell you, is they work for the rich too. NAFTA was brought in by Clinton.

The only thing they have going for them is their fight against the Islamic that want to kill us.

And right now, that might be the only reason to vote for them.

Nobody Knows; Just how long it took for our country to get so messed up.

Nobody Cares; It’s obvious that Hillary has had plastic surgery, why should we care?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 23

Nobody’s Opinion; Twenty-three, poor number, has to come after the star-studded twenty-two…note that Halliburton 3Q earrings were up 22 %, the Detroit Tigers’s last World Series was 22 years ago, (which, if I were them, I would use this knowledge by spitting into my glove 22 times before the game.) and there was a 22 year-old man in Australia recently that drove backwards for 310 miles at 40 mph.until he was stopped and fined.

Life is not fair, as John Kerry found out when he had to speak after Bill Clinton during the Democratic Party’s nomination convention.

Now, you will say…get off of it Joyanna! All I can say is, the next time you see the number 22, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now, on to some other absurdities.

Is it me? Does anyone else remember a time when there were no such things as those wonderful gimmicks of political voter persuasions called “the polls?”

I believe their use as a political ploy in our national arena came into repeated redundancy during the Clinton administration, which is the best reason not to believe them.

It’s best to always consider their source. Notice they very seldom tell you (unless it’s Zogby) just who they polled or how the questions were put.

They could have asked a hundred people in a nudist beach in Florida who they thought was going to win the elections, the democrats or republicans, and something tells me all the people would shout at once…”BUBBA!”

CNN would then take that poll and report it as: “Recent polls show that the American people think President Bush should be Imbeached (misspelling on purpose) and the Democrats have a strong lead.”

According to Dick Morris, the whole Clinton Presidency was ruled by “polls.” Which is one of the reason Bill Clinton only went to Iowa once when he was running for President and why Hillary will not even bother going, she just sends Bill.

It’s also another reason to be wary of Dick Morris.

Remember that famous election night when, I believe it was Peter Jennings said on the air before the polls were closed, “According to the exciting polls, Florida has gone to Gore.”

The citizens in Florida had hours to go before the polls closed, thereby effecting the whole election and perhaps much of that huge chad mess because many conservatives heard that news, gave up and went to the local bar.

Oh, they all said, it was a “mistake.” Right.

Hey, it worked pretty well then, and now that the “polls” are saying the Republicans are going to lose big time…it’s working again.

There was a recent poll just taken that said that if Hillary ran against John McCain using just the name Hillary Clinton she would lose by 1%...BUT, if she went by the name Hillary Rodham Clinton she would win by 7%.

So, I suggest she change her name to Queen Hillary Clinton II and lose.

Nothing like a good “poll” to effect votes when you’re down. Someone should take a “poll” to see just how many Americans would like to get rid of “polls.”


Speaking of names---Melissa Etheridge and her “wife” just had twins! And just in case you are trying to find a reason for wondering if gays should really be allowed to be parents….they named the boy, Miller Steven, and the girl---Johnnie Rose.

I sure hope Melissa can make a man out of Johnnie or they might have to watch a little girl crying a lot. Also, since it was an anonymous donor, Daddy Melissa might be disappointed when Johnnie grows up to prefer men.

As far as being named after a beer, their boy will either grow up to be a priest or an alcoholic, or totally confused.

And in Biloxi, Mississippi, Rusty Real has named his son, EPSN Montana Real. But he’s not the first one. There’s an Espn Malachi McCall in Texas; Espn Curial in Texas, and Espn Blondeel in Michigan.

This is getting to be a popular name…like navel belly rings; I predict this new alternative to the usual boring names will catch on fast.

Soon we will see CNN Hillary, FOX O’Rielly, TNT Simpson, and probably my pick, Sci-Fi Williams.

Americans are so creative…we need more cable stations.


Wait, I’m not finished with this. According to some polls, many Americans, including among that list…Oprah Windfrey, are hoping to one day say:

President Barak Osama.

Hopefully President Barak Osama, if he should become president, will not disgrace his country as another “multi-national,” has… Senior U.S .Director of Public Diplomacy for the Middle East, Alberto Fernandez, said this week that the U.S. Policy in the region showed “arrogance and stupidity.”

Of course he said this in perfect fluent Arabic thinking us nobody’s here in America would ever know.

A Spanish guy who speaks perfect Arabic…where do they find these guys?

The answer is, you can find the social/democrats wanting to take over the world everywhere, like in Germany (a country who gave Hillary a “Woman of the Year” award last year)

Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder wrote a book that he could not “reconcile himself with the feeling that religion was the driving force behind many of Bush’s political decision.”

He also said; “We rightly criticize that in most Islamic States, the role of religion for society and the character of the rule of law are not clearly separated. But we fail to recognize that in the USA, the Christian fundamentalists and their interpretation of the Bible have similar tendencies”

Which is EXACTLY what Bill Clinton said last week---proof that Bill Clinton did not forget to send his democratic talking points to his buddy in Germany…it’s just that CNN ABC, NBC, Nancy, James, and al-quada, Chavez, and China get them first.

So, if they want to expose some e-mails, I suggest following Bill’s weekly talking points are a good place to start.

And anyway, I’m just so scared that President Bush believes in God, aren’t you? Really, really quite frightening.

I bet the men in Valley Forge felt the same way about George Washington when he led them in prayer. Scary.


Nobody’s Perfect; This goes to South Korea for protesting the “free trade” talks with America. Evidently the South Koreans like to use the cheap slave labor in North Korea to grow their rice and beans. Once the U.S. gets our products into South Korea, we would flood their markets with cheaper rice and beans and jeopardize their livelihood.

Sound familiar?

Frankly, I think it’s the least they can give us for all the lives that have been sacrificed and might have to be sacrificed to protect their South Korean … (fill in the blank)

Also, the Floridians, who are known for their perfect driving record have decided it’s Okay to expose your breasts when you are protesting not being able to bare your breast, thereby making it lawful for every girl who wants to in Florida, if caught bare breasted in the grocery store to simply say; “Officer, I am protesting, here have a banana.”

And the city of Ft. Meyers, has announced that the Turkey Testicle Festival can keep its name. The vote was four to one.

I have a feeling there will be bare-breasted girls celebrating turkey testicles. Something tells me that Foley is not going to be the last surprise coming out of that state.

Nobody Knows;
There is a university in China that requires law and business students to take golf lessons to prepare them for the business world. Many of the students are protesting, saying it’s for “elites.”

You have to admire the Chinese, it’s a great idea. I think the universities here should do the same. Instead of taking politically correct courses like “Orientation,” or “Blank Panthers and the History of Sisterhood.” They should be mandated to take golf.

All these Chinese are going to be beating us at science and math…and NOW they will be killing us on the golf courses. The NAFTA highway is already building sand traps.

We’d better get on this, and start in high school. All the recycling classes and community service should be thrown out and replaced with golf and tennis.

At least here, the students would not protest, and that’s good news.

Nobody Cares. Darryl Hannah was out on a pink surf board, helping her friends Piece Bronson, Halle Barry, Cindy Crawford, and Jane Seymour protest a natural gas line which is being planned to be built 14 miles off of Malibu.

Now, is this because they want to save the whales, or is this the Ted Kennedy “any place but around my house” concern?

Darryl should go back in her tree, and take Ted with her.

They should be thankful it’s going to be built by the Australians and not the Saudi’s.

Nobody Wins. In Mexico, the drug gangs are starting to cut off heads and hang them out on poles. This nobody suggests remembering that fact in the next election when you are considering which candidate to vote for.