Thursday, June 01, 2006

Is The Glass Half Empty, Or Half Full?

Nobody’s Opinion; The brain works in a very funny way, at least mine does. I try to control my brain. I’ve given up.

Is there anyone out there who actually has control of his or her own brain? You do...?

Well, I can make a bet that you do not work for any department of the United States Government.

Neurologists have studied the brain for some time now, and the best of them can’t for the life of themselves tell you exactly how it really works. Oh---they can tell you quite a bit…but the real mystery is still beyond their grasp. Not that the Japanese haven’t tried really hard.

The Japanese have seen “The Matrix” just one too many times.

For one thing, scientists can’t seem to find out where the “conscience” is. You know…the part that says “I think, therefore I am.” They can tell you where everything else is, but they really haven’t any clue how it is all processed. They can’t tell you just how imagination comes about, and I for one, don’t really care to know, because as we have seen…there is no limit to the human imagination. If we didn’t exist, we could have thought ourselves up easily.

Like cancer, bin Laden, and Noah’s Ark, it might be awhile yet for some kind of breakthrough. This mystery of the brain has not helped me with my problem, which is very annoying and uncontrollable.

I get brain glitches.

Did you ever get a brain “glitch?” You know, like the worst song of the century keeps coming back to you at the oddest moments? (“Strangers In the Night” by Frank Sinatra is one of my brain’s favorite.) and it usually comes into my head when I'm cooking pasta.

It's the excuse I give for my burnt meatballs.

Anyway there was an article I read in National Geographic many years ago. It pops up in my memory at least ten a year, because of something else that reminds me of it. Today it was an article on Newsmax, reporting about double pay for Federal Workers.

Basically it said that federal workers not only make twice the salary of the private sector, but they receive government health benefits, pension plans with inflation protection, a retirement savings plan with a very generous match, great holiday and vacations, flexible working hours, training options, etc, etc.--- In other words, if you can’t decide what to do with your life, get a government job. You can’t lose.

I did not even try to look for this article. I have every National Geographic since 1953, spread out on the upper two shelves of a bedroom closet. With no closet lights. I’m sure they will be the first thing donated to the local library after I’m gone. But it really doesn’t matter, because in my brain glitch I rememberd that article as if I had just read it again this morning, and the feeling I got after I read a few simple sentences… was not good.

The glitch came along with a severe case of dyspepsia.

The article as I remember, was about a dilemma happening somewhere on an island that was owned by France. Half the islanders worked for the government of France, and half the islanders did not. Half the people loved being dependent on the state, the other half wanted freedom.

The people, who wanted to change the status quo, were not happy campers. But they needed the help of those that did work for the government to go back to more of a democracy. Of course those that worked for France had it pretty well, and did not want to lose their jobs. So the stalemate was expected to last forever, or until the next tsunami.

And that’s what has always bothered me. Just how many people work for our Federal Government as opposed to the private sector?

Let’s see...there is the Departments of Agriculture, of Commerce, of Defense, Housing and Urban Development, The Interior, Justice, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, Appalachian Regional Commission, Office of Personnel Management, Commission of Civil Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, FCC, Federal Maritime Commission, Federal Mediation and Conciliation service, Federal Trade Commission, General Services Administration, Government Printing Office, Interstate Commerce Commission, Library of Congress, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Credit Union Administration, National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities, National Labor Relations Board, National Science Foundation, President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, Railroad Retirement Board, Securities and Exchange Commission, Small Business Administration, International Trade Commission, Tennessee Valley Authority, Department of Veterans Affairs, Environmental Protection Agency, National Gallery of Art, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Action, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Department of Energy, United States Information Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Education, Harry Truman Scholarship Foundation, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board, National archives and Records Administration, United States Institute of Peace,, National Council on Disability, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Executive Office of the President. (1.9 million civilian workers alone, who made $200 billion in 2004.)

Whew! Now add the Post Office, the Patent and Trademark office, all public schools teachers and administrators, Universities, and veterans hospitals, and all branches of the armed forces.

Throw in the billions that go for our Congress and all their perks, the Pentagon, NSA and black hole ops…..and those guys in the desert somewhere in area 51.

And that list was from before 9-11! Homeland Security was not invented yet.

Hillary Clinton, if elected, will double that.

Now--- just how many people work for each and every department?

I tried to find out…but there was a glitch somewhere.

Is this our "service" economy?

I have a girlfriend who became an English Teacher. She really sweated losing her job until she made tenure of three years. After that, every teacher knows they have a lifetime job, and can never be fired, as long as they don’t shot the principal. Anyway, the government will pay for their education at hardly any costs to them. So my girlfriend got a degree as a CPA.

One day she admitted that she had a problem. She did not like her job. If she quit she could be making around $70,000 a year, more than she was making as a teacher, but she would have to work long hours, and she would never get the pensions, medical, and assured standard of living raises. She has a little girl to raise alone. She needs the security. There was really no choice.

The way the system is set up it’s door number one; never have to worry or door number two, you might end up homeless.

And that’s the ominous feeling I get in the pit of my stomach. Most people who work for the government are liberal, because the government is their ticket to security. They will never stick up for freedom, and will do whatever the government asks without a thought…they could be lead to a slaughter like lambs.

So that leaves rest of us in the private sector to fight to keep freedoms.

“The federal civilian workforce has become an elite island of secure and high-paid workers, separated from the ocean of private-sector American workers who must compete in today’s economy.”

I've always wondered what happened with that little Island I read about in National Geographic.
Did the private sector convince the other half to go with them and fight for a better government?

Or is the glass still half empty?

Nobody’s Perfect: Arkansas teachers are sending home notes to parents to inform them that their kids are fat. So parents should insist that the kids drop recycling class and put in an hour of gym. Right, they don’t care if the kids can’t spell, add or subtract, or read, because they don’t want to damage their self esteem---but they can tell the kid he’s a porker and his self-esteem will not suffer? In this case, the teacher’s glasses are empty are not only empty, they're broken.

Nobody’s Knows; Have you notice the difference lately in Condoleezza Rice’s outfits? She is going all out, with bright bold colors! Today, it was bright red! What, is this another “Oh No, I’m not running for President!” but I’ve got the best fashion consultants that your money can buy rue?

Nobody Cares; Next time you see a fat teacher in Arkansas…tell her she’s fat, and she’s a disgrace to the state. After all, you pay her salary and expect her to be a role model to your child.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Puritan Left

Nobody’s Opinion; Lately, the democrats have been very concerned about how they are going to get the religious vote. They know by their “polls” that religion and values are still very important among Americans, and now, they have all those religious Mexicans to cope with. The Clintons are doing a lot of funerals, and the pundits are starting to announce that “Hey, I may be a democrat, believe in gay marriage, abortions, dirty politics, and adultery, but that doesn’t mean I’m not religious!” Hillary even compared the poor immigrants to Jesus trying to just get over the border to live, and to work.

How touching. To hear Hillary, after all this time, have to say the word “Jesus.”

Even Howard Dean is trying to get everyone to get on this band-wagon.

But Al Gore is worried about “the extreme radical religious extreme right." They are going to have a fine line to walk.

This election year, is going to be a rough one for them. After all, most democrats have always shown that they think Ten Commandments, along with the Constitution, are outdated.

But hey, I think I’ll help them out.

If you thought this last year was pretty bleak, and all the bad news came floating up to the top of the heap, like acid reflexes, then I have good news for you. If you go to bed at night wondering about such things as whether the Statue of Liberty will be there in the morning, what cave you might drive to when the nukes hit... if you worry that Madonna might fall off her giant cross during one of her performances and break her neck…let me comfort you with this new revelation supplied to me by none other than our country’s favorite old Puritan guy, John Winthrop, of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. (Not to be confused with the Massachusetts Gay Colony)

The good news...liberals are true Christians. And yes, now is the time for all the liberals to come out of the closet and admit it...they are Jesus’ true children. According to John (and he should know) they no longer have to hide this new revelation from fear of being ostracized at next year’s Oscars. In fact, deep under those angry scowls for anything Republican beat the hearts of true Puritans. Yes, Christ is alive and well in all the liberals, they just don’t know it yet! He is working behind the scenes! They are, the innocent babes of Puritans...the Republicans and the Democrats can join together, because, they really do agree! We just have to tell them. Yes, the liberal mind is really Christian.....who would have guessed? You don’t believe it? Impossible? Well, let’s just think about this.

Before you think I’ve flipped out, let me back this up with logic that they are not even aware of.
(Logic not being their forte) I suggest that they think hard about this, because the last thing a liberal wants to be called is anywhere near religious. (Unless it’s two days before an election) But, may I refer you to the teachings of that most religious of founding people sects...the Puritans.

Jesus taught us to love our enemies “If thine enemy hunger, feed him: love your enemies: do good to them that hate you.” (Matt. 5; 44)

Now I ask you, does this not sound like every liberal you know? Have they not all spoken this with fervent passion? Oh yes, all the liberals want to feed the world...... Africa, Bangladesh, India, and especially Mexico. They follow their lord Jesus to the word.

When Iran had an earthquake, George Bush, who is a devote Christian, sent over relief, tons of money, and medical help to the victims. This was one of his “axis of evil” nations. He is doing just what the liberals would do. I didn’t hear any liberal praising that effort, did you?

But think again---have not the liberals loved our enemies? Have they not stuck up for the very ones who have attack us? Have not they gone head over heals to protect anyone that has hurt us? And have they not practiced “Turn the other cheek?” If your enemy smites you and destroys two of your buildings, how wrong it would be to attack back. Violence just breeds violence they say.
They are always complaining about how we rednecks take the Bible too literally, well here is proof that they do too. They follow Jesus’ words religiously, and even expand on it. They love our enemies so much they are willing to sacrifice a whole nation of people so that they can feel good about themselves. Jesus would be proud.

Such pure hearts deserve Jesus’ love .How hard it must be to live in secret, to practice Jesus’ extreme philosophies, and to remain faithful to the Lord without anyone knowing it.

The continual preaching of this liberal concept of “no self defense”: by not doing anything to protect ourselves, by not attacking Iraq, by never reacting to whatever any nation does to us, but loving the enemies without and within... this concept is practiced as well as any early Quakers of old. In fact, democrat’s love the enemy so much they are willing outlaw all our guns and nuclear weapons, and let us be completed annihilated. After all, they can then blame it on Bush, and when the elites are rushed off to the underground bunkers, they can put another Democrat in power. Never mind that there won’t be many people left to control. The important thing is they do what is right by Jesus.... and Paul Newman will still have his mountains.

And these good Christians liberals go even farther then the Christian Republicans. They are surely the very good, the holy...the wise and benevolent.

“There is a time when a Christian must sell all, and give to the poor,” quoted Mr. Winthrop. All the liberals go for this one. The basis for communism. Interesting don’t you think? A political philosophy born out of the Christian teachings.

Just as long as it’s not their money, the rich liberal elite want to distribute it all. I still have visions of Secretary O’Neill taking that old rock musician, Bono, on a trip to Africa. Bono, who is himself trying to impress Jesus, with forgiving all debts to Africa and any nation...and we (the United States citizens) should foot the bill.

Of course Bush has asked for the forgiving of debt in Iraq. So why is this Christian behavior good for Africa, but not for Iraq? Liberals need to start carrying around the Bible because it seems they tend to forget. (Maybe that also explains why they want to hurry up with stem cell research; they seem to have many memory problems)

The thought here is that if you are rich and you give your money to the poor, you surely will be rewarded in Heaven. Christian men everywhere are wondering how they got cheated out of the virgins of Islam.

“We must be willing to rid ourselves of our excesses to supply others necessities “said Winthrop. The United States is the most Christian giving and generous nation in the world. We give billions to every nation in the world, and have done so for quite awhile. Now Hillary, Bill, Bono, and all the liberals want us to give more--- and give up our sovereignty to the UN so that we can be really good Christens and go to heaven

In fact, I think once these liberals find out that Jesus has been their philosophy all along, they will rush to Iraq and give all their great fortunes to the poor, just as they preach .Hillary and Bill will give all the millions in their off-shore accounts to feeding the poor children of Africa. After all, they could live in a middle-class house like the rest of us...couldn’t they?

There is only one catch. Until they back up what they preach they won’t get into heaven.

What’s so funny about it all is that these progressive liberals are basing their philosophy on Christian doctrine. .

The difference is that in religion, it’s your right and choice to give, in the Democratic socialist world of do-gooders, it’s their right to take your money away from you without any say from you in how it is spent, and they have the control to use it as they wish. The philosophy of Christian charity becomes high-way robbery of the poor... to the rich, and as we have seen throughout history, all the money that the kindhearted Democrats have redistributed really hasn’t always gone to the welfare and problems they so obsequiously pander you for.

I’m religious, but, turning the other cheek is not always the answer---you end up with having no cheek to turn. And giving up all your freedoms, and redistributing wealth, is not always the answer either, as communism has proved. Somehow, I don’t think that’s what John Winthrop, was trying to say.

He was asking neighbor to help neighbor, not wanting some huge governmental bureaucracy to demand money to be redistributed.

So the next time you hear a liberal screaming about tax cuts, be sure and bless them for being good Christians. Tell them it’s ok to be religious. Come out of the closet. Jesus loves them too.

Then say you gave at church.

Remind them that Jesus loved all his children...and that’s why he died on the cross for us, so we wouldn’t have to.

Nobody’s Perfect; Tiger Woods let out a nice little fact today: Bill Clinton cheats at golf. Now, that’s no surprise to anyone that has witnessed his behavior during his impeachment. And also, when Bill is putting a big one over on you, he tends to blink a lot. He was blinking continuously during Hillary’s new PR video. I’m waiting for his left arm to start ticking.

So, he cheats on his wife, he cheats at golf…the question is…what doesn’t he cheat on?

Nobody’s Knows; Bacon said, “There was never law, or sect, or opinion did so much to magnify goodness, as the Christian religion doth.”---Essays of Goodness and Goodness of nature.

Nobody Cares; Scientists reported today that the Artic was once a tropical paradise. If the world really is warming up, that means that someday, there might be another Las Vegas at the North Pole. Maybe then the Congress will finally let us get oil from Alaska, because there will be so many people having to drive there. (That is, if the “car” is not outlawed.)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Genetically Approved D4

Nobody’s Opinion; It was reported today that they found the gene that explains why some people are more sexually active than others. It’s called the D4 receptor gene.

“I can’t help it honey. I didn’t know you would be coming home early, but you know I’m genetically inclined to want more than one woman. I’ve got the D4 receptor gene. The good news is: I will never need Viagra!”

The horn dogs’ secrets are out. It wasn’t all those late nights on the internet girls; it was that wonderful D4 receptor gene they inherited from their dad.

The D4 receptor gene is probably being patented as we speak.

According to the study, only 30 percent of any population carries the heightened arousal D4 receptor. That explains why the rest of us are always just too tired.

Time Magazine has already done the science behind the proclivity of a man's need to throw his seed into as many seed pockets as possible. Now it will have the actually cannon fodder proof that people were not meant to have families and settle down.

What kills me is that--- the science of genetics is used by the left to say it’s basically ok for man to have as much sex as possibly, which causes the erosion in the family unit, but when facts and genetic comes into the race question the liberals deny that science and facts exist.

They just bring up Hitler and all conversations are off. Hitler, like the liberals, also used science and fact. And also like the liberals, only when it served his own means.

In Hitler it was an extermination of the Jews. With the liberals, it is the extermination of the family basis.

Thomas Sowell one of our finest American minds once mentioned that the Germans make the best beer, and the blacks make up all the basketball teams. Facts staring us right in the face that we are suppose to ignore. Not too many white boys get near eight feet tall nowadays.

And this nobody says very unpolitically that the genetical differences in humans are as noticeable as the genetical differences in dogs. Some of us are Pittbulls, some of us are poodles. It’s evolution at its most prevalent.

Anyway the liberals love to use science of men and women as horn dogs as the excuse for bringing down religious morals, because when you bring down religious morals, then the family disappears…then it takes a village to raise a child…voila…communism…the left’s real aim and goal.

And not being talked about right now is the national plan to get all children in national pre-kindergarten. It’s happening everywhere as we speak.

“Science” comes in handy when there’s a politically correct goal of having the children raised by the state. Get the woman to work, then get the child in childcare as soon as possible after birth. The first week would be the best. Propaganda must start very young.

Any Muslim will tell you that.

The sexual revolution of the sixties was a wonderful time for all D4 genetically mutated persons. (As D4 Bill Clinton will tell you)

It damaged the family unit almost beyond repair. Millions of women baby boomer were thrown into the nightmare of divorce and raising a generation of really screwed up kids without fathers.

We were told to worship Masters and Johnson, and that with the sexual freedom woman would also get equality in her job. It empowered her.

Bull---most of the time it pushed her alone in a sea of loneliness without a man’s support and life jacket. Really stupid.

Despite all the forms of birth control, Mother Nature has a way of breaking through.

All the sex without morals, had severe consequences. The abortion rate went sky-high. And since this was not ancient Rome, where the woman would just throw the unwanted babies in the ditch, modern women were given the option of abortion.

We had a political correct genocide sold under the guise of, “a woman’s freedom.”

One out of two marriages of the baby boomers ended in divorce. Most mothers had to raise the child on a poverty level income. Therefore, abortion was not only an option, it made the difference in whether she could feed herself and her other children. This is a fact that neither the liberal left nor the conservative right ever discusses.

A lot of future tax-payers were destroyed. Now, we must import them from Mexico.

And recently they have introduced the second phase; Homosexuals are actually normal, and we ought to give polygamy another look.

We are seeing the Mormon issues come up daily in all media outlets, with the special on HBO leading the way. I really don’t think HBO did a poll on this and came up with;

“Hey, you know what the population really wants to see? A program about polygamy!”

“Hey, you know what the population really wants to see? A movie about two gay cowboys!”


So if we go by this new scientific fact, all Mormons and Muslims men must have the D4
Receptor gene. Therefore…factually speaking and scientifically…they are superior to all other men. They will reproduce at a much faster rate and the earth will be populated with the children of horn dogs.

The children of Mormons and Muslims will inherit their parents D4 receptor genes, and mutate ever further.

Not much will get done in the future; men will be too busy having sex. Civilization as we know it will be returned to the dark ages. This could be the very reason why the Middle East has remained so backward.

There will more porn on the internet, more hotels, and more varieties of sex gum.

In fact, this could be more serious to the future of mankind than global warming or terrorist’s attacks!

I guess all we can hope for is that the family makes a comeback and genetically takes over the D4 receptor gene, so that we can mutate humanity back into some kind of decent future. After all, we’ve got that scientific fact of 60 percent on our side.

And that’s why the DNA of the D4 receptor gene must be wiped out. It will kill us all before Al Gore. You just know they are going to sell this…Viagra, move over.

Nobody’s Perfect; I wrote this article with tongue in cheek, although I believe there might be some scientific proof to it. I suggest we all write the Heritage Foundation and send them samples of our DNA.

Nobody Knows; Al Gore called President Bush and all his administration “a renegade band of righteous extremists.” Just how he is going to get on the same page as Howard Dean, who said that the democrats need religious votes, is going to be interesting. I can hear the spin now…”Democrats are just religious, not extreme.” Hugh?

Nobody Cares; The New York Times is putting out the word that Hillary might not be the right candidate for President. Al Gore is their favorite. I really don’t care, because I don’t think either one of them carries the D4 receptor gene.

The Charismatic Lords of the Millennium

Nobody’s Opinion; It was bad enough that last week President Bush came out with a big brother photo-op, along with the announcement that he hoped that his brother Jeb Bush would run for President---but this weekend we had to have Newt Gingrich endorse Jeb Bush for President too:

“He’s a very unique, charismatic leader with extraordinary capabilities,” said Newt.

Nothing like getting started early.

Also, last week Hillary Clinton released a video to promote herself to be re-elected as Senator, and her husband Bill did most of the selling, saying all sorts of endearing things about her. But really--- who in their right mind thinks that if Hillary became President, (which is the real reason the film was made) Bill would just decorate the White House?

It would be as if Henry VIII had run Ann Boleyn to be elected as Queen, just so as to get himself back into power again. The question with the modern King and Queen Bill and Hillary would be…who would cut off whose head first?

These two groups of families are so addicted to power, that they are trying to arrange themselves a job as leaders until the aliens have to come down and probably take them out for us.

“Hello Earthlings…I see you cannot get rid of these numbskulls. We have decided to take them off your hands and take them to another planet where they can still rule…earthworms. Try not to let this happen again.”

Personally, it stinks. Boys are dying in Iraq and our “Lords” of the Bush and Clinton dynasties are throwing us back to before the Revolutionary War. At this moment they are probably even ordering Presidential Plate designs with the proper names and dates, until way past the year 3000.

I’m starting to think all this bashing each other is all a big charade.

Who else out there thinks that these two families have gotten together and came to some kind of agreement? Hillary for 2008-20012: Jeb for 2016- 2020, then Chelsea would be the next in line by then. And we’ve all seen the other nephews of the Bush’s waiting in the wings. Gingrich will be forever a knight at the square table. If they run out of heirs, they will just clone.

During America’s early struggles to get away from “infinitesimal deities,” as John Adams use to call the Lords, a man very sensibly tried to talk reason to the freedom loving people living here.

“Kings succeed each other, not as rationals, but as animals. It reverses the wholesome order of nature. It occasionally puts children over men and the conceits of nonage over wisdom and experience. In short, we cannot conceive a more ridiculous figure of government, then hereditary succession. It is inhuman to talk of a millions sterling a year, paid out of the public taxes of any country, for the support of any individual, while thousands who are forced to contribute thereto, are pining with want, and struggling with misery. What is called the splendour of a throne is no other than the corruption of the state. It is made up of a band of parasites, living in luxurious indolence, out of the public taxes.”---Thomas Paine.

Well…we see that not much has changed, except the people back then were much more educated as a whole. Ok...the Bushes and the Clintons would say;

“But we have been democratically elected! It’s not hereditary!”

It’s hereditary if they have all the money, the connections and the power, to put in place a system of laws whereby the chances that they will be re-elected is pretty much a fact.

As Bill Clinton would say, “It depends on what the word “is” means.”

And as this nobody would answer, “It also depends on who makes the rules of is, which is not us commoners at the moment.”

Just how bad a shape are we Americans in, when we have come to accept the idea that it’s actually OK to have decades of the same rich nobles and ruling classes deciding the fate of us all? They live better than Kings, but it is never reported, is it?

It’s as if, as long as the word “King” is stricken from all of our school textbooks, we the people, would not recognize a duel monarchy even if Roger Clemens threw it at our unsuspecting heads.

But don’t feel bad, the people in England are frustrated too.

In 1997, Tony Blair and the Labour Party ran on a promise to introduce legislation that would make the House of Lords an elected second chamber. But, as soon as he got in office he changed his mind, and even wanted to add to the number of Lords in the House.

Tony Blair has boatloads of charisma.

You see--- in England the House of Lords are like our Senators, with the difference being…
you can only become a Lord by hereditary, (think of Kennedy) or being granted the post by the sovereign on the advice of the Prime Minister, or picked by the Law Lords. (Sort of like a cabinet or Supreme Court)

Tony Blair is not just unpopular in England because of the Iraq war. Tony Blair supposedly has been selling Lordships posts to friends. (Mostly from London.) He has fought for the non-elected House of Lords to remain unelected. He broke his promise.

Sound familiar?

So what do we do? How do we stop this insanity of having the same families and their heirs from remaining in power forever, until doomsday?

Where’s our Thomas Paine?

Maybe we should just go ahead and become a monarchy again, build the Bushes and the Clintons a big castle somewhere, and let them come out and give speeches, but take all power away from them, as they did the Queen of England.

And then just keep the House. The Senators can go over to England and become Lords.

I’m sure Tony Blair will find some room from them.

Nobody’s Perfect; Senator Frist is trying to pass an amendment making the burning of the American flag illegal. What it should really say is that the flying of the Mexican flag in America is illegal. Somehow he got it mixed up. Hopefully, his record as a doctor is better.

Nobody Knows; In 1275 Edward I called a meeting of Parliament. He needed money. The common representatives from the towns agreed to give a fifteenth of all their movable property. They had a few other taxes on wool exports, and then they were told to go home and collect them. The actual laws (of course) were decided by the earls, lords, and bishops. Now, in 2006, we common nobodies have to work until May to pay our Kings. The peasants of England had a much more equitable tax burden.

Nobody Cares: It was reported today that Iraq has a lower civilian violent death rate than Washington D.C.. The thing that Iraq actually does have in common with Washington D.C. is…nobody knows where all the bodies are buried.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Enemies, Soldiers, and Harry Truman

Nobody’s Opinion; Here we go again. It’s Memorial Day, 2006 and The United States is once again up against the world. President Bush’s West Point Address and his strange twist of mentioning how Harry Truman should be given the credit for laying the groundwork for ending communism, was a bit too surreal.

Say what? It was as if he was sending a subliminal message to the world (and Iran) that he does not rule out using nuclear weapons. I mean, how else could you take that statement? I always thought it was Reagan that ended the cold war. And he did it without a shot.

Anyway, he repeated the same soundbite that he has been saying for quite a while.

We will never back down, we will never give in, and we will never accept anything less than complete victory.”

Brave words. Obviously whoever wrote them was trying to invoke Winton Churchill.
When President Bush says it, it sounds like he is saying “No anchovies on my pizza!”

Just how he expects to accomplish these goals without killing some of the enemy’s civilians is beyond this nobody. We are not allowed to torture our enemies, no, but we can monitor phone calls.

Good thing Fox put on “24” or we would have no where to get a release of our frustrations. At least in our fantasies, Jack Bauer is allowed to interrogate: "You will answer the question!"

President Bush also said he will go after the terrorists wherever they are. That’s a big order. He admits they are everywhere.

Our enemies hide in mosques, they hide behind children. They come across our borders and hide in our own country. They learn how to defeat us in our universities.

Our enemies use our own media to defeat us.

Our enemies use our own good nature to defeat us.

Our enemies are X-Presidents who go to other countries and relentlessly criticize the very country that they once swore to protect.

Our enemies are retired generals and Senators who convict brave soldiers in public humiliation, therefore branding all Americans with their vicious attacks.

Our enemies are all Arabs who stand in silence and rejoice when Americans are killed.

Our enemies are huge American Corporations, who will sell technology that can be used against us to any buyer; even those who want us dead, in order to make a buck.

Our enemies are our own government officials who while, after an attack on our own soil, care so little about us, they do not secure our borders---but they do quietly beef up their own bunkers.

Our enemies are the internationalists: The men and woman who put the world’s wishes before what’s right for America.

Boy, do we have a lot of those.

So far, we are waiting for President Bush to get going.

And while President Bush is “struggling for freedom” all over the world, he does nothing to protect freedom from eroding here in the United States.

So, we are back to Vietnam again it seems. Not in the nature of the war, of course this war is different. But our own government again, votes to send the troops, and then continues to cut them down. Seems our government is set up to lose wars. They just can’t seem to get their act together.

Harry Truman also said, “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.”

Well, I think we all can admit that our government is an expert at confusion.

We can’t tell the democrats from the communists, the republicans from the democrats, the judges from the Presidents…who’s on first?

Not long ago, I ran into an old boyfriend, who had gone to Canada during the Vietnam War to avoid the draft. At the time, I thought he was right to do it. Back then, as now, the communistic control of our media was strong. And yet, most people still have no clue why we got involve in Vietnam in the first place. Every politician who was in office at the time has found someone else to blame.

No matter how much you read about the subject, it’s…who was on second?

My old boyfriend is now a professor, with three degrees. I, of course, having no degree, was very anxious to “pick his brain,” having not seen him since he left for Canada.

But for two hours during lunch, all he could talk about, all he knew, was how he loved to get stoned and listen to hard rock.

It seemed nothing else in life had happened to him. He was sixty going on eighteen.

The man was a genius in his field, and a complete and total idiot. He and his wife had no children; it would have spoiled their perfect life.

He admitted he was practically a communist. He was a fine representation of 95 percent of all university professors.

Unfortunately, there is a man in Iraq who just died protecting the right of this guy to be a communist.

I know, you are going to tell me on this Memorial Day that…that’s what makes America great…all points of view are allowed.

But to me, the American soldier should get the professor’s salary. And the professor should be on the front lines for a while. Now there’s a real communist idea I bet my old professor boyfriend would not like.

But it’s not hopeless. Today in Iraq, there are soldiers making a big difference in a country completely foreign to them.

There are lots of soldiers who are giving food and candy children. There are soldiers building roads, putting in hospitals, and building schools.

Soldiers…bravely giving their lives for the country that he loves, for a father and mother that he honors…for his wife, his children, and his buddies.

He is showing that even though he might not be sure if the government in his own country even represents him or his family, he continues to serve with honor, and very little recognition. That’s integrity. That’s American.

And that’s the American way, set down by our history, by our fathers and mothers example in all the wars fought. The real sons and daughters, like their ancestors before them, somehow manage to get America through, despite the historical ineptitude of some of our leaders.

Are we good, or what?

After WWII, the German people loved the American soldier…because they protected them from the Russians, who were ruthless to the Germans. Many a children remembered and never forgot the kindness of the American soldiers.

And someday, a child in Iraq or Afghanistan may not remember who President Bush was, (especially if a Democrat is becomes President in 2008) but they will remember the nice American soldiers who gave them a soccer ball, or a box of crayons. They will remember the grace and goodness of the American soldier and believe in the goodness of mankind.

The American soldiers are now, our one last one true great legacy.

And the best way to honor all soldiers on Memorial Day, 2006, is for us here at home to get going and work to protect the freedoms here, so that the men and women who lost their lives in Iraq…will not have died in vain.

They are the best of the best.

And we love them all.

Nobody’s Perfect; .Harry Truman also said, “If you want to live like a Republican, you’ve got to vote for a Democrat.” I cannot believe Hillary has not grabbed this line.

Nobody Knows; Did Angelina Jolie have a cesarean? And did she get a tummy tuck along with it? Will the baby have big lips?

Nobody Cares; Does anybody care if the guys from Enron are mad about their verdict? Naaaaaaaah.