Friday, August 29, 2008


Nobody Flashes! Due to circumstances beyond my control (family medical emergency, you know how that goes) I will be taking the weekend off!

BUT that does not mean I will not have loads of stuff to say about the new fresh real AMERICAN WOMAN that has come onto the!

Anyway, everyone have a great weekend, and try to forget the Obama Olympic moment...and probably Susan Sarandwarp somewhere in the seats crying. Or better yet, Hillary getting drunk...somewhere...

"There's a place for Us...somewhere a place for us..."


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nobody Flashes About Hillary: YES SHE CAN!

Nobody Flashes Anymore!


"Isn't She Lovely, isn't she wonderful, life is Hil-lar-ry, less than one minute ago..."

Wait, that's Michelle's song.

Well, "YES SHE CAN" steal her song if she wants to!

All I can say is: Hillary made such a big hit last night at the Democratic convention in Denver you would have thought she was the nominee...

Wasn't she? Suddenly, as she walked on stage, out of literally nowhere there appeared thousands of signs saying "Hillary!" at Obama's convention. Michelle was shocked to say the least. I'm surprised she kept her mouth closed. That took some effort. Even Biden looked surprised.

How much did that stunt cost the Clintons?

So, here is Hillary saying "YES I CAN!"

YES I CAN!---go away for awhile and have a mini-face lift, eye surgery, liposuction, and major reconstruction, not to mention a better makeup get ready for my Presidency...(Oh, so you don't think I was nominated?Ask those 18 million.)

YES I CAN! ---practice my most important speech of my career until I have it perfect for over a month, while recovering from my plastic surgery...and wasn't I great?!

YES I CAN!---play my Hollywood video propaganda that makes me into the new Harriet TUBBIE: the Amazon woman leader who WILL be the first woman President of the United States...sooner rather than later...just you wait and see! Anything can happen! Something might happen to Obama, you know how these things are... and then I will be ready to step in to take over!

YES I CAN! Did you see on the Obama faces! Did Michelle look absolutely petrified? Didn't Obama have a look of sheer fear in his eyes! HA! We STILL have the touch! Don't mess with a Clinton!

YES I CAN! How did you like the story about the woman who adopted two autisitic children and then got cancer, and put my name on her bald forehead! Ha! Try and top THAT one!

YES I CAN! Play the good cop while Bill plays the bad cop, and we will show the WORLD that WE ARE THE CLINTONS....WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT!....

Good God....nobody flashes like the Clintons, and speaking of God---I'm doing doubletime.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nobody Knows Where Oz Is

Nobody Knows: Tonight is the big night that Hillary Clinton will make her best bid for the Presidency in Denver at the Democratic convention,and oh my goodness! What is happening at the moment? The afternoon before her famous speech? A computer breakdown has got thousands of flights all over the eastern half of the United limbo...and delays.


And just yesterday, four tornadoes were seen in....Denver?

Are we in OZ? No...we are in Clinton land! As many of us already know, lots of things happen when the Clintons get around airports...and speaking of airports...and flights of fantasy...and airbags of "oops"....

Nobody Knows why Obama thought he was in St. Louis, and then he said, after his young innocent daughter asked, "Where are you Daddy?"

"I'm in Kansas!" But he had already said he was in St. Louis. One has to wonder if he was over the "rainbow" yet, or just visiting some good-looking unknown witch of the Midwest?

"Well heck, Michelle, of course I was in Kansas! I don't know why she said I was in St. Louis."

Sounded like a classic cover up to me...

Nobody Knows: I'm a very "creative" person! I tell myself that all the time! Well, you don't have to be to creative to think up this...

About five years ago I was telling my husband since these big malls were going up all over the country, why didn't they just build small apartments on each end, and put every store and every thing that people would need to live. A drug store, grocery store, movie theater, kiddy places...and then they would never need cars! They could just walk out of their houses and go to the mall, regardless of weather...

And the other day, I opened up my paper and a local mall, which had failed due to bankruptcy, was going to be made into a complete "retirement" village, with apartments, etc...just like I thought.

So...are you still with me?

Old people are a problem...especially when driving. Japan is sending it's old people to Thailand to retire in specially made communities. And last week, GM announced it's electric car, due to come out in 2010.

They are really excited, finally a car that doesn't use gas! It only goes about 50 miles before needing to be recharged, but hey! So what? They say that 80% of the people of the United States do not go beyond 50 miles daily! (wonder why that is) Why in the world would they need to go further?

So...what they are going to call these little retirement communities, where most people will own electric cars, and will probably never leave their little mall in their lifetimes?

Heaven? Hell? Perdition? Malls of the toothless and gas less AARP members surging to their Wal-greens medications?

The future looks so bright, forget the shades, get out your boots. I have mine already.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Neither Wind, Nor Sleet, Nor Rain, Nor Snow---Will stop Stupidity

Nobody’s Opinion: “Neither wind, nor sleet, nor rain, nor snow…will stop your loving United States government from making sure you have no say whatsoever in whatever happens to you.”

But you can come to their spectacular conventions!

And why do we not have any say? Because our government has been creating one monopolistic agency after another for much too long.

Our two-party system is a monopoly…you’d never know it by the way they talk.

Yes, that’s the subject of today: Monopolies. There are just too many of them, starting with the boys in Washington D.C, and ending with our abhorrent Department of Education that keeps all our kids drugged up and dumb.

You heard me. Drugs are everywhere in our schools, They are sold in the halls between classes…the teachers stand by and watch them do it, because they are too scared to butt-in. The administrators know it, our President knows it, and absolutely nothing is done about it ---which means, they- don’t- care.

When you leave the biggest opium fields in the world intact after you invade a country (Afghanistan)--- fields that supply money that goes to arm the enemy that kills our soldiers: a few joints between classes is no big deal.

You and I pay for this “service?” This is a “plan?”

Nancy Reagan tried to help….

Just say “no.” she said---But she couldn’t fight the system, that swept our country in the sixties and never left.

But back to monopolies---they are good, aren’t they? They must be. Every single day, some big international corporation is merging with some other huge corporation with high-fives from our government. Need some taxpayer money to help you out?

Here! Take a few trillion!

Our government it seems, with each new governmental program, wants to employ all the people, because then the people could never get rid of its “employer.”

You think they don’t think these things out?

We just had eight horrible years of the Clintons, and eight horrible years of Bush, and the government thanks to both, has grown more corrupt and more monopolistic.

The Supreme Court can make you give your property away to big business, something they do in Russia and China. Don’t you just love it?

What do we now have…ladies and gentlemen? A Republic?

You just have to shake your head.

The word among the well-known conservatives who have been basically spit on by their own party, to me, is short of ridiculous.

I’m almost ashamed of their timidity. They act like if the system still works.

Well, it doesn’t. Our current election proves it.

Here’s their theory---a theory that has been repeated by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and even Joseph Farrah: Elect Obama, so that, like Jimmy Carter, history will repeat itself and THEN we will get another Ronald Reagan. Just wait…another eight years…then we’ll get em!

Well, easy for them to say. What do they think people lives are? A baseball game that they can umpire? If we wait for another Reagan, we’ll all be dead.

This new “theory” or “operation chaos” is supposed to work because they “believe” that the people will rise up, and vote for conservatives in twelve years, they will be so sick of socialism.

In twelve years it will be too late.

Both parties have worked diligently to protect the status quo, which has one objective. Put the power forever, in the hands of a global few.

Have four-year election competitions to fool the masses.

We will be out of “energy” soon but both parties want to invite millions of people to come on in and make the problems worse.

You think they don’t know this? Is this a “plan?”

In fifty years, we will be a Hispanic nation. What does Juan McCain want to do? He learns Spanish.

Are you, like me, laughing when you hear Rush say we don’t want to go into socialism?

Do you wonder just where these people live, that they don’t realize we are past socialism now going into communism if we continue down this road?

Where the hell have they been?

Many Americans are leaving their parties and claiming they are Independents. But guess what? The independents don’t have a say at the podium, and if Rush and Ann have any say in the matter, they never will.

This is not logical. For instance: When Bill Clinton was being the biggest chauvinistic pig in the world, not one feminist came out against him…why? Because they didn’t want to upset their abortion rights.

Now, when Bush and McCain want to basically, destroy America, by not protecting our borders, Rush and Ann, act just like the feminists they hate---and say nothing. Why? Because of their conservative values.
As it seems to me---both parties are trying to “merge” America with the rest of the world, we will all live off stock dividends.

Sam Adams would throw them all out.

You know, I get a kick out of how all the pundits all like to talk about our founders…but it seems to me that none of them really get those guys, or what they fought for.

Because they were all about “rule by laws, not by men”

What we really need to do is take our founders main intentions, get rid of the two-party system of which NONE of the founders wanted (they would be screaming at this insanity) don’t throw away their great documents…just enforce them, make laws that no man could break---not even Presidents. I don’t know what we could put into place, but come on…break up this huge government monopoly where the people have no say, and never will.

John Adam’s is calling. Somebody pick up the phone.

Never mind wind, sleet, hail, and snow…it might take a tornado.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who Can Bust a Vein Faster---Democrats or Madonna?

Nobody Wins: I know everyone on the planet has seen this picture by now. But what I want to know is just what ARE those big bulging things coming down her inner thighs? Veins? Ligaments? Muscles? Transplanted bones from a Howler monkey tail?

Madonna is really having a hard time growing older. For a woman who likes to insinuate that John McCain is a Nazi, and if Nazi’s are bad according to her, why in the world is she trying so very hard to look like one!

All I can say is good thing Ellen DeGeneres got married this weekend, and that she has a boob job, or I’d wonder about that big thing sticking out of her pants.

Speaking of ‘looks’---the down-home-good-old-mom and pop conservative American is being courted by the likes of Coke and Michelle Obama.

In Springfield, Michele Obama had the most god-awful fifties style dress I had ever seen, in order, I suppose to get Middle American women to identify with her. A REAL change from her usual lawyer outfits. I don’t know who suggested she wear that thing, but I bet they used to work for Hillary.

And COKE…did you see the Olympic commercial where a bunch of cartoon birds fly all over Beijing gathering straws to make their own bird nest, all the while the bird is singing a song which sounds like some county boy from Tennessee?

What’s up with this stuff? Is this supposed to make the NASCAR crowd love China?

Just minutes ago I watched Bob Costas sign off with his last Olympic report from Beijing. There was a big picture of Chairman Mao over his right shoulder.

Bob’s got a new job. Hopefully they let him out of China, for a visit.

And speaking of your daily “social engineering” message--my husband and I went and saw the latest “Mummy” movie today, which I’m sure was made just in time to be released in China in order to bring our countries together, because the mummy was an ancient Chinese Emperor, and the Great Wall of China had a BIG scene, and there was an awful lot of Japanese playing Chinese…it’s all so confusing.

But in the real world of logic which is so seldom visited by anyone, while many people and reporters were in shock that some protesters were arrested in China, and held in rooms for over 48 hours---

No reporter seems to have a problem with the fact that in the grand old USA, armed soldiers in full combat uniform standing ready to “control” the big crowd of protesters we are going to have here at our Democratic convention is not the same thing as China arresting protesters there.

And in our land of freedom, where we have a right to “protest”…NO one has been upset at all that our government has already built a huge warehouse, where they will put people in cages like they did in the holocaust; they will round up those Jews---wait, did I say Jews? I meant American protestors---and throw them in areas where they will hold them, until their lawyers can collect big sums of money.

And the Democrats call the Republicans Nazi’s? Really?

So, compare…China, or Denver? See a difference?

Let me know.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to not see another Madonna concert. Seeing a grown woman bust a vein is not my idea of a good time.